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No Teleprompter: Obama Screws Up During Speech, Is Called Out by Shouting Crowd

  • patriot4life

    Buck Ofama !!!!! .

  • WardMD

    Had this been George W. Bush or Sarah Palin, it would have been PROOF of their “lack of intelligence”!

    • Deborah G

      proved his to me

      • WardMD


        I think YOUR ignorance is showing…

        Do you mean, “Prove this to me” – as in PROVE that The Left would have asserted that George W. Bush and/or Sarah Palin were STUPID if THEY had made this sort of gaffe?

        Look at Sarah Palin, as an example… SHE is belittled NOT for a comment SHE (herself) made, but for a comment that Tina Fey did (impersonating her on Saturday Night Live) – that you can see Russia from her house/backyard. What Sarah Palin ACTUALLY said, was that “you can see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.” (which is 100% factual)!

        AND, The Left was CONSTANTLY criticizing the way “W” would pronounce words, like “nuclear”.

    • sandman

      Not only that, the liberals media would have let us know all about it, that’s for sure!

      • Nana

        Try as they might, the liberal media can’t cover up his lack of knowledge when he is on camera, which is all the time!

    • relayman

      No doubt if Bush or Palin either one depended so heavily on a teleprompter to get them through the most trivial speech, as Barry Soetoro routinely does, it would be proof of their blatant stupidity. Remember the grief Palin got for just printing bullet points of a speech on her hand as evidence she was some kind of a low grade moron? But Barry can barely get through badly reading his teleprompters (in choppy sentences) without seeming to almost running out of breath. His speeches and speech making ability, like everything else about him is counterfeit and grossly overrated.

      • lucitee

        What is downright SILLY is how it looks to our Allies who KNOWS the power, honor, and respect we USED to have! He’s visited FREE Countries whose Leaders with decades of service, accomplishments, experience, knowledge, expertise, Political clout and dedication to their citizens! NEVER having to depend on more than a few notes to give a message lasting hours! Yet HE has to have his Security Blankie teleprompter! He has made us a laughingstock over the entire WORLD! But our Allies are NOT laughing! When America goes DOWN, (which it is if Conservatives don’t come out of their coma), the other freedom, democratic, and peace loving Countries will be icing for their CAKE!

      • gaylewb

        And don’t forget how he changes that dialect depending on the crowd, what a phoney

        • darlingrats

          I read that Opturd=Oprah has changed her dialect,people have noticed she’s talking “more black”,using more inner city dialects when she speaks. I dont watch her shows, movies, interviews with her in it. Never did,never will, and notice how she talks with her hands,like outstretched claws.

        • Givendoly

          Whenever his high pitched voice appears it’ a sure sign he’s spinning some lie.

      • PatriotGal

        Do you recall the time OWEbama’s teleprompter was caught in a loop and it kept repeating a particular sentence or phrase and he kept doing the same thing? It was hysterical!

    • gaylewb

      And it would be all over the media , sure very few will see this , pathetic

  • WardMD

    Is “correcting” Obama RACIST (because he’s black)?

    • SBFLA

      Only if you are a republican

      • WardMD


        • Sunshine Kid

          Is that pronounce touch-ee or gar-bajjjjj?

      • duif100

        I am an Independent so it is OK for me?

    • Bill T Smith

      No obozzo racist not only that way but protects his illegal ways n holder too mallong with hillary

    • lucitee

      ONLY if you are not part of his “sheeplets”!

    • darlingrats

      according to scientists who ran his dna , he is the following: 8 /16 white, 7/16 arab, 1/16 black

    • darlingrats

      and oh ofcourse it is… he’s “black” so he does no wrong, hell i’m blacker then he is

  • GeoInSD

    Obama is WAY overrated as a orator. I saw some videos of Reagan speeches recently. I was stunned by how great an orator he is. He really deserved the title of “The Great Communicator”. Obama is just a wannabe compared to Reagan.

    • brazuca

      Please. Do not in any way, shape or form compare or even have both the names Reagan and Obama in the same sentence. Obama is not even fit to scrape Bo’s poop from the bottom of Reagan’s shoes.

      • duif100

        Agree 100%

        • relayman

          I disagree 100%. Reagan would have enough sense to have walked around the poop.

      • KJ

        While that is true, Bill Clinton himself punctuated that thought by asking who Barack Obama really was, saying, ” a few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags”.

