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Obama on Boston Bombing: Does Not Call It ‘Terrorism,’ Inserts Campaign Slogan

In the wake of Monday’s explosions following the Boston Marathon, politicians were parsing their words carefully on whether to call the event “terrorism.” President Barack Obama did not refer to the blasts in Boston as a terrorist attack in his speech to the nation, though a senior White House official and other lawmakers did characterize the incident as such.

Obama went on to state that he believes the people of Boston will “pull together, take care of each other, and move FORWARD.”

  • nonstopca

    Didn’t we hear the same speech….6 months ago?

  • Elsie Elaine Connelly

    I would like to move forward, on Obozo’s keister!

  • Dwight Harrison

    Ohomo won’t secure the border for two reasons, one, to get illegal votes and two, his muslim Islamist brothers can walk across the border and do harm.

    • CMF

      Very good point, and I wholeheartedly agree. I only wish people could see what this man and his “hidden” agenda is all about…I’m disappointed in the attitudes of people who do not seem to care. If they don’t wake up, It’s going to be too late….

      • Kenneth Bowman

        Simple really, this particular communist Muslim knows how to LIE so perfectly nothing is ever his fault. For it is forever somebody or thing else to blame never him. As long as low information individuals are not directly harmed they will happily encourage his evil.

  • R.Young

    Yes Everybody must move FORWARD right over the cliff!

  • Kenneth Bowman

    How to take full advantage of this crisis? Communists politicize everything lying to advance their one world government of FASCISM.

    The so-called main stream media was purchased by the American Communist Party and they dominated what Americans were told since the middle 1960s. This media changed victory in Viet Nam into political defeat that three million innocent men, women, and children died. The American Communist Party [main stream media] LIED and PEOPLE DIED!

  • jdbixii

    Regardless of what he calls it, governments, local, state and federal, failed once again to provide for the common defense. People have to realize that there is a risk in the freedoms of America and have to take precautions or be prepared for the unexpected from without or within. Don’t disarm until government disarms. Government, after all, sets the example.

  • Patriot_765

    Boy that Waldo you never gives it up Dazie he’s always moving forward

  • D. Hanes

    Yeah, Barry.. make sure you get a little RaRa Obma into every disaster. What a fool!

  • GodsAmerica

    This speaks about obama not calling it terrorism. Then suddenly today he called it terrorism. What gets me regarding this, I have not heard one single person talking about it on the radio or anywhere is this one little item. Right after the bombing, they picked up this Saudi student as a “person of interest” to a possible suspect. Well today after the FBI stated that they released him and ruled him out as a suspect THEN obama called it terrorism. He apparently did NOT want to call it terrorism as long as there was one of his muslim brothers from one of the muslim nations in custody. That has been absolutely obvious from the very start that obama will not use the word terrorist when it could possibly point to one of his muslim brothers-in-terror!

  • Controse

    Take a close look at the look in Oboutme’s eyes. Are those the eyes of a distraught leader of a great nation or the eyes of a political schemer who still hasn’t quite figured out how he can turn this to his political advantage for the 2014 congressional elections?

  • Jack Parker

    Odumbo is the single biggest terrorism threat this nation faces.

    • crazyhorse

      You said it brother or sister ,he is about to achieve his final blow to the America we once loved …

  • Muse1876

    A national tragedy and he has to read what he wants to say.

  • John Vivier

    It is not because there is a bomb it is terrorism…….. you can destroy anything without a bomb…….he
    knows that first hand!

  • djw663

    O is a Fking idiot.

  • Clifford E Ball Sr

    We need a spiritual and moral re-awakening in this country. 2 Chronicles 7:14, Acts 4:12, John 14:6.

  • Persuasive

    Hurry up and do nothing of significance.

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