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Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama’s Policies

  • BobM001

    This just goes to show how LAME, Uninformed, Dim Witted, these Obozo supporters are!

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      If the interviewer was smart he would have had a pamphlet showing just what Obama approved. Instead, he allowed them to “flip flop” Maybe they just “evolved” like Obama

      • Amfer Ferg

        I agree – he missed a perfect opportunity to support his facts and Romney.

  • Bobby H.

    If they hate the SOB’s policies so much why the hell do they support him? Oh i know communist vote for communist not true American’ ya.

    • Amfer Ferg

      You are giving them too much credit. Basic Reason why they support him: THEY ARE DUMB

  • Debra H

    Just shows how very stupid Obama supporters are if they will support the man but not the policies. He has them mesmerized… Only reason .. he’s black.. period!

    • auhunter

      A total repeat of 2008. A reporter then used McCain’s platform as Obama’s and they all said they would support it. Of course the vote was 180 out and Obama won, much to the regret of millions of voters.

  • Debra H

    This interviewer is stupid.. I do not beleive anything he is saying..

    • sharie griffee

      Did you read the New York Times, Guardian, headlines on the screen BEFORE he asked the questions????????????DO YOUR HOMEWORK and stop listening tho the talking points you’re given

    • Noni77

      You are one of the ignorant retards… Did you not SEE the news articles they showed during the interviews CLEARLY identifying these horrible laws as coming from OBAMA?

    • 99mike

      Obviously you are also ill-informed, of course the interviewer is right, go do some research and you will know.

    • Joe G. Sanchez

      Debra, I,m not one to judge so please do yourself a favor,go to google and type the letters NDAA and read the act,you r entitled to your opinion but facts r facts.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Me thinks Debra does want not to believe her lying eyes. So sad.

  • Mary

    Obviously those people have not kept themselves informed. This is why if Obama is re-elected, it will be too late and then those who in good faith voted for him will then see him for what he really is.

    • Noni77

      We’ve become a nation of absolute fools.

      • JCole6320

        Have to be a total idiot to support someone who you do not the policies of. Makes no sense at all. Talk about fools.

    • 99mike

      They have had 4 years to see him for what he really is and they are still oblivious to this traitor.

  • Keenan Fletcher

    hypocritical fools

  • Richard Brophy

    These liberals are so unanalytic and unthinking. They like Obamacare, but do they really know what it entails? Do they know the numerous taxes to be imposed on the middle class? Do they know there isn’t enough money to provide healthcare for each and every citizen, such that rationing has to take place? Do they know that rationing will be done by 15 non-medical bureaucrats who will base their decisions on who has more “productive-life-years” left? Do they know Obamacare is actually causing businesses to either cut back on employees or refrain from hiring due to its unpredictability?

    Thse people are such idiots, and America will go down the drain because of these people.

    • James Lee

      Its not just Obamacare supporters who don’t understand the economics of healthcare. Most people don’t understand it. The other thing that I would like to comment on — Rationing. HA! HA! HA! Every single HMO rations. You and I both know this. Face-less decisions makers are called on a daily basis even in emergency situations to see if a particular health insurance policy covers certain conditions and situations. So why are you playing STUPID about faceless decision makers. Those faceless unaccountable bastards are all over HMO’s, so a few with Obama-care will make it just like old times.

  • Fred

    Like all libs they are voting party not for the person they would vote for a cockroach as long as it is a lib

  • Red

    JERKS !

  • TLady62

    This interviewer successfully pulled a Howard Stern on these idiots. Hilarious.

  • Wrightclick

    You can lead them to the light but they still do not see.

  • Mary

    Noni77, I agree. We have become a nation of fools. We, the populace, have been caught sleeping.

    • BobM001

      It was one thing to be “sleeping” in 2008 Mary. But if the past FOUR YEARS haven’t WOKE THEM UP? Then I guess “comatose” best describes these FOOLS!

      • panors77

        Our economy started tanking when the dems took the congress in 2006. I as a musician can attest to this fact per lack of gigs and lack of students now.

