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Obama Phone Lady: Darn Sure Won’t Vote for Obama Again!

  • Davie

    Well, no you won’t… but then again..he cannot run again… too bad you did not come to your senses before he managed to get elected again… Our poor country… but thanks for being a smart woman after all.. I admire your honesty!

    • panors77

      Sadly there won’t BE any “election” in 2016!! BO will be our first dictator especially after he starts trying to confiscate all firearms. It’s over unless we get this guy fully vetted and/or impeached and booted out.

      • Nancy Law

        Hmmmm … she did say that she doesn’t believe Obama will “last that long” for a 2016 vote. Obama is especially paranoid. Of late,

        January 10th, 2013 01:59 PM ET

        Obama signs bill, gets Secret Service protection for life <

        WHY does Obama and his wife get GUN PROTECTION for the rest of their life on earth?

        Don't be fooled, Obama KNOWS what he is doing as as collapses our economy, bankrupts our country and destroys morality. He wants to be protected from the OBVIOUS CONSEQUENCE!

      • Sam

        I agree with panors77 above. I doubt there will be an election for pres. in 2016. I would not have been surprised if he had declared himself dictator for life before last November. BO will never leave the WH on his own feet.


    • SallyE

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries for a third term. His followers will demand it and he will say that he feels deeply humbled and honored, etc.,etc. and that he will run for “the good of the country”.

    • romill

      WHAT??? You actually believe her???

    • boccagalupe

      She’s playing a part. If bama were to run again, she’d be first in line to git the free sh!t..

  • caskinner

    Did she turn in her phone? Bet not. I wonder how many just like her have seen the light?

    • panors77

      I don’t think she had to, I think maybe it went dead on her, LOL.

      • Nancy Law

        A DEAD phone is the ONLY way she’d stop using it!

        Heck, she won’t buy batteries for it UNLESS YOU PAY FOR THEM TOO!

    • romill

      She didn’t “see the light” & if you really believe that you are part of the problem in America-gullible people who believe anything. She’s telling you what you want to hear & hopes to get back on this “conservative” radio show again. She’s a star now. If she were asked to go on MSNBC or CNN, she would say she is glad to have voted for obama. The only thing these people like more than freebies is “fame”. Wise up!

      • caskinner

        I was being sarcastic. Most are not smart enough to figure Obama out. Feel better now? Wise up Jerk.

        • romill

          Nice try but I’m not buying it. You weren’t being sarcastic.Everybody took it the way I did. Now who’s the jerk?

          • caskinner

            See my response to Dave further down the comments. Don’t really care if you buy it or not. I doubt you know how everyone else took it. You do seem rather arrogant though…..JERK.

    • a

      They won’t see the light until the freebies ARE GONE and they have to work for a change. But, obamy is letting all the jobs move off-shore. Too bad obamy wouldn’t move off shore (for good)!

      • caskinner

        No kidding…….deep offshore….same place as Bin Laden is supposed to be.

  • Mys77

    The poster child for all democrat voters. But many refuse to say openly they made a “huge” mistake…. and will regret it everyday of their pathetic lives.

    • Carol

      Most of them voted for him because of their free phones and their food stamps they are receiving not because they understood what he is truely all about.

      • romill

        Really? You think?

      • Cbrown

        Agreed, but why did more than 3,000,000 Repblicans NOT vote? Suppose they wanted the same handouts? The easiest way to support Obama’s welfare was simply not to vote.

        • KDanagger

          Or perhaps they saw a greater threat to their freedom… A two party duopoly engineered to keep people divided and distracted while both run roughshod over your most fundamental freedoms. The state is not your friend. A free man pledges his allegiance to no one but himself and his own moral conscience.

          “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force.” – quote credited to George Washington by many sources

          • keepersleeper

            Run, don’t walk, away from the Republican Party! Conservatives can do MUCH better by considering a third party affiliation…Tea Party, Libertarian Party…

      • George Vieto

        They also wanted Big Bird to entertain them.

      • red-white-blue

        I wouldn*t call them food stamps anymore. They are now called exquisite dining stamps, as they load their carts up with steaks, lobster tails, and all kinds of seafood. They can afford to buy foods that you and I cannot afford. What kind of system is that?

  • 67chevyrules

    Here is a nice story for one. Hope you like it? And what does the God of our fathers speak!

