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Obama’s 100 Million Dollar Family Vacation…

  • DarthVader


  • yak_disqus

    Disgusting, isn’t it?

    • SofiesVoice

      It’s more than disgusting….it’s OVomit.

  • angelou

    Who is authorizing this money? I thought the House controlled the government spending in this country? – no one there who has the cajones to say “NO?” What these leeches have spent on vacations is unconscionable – so is Congress now…wimps, RINO’s, anti-American liberals, communists and Marxists lead by a Muslim…

  • mikec711

    First off, I do hope the speaker is getting his blood pressure checked regularly. Second, while $100M for this is a horrible insult and just a sign that this first family is living high on the American tax payer (and then kicking us again with huge entitlement spending increases) … it is technically not a vacation. It is badly timed, if it could not have been done for 1/10 that and if could have NOT been on the heels of another of Michelle’s top-shelf vacations on our dime … then it should have been cancelled. It doesn’t matter if this trip was Africa or Scandinavia (to take the racial lean out of it) … it is way too much money in a time when global secure communications make a trip like this completely un-necessary for anyone who cares about the American taxPayers (other than to kick us just this one more time).

    • NoU4EN

      “technically not a vacation”…nope, he’ll be promising them billions. But, technically, most businessmen/businesswomen I know have never hauled along their spouses and children on business trips.

  • SofiesVoice

    Why isn’t Boehner – Congress – putting an end to all this foolish spending. Have you been able to afford to take your kids to Disneyland, the beach, the mountains??? 14 limousines???? Enough bullet proof glass to refurbish all the windows in the first family’s compound???? To equip one transport plane like a hospital including medical personnel to take care of any situation???? Plus countless other transport planes and air accommodations for Moochelle’s “guests”??? It goes on and on. Well, their attitude is, they got theirs….and the H— with the rest of us.

  • Kenneth Bowman

    The man has a POINT!

  • El Camino

    Apparently they haven’t run out of “other people’s money” yet. This administration is like CANCER. It needs to be completely removed.

  • Jed54

    The lions will be smiling from ear to ear…. what a tasty meal coming their way… here kitty, kitty…

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