        How true.

        • Holly Bentley

          Love this! Thanks for sharing!!! 😉

        • SBFLA

          I don’t think this man using a fake social among other fake documents would even qualify to get a job carrying your bags at this point.

      • Frances

        Amen to your words ! And everyone should boycott that “Butler” movie ! Calling a man like Reagan a racist, and he isn’t here anymore to defend himself. America is at an all time Low, by the profound insanity of the Liberal bias everywhere you turn. God bless you, Ronald Reagan in Heaven, and George W. Bush – God Bless you and keep you safe ! Obama gives the name of “POTUS” a stench now in America and the whole world. If I had the money, I would go live anywhere else in the world – to get away from the insanity of having a disgraceful man like Obama as my president ! Obama and his administration SICKEN ME !

        • Holly Bentley

          You’re not alone…

          • patricia dahleen

            Thank you for your service and I agree with you whole-heartedly.

        • KAG505

          The owner of two theaters in Elizabethtown, Ky, refuses to show any movie with Jane Fonda in it. He was a pilot trainer and she was applauding when USA pilots got shot down.

        • lucitee

          Frances; There is another subtle message here that has been OVER-LOOKED! Hanoi Jane playing Nancy? She is another “Far Left (horizontal) Liberal Socialist! To put HER in the movie at all is telling, but to play Nancy Reagan? Who dedicated her life to her husband and herself to all America citizens while she was First Lady! Who always dressed as such, ACTED as such, and NEVER said an unkind word to anyone unless they said it about her devoted husband! She loved America and America loved her back! She had CLASS, was a most gracious and respected Lady in our White House and all around the world? THAT, dear friends, is why Jane PLAYING her is a blatant SLAP in the FACE!

          • Sunshine Kid

            Jane Fonda was worse than classless; she was and is a traitor, and this Vietnam vet will never forgive nor forget what she did. I was in Vietnam in 1972.

          • darlingrats

            Sad thing is she RIGHTFULLY should have been hung for numerous crimes against America and supporting the enemy. they need to change the definition of the words TREASON and TRAITOR in the dictionary to… a null and void word,no longer used.

          • Sunshine Kid

            Boy, did you ever say a truism: “… a null and void word”! If it was actually a valid word, a major portion of those in government would be in jail and not sitting in luxury.

          • darlingrats

            And sir..WELCOME HOME MY FRIEND! :)

          • Briggs Phariss

            I was in Vietnam in 71

        • Meatface

          I have refused to go at any movie from Hollywood even if the right wingers are in it because they do their movies with lefties and I am going to hit them in their pocket as they have hit mine.

      • patrick flynn

        Don’t worry, it’s way below his dignity to do anything like that.
        The Great Fraud can only do speeches when it’s on his “teleprompter” and
        help is provided. What a dick!

    • KJ

      No superb communicator requires a teleprompter as a constant companion. Similarly, Obama injects “uh” continually throughout sentences and phrases as a way of mentally catching up. This is not the sign of a gifted orator.

      • grumpybill

        I’m very surprised he doesn’t interlace his sentences with 20 million “you-know’s”.

      • Nikita63

        It is the sign of an insecure, puerile, blithering idiot!

        • Sunshine Kid

          Love your description!

          • Nikita63

            I hope it brought a little “sunshine,” into you life. when the subject is creating so much darkness nationwide.

      • Givendoly

        His latest favorite is ee-o, to lazy to say you know. Almost every other word now.,

    • lucitee

      When he goes off script, it is pitiful! And proves he is NOT educated, does NOT know how to structure of remember a sentence with more than two words, And the only ones who are REALLY listening are the ones who won’t dare open the beautifully wrapped GIFT of gab, sugar plums, and see what’s INSIDE the box! They don’t have “life” experience enough to realize what his “coded” rhetoric is! He’s patting them on the HEAD not on the BACK!

    • Frances

      Reagan was a great man and a great President. Obama is a disgrace and a minion for Alinsky and Soros and the Radical Muslim and Communist worlds. Reagan is crying in heaven right now. God save America from this B_stard and divider of the people, in the White House who is destroying my beloved America. I wish Reagan and Dr. Martin Luther King could be alive for 24 hours and save America from all that is happening to America today. Only these two men can save America now, and God has taken them from us.

    • darlingrats

      President Reagan honestly did deserve the title the “Great Communicator”.

