Obama’s Complicity in Exterminating Americans

Planned Parenthood has released a pro-abortion prayer guide, urging their anti-life followers to pray for more abortions and calling it “sacred care.”

A flier promoting abortion by so-called religious leaders states, “We believe that human life is holy. That’s why we believe in your right to choose to be a parent or not.”

Also well-known is that Planned Parenthood’s twisted and blasphemous actions have been supported by President Obama.

I sent a letter to President Obama this week confronting his outspoken support of abortion:

“Mr. President, when you took your oath of office, you swore to ‘defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.’ When it comes to protecting life, you have blatantly disregarded the Constitution you swore to uphold. You also defied God, whom you asked to help you discharge the duties of your office. In specific, you advocate abortion, in direct violation of the Constitution and Common Law, which is based on the Mosaic Institution.”

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