        • jack halterman

          As a musician; Did you ever hear of a guy named Bob Bradley? He was with Brian Adams and ZZ Top at one time. He passed away a few months back. Good friend RIP

  • James Maxwell

    Ther excsue is “my parents were democrats and I have alwys voted democrat”. I seriously doubt that
    any of them have ever actuall looked at, watched or listened to what obama has proposed. When they
    did they were so hyped up on the emotion rather than paying attentio they are brain dead zombies who
    do not know how to becomed informed to make a serious decision about thier future or what will happen
    to our nation if these policies are allowed to contiue.

    • panors77

      I think this is same as my sister who blindly follows her pot smokaing “genius” husband into libtardville.


    All these stupid phony liberals who once they heard it was dumbo a liberal, etc implementing these policies they made excuses, again it’s because he’s black and liberal because they are liberal they stick to the liberal without any concern for this countries future and their rights and freedoms. They freely sell their soul.

  • Mary

    Bobm001, I agree. A lot of people listen to the liberal press, etc. and they don’t get a lot of info. This entire situation is so sad that it is pathetic. I just pray that somehow our Republic will be saved. In four years that man has caused so much harm. He has one goal and that is to destroy the US and be the big bad dictator. The man is EVIL.


    And in spite of the fact that they have been shown the truth about Obama
    and have been shown these heinous policies to be Obama’s, they will still vote
    for Obama…Just goes to show and prove how many Libs and Dems are blind fools
    who vote Party Line and not on the basis of the person or the policy…They ALL
    stated that they thought those policies were wrong and immoral yet, when
    revealed that the policies were Obama’s and not Romney’s, they all back pedaled
    and said that they still supported Obama…What absolute MORONS…

  • Carrie

    I love that they don’t even that the policies are Obama’s. That’s just fantastic.

    • 99mike

      Actually it’s nauseating – all they know is they get their free stuff from “Obama stash”…….I thought buying votes was illegal?

      • Joe G. Sanchez

        99mike i have to laugh at your post,i just took a pill for naseau,my stomach got so upset watching the special on FOX about the Benghazi attack and how it went down and what did and did not happen so i can relate how u 2 must feel…..Joe

        • 99mike

          Joe, I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about this pretender who is hell-bent on destroying this country and what it stands for. The very sight/sound of him makes me cringe. I was born and raised in Europe and have experienced policies like obummers first hand, they are intended to enslave us so he can become king barry and turn this great nation into a third world hell-hole ruled by a despot. The great sadness is that his supporters are still blaming everything on Bush and just don’t see the failings of the last 4 years or the path we are on. They are also incapable of stepping outside the politics and looking at the realities of what this trator is doing, they cannot see that this is not a Republican vs Democrat election, it’s an election that will determine if this country survives. If you love the USA and want to see it survive then you absolutely MUST vote AGAINST OBAMA. I don’t care what people think of Romney, at least he’s a patriot who loves his country and will save it from what will be certain destruction under under obama. I’m not even an American but I know more about and care more about the USA than most of the people like those seen in the interviews. Please God help us do the right thing…………..

          • MTKinVA

            Hear! Hear! Hooray!!

    • panors77

      Yep…it’s obvious they don’t pay attention to policies, just feel good “oh we voted in the first black president” mantra BS. And an illegal NON “natural born citizen” per the Constitution to boot.

  • Lou J Apa

    The sad thing about this video is that these folks represent a good part of the US citizenry who are totally enmesh in life’s worries/material blindness that THEY ARE TOTALLY CLUELESS ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN America. God HELP US ON ELECTION DAY!

    • jack halterman

      But one guy in the video did say he’d have to do somemore thinking. Think positive

  • Denny Friend

    as long as they get the stamps and cell phones they will support the clown

  • Nadine

    I am sick a tired of Libs telling us what is good for us! I bet THEY don’t take their own advice! Some are smarting up, but the majority are just STUPID & need their own littke planet..FAR AWAY!!

  • libsuk

    When these idiots get the spook again we all get tp pay…but Obama supporters get to pay 1st.