      • darlingrats

        And since i REFUSE to put President Reagan in the same sentence with………

        • darlingrats

          8/16 WHITE, 7/15 ARAB,1/16 BLACK Obozo who has all the the communication skills, foreign policy skills, domestic skills of a rock, Race baiting Opturd portraying President Reagan the way she did in her movie, PLUS ACTUALLY USED HANOI Jane to portray Nancy who has more tact,class, patriotism in her little pinky then Hanoi Jane does throughout her ENTIRE BODY WAS A TRUE SLAP IN THE FACE TO 2 GREAT AMERICANS.. Now,go back to 2004, Opturd did a movie called Crash ( about what else? racism) she CLAIMS in 2005 she went to a store in France 15 mins AFTER THEY HAD CLOSED ( LEARN TO FRIGGEN READ OPTURD! CLOSED MEANS CLOSED! ) wanting them to “just let her in so she can run in, make a quick purchase”, a guard met her at the door, TOLD HER THEY WERE CLOSED,GAVE her a card, told her to come back tomorrow, Opturd claims that she was told the store was having alot of problem with north africans,which was NOT TRUE, WHICH WAS ALL COOBERATED BY THE STORES CAMERAS, She pulled the same racism stunt in Switzerland RIGHT BEFORE The Butler came out, when she CLAIMS she was told she couldn’t afford to buy the purse she wanted to look at, the stores ran their cams back..lo and behold Opturd HAD the 38 grand purse IN HER HANDS, LOOKING AT IT, FEELING IT, ETC..SHE INQUIRED ABOUT ANOTHER PURSE ON A HIGHER SHELF..NOT HIGHER IN PRICE BUT HIGHER IN HEIGHT, THE CLERK told HER IT WAS THE EXACT SAME PURSE that Opturd already had in her hands but was just a different color. So see how she claimed racism NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE, and was proven WRONG EACH TIME. And each time was after and then before she had a movie coming out…hmmm…me thinks you are truly full of it Opturd! Pastor Manning,who is BLACK said Opturd turned her back on the white women that watch her show,buy her products, who supported Hildebeast in order to support “a brotha”, Manning actually called Obozo a long legged pimp and called Opturd a whoregirl. my mouth flew open when he said that! lol.

  • madmemere

    Without his teleprompter, or “viper” jarrett, he is useless; correction- – he IS “useless” anyway!

    • duif100

      Obama is an imbecil surrounded by many.

      • 58proudtobe

        Talking about surrounded. He’s back to campaigning to butter up the ignorant progressive youth under the guise of affordable college when in fact he’s gunning for obamacare. If you look at the video you can see the democRats bused in the sheep.

        • bob machaffy

          seems like he didn’t impress these college students at all
          let’s hope now that they are old enough to vote,
          they will vote for character and not color

          • lucitee

            Luci Logic: The new name for his latest campaign “milking” the naïve youth? “The PAP Rally”! Short for:
            Paid A Pplauders!

          • Sunshine Kid

            I would certainly hope so, but have no illusions about the indoctrination they are getting.

        • lucitee

          If there is a long, straggly, grey, mangy tail, dragging beneath the rear-end of a cheap polyester wool covered sheep, it AIN’T no SHEEP!

        • duif100

          Did Obama not take over the Student Loan program and increase the interest rates?

      • PatriotGal

        Surrounded by many of the same level – imbeciles!

  • tuvals

    The man is lacking in so many ways. This is merely one instance…

  • Leon Pollock


  • Dale

    He’s a doofus

  • tommyd

    Without his TelePrompTer he says what he really thinks!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      He’s even been known to admit the truth, as he did in 2008 with George Stephanopoulos when he admitted to being a Muslim!

      • tommyd

        he wants America to be ruled by Muslims. he takes care of his Muslim brothers. he hates America and has said that it needs to be like the rest of the world!!

    • duif100

      He thinks??????????

  • HappyG

    Affirmative action will be the death of this nation.

  • Libsrlintlickers

    Can you say douche bag????????

  • JMWinPR

    I watched him with a son of sfacime this morning. He must have rehearsed for hours. Maybe it was prerecorded.

  • Bob Crawford

    Without a teleprompter he is just another empty suit…..well come to think of it, he is an empty suit with a teleprompter.

