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Obama Proves He Can’t Make A Speech Without A Teleprompter

  • Proudamerican

    Not even with his own media covering up the lies plus he cant make a decision without his handlers ok. Is it ok george soros?

    • veritas7

      his lies have become so enormous and convoluted that even the media can’t keep up with the deluge.

      • areunuts?

        He comes up with a new answer after every little speech someone else makes about his incompetence.

  • Richard B

    “Things on a Friday afternoon get more challenging?” EVERYDAY is a Friday afternoon for Obama, take out his teleprompter, and he will fumble and stumble. Not quite a born public speaker, but then, not quite a born leader either.

    • veritas7

      So true. So true.

  • raccman

    Hey ! Charlie McCarthy couldn’t speak without one either – but he didn’t have a “Super Special LIARS Prompter” like the Fraud has !

    • veritas7

      “LIARS Prompter” Good one. I like that.

  • donl

    To me this is proof that someone else is pulling his strings, Cass Sunstein, George Soros, Saul Alynski, etc. come to mind.

    • 13th Floor Looking Out

      I’m pretty sure I saw ayers and soros competing for space in trying to get their hand shoved up obama’s @ss

      • Sam Wicks Jr

        And I bet he likes it!

        • veritas7

          As long as it is a male’s hand, he does.

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      All he needs is a little key mounted on his back like a whined up toy! And, this is what the demoncrapic party brought forth. They are trying to tear down our country!

    • veritas7

      Soros has been pulling this jerk’s strings for years.

      • holdyourhorses

        SELF AVOWED COMMUNIST, George Soros, HAS BEEN PULLING THE STRINGS SINCE THE LATE ’70S EARLY ’80s if not longer. He needs to be banned from our country, just as he was banned in Hungary, the country of his birth, when they realized he was trying to bring down their economy. He was also run out of France for the same thing, INSIDER TRADING, and accused of crashing England’s pound sterling. HE HAS MADE BILLIONS OFF OF US, THE MIDDLE CLASS PRIVATE SECTOR INVESTORS! We should be able to profit from investments into the companies and industries that we have worked to make a success! George Soros and his secretive crony multi-multi- billionaire investors are the REAL recking ball behind Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, but not the only one, sadly to say.

        • veritas7

          I agree

    • TXLadyPatriot

      Don’t forget Valerie Jarrett, too!

  • texan texan

    I do believe this is an impeachable offense and a reason to repeal Obamacare for the 39th time. I bet 39 is the magic number. I fondly remember those impromptu speeches by the brilliant W that resulted in all those amazing quotable quotes. Oh to have the author of the Patriot Act back again. Alas. Stuck with a guy who reads. Oh the shame. I understand this is classic Hitler, Mao, Stalin. You betcha. Michelle 2016.

  • Take 2

    Look at the lesson taught by the crew of Noah and not the distraction that was an enormous fish,

    The crew that went along doing nothing but watching (perhaps crying or screaming bloody murder)

    However, murder was taking place.

    Let’s Roll shouted one of the passengers to the crew vs I am going to sleep on it and hope it all goes away or perhaps already caught in a lie; knowingly decides to do nothing.

    This point or lesson is obviously known by Christian President Obama. However, such intense greed for Utopian Power still no resigning to pray and or honor the dead by standing down.

  • luvzforplay

    In order for the teleprompter to be workable the questions have to be pre presented so that his speech writers know how to make the puppet answer, Why doesn’t he just have a string to pull when the pre made questions are asked then he won’t need a teleprompter , He will look just as stupid but at least we won’t have to learn to read instead of answering phonically !!

    • areunuts?

      He has a puppet, Carney..

  • JDMedia

    Sumbich can’t hold his own umbrella OR carry a piece of paper

    • veritas7

      Everything that comes forth from his mouth is a lie anyway. he is pathological liar.

      • areunuts?

        The idiot has NEVER, and I mean never, been acquainted with the truth, and is highly allergic when someone tries to tell him the truth.

        • jenjen

          The child of The Father of Lies.

      • Bob

        Early in his first term he stated that his administration would be the most transparent ever. So far it has been the most hidden ever.

        • areunuts?

          about as transparent as Blackberry jello.