  • Joe G. Sanchez

    I,m really up on all the issues so they would have had a hard time convincing me,but that,s a big problem in our country,people are gullible and won,t take the time to look up the issues. As a self made political activist i created a website that list a big percentage of the issues under Conservative Reports/Facts for people who have not heard some of the issues or have forgotten them. Thank you for your support.

    • 99mike

      Good stuff Joe – keep it up…….

  • panors77

    Just like my libtard sister, I bet these people don’t even know who Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Barney Frank are. They talk about conservatives being backwards and stoopid uneducated hicks, yet THESE people are the “educated elite”…….or something.

  • wtram46

    Lame, uninformed, blind, stupid fools–they STILL support Obama!!!!

  • jack halterman

    I’ve just read a bunch of posts,all of them putting the libs down,fiine. NOW, instead of ranting about it here, go to their sites and use your brains and the power of your words to sway some of them to think. We may be able to win a few hearts and minds Ranting about it here is just singing to the choir, we need to be singing (USING our best and polite phrases) to the other side, it might just help some. Present some facts and use links, show THEM why they need to change, not talk to ourselves about how bad they are. Ok, speech over. We need to win this election

    • bless2live

      Liberals minds are screwed up at birth! You can’t change them, it is what it is!

      • Elton Robb

        Not true.

    • 99mike

      Working on it and have actually succeded in converting 3-4, but unfortunately most are like those in the interview, too dumb to know any better…….

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Didn’t you ever notice how they will block all of your posts. Not one curse word or anything that resembles hate and you are blocked because you won’t sing the party line

      • jack halterman

        Yep, been blocked plenty. I just change my tack and come right back at them. I’m disabled and can sit here all day and all night if I have to. It is my only real way to get Romney elected. I have given all I can financially, in fact more than I can afford so the rest I’ll do right from this keyboard, and do it until election day. I have to satisfy myself that I did all I could to get that —————————coward out of office

        • David Peacock

          I salute you and your efforts;;; thank you.

    • guest

      Here is the rub. I DON’T LIKE OBAMA, I think he is a liar, a poser, an illegal alien. The socialism part doesn’t bother me much because I don’t think capitalism as practiced (a more accurate term is financialism) has any heart. What bothers me abour R/R is BOTH are responsible for exporting US jobs and factories. The irony (and insult) to the voters intelligence is that they are running on a platform claiming they will CREATE jobs! The republicans believe in forced labor and banking! Biden’s “They will have you back in chains” isn’t far from wrong. There’s a saying that is SO accurate! REPUBLICANS BELIEVE GOVERNMENT IS EVIL, AND WHEN THEY’RE IN POWER, THEY’RE RIGHT! OF COURSE WE NEED REGULATIONS. I also don’t like repuglicans’ backward views about energy or culture. We lived through past decades and don’t need artifacts coming back as templates and calling THAT America! It’s business’ NWO way of dumbing people down and exercising who’s boss. We should be past all that. The Old Testament also tells US the the rich oppress the poor and the poor cry to God for justice. Isn’t it ironic how republicans defend the rich while calling themselves Christians and accusing the poor of envy. What a bunch of stuffed suits. The wedge-vampire haircuts fit their philosophy of smug, self-justified blood-suckers.

      • jack halterman

        I don’t happen to be in love with R/R either but I do have/had a small business and kept the books. Obama has done NOTHING at all toward reducing the debt or the deficit. Romney may not be a choir boy but he knows how to make and save money in business. We as a nation are a business, balance sheets, P & L statements budgets, etc. If I had ever run my business the way this administration is running this country, I would have been out of business in six months. Now you can vote for Obama and let him truly eff this country up or you can vote for R/R and give a known good business man a shot at it . Give a chance or go with a guaranteed loser, make your choice while you still have that right!!!

      • Madmax1450

        You must be a union member. I have worked around unions such as the cement masons, iron workers and carpenters and they are some of the laziest workers I have ever worked around and do shitty work besides. Green energy does not work we have more than enough of our own oil to be self sufficient. Have you ever been to a true socialist country, if not you do not know what it actually is You would not like it, been there done that..