    Once upon a time
    of bygone days there were two affiliations.
    I won’t mention their names for now but know throughout time they have
    changed their identifications many times.
    One thing for sure though they have always kept their roots and is actually
    still how one can verily identify them today. Also in times past they slew 70
    Priests and Prophets upon 1 stone in their quest. Anyway they also took another mans wife to
    help them succeed in their endeavors of a one ruling worldly kingdom and I
    might add (again) even as well, certain agreements were made along the way and even as it is continuing today! Yes even to take a throne which rightfully
    belongs to another and even as this other fought in prior times on their behalf.

    Also their wealth
    had an important role in this though as well even as everybody considered their
    wealth as a good sign erroneously and also partly in overall total measurement
    to allow them this throne! Add to this
    the factor regarding this other mans wife being added to the mix along with the
    various other extremely advantageous agreements and one has quite a brick and mortar
    foundation. Regarding this certain man’s
    wife: it was mentioned… it better for 70 Priests and Prophets to reign over
    you or one but remember I’m of your flesh and bone and the peoples found it
    pleasant in their hearing and again because of one being of their flesh and
    bone in an erroneously unwise decision! What
    shall happen in the final surmise though?
    Well the bricks will certainly fall even as the mortar shall turn into
    dust that the Justice from God may prevail and recompense return upon their

    The blessings of the LORD be upon you, Jan R. Hershberger

    Consider these words being some of thee most vital,critical,
    crucial, words ever offered toward
    another and maybe God may elect to spare a few more? Even as today one seeks for one who uses
    eloquent words and these are the very words which have lead you to where your
    at today. Shouldn’t one rather be
    looking for ones words to speak Truth, Righteous, Justice and others! Yes you all have been taught another’s
    conformity and to even take ones reasoning abilities away! It’s the main reason I chose not to increase
    my vocabulary that simpleness and honesty prevails!

    Jeremiah 50″44

    44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of
    Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run
    away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is
    like me? and who will appoint me the time ? and who is that shepherd that will
    stand before me?

  • EastCoastFa1

    A little late now.

  • Don

    Too late, she is proving that she is a special kind of stupid.

    • Nancy Law

      She is perfectly normal for “Obama land”. She knows about all the taxpayer freebees and how to get them. Heck she is like a walking talking encyclopedia for how to get your tax dollars.

      • JRRS

        In my town, there are several government, tax exempt non-profit agencies that teach how to receive federal, state, and local welfare. Latest example I have seen was a well dressed black woman in the checkout line at the grocery store after church, on Sunday. She paid for large bags of snacks, cigrettees, wine, beer, and three packages of frozen food with a state welfare card. She was driving a new white Cadillac sedan.

        • a

          Money well spent, right? Necessities of life, correct? NOT; but that’s the obamy way! Better yet, the democrapic way…

        • kim

          My next door neighbor is a master at the freebies. She is a single mother, drives a new convertible, lives in a house built a year ago and lays around all day doing nothing. She does not work. We had to call the board of health to force her to have her garbage (20 bags) of it hauled away. But the final straw was when her boyfriend was shot on the front lawn by another drug dealer because he didn’t have the 200,000.00 (police info) to pay the other drug dealer. This is still a wonderful neigborhood . She is the bad apple, but it truly puts our grandchildren at risk. But Obama will remain emperor until people have enough and are willing to stand up and vote. Shame on the 3 million voters who didn’t vote. I bet they would now!!!

    • SallyE

      And she votes!

      • romill

        My favorite saying when someone does something stupid. I always say “and they vote”.

      • joanc

        And maybe all her dead relatives voted too! I heard of the walking dead, but I didn’t think they could vote by proxy, but they sure did!

  • gbandy

    Fooled you once shame on Obama fooled you twice shame on YOU!!

    • Linda Dommel

      twice would be CONDEM “US”

  • seektruth

    Amazing. She really doesn’t know how stupid she is and Jones giving her the amount of time he is? genuis! shows the rest of the world (at least those that are seeing this) just how “ignant” these people are. I just hope to God she doesn’t gain anything from this. People should not be allowed to capitalize on their ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills.

    • Jim Rizzo

      “Ignant” does not come close to describing most of the folks who voted for this fraud!!!

  • Dave

    Just a waste of time having her on .She will change mind as easily as Obama lies

    • caskinner

      All he (Obambam) has to do is make her another false promise. Some fools never learn.

  • panors77

    You mean the “Romney sucks” Obamaphone lady is now reversing? Wow……..what happened did the battery on her obamaphone go dead and there’s nobody that makes them anymore? Another thing, is she related to Nell Carter?? Just askin…..hahaha. It’s too bad that the last two farce elections were our last ones. BO will be dictator unless somebody does something to return us to the constitution.

    • Chuck

      No going back, too many people receiving government support.

  • Jakebrake

    What he do??? cut her welfare check???