        • jenjen

          If he meant being transparent by showing his face on a daily basis, he is being OVERLY transparent! He seems to be everywhere, at all times! I’m sure he loves the attention, even if it is negative!

    • DonHo


  • Jim Henderson

    Without prepared comments from someone else, Nobama is at a complete loss for words.

    • Jim Henderson

      Furthermore… How much more evidence does everyone else need that Nobama is a well-practiced (providing he has his teleprompter) empty suit. There is little substance underneath that well rehearsed facade.

  • Incredulous1

    “Most intelligent President EVER!” Yeah, right. You ever count how many times he says, “Uh” when he’s not reading from a script? This clown is a Moron!

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      But he (I think it’s a he) sure knows how to spend OUR money on his vacations every other week. And Michael (are we sure it’s a she) loves to like it up on OUR dime as well.

    • Bob

      I have noticed that he, Feinstein and other liberals that don’t know what they are talking about are constantly using the non words “uh” and “um” and making long pauses while they try to think what to say next. None of them sound intelligent, knowledgeable or educated.

  • RichFromShowMe

    Once again he proves to America that he’s just a hand puppet for President, Valeria Jarrett.

    • kktex12

      Or soros, gates, or the mooslim brohood

  • kathyd

    what a jerk~

    • veritas7

      Yes, absolutely. What a ‘jerk’!

  • vietnamvet1971

    He thought he told a funny joke, but the JOKE is on him I thought he was proclaimed to be the 4th Smartest president and they are thinking about putting him on Mt. Rushmore.

    • david of tampa

      they should bury him under mount rushmore

      • Sam Wicks Jr

        You know what flows downhill. And that’s him!

      • veritas7

        Why desecrate Mount Rushmore. Bury him beneath the feeding trough in a pig farm.

        • areunuts?

          How about Benghazi!



    • veritas7

      he is the worst POTUS the United States has ever experienced

  • lakehead2

    ….and you can’t even see the strings overhead that lift his arms and move his head. wow, they have gotten this down to an art. He looks almost real.

    • veritas7


  • StanB

    Obama has campaigned, promoted, given the “sales pitch” for obamacare for years; shouldn’t he already know, what he wants us to beleive, are the benefits of his “Signature Legislation”?

    He doesn’t know anythihg about Fast and Furious
    He doesn’t know anything about Benghazi
    He doesn’t know anything about Eric Holder’s DOJ targeting News Journalists
    He doesn’t know anything about His IRS targeting Conservatives
    He doesn’t know anything about the NSA listening to American citizen’s private communications
    And now He doesn’t know anything about the benefits of His own “Signature Legislation” on Health care.

    He does know where he intends to play his next round of golf
    He does know where the Obama’s are going on the next vaction
    He does know who he wants on fantasy sports picks
    He does know how to lavishly spend other people’s (Tax Payers) money
    He does know he wants “Revenge” on conservatives

    • veritas7

      well said

    • Abigsoxfan

      You forgot to mention. When asked to comment on his favorite team in all of sports, he called the name of the park they played in Kaminsky Field (Correct answer Comiskey Park) and couldn’t name his favorite player.
      The man is an idiot.

    • areunuts?

      He never went to a school, so how can he know anything?

      • Bob

        Actually, he did go to school. We don’t know about it because he had his educational records “sealed” because they show he was receiving aide as a FOREIGN student.

  • david of tampa

    communists might think him funny. i think he is a traitor.

  • DollarBill

    The only one sweating was him until he got the speech from the aide!

  • T27C

    What a bumbling fool………..he can’t even put together two sentences to congratulate someome for covering up something his administration did now!

    • areunuts?


  • Chicken little

    He can’t talk from the the heart because of what the country will think of him. Regan was the best at it cause he was a true person of principle.Obama has to think too much so he will say what his masters want. We are living it troubling time for sure.

    • veritas7

      he is the übernarcissist. he will never be able to relate to we the people.


    obummer is a complete and total MOOK.

  • Paul Brown

    The telepromter king, can’t make a speach without one. Shows how good he really is.

  • ray2

    NO duh!! Has to keep all his lies straight.

    • veritas7

      why? he’ll just lie about the lies.

