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ObamaCare Stinks for Young People

ObamaCare stinks. It is a mess that is especially bad for young people. It’s causing insurance premiums to skyrocket, people are getting their work hours reduced, the ObamaCare exchanges will raise health care costs for young people… it’s only making health care in this country worse. Repeal ObamaCare and support free market reforms to health care.

  • Debra JM Smith

    If Obama Care is so great, then why is Obama and his family exempt? And why does congress (and employees) get a huge subsidy? –No matter what, it’s unconstitutional and needs to be repealed.

    And for the record: The Supreme Court upheld that tax in Obama-Care, not the entire law. It has not yet heard an argument against the entire law. –The entire law needs to be argued.

    • Rick

      Very good comment Debra. Let’s hope that the supreme court get it right next time

      • Debra JM Smith

        Thank you, Rick. And I sure hope they get it right. Yes.

        I believe the nine Supreme Court justices should have to be unanimous in their decisions, that voting is for congress, not the Supreme Court. Something either is or isn’t constitutional. All nine of them should be able to agree if the answer is truly correct. And no opinion should be handed down until they do all agree. Anything less is not a respectable or responsible answer.

        • fmc_disgusted

          Great point. Term limits are long over due for these legislative power usurpers. We even have one sitting justice who thinks the Constitution is “out-dated” and recommends other countries not model their constitutions after ours (Ginsberg).

        • DebrasBiggestFan

          Debra’s RIGHT! And all voting should have to be unanimous too! If America can’t agree on a President then we don’t deserve one!

          And I vote for Debra!

    • CombatVet


      • Debra JM Smith

        I agree. None of them should have received pay during that time. And they are all overpaid (along with all of the extras they get) to begin with.

      • Stanley

        You would do it too if you could get away with it!

    • douber1

      if its so good
      let all them precious poeple in DC
      sign up also
      you dont sign we dont sign

  • Sunshine Kid

    Obamacare is all about overloading the system, straight from the “Rules for Radicals” book.

  • julio


  • George

    Dumb: Democrats Pass Terrible Law. Dumber: Republicans Offer To Let Democrats Off The Hook Be Delaying/Defending. Dumbest DDemocrats Refuse Opportunity To Escape.

    • Rick

      I guess that’s why we call them dumocrats George.

  • davel

    Loved the video, however, it’s not only a bad deal for young people, it’s a bad deal for every age group from the low middle class on up. I’m 59 and my insurance co. just sent it’s 2014 rate package transferring me the the least expensive obamacare policy with higher deductibles and co-pays and a premium increase of 51.4%. All age groups are paying more under obamacare.

  • johnbbbb

    Is this “Liberal Chick” with a new style?

    • Donald York

      Not the same girl. Liberal chick is dumber than a box of rocks. A typical liberal.

  • azbear166

    Well all you little brats thought he was such a great pres well now your finding out why us older smarter people were talking about so you voted him in live with your mistake!!!!!

  • homer1057

    Obama “DON’T” care stinks for anyone! It is designed to fail and is a precurser to the single (GOVT) payer system! It will complete the govts takeover of the medical field, and so why act as if anything will work! the chances are as slim as playing 18 holes of golf on Mt. Everest in Dec! NOT !!!

  • homer1057

    The solution to not having any work: GET A BUSUNESS in operation and you can work as much as you like! NO one can cut your hours!

  • del

    All the idiots that wrote this monstrosity and those that voted for it should be the only ones on it! Everyone knew it was just another boondoggle out of ovomit to snatch power and money from We the People

  • jb80538

    It’s bad for ALL people not just young people!

  • disqus_Eh7aK6ca5A

    That’s what you get, smart guys and gals– you’re so smart that you re-elected this nightmare of a president a 2nd time. I never voted for him, and I can face myself in the mirror everyday.

  • SweetThing2U121363

    ObamaCare Stinks for EVERYBODY!!!

  • Ron533

    This young lady is headed for a future in front of a camera. You go girl, keep it up, and you will be at the top of the ladder soon.
    You got 1 fan already, ME.

  • Jack Parker

    I am an “old people”. But I do not expect “young” people to pay for my health care. I have a good health care program (that is until Obamacare forces it out of business). I don’t need anybody else, young of old, to pay for me. But as long as youngsters are paying, how about a new car, or a nice world tour vacation, or a new house or … I’m old and you whippersnappers owe me because … uh because … uh I can’t think why right now but YOU OWE ME!

  • WorkerBee

    The ACA was structured to fail….coverage will become so expensive insurance companies will fold, then the stage will be set for the true agenda “Single Payer” Socialized, Government run insurance….A way to suck more money & control more, Orwellian.

  • Davy2010

    The young people are the ones who got their god in the white house. They are the same guys clapping when John Stewart ridiculous their parents .Also the same morons who glue their ears & eyes to CNN ,ABC,PBS . So,suck it up !

  • CeoJoe

    Obamacare is not about health care. It s about control. Slaveowners need only to control 3 things. 1. Health Care. 2. Self defense (Gun Control) and 3. Food (No one is noticing the Govt is taking over farmland and creating Govt controlled megafarms with genetic seed that creates no useable seed byproduct) I never voted for this freak either but many educated and young people did. Slight of hand always makes you applaud the magician while he tricks you again and again with a smile.

  • daniel medovich


  • David Bianchi

    Young people should pay in to the system, because when we get sick, we get health care, insurance or not. So they might as well make us pay a little for it.

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