    • facebook is Dero

      we can only wish he were the empty chair

      • Sunshine Kid

        He is. Even the chair is invisible in his case.

  • brazuca

    Yeah, the smartest man EVAH, to live in the white house. Did you know that he went to Harvard? They must be so proud.

    • SallyE

      The media has spent a lot of time telling us how smart Barry Hussein is. They said he was probably the smartest president ever. Smarter than Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Smarter than Madison who wrote the Constitution? What a joke. He is a product of affirmative action. The color of his skin got him where he is today. Otherwise he’d just be a two bit attorney in Chicago.

      • anglelou

        I doubt that he’d even be a two-bit attorney. I believe both he and the Mooch lost their law licenses.

        • Rich

          Yep, they boh lost their licenses. They were given a choice, either face some type of charges or loose their licenses. They choose the loose the license path. Guess they were afraid of getting some thing like jail time. LOL So stupid I wonder how they got their license in the first place. Probably had someone take the test for them.

          • renipo

            The Illegal, Gay, Racist, Radical Muslim Terrorist Thug’s law degree was bought (Harvard) by the Saudis for $5.2 million (the Sheik/King giveth and the bar taketh away) according to a report a couple of years after his reign beganin 2008. The thug did not attend Harvard or any college. He only
            registered as a Foreign Student, Barry Soetoro and then disappeared into his drug infested world with his gay lovers and traveled to Pakistan with one of them who was from Pakistan. No one in either college, students or professors, etc. remembers him.
            The report said that She had lied in her recommendations for him regarding qualifications that he did and does not have. It was not specific. The Terrorist Thug’s IQ COULDN’T BE MORE THAN 10. I can’t stand to listen to him because his words have a terrible whistling sound due to bad dentures, real teeth don’t do that. I wish Congress would charge him with Terrorism against America and send him to Gitmo and the Firing Squad, immediately. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Bob

    This is such a screwed up website, I am ashamed to be called a conservative!!! You have a bunch of advertisements that cannot be stopped then when they stop, you can’t stop the main video so that the entire content can download before listening so that it is uninterrupted. Once it is stopped, you can’t start it again!!! Don’t send me any links to this crappy website again!! I would rather read it myself than wait for broken up video!!! And I am on a relatively fast wireless server!!! What a crappy website!!!!!

    • BDPSU

      I never have any problems with the videos.

      As far as ads, most of us are smart enough to know how to block ads.

    • BigJohnL

      You need to stay away from the internet. You are not intelligent enough to operate a computer with a web browser.

    • Macjammm

      Hay Bob i am with on the auto play i do not like that either
      I would rather turn on the video myself and have just one play not a whole series of videos
      But this is a pretty good site besides that

  • outofsteam

    He’s an idiot. Here he was on a planned stop and he couldn’t even remember the guy’s name. Then he comes up with the flimsy excuse that it was because he was 52 years old. Shows how much he really cares who he’s speaking to. He just wanted to campaign somewhere. I live in upstate New York and, by the way, Buffalo is NOT upstate New York. It’s in the western part of the state. Upstate NY is above New York City past the capital of Albany. Interesting that Governor Cuomo, didn’t go with him. They’re both Demorats but Obama pretended he thinks fracking is the way to go while Cuomo is dead set against it. Lots of shale here that would bring a lot of high paying jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but no. The rich,libs in NYC don’t want it. The environment you know.

    • anglelou

      He just wanted another plane ride in Air Force One which costs about 11,000 dollars per hour to run…and then of course, this jerk takes million dollar vacations on our taxpayer dime! And they complained about Bush going to his ranch in Crawford, Texas for his vacations?

      • lucitee

        AF1, $135,000.00 per hour! When SHE leaves separately with the girls add $120,000.00 an hour for them! Bo’s private pilot is the same as theirs. Now they have TWO dogs! I wonder how they explained THAT to their “brothers”? It is strictly forbidden by their law! OOS! I forgot! Subterfuge is not only allowed, it is encouraged when they have an AGENDA they’ve waited decades to fulfill! Now, they’re in the short rows!

    • lucitee

      STATES were CONSTITUTIONALLY granted the right to make ANY decisions affecting the citizens of their State! IE: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited BY the States, are reserved TO THE STATES respectively or TO THE PEOPLE”!

  • spider77

    Stupid Ass! This stupid fool is really, really dumb. Thus a dumb ass!