  • JRLittle

    What a clown. Stupid , stupid, stupid man.

  • rwp24382

    This proves to me that the man is scared. He knows that if he makes the wrong move, it might be all for his charade. Occasionally, BO has ventured out from his scripted remarks, only to show how stupid he really is. He can’t afford to venture out now and say something that might get his agenda in trouble. Mostly telling the truth. He is on a tight script and Shotgun Joe is under wraps not to further piss people off.

  • joepotato

    Isn’t it great to have such a smart commie puppet (foreigner) pretending to be a legitimate POTUS? It took the commies many decades to bring us to this point. If this BS cannot be reversed and soon, say goodnight Gracie, the republic is gone, over, stick a fork in it…

  • holdyourhorses

    Sarah Palin had a couple of notes, REMINDERS, POINTS SHE WANTED TO MAKE WRITTEN ON HER HAND, and she was crucified for it, accused of being an idiot! Even though she spoke from memory and the heart, and was brilliant.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Speech cues are usually written on small cards. Palin used her hand instead of a note card.. Obama, on the other hand, has to read a speech verbatim that somebody else wrote. Does he have a mind of his own, or does he just function like a puppet reading words?

      • areunuts?

        He has NO mind at all.

  • DR JON


  • Rueann

    What a fool… I guess when you have that many lies going on, it’s hard to keep them straight.. doesn’t matter.. no one is listening to him anymore anyway!!

  • del

    A freading jerk!

  • popham

    Obama, blimney furte semtic pounrtiv con dimni cewsa nominine.

  • Johnnygard

    I knew some people in ’09 that loved BHO and the fact that “now we have a President that can speak”. They were denigrating Bush, and thought this guy was brilliant. Guess they didn’t know about his teleprompter dependency. (I haven’t spoken to them since.)

  • Jed54

    Maybe the black dude behind him is working his mouth him like a ventriliquist dummy, remember Jerry Mahoney??

  • dotherightthing4

    What an idiot!

  • don

    I do believe that a very large number of people know that Barrack Obama is a proven “IDIOT” he is unable to do anything without a Script. If he ever has interment relations with his wife I am sure he has a Script that he reads from and Valery Jarrett is standing somewhere in the room to make sure he reads the Script correctly.

  • stonemike

    The UGLY KENYAN reminds me of a “second rate” used car salesman! He speaks just well enough to sell the ignorant , and unknowing a bill of goods that are definitely not good for the country! His level of ignorance and derangement were immediately apparent when he actually believed people found him “physically attractive”! EYE CANDY MY A—!

    • jenjen

      I STILL don’t understand who would think he was “attractive”. I don’t get it!

  • F-14 Navy Vet

    Folks are sweatin’ back there because BO has all of their soc. sec, numbers bank accounts, private emails, credit card purchases, and phone logs and can make trouble for any of them… President Elmer Fudd rescued by a printed copy of what he is supposed to say…

  • icemancold

    Is it just me or do DICTATOR OBAMA’S EARS get bigger with each lie ? Kinda like PINOCCHINO’S nose!! If he keeps it up he will out do DUMBO the elephant

  • Brian

    How sad for America we such an idiot for a POTUS.

  • Steve Harr

    Dumbo can’t talk unless the teleprompter is working..He is an idiot and no one can thru the BS anymore….whoa I guess Yahoo and the others have added my name to the federal list of Obama dissenters.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Without a teleprompter Obama is much like a dummy without a ventriloquist’s hand up his backside.

  • Gospel Knight Rider

    Now lets be fair. Obama can make a speech without a teleprompter. The only problem is that he gets his foot in his mouth, which leaves his aids with a lot of work to do afterwards. Does this make him an idiot? Well lets just say, I report, then you decide. TGKR

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    If Obama cannot make an off-the-cuff speech without use of teleprompters, then nothing he says are his ideas.

  • annie.o

    that would mean he has to think for himself hu???? never going to happen…my god…this guy even has to have OTHER PEOPLE write words for him at funerals etc…he can’t even use HIS words for that…no brain…no heart sooo sd…he is not even human !!!! thanks dems..a real piece of crap YOU picked !!!!