    • annadj13

      That’s what I want to know!

  • Bob Marshall

    Because of millions of ignorant voters and those who live off government programs,the promise to illegals amnesty, supporting homosexuality being tolerated in our schools,supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and completely ignoring our Constitution. Add tot hat the weakest congress in the history of our nation, he owns the Supreme Court and may be able to appoint three more members before his second term is up.The Department of Injustice run by Eric Holder. Ignoring the Constitution 16 times in 2012 and is continuing down this path. his close associate, George Soros and his Open Society Institute who funds 152 organization that are left wing. George Soros who has ties to 30 major news media organizations. Add to all of this the 2008 and 2012 exit polls show who Obama could count on if he ran for a third term. Project Vote/ACORN/George Soros was a huge success twice. George Washington said,”when the people find they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Do not rule out the possibility of Obama having the 22nd Amendment changed.

  • Nancy Law

    Another LOW INFORMATION voter! Does she know Obama can NOT run again unless term limits are changed and they will NOT be changed. Yes, she kept the phone …. that’s how Obama people are.

    • romill

      Why can’t the term limits be changed? Over 70% of us didn’t want obamacare & they pushed that through, right? By the way, what happened to those 70% who don’t want obamacare during the last election?

    • Harry Crowcroft

      My concern, though: either President Obama will try to go through the process to be a candidate in 2016 and we can see if the Federal Election Commission or any other government authorities have the guts to stop him, or he will make sure a situation occurs which will give him an excuse to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution, thus allowing him to stay in office past January 20, 2017. (With his policies, it’s not hard to imagine some kind of “situation” occuring!)

  • Tank

    I hate to say it, but you really should be able to pass a 10th grade equivalency exam to get your voter registration card…

    • skipsart

      Why in the world would you hate to say that?

    • Linda Dommel

      You should be contributing to the system to vote! People not contributing to the sytem should NOT have the RIGHT to tell taxpayers were “THEIR” money is spend!

      • Daniel Murphy

        Spend money on schools so people learn to spell “where.”

    • SallyE

      So right.

    • romill

      Why would you hate to say it? Man up. That’s why they’re winning.

    • a

      Maybe pay taxes and file returns would be a step in the right direction as well.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    If we still have a Constitution, she won’t be able to vote for him a third time.

  • mbh2mt2d

    If Dems go after the 22 Amendment like they are going after the 2, I wouldn’t put it passed him to try another run.

  • bless2live

    drinking kool aid again here. The other thing: if it is a plus, a honest, a respectful or a correct thing to do then the regime tears it down! once you are helpless and don’t do your on thinking, then the slave you will be! the new world order of this regime: we are in charge, you are the slave in bondage,you have no right to say or do, control your world is to be!
    my take: you are educated of what happens here under the regime, look at past history as it is you who are taken the place of those before you did under dictatorship!

  • Richard Brophy

    Whoever voted for Obama in 2012 is simply outright idiotic AND/OR selfish, no two ways about this. Obama is the WORST performing President in U.S. history, and his being reelected simply makes no sense at all. How have a lot of us become sooooo stupid?

  • lloyd t sance

    What the ::: I guess U wont ;;Since he is not running Again::Kinda late anyway ::Hope U get everything U::voted for :and the rest of U stupid Zombies

  • Niggishzidda

    She and other like her have short term memories. In 4 years from now give her something else for free and she will vote for him again. Stupid is what Stupid does.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Impeach this liar thief killer NOW We don’t need a dictator he hates America he killed 4 Americans in Libya by giving money and guns to muslim brotherhood to raid Libya get rid of Obama and all his rear kissers NOW

  • Nellie CA

    There are still people out there that think Obama is GOD. He is another Hitler but worse. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY. Hitler took down Germany in 12 years with debt, exclusive orders, demoralizing the people who didn’t agree with him, demoralized the Military and Police. Remember the Brown uniforms for the school kids? he took everything away from the Citizens, (the guns first) they couldn’t defend themselves. Castro did the same thing to Cuba.

  • Dabenn

    so she wont vote for her PAL because of not being able to run naked or min on her phone?
    what a mor-run

  • stonemike

    Why should imbeciles like that be voting anyway, she dont have any money in the pot!

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    She “Won’t vote for him again”? Does she know something we don’t, but should?

  • HerrCapitanFick

    They can’t vote for him again! Especially when he becomes a dictator! DUH!

  • Stephen Knorr

    The phone is to be used for you to call emergeny help an doctors.

  • WellNowDear

    I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

  • WellNowDear

    Boy, you can count on Alex.