  • Drosack

    I’m going to give him a pass on this one….Like hell lol, what a dumass. How’ed he ever become an organizer?

    • anglelou

      Thank all those ignorant freebie folks who believed a skin color was the path to great presidential leadership?

  • SallyE

    How is Brown anything like Higgins? BHO is an ass.

    • Light_V_Dark


  • CaptGene

    The dear leader looked a little miffed. I wonder why? He’s unquestionably the most brilliant star in the universe . . . well, HIS universe, anyway.

  • Ilene

    What a stupid man.

  • Gee

    The Idiot Can’t Speak Clearly, But! He Seems To Be Able To Read, Who Writes His Speeches? Olebunghole Sux… Cheers Semper Fi

  • TruthDetector

    Thy Obamessiah hath single-handedly healed thy planet.

    Thou shalt not mock thy Obamessiah.

    Fear the wrath of thy Obamessiah.

    Behold his mighty limp wrist!

    • Light_V_Dark

      Our Mighty Mouse doth run away BRAVELY, from Jihadists and Communists, though.

    • parlayer

      always had one. Born that way, didn’t evolve.

  • robocop33

    And yet the MSM says NOTHING! Now this really isn’t a big deal BUT, it does show the bigotry the press has for Conservatives over liberials. Had this benn a Conservative it would be the lead story for the next eek on how stupid tha person was!

  • GinoV

    We are in BIG trouble

  • P Luttrell

    Could this be early onset Alzheimer’s???

  • Ben Ghazi

    Whatever you think Obama is, remember that you will have him for ever in one form or another – especially with the damage that he is consciously and deliberatiely doing to our Constitution. He has frequently changed his name, and skipped from fact to simply awful fiction and back again in whatever direction he feels best to dupe his usual helpful idiots. We can change his name once more, from Barry Soeterro Hussein Obama, to “King Herpes the First.” Like Herpes I fear he will always be with us !

    • parlayer

      Ouch, but true! then we all have to go without to keep it from spreading.

  • Art Hock

    Obama is a wannabe president but his neighborhood training didn’t do the job. Doesn’t do bad for an illegal alien though.

    • parlayer

      I’d rather have a american loving mexican wetback than him in there.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Well, I believe it’s probably time for some drones to release some poisonous gas over Buffalo, until they LEARN THEIR LESSON¿¿

  • JoeBlake

    Obama only does well at fund raisers and golf courses.

    • anglelou

      From what I’ve heard I don’t think he does all that well on the golf course either.

      • parlayer

        Never do hear his score?? And we know he like to brag, “I made the call to get Bin Laden” you’d think you would hear about a even an average player??

      • JoeBlake

        You are probably

  • sunnyblues

    “What I meant to say is, I am the biggest lying imposter EVER and I have half of you believing me!”

    Where oh where is Mitch Rapp when you need him????

  • sunnyblues

    Could be he just needs another vacation…

    • grumpybill

      To Gitmo!!

  • Drosack

    Yeah, you straighten him out, I haven’t got time.

  • rmwayne

    The crowd was laughing at the lying Kenyan. Get ready for the left to start making a big deal and calling everybody who laughed at him an “evil raycissss hater”. They bring out that card everytime somebody who’s white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative catch the no good S.O.B. when he fouls up, which is quite often.

  • parlayer

    “What I ment” LOL “I always mean something different” than what I say.

  • Richard Helsel

    More insightful gum flapping from the
    elite left wing progressive Marxist pig

  • toongail

    Never shown on the MSM – people do not correlate the country collapsing with Obama – he makes people think the Republicans or Rush Limbaugh or whatever is the problem.

  • babsan

    He is a stuttering fool w/0 teleprompter

  • twiceshy

    Without a teleprompter this guy is as dumb as they come.

    • RedMeatState

      how would a teleprompter make him smarter??

  • grumpybill

    I wish I could play the part of Superman when he confronted Lex Luthor in his underground home …. “You DISEASED MANIAC!!!”

  • jaxb

    this guy screws up everything, and you think this is news??

  • Jed54

    Duh!!! This idiot has no intelligence anyway….. people who love him know this…. reminds of Richard Pryor

    • grumpybill

      At least Richard Pryor could make you laugh! This worthless scum makes me wanna puke every time I hear his arrogant voice!!!!

