Obama T-Shirt Burning Girl: What if Liberal Logic on the 2nd Amend. Were Applied to All Rights?

This pro-Second Amendment rant from sassy “Obama is my homeboy” T-shirt-burning girl Carey Wedler is pretty compelling. But at times, she strays into territory conservatives are not going to agree with. First off, Wedler extends the flawed logic of gun control supporters to other amendments of the Constitution, which is brilliant rhetorically. Rights are based on principles of humanity that are timeless; the particulars are irrelevant. She discusses how wars overseas kill more people than those murdered in spree killings. This is factually true, but national security is a legitimate function of the state, and therefore, the justness of war should be argued on a case-by-case basis. Her knock against the U.S. government for not following the Constitution in regards to issuing declarations of war is definitely legit.

via ijreview

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