      • David Peacock

        obama owns GM; in January they are sending assembly jobs to China; Romney/Ryan have done nothing similar to wreck our economy as has obama..some jobs are so low in production costs to be competitive the companies send them to slave labor countries;America does get the ancillary jobs related to the shipping, handling and selling of those products……

      • RacerJim

        How about the dictator/tyrant part of Obama? Does that bother you at all?

        • MTKinVA

          Like Halterman says, make your choice while u still can! I like the cliche “you pays your penny and you take you chance”

      • MTKinVA

        This is what Ur bud Obama calls a teachable moment. Republican Party started 1856 in Michigan in opposition to slavery. Lincoln elected 1st Republican President 1860. Teddy Roosevelt, the Monopoly Buster was Republican. Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act, not Democrats! They all pushed for NAFTA & WTO in order to give undeveloped countries a leg up to compete with USA. this legislation encouraged our companies to ship jobs overseas & to Mexico & Canada. It was done deliberately by Dems & Repubs & signed by Clinton.

      • 99mike

        Hey “Guest” – do you know who obummers jobs boss is? He’s the head of GE – and what did he do immediately after obummer appointed him? He shut down a light bulb manufacturing plant and moved it to China. Which side of his mouth are you listening to?

    • Madmax1450

      Wont do any good they will just delete your post

      • RacerJim

        During the 2008 election cycle AOL cancelled my (then) 12-year long membership because of a couple anti-Obama messages I posted on their political message boards — no foul language or such but, rather, just facts/truths about whence Obama came.

  • wandaz

    Analogy: You’re black, the king is black. You are about to be sentenced to hard labor through no fault of your own and you say: bring it on bro! That is deranged. Can’t you see he is the bell goat…leading this country to the slaughterhouse. My goodness…get a grip, folks. This is real time stuff going on here and you are throwing fuel on the fire that would never have been ignited if the media had done its job.

  • pittymax

    Well then, she’s voting for him because he is black.

  • Michael LaBombard

    They are voting for Socialism and do not care about their future or anyone else!

  • wandaz

    I am a white female. If Obama was white and his opponent was a black conservative, I would vote for the black conservative. It’s not color, it’s morals, principals, and a socialist/sharia direction he wants the country to go and I don’t want it for me, my children, or grandchildren. And if anyone votes for this morally bankrupt individual that would withhold help for dying Americans in Benghazi…you deserve what you are going to get and saying you were wrong when a Sharia judge says you have to circumcise your daughter…remember this warning.

    • 99mike

      1000% right, love ya……………..

    • jack halterman


    • David Peacock

      god points and good character;; thank you.

  • fedbgone

    They were willing to take his words as fact when he was supposedly a liberal, but when presented with cold hard facts, just like typical uninformed libtards, they deny reality. Transparency at its best! America is full of these oxygen scavengers!

  • Shell

    It is UNBELIEVABLE the EXCUSES after they find out the truth, they still make excuses why they will still vote for Obama. GOD help us, PLEASE!

  • Wolfman Thomas

    our voting system is very sloppy and full of fraud and you can’t discount all the section 8 folks who will auto vote for Obama and there are more every day soon America will be a 3rd world country Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices

  • mickey

    Obviously O’Bama lovers are all ILLITERATES. They still vote for them, even though they know what he’s doing to all of the USA is wrong? These are the stupid part in the USA, that belong elsewhere, if that’s the way they think. Colin Powell(how I lost all respect for) is a racist, he also voted again for O’Bama, he voted for the black man, not for the best man for the job, and for the good of his country, shame on Powell, for going agianst his country.

  • Rose4

    Sad that the TRUTH does not make any differance to these people

    • JRRS

      A word not in their dictionary.