  • ActualConundrum

    He doesn’t like it being pointed out when he is stupid. Sad part is he has made more gaffes than any other President. Afterall he is the candidate that visited 57 states with one more to go.

    • grumpybill

      That’s the narcicist in him!!

    • grumpybill

      And LMAO @ 57 states! I remember that! What an embarrassment to our great nation!! and FU to all that voted for the bum!!


    No teleprompter, but I have noticed an EAR Pierce in his right ear.

    • shofar treading

      I have been telling friends for years now that there are ads that advertise “radio-type” ear pieces, aka receivers. You would think if that were available this dumbed-down President would have the brains to use one. Apparently he isn’t smart enough to do so. Nor his entourage.

  • Mary


  • Ron

    When Obama had to have a teleprompter when he addressed a group of school children I thought I had heard it all. This guy can’t make an intelligent comment without his speech writer and a prompter. Are the people of this country really that surprised he has us in such a mess. If it had not been for the ones who wanted something for nothing he would never have gotten a second term. If George Bush had pulled half of the garbage Obama has carried out against this country there would have been no question about impeachment. What will it take before the people of this country wake up to what is taking place?

  • Admiral America

    I thought this was going to be a crowd shouting all his impeachable crimes at him. Theoretically he shouldn’t be able to go anywhere without people screaming all his anti-Constitutional evils at him. That is unless every venue he appears in has a tightly vetted pro-Obama crowd.

  • Henry

    So what, what are you people going to do about it!?

  • Ann CuppyCake Corrado

    Idiot Clown President!

  • Holly Bentley

    My kid attends the UB Honors College. He won a ticket to this appearance. He didn’t tell me about it until after the fact, because he knew I’d be ticked off that he was seeing this sorry excuse for a president.
    UB encouraged its students to wear the school colors – blue and white – when they went to see Obummer speak. My son deliberately wore red. Whew! I must have done something right. 😉
    My son also commented it seemed all O did was blame everyone else for the problems he has to deal with.

  • earlwatters

    this guy has no brains at all from all the drugs he has taken.sick SOB

  • charles17121

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

  • Nikita63

    Obama depends so much on his teleprompter because when you come right down to it, he is really not very bright. His gaffes have been immense and absolutely denoting blatant Stupidity much of the time. Examples include his calling the Marine Corps the Marine Corpse, saying he had visited 57 states and that left him one to visit( most people forget the 2nd part of that gaffe but, you get the picture) Perhaps if he actually reviewed his teleprompters for content BEFORE making an ass of himself, he might have more credibility; at least for those demented in this country that still believe in the tooth fairy,since he has also said early on only those with something to hide will not be up front. when has he EVER been up front? He is the most obscenely clandestine president EVER! It is far beyong time for the Congress to finally hold him both responsible and accountable for EVERYTHING he does! Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change?

  • Anita

    What a stupid niggar

  • Barb33

    Don’t you love it when Mr O screws himself up in public? I sure do!! Even if he’s not called an idiot or imbecile or whatever, I don’t care. What matters is that he screwed up!!

  • lucitee

    Good thing he had all those extra OTHER students bussed in! Otherwise there would not have been enough gullible and naïve young ones to be heard!
    Or applaud, and laugh off, his lack of “retention”! Someone surely told him before-hand the names he scrambled! That’s why he needs a POCKET teleprompter! If his legs were as short as his memory he could sit down and walk! Instead of stand UP and TALK, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk and….Instead of making good USE of his time, he’s just MAKING good time!

  • WingedPaladin

    Has anyone here mixed up names up before, even the names of one’s children whom I would consider of great value and importance to our future? It is better to choose not to be venomous toward others due to the human condition if we ourselves are also human and make mistakes.

    • shofar threading

      Kool-Ade drinker ! THIS is a man “in charge” of the greatest nation on earth (or used to be), not your forgiving child. Learn to differentiate, for heavens sake !

  • phil62

    There really is NOTHING that this bozo can do that works. This is one PATHETIC waste of a human life. How the hell did this clown get to be a Senator and then be able to embarrass the largest free nation in the world. I feel totally sorry for the uninformed voter that thinks he is capable. I wonder if he has the VP follow him around to wipe for him? Obama you are an idiot and the people that support your reign are even worse.