  • ginger

    I don’t think she has changed her mind..she is still a mindless idiot who wants her 15 minutes.

    • romill

      Right you are, ginger!

  • $7099023

    Uh, too late, woman! Thanks to you, he made himself our dictator today!

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Conservative Videos,. why are you promoting an anti-Ted Nugent and NRA petition??????

  • tthan43

    Far as I’m concerned she and others like her deserve every single inch of the $hit they get. Not a gram of sympathy here. Hope she and the others choke on their misery in the FEMA camps.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Weird. –Both of them.

  • R5347

    doesn’t matter. IT’S TOO LATE! The ignorant fool and her ilk ALREADY VOTED HIM IN!

  • Carol

    Hopefully he wouldn’t run again because that is NOT the way it goes in this country but he doesn’t believe in any of our laws no matter what they are but especially our Constition it mean nothing to him at all and sadly that is a fact.

  • Linda Dommel

    She shouldn’t have a chance TO VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN! Or doesn’t she realize that?

  • SallyE

    LOL! Her vote counts the same as yours. What a country!

  • guest on this planet

    Welfare check didnt go down , they dont have ss deductions. why is she crying

  • hiway280z

    she said they control her becausethey limit the minutes they can use. ha ha everyone else pay’s for their minutesor pays more for unlimited time.

  • Krazeehors


  • BlueViolets

    Too bad she never learned to speak English. But then I guess you don’t have to in order to get ‘free’ things from the government.

  • Southside Hawk

    She doesn’t have to! She did all the damage when she voted for him in 08 and 12.

  • mwl

    Third term, hypothetical or not hes got to finish this term. Fast and Furious hasnt been answered in any way, Benghazi not a word. The 20-23 survivors where are they. The obama regime wont even recoginize the two Seals that held off the obama/clinton sponcered muslim terrorist attack on Benghazi. If this regime was so rightious they would have made the two Seals household names. They protected the embassy with their lives.
    Reality is this obamaphone welfare leftist supporting socialist has more fame.
    Screw her and what she thinks. Get a job. Maybe for a short time in her welfare life she can support herself in some manner. The video is worn out.
    Mike in Afghanistan

  • Paul Brown

    I give her credit, she finally wised up…all be it to late, but she woke up. But the american people will pay for 4 more years for hers and many others mistakes made this election.

  • Cole Jordan

    Might I suggest that you check out the Latest POLL from on the issue of gun control! The results of the Poll thus far indicates that over 76% of the people polled are opposed to federal regulation of guns while 23% favor! Of those who participated in this poll 83% oppose a Congressional ban on Semi-Automatic Weapons, while 16% are in favor of said ban! Those who uphold the 2nd Ammendment to the U S Constitution granting Citizens the right to bear arms was 86% for and 13% against! I know nothing about the people WND spoke of who supposedly ran the poll mentioned in this article, but their results are highly suspect and dubious!

  • Robert Osborn

    I wonder, did she ever say what changed her mind about Obama?

  • theoldguy44

    A resolute moron, perfect example of Obama’s voting base.

  • Mark

    She said it sure wont be Obama,,, maybe because he can’t run for a third term? duh! If the republicans could get it back to the way their party USED to be… a little to the right of center… and ousts all those tea party congressmen whose idea is to say NO to anything that isnt 100% of what they want and hold the rest of us hostage… I may vote Republican again and then maybe things will start changing. COMPROMISE damit, All the while, they get the best of the best medical benefits, spend tax dollars like it was drinking water. Look at the Sandy bill the “Republican House” just passed. Over 2/3rds of it contain pork. I am sick and tired of sending 1/4th of my paycheck to these idiots, and watch them play with it like monopoly money.
    If I could, I’d hold my taxes as ransom to a house and senate and not pay a dime until they balance the budget. Its NOT ALL OBAMA’s FAULT

  • Josie

    It’s a bit too late to take back your vote lady! You and your freebee grabing libs sold us down the sewer, strapped us with another four years to deal with the imposter that thinks he can do anyting he wants all so that some of you can get free stuff. Frankly I hope all of you that voted for that sob get every bit of what you voted for.

  • barefootmtgirl

    Working with many b. if anyone believes this b. you will believe anything…

  • keepersleeper

    Why look at 2016? Better be focused on the damage that’s headed our way, currently!

  • keepersleeper

    She and millions like her have perpetuated Obama’s damaging agenda…no need to look toward 2016!

  • keepersleeper

    She and millions like her are a menace to a thriving, healthy economy, simply because of their ignorance regarding all the issues that affect our lives.

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