  • AppraisHer

    “I’m a pacifist and totally anti-war”. “Romney’s a war-monger”. “I came from a country that had a dictator and I know what that’s like”. Nothing is more important than human rights, even for terrorists”…What!…Wait!…Obama did all those things…well,uh, he probably had a good reason and I’m a liberal, so that won’t change my mind”. They care not for themselves, their families, children or grandchildren, their country or their freedom, they just have to keep a black liberal in the WH. They’re the future of America and all of their equally stupid parents made them what they are. God help us.

    • Red

      You are also very stupid.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        Very eloquent Red. Do you write the material for Biden?

      • AppraisHer

        Snappy comeback, douche bag. But then all of your comments so far have been equally as inane. Time to have mom tuck you into bed now, you’re starting to annoy the adults.

      • jack halterman

        What AppraisHer said make good sense to me

      • jack halterman

        At least on this site you aren’t blocked for stating your opinion.

  • oldfox

    Left are pushing us so far from a Republic to a democracy that we will get Jerry Springer for our President. Used to be, and it was a good idea, you had to own land in order to vote..

    Enough is enough

    • jack halterman

      Or at least 25 years old

  • David Peacock

    racists;; dah……they vote for him because he is a black;; how totally off center is that;; race has preference over their own freedom and well being;; it is their DEATH WISH…..

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Wished he would have asked them about Benghazi. These fools could not find their butts in a broom closet.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    What a bunch of dopes. And these people drive cars, own homes, …and vote. God help us.

    • ff_emt

      worse, they BREED! and expect you & me to pay for their little bastards, instead their many “baby daddies”.

  • ff_emt

    they did the same for the last election, switched McCain’s & øvømit’s names & policies/proposals, and the idiots STILL fell for the hypnotizing snake-oil salesman. sick.

  • Rose PiazzaMarek

    I hope the interviewer had the decency to clarify these issues to those foolish people… It was un-fair to lead blind fools to blv Mitt Romney would support those things.. It’s hard for me to understand how they can not know it’s their own candidate obama who favors those actions…

  • Jose Nunez


  • Ricci

    If they hate his politics,they should hate him.
    I’am an old veteran and say we are AMERICANS and never should allowed a muslim to be elected!!!

  • Madmax1450

    Oh My god Some of the most ignorant voters I have ever seen or heard in my life. These people are totally clueless as to what Odumbo has done and is going to do. We are totally screwed if he wins reelection. Just goes to show liberals are crazier than a syphilitic suicide bomber with mad-cow disease.

  • tiredofsocializm

    This is scary, how stupid and uninformed these Obama Supporters are?

  • steveni

    If he had actually said these were Obama’s policies, would they still feel this way?

  • David Veselenak

    These dumb-downed sheeple will get the TYRANNY that they deserve – unfortunately so will we! POWER changes at the end of a gun…

  • Faith M Martin

    Proof, once again, that the average Obama supporter does not have the slightest idea what Obama is all about.

  • Carlos

    Fact: Black people, in general, have no problem voting for a criminal, as long as he’s black. ie: Marrion Berry.

  • TM

    When you idiots voted for obama you showed you are indeed idiots.

  • ARMYOF69

    We have enough of these idiots to actually give obama another 4 years on that throne, whereas he should be on the other throne, called a crapper.

  • Mathematical certainty

    I noted that all of them attributed the MSM lies about Sarah Palin, because that is where obama’s zombies get their info. obama’s voters are brainless, uneducated, and ignorant Neanderthals who would vote for obama even if he authorized to have all of them eradicated. It’s all about “stupid is as stupid does”.

  • insaney

    Oh, looks like maybe he does tell them. I thought the video was on a loop.

  • insaney

    DENIAL is NOT a river in Egypt! Having put up with dumb blonde jokes all my life, I can now see where they come from…..the two blondes at the end…one who said she could name a million other reasons to vote for Odummer. She probably can’t count to 100!

  • Jeff Maehr

    What is the answer here? Getting involved instead of griping about the problems. How many of us Americans have done one thing to defend liberty… true liberty.. and not the corrupt “liberty” foisted on us by this defacto government that has enslaved us all? Who has paid anything for liberty? Served in the military? Great, so did I, but does freedom defense stop with your “I served my country?” Wake up!!!

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