  • phil62

    Why the hell doesn’t he at least try to use note cards or something in his hand in case there is a problem with the teleprompters? I taught Speech and Composition in high school and Air Force NCO Academy and this shows a total lack of caring for how people will perceive him when he speaks. If he really cared for his position and the topic he is preaching he would take time to use backup materials for his speech. Useless~~~

  • ezekiel22

    He kinda looked like “Did I do that?” Erkel.

  • amishron

    Typical dumbass communist president.

  • dghealy

    so what

  • popham

    Gosh, the president really is lost and quite hopeless as a speaker without a teleprompter.
    Quite pathetic. We assume that all presidents have used notes or teleprompters, but there
    have been a few, like Kennedy and Reagan, who were able to speak so articulately,
    extemporaneously on many occasions.
    We need a new president of the United States of America………….soon.

  • david of tampa

    go back to kenya you monkey

  • ECwashr

    What a bumbling, blithering idiot King Longshanks Obama truly is. Without his teleprompter and the liberal media covering for him it is there for all to see like the sun in the sky…

  • Bucko25

    The guy is a total jerk!! He doesn’t believe anything he says, that is why he reads it! He has no values for America, he is a muslim commie who hates everything America!!

  • Bucko25

    The demoRats found the first black man, non American that can read … they make him president!! Nothing else to say!! It’s a freaking miracle!!

  • KenRad

    I have heard Obumma speak without a teleprompter, and he sounds like a 6th grader with his stammering.

  • noweareman

    Palin gave a speech in Manchester NH
    Not a Teleprompter in sight!
    (and it was great!)

  • Onteo

    His stop in my town of Rochester got 6 pages of coverage in our local rag and this is the first I heard the anointed one made a mistake.

  • robinswebnest

    Bet you didn’t know that the libs voted for a teleprompter. They thought they were voting for a black man, joke is on them, and us.

  • ErnieLane

    When you get down to it, this is no big deal. But he screws up so regularly when he is on his own. He may be a charming guy, but he is also one of the dumbest Presidents we have ever had.

    • shofar treading

      Charming? He wasn’t in ’08 and he isn’t in ’13. If the press wasn’t holding this empty suit up, he would fold like a deck of cards.

  • George Gootee

    If this had been Bush or any conservative it would have been headline news for a week.

  • Melia Sese

    Hey, what’s a little name screw-up between friends? LOL … after a while all the Democrats blur into one – so Barry confused a congressman with a mayor. Remember, his job is to read copy off a screen and when he tries to “wing it”, well, you see the result. I just want to know how anyone can conclude that he is some “mastermind” bent on becoming some sort of Satanic dictator – the guy can barely tie his shoes.

  • darlingrats

    Opturd did that on purpose using Hanoi Jane to play Nancy and showed Reagan as a racist pre Alzheimer bafoon..She slapped them in the face, She wants to make 2 GREAT PATRIOTIC AMERICANS look terrible in the eyes of the public while supporting Obozo who isnt even fit to work in a city sewer system, who some political analysts say makes Carter look brilliant. And btw when that butler retired.. President Reagan HUGGED HIM, THANKED HIM for all of his yrs of service at the WH. You think Obozo would have done that? no way! I wish former employees would talk about the true Opturd, how she is in private life. But how much you wanna bet she makes her employees sign confidentiality contracts? Can you imagine how she treats her staff? I hope when America sees Obozo and Moochelle fly off into the sunset when his term is over..employees of the wh, AF1, other ppl that worked closely with these 2 idiots give interviews and talk about how THEY are behind closed doors, should be VERY interesting to say the least!

  • ErnieLane

    I misspoke (miswrote?). He’s not charming, the media just makes him seem that way. He is actually the most vindictive and petty President ever. Maybe it’s because he knows how stupid he is, knows that everyone in his audience is smarter than him. And given how dumb some of the Obama acolytes are, that’s saying a lot.

  • Sterling Wulff

    Waz a matter PUKEbama… can’t think for your widdow self without your teleprompter ???

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Only goes to prove, the fool can’t speak unless someone tells him what to say… the Obamapuppet, for sale!!

  • Justin

    Was this taken down? I *finally* get around to being able to watch the chief buffoon and the links are dead!

  • Broncho87

    Obama is not a wannabe communicator/politician. He is a master usurper. He has drained America’s moral compass and shredded the Constitution because he is backstabbing those who oppose while conniving those who are indifferent / ignorant / feminist.

  • yaki534

    I think he has been around Joe too long.

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