Obamacare Call Operator Fired For Talking To Hannity On Air, Hannity Gifts Her $26k

You may have heard of Earline Davis, the young black woman – probably an Obama supporter at one time — who was working at a call center supporting the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Earline was fired for answering a phone call from Sean Hannity while he was broadcasting his radio show and responded with honest answers to his questions. She was fired for telling the truth. She was not counseled, not told to refrain from doing the same thing again. Nope, she was fired. The message sent to Earline Davis is that Obama and his liberal progressive ilk do not want independent thinkers or truth tellers. They demand blind allegiance and obedience, from their collective servants. Earline lost favor and therefore had to be punished. What a lesson she learned about honesty and the true face of liberalism behind locked doors. Hannity, as a gesture of making right his participation in her firing, is gifting Davis and her children $26,000 and is working hard to get her a new full time job.

via AllenBWest

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