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Obama To College Students: ‘Reject These Voices’ That Warn Of Big Government & Tyranny

U.S. President Barack Obama gives the commencement address to the graduating class of The Ohio State University at Ohio Stadium on May 5, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio. Obama urged the students to “reject these voices” that warn of the evils of government, saying: “Still, you’ll hear voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s the root of all our problems, even as they do their best to gum up the works; or that tyranny always lurks just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule is just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.”

  • JC

    Our experiment in self rule?
    Hey Kenyan guy….that is exactly why we want YOU out of our lives…you and your aparatchik pals.
    Because we DO want our experiment in SELF rule to work. Get Lost!

  • George Austin

    I always thought that the holy rollers that said obama was evil were crazy. Now I still believe they are crazy because he is not evil he is SATANIC. He lies, cheats, murders all without remorse. Too bad abortion was illegal back then.

  • PaulN

    You should never reject ANY voice but seek to understand its motives and origins. In doing so you will discover that this President is a stone-cold self-interested liar.

  • jenjen

    Forked tongue!! Obama is the voice to watch out for!!

    • john galt

      …and neither step on that tail or pay attention to those little nubbies on my head.

  • Elsie Elaine Connelly

    Obozo’s mother was a tart. She had no morals, I am quite surprised that she didn’t have a back-alley procedure as they called them then. And yes, sad to say, I wish she had a back alley procedure, then we wouldn’t have to endure this piece of *****.

  • Jim Beam

    I agree jenjen, the voice to beware is obama’s and his willing accomplices, ie; democrats, libs, media…

  • jr1776

    The great deceiver speaks, his smile blinds truth, he preys on stupidity and it is plentiful .

  • Kris

    Advice I would have given: “If you EVER hear someone to not listen to the other voices in America- Listen to them, respectfully agree/disagree and let them know your opinion. It is your RIGHT to speak your mind- just like them! It is also your right to not agree with them- just like they probably won’t agree with you. But if anyone says not to listen to others- ignore THAT advice and listen in- you just may learn something for the good or the bad…”

  • danG!

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”

  • Gary Calhoun

    That IS just what a TYRANT would say!!! And a PSYCHOPATH!!! Trust ME while I MURDER YOU!!!

  • dagriz

    Keep em in the dark, Bmmy

  • amagi

    “…our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule…” is the hard work of the Founders and
    is what Obama can’t stand, and here he presents those words as if he is for them ! This man is
    a psychopath and as evil as they come. This is what we must expect of one who is voted in by
    the nation’s dumb, evil, ignorant, greedy and naive. The scary part is that there was enough of
    them to foist this anti-American on the rest of us. Was there no one at the university who stood
    up and left ? Cowards or ignoramuses all ? Public education is now public indoctrination and
    not many survives mentally.

  • 57girl

    LOL, as soon as I read this headline, I thought of GWB. “Ignore the Conspiracy Theorists”…Georgie Boy’s words following 911. These guys really would love it, if we all stuck our heads in the sand, and ignored our own common sense, and those little ‘red flags’ that warn us, when things aren’t quite right. I think the concept was even covered in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ back in 1939 … “Ignore the man behind the curtain”…

    Hmmm, I think I’ll just make up my own own mind, and think for myself. Maybe Obama will have some faithful followers that will skip along behind him, though. That sure has been the case for a while,now, it seems.

  • forrealcommonsense

    If one rejects those voices then he is probably the type who will reject a smoke detector alarm in the middle of the night- sweet dreams!

  • john galt

    So why is it then that this ” separate, sinister entity” has such a LOW PUBLIC approval rating ?
    He tries to portray himself as if he is one of the masses and not from the elite ruling class.
    What a charlatan and a fraud!

  • ET3

    Impeachment is the answer.

  • Albert Fortsmere

    he just defined American Communism: “we the people chose to do these
    things together because we know this country cannot accomplish great things if
    we pursue nothing greater than our individual ambitions”

    Actually, the truth is America HAS accomplished great things precisely BECAUSE
    we have been free to pursue our individual ambitions!