  • Sam

    He is so bad the TP wouldn’t even vote against him. They stayed home fearing the IRS knock on the door. Years of tough anti-Obama talk vanished giving the election to our greatest enemy.

  • truthbeknown

    He just has memory loss. He cant remember where he’s from, where he went to school. who he knows or have known. That’s why he needs not only a teleprompter but someone to write everything he reads. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

  • Ted Crawford

    That is often the problem with disingenuous people, they can’t remember what lie they told last time! In this case; GREAT BIG EARS….tiny little brain!

  • regulus30

    his is a blithering ideologue egghead/fool. get a real [person as potus; dump the chump].

  • spyderdalton

    He is high on pot….

  • Big Manuger

    Its real simple, if you ever had given a talk in front of a group of people. If you know what your talking about its pretty easy, even if your prepared speech/remarks go missing. Obviously this stooge doesn’t no his ass from a hole in the ground. Heck we all know he’s a puppet- just a stupid one as well.

  • AH

    “People!….People!… Folks are sweating back there, now!”

    What a joke President we have, folks!

    This past week at work, we are implementing our new EMR program called EPIC. I work for a major hospital network in the northwest and as part of the ObamaCare program, we are mandated to go to EMR(Electronic Medical Records) before 2015 or face very heavy fines. This is all under the guise that it will streamline and make seamless/accessible to all medical personnel medical records faster, thus providing better healthcare.

    This past week as we began to roll out this EPIC, I saw a great amount of expense to accommodate a small legion of computer programmers and specialists(who work for EPIC), to help make the transition smoother, take over our conference rooms with their Control Central Hdq. Just a glimpse of some of the expenses I am aware of is $6000 in candy bars; $33,000 in new office chairs; $1200 a day for catered breakfast and the list goes on. At a sister hospital they spent $450,000 in 3 weeks for food only for these folks. Our managers were complaining because they were having to bend over backwards because of the demands the EPIC people were making, as if they were “Rock Stars”. This infuriated me, as for the past 3 years, our hospital has been downsizing and cutting because as we were told by upper management, we needed to save $250,000,000 a year in cost-cutting measures. We sacrifice understanding to save, but here comes along EPIC.

    In the shadow of exorbitant spending by the IRS, partying on the tax payers dime, I could only note a similar resonance in what I was seeing at my hospital. So I dug a little deeper. Who is EPIC?

    The owner is Judith Faulkner. She started the business from her garage in 1979. She grew the business slowly until 2008, when she contributed heavily to an up and coming political candidate named Barack Obama. After the election, this same Barack Obama passed the most expensive act in American history dubbed Obamacare. In Obamacare, it is mandated that all doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc. be “Electronic Medical Records” compliant by 2015 and set aside $6 billion in government aid for the aforesaid organizations to comply in the form of grants. Who did President Obama choose to oversee this wide sweeping implementation? Judith Faulkner, owner of EPIC.

    No wonder there is a party atmosphere amongst the EPIC people. They are “Rock Stars”. They have hit the mother lode, the US Federal Government printing press machine. It is projected that EPIC will have over 50% of all EMR’s by 2016. Do you think that our government will not have access to this info? It’s all for Obamacare. You bet they will. Will they abuse it? I don’t know, the IRS scandal should tell you what’s coming. Look it up folks. Search “Judith Faulkner Obama”. Getting scary!

  • randellmd

    it’s more proof that they can’t do anything right

  • drmoogala

    Duh,I guess nobody ever noticed that this clown has never done anything in his life except win popularity contests he is the very definition of an idiot

  • chetohimler

    The Kenyan Baboon hears no evil, see’s no evil…speaks no evil. Why the hell does he represent the good citizens of U.S?

  • Tess

    Of course. Someone has to write every speech he makes because he is totally BRAINLESS.

  • Tess

    The first time ever in the history of this country that we have a dumb president and only relying on someone to write his speeches. So shameful and is this the United States of America? Unbelievable.

  • anastasia

    dufus in the white house!

  • frank jackson

    one thing I noticed is that he called whoever had the remarks ‘People”, as if they didn’t have a name or even exist. Common courtesy would have been a comment like ‘If anyone has my remarks I sure could use them’.

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