    • amagi

      Exactly, Mr. Fortsmere. And what are Mr. Obama’s accomplishments ? A Community
      Organizer whose past is sealed from view while he now is organizing the whole
      Nation – and tomorrow the world…?

  • Charlie

    Our forefathers warns us then Ronal Regan once again warned us that tyranny is just around the corner. DSH under our current servant president is doing some of his tyrannical move for him, buying 2.6 billion rounds of ammo, road blocks hundreds of miles from boarder, not giving boarder patrol ammo(patrol is under DHS) giving our money/tanks/airplanes to our enemies, not building the double fence between Mexico & USA , making more &more Americans become poor from government regulations and this list goes on and on………..
    Our governmental servants are humans, humans with power will// do become tyrannical. It is just human nature, this is why we the people have a bill of natural(god) given rights and the second right is the right to bear arms to prevent tyranny. Our president that is our servant in our government of our country talks like he is a dictator of our country. This is wrong he is a man entrusted with power and he is abusing this power and this my friends is tyranny.

  • joepotato

    Yeah, that’s the ticket… Don’t worry be happy… Uncle Barack will take good care of you… Just Obey and support his agenda and never question his integrity or his agenda… and everything will be just fine… Uncle O’Barry would never lie… bwaaah hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Ranchman

    Govt of “self rule?”
    Apparently, somebody forgot to tell HIM that little tid-bit. If we have self rule, we wouldn’t have to be fighting tooth and nail for our inalienable rights. Liar!

  • Jimmie

    Yep. Just sit there and close your eyes to what’s going on, and then start to watch your freedom slip away one little piece at a time. Why do you think our fore-fathers put the 2nd Amendment in and stated not-to-be-infringed-upon. Do you understand what this means? I hope you people are not stupid enough to believe that any gun laws is gonna stop criminals, gangs, terrorist, or mentally challenged from getting their hands on guns, because if you do, I feel sorry for your children. All gun laws are going to do is put restraints on law-abiding-citizens, and you don’t hear about law-abiding-citizens going out and shooting children, or anybody else for that matter. Wake up people!

  • don

    Barrack Obama wants you to reject any thing that will prove that his big Government will hurt you and he is afraid he won’t be able to make his agenda come to life which will hurt every American no matter what party or belief you have. The one thing that should have been rejected a long time ago is the friend of a Bomber that killed several people and has become a Professor with no other Qualifications to his name. Bill Ayers and many of the people that joined with Bill Ayers that did Robbery’s and Bombings to get what they wanted and that does include Murder and they became Professors with no other Qualifications. Barrack Obama did in his College days belong to these same groups of Terrorists and they all claim to be jest Community Organizers even though they did Bombings to peoples homes to businesses Bank Robbery and yes even Murder of many people and even today they jest call themselves community organizers and deny they are nothing more than a Terrorist jest like the Radical Muslims. If the Government did know what Barrack Obama spent so much time in the Middle East he may even be in Gitmo Today but you can than the Liberal Democrats for that and many Republicans for not doing the job they promised every Citizen in the United States that they would do for all of us.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I can’t think of any other President in the history of this country who practiced subversion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as Obama does. I suppose that Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt did to a lesser extent, but Barack Obama does it out in the open, and the Washington politicians do nothing about it ?!

  • Donald York

    Anything this imposter says is a flat outright lie, and a lot of people are being drawn in for the slaughter.

  • akoby

    If you’re following the political intrigue that stems from dirty Chicago politics, you will know that this is not a government of “we the people”. So yes, many of us are listening to that little voice that is telling us that somehow our “experiment in self-governance” has been hi-jacked by a power elite that doesn’t believe in “we the people”, bur rather in “we know better than you.”

  • persuasive

    When elected officials cover up the elements of major important national and international events like the Bengazi attacks, trying to cast the tragedy in a false light in order to get themselves re-elected as has this administration and president – then government is the problem! This was also done in order to keep the viability of H Clinton becoming president alive and ll to the detriment of our democracy. The media (most of it) could care less about the facts.

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