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Obama Mentions Himself 63 Times – At Someone’s Funeral

President Barack Obama used the funeral for Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye to talk about himself. In the short 1,600 word speech, Obama used the word “my” 21 times, “me” 12 times, and “I” 30 times.

What do you think? Was this a good way for Obama to make the occasion personal and meaningful? or was he detracting from the person the funeral was for?

The full speech can be viewed here:

  • jenjen

    That’s what a narcissist does!

    • DrewbeScrewed

      Makes ya wonder why he even bothered getting married.

      • keepersleeper

        Yeah, but look at what he married! She’s as nasty and unpleasant as he is!

        • Paul Brown

          Nasty and unpleasant is to good for that monkey faced pig lover, she’s just as stupid as he is and the rest of the demoncraps in this country. We have to spend 4 more years with this jerk, unless we can get his impeached or something to get him out, before he destroys this coun try and bankrupts us.

          • John Gazarkiewicz

            Impeachment is still pending to get enacted.

        • brianjconway

          she’d make a good centerfold for National Geographic.

      • rosech

        Rev. Wright has the Down Low Club where black homos are married to usually ugly women so they appear “normal”. No wonder the frump never is happy; she was forced to marry this male? communist when she aspired to a good looking communist since she has been a staunch communist herself for years.

      • laieton

        well you know who wears the pants in that house and who wears the dildo ???? O bo loves it

        • eddyjames

          Ha.Ha,ah ha ROFLOL That image of Mooschelle with Barry on his knees and her with a great big oversized White strap-on standing over and behind.That would put a smile on Barry’s face. Ha,ha,ha,ha. Michael Moore could make a movie about that. I’d contribute towards a jar of Uncle Harry R’s lube for the love birds. I’ll never be able to look at those two again in the same way. Maybe Nancy P. can get them a popular item from her district for an anaversary present.” An An@l Starter kit.. Though I doubt he is that up tight.

      • gpo1913

        This might answer your question;
        “Michelle was nasty, and most straight guys would never be able to put up with her moods and temperament,” Robyn maintained. “But Obama really didn’t care. Michelle had the credentials and she looked the part. Obama wasn’t interested in her for sex.”A source WND will identify as Hazel, a long-term member of the Trinity congregation, insisted Obama remained sexually involved with men after his marriage to Michelle.

      • John Gazarkiewicz

        Rumor is, if he didn’t get re-elected she was filing for divorce, now we know why not, so she can get her free vacations on our dime…

      • John Gazarkiewicz
  • Ron

    lmao – he thinks pretty highly of himself, I don’t think there has ever really been a lot of doubt about that.

    • Chuck Bartok

      You can’t blame him…no one held him in high regard as he grew up..
      Just think, no known friends in college and the only people who have seemed to befriend him are anarchists and terrorists.
      He is just a blameless person NOT responsible for his atrocious manner and total lack of propriety.
      It is all his Mother’s Fault, or Grandma, or father who abandoned him…
      Gee there has to be someone to blame for this Mess of a person

      • may12553


        • kathgab

          Of course, Bush. BO’s favorite scapegoat.

          • Brian Pearson

            Obama is STILL blaming Bush. The recession was over June 2009. Somebody please tell Obama…

        • Tricia65

          Betty Rubble giggle :)

      • RonaldWeinmann

        I know—but HE will rectify the situation soon , for the universe’s sake

      • abbe

        Oh gosh yes it is Bushe’s fault of course!!

      • taliesin319

        He has the use of reason just like you and me. He makes evil decisions and is responsible for every action he commits. It is his fault and his fault alone. He was given every opportunity to behave in a decent way and chose to do otherwise. He will reap just what he sows.

  • Rick Eastlund

    He’s a legend in his own mind.

    • LLinLa

      You forgot to end your sentence appropriately, Rick: “He’s a legend in his own mind . . . and those without one . . .”

  • GDC


    • Nottakenyan

      How do you spell, : Sorry @$$ $ockcucker???

      • Progressive Republican

        Answer: Republicon.

    • Baf

      After listening to the entire speech, this has turned out to be an embarrassment for THIS country to make this about him. How dare he? He also lied in this speech about his vacation. He was in Indonesia at the age that he mentions, learning in a muslim school!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • joanc

        It’s rare that he speaks a word of truth. Maybe he needs a trip to Chicago’s men’s country spa for some R&R so he can get — refreshed? Maybe Reverend Wright’s ” Down Low Club” would give Obama some perspective or whatever they do at the Rev’s facility.

  • surj

    What do you expect from a muslim?

    • Sam

      Exactly what we got, a third world dictator.

  • davienne

    he is one sick S O B… narcisstic psycopath…

    • RonaldWeinmann

      There is not enough words to describe this one–not yet!

  • Michael Ecklund

    Yea, and that’s his pride doing that. And we all know where pride will take you.

    • Michael Laborde

      Pride goeth before a fall. But, will he take us with him.?

      • Luci Tomlin

        That’s why he was CREATED! By FACTIONS who salivate at the thoughts of “owning America! HE is merely the ORATOR for the clueless, gullible, idiots and uneducated, that he has “fed” sweets off his “pastry cart” for the past five years! Kept them on a “sugar high” so they can’t think for themselves! The dumber the better! Until after they VOTE for him! And he did the SAME thing again this time!

  • Jimdandi

    Who would want to listen to the complete narcissistic monolog? Spare us all.

    • relayman

      Perhaps a captive audience?

  • G Gray

    if you listen to any dictator they constantly refer everything to themselves

    • Chuck

      Maybe, but he has overthrown our government and has control of the majority of the voting population. How do you beat a guy who has bought tens of millions of voters with taxpayer dollars and the help of a bunch of mindless Tea Prty buffons who didn’t even vote!

      • terrie

        That is not fair, Chuck!

        • Kathi Mcdermott

          Yes if is fair, but may I add to Chuck’s list, Gary Johnson, Ron Paulbots and the rest who were “getting their point across”. To who, you ask, their own little revenge minds. And now we have 4 more years. They all belong with the sheeple who voted for the moron.

          • panors77

            Ummm……I think it will be MORE than 4 more years. The last two “elections” were stolen and rigged and they are the last “elections” we will ever see for a long time unless we do something. BO is in for life if he gets his way.

      • RonaldWeinmann

        Turn him over to GOD!

        • davienne

          God doesnt want him and the devil is afraid he will take over…

      • keepersleeper

        …And don’t forget the complicit media!

      • davienne

        dont blame the tea party… blame those usefull idiots that just sat on their ass … that couldnt decide who to vote for … the voter fraud , intimidation and the fact that the vote count was done by a company owned by George Soros….. and the usefull idiots with their foodstamps and bammafones….

        • Brian Pearson

          Oh, come on. All the Tea Party wants is to not spend more than what we have. Is that too much to ask? Now we are stuck in the mud and we may never get out.

        • John Gazarkiewicz

          He brought in millions of illegals, got them legal, that’s how he got the votes.

          • davienne

            wait till they find out that he resinded on his amnesty pledge to them… bwaaaahahaha…

      • taliesin319

        With lead !

      • joanc

        How about placing the blame on the Election officials and the legal system who stood idly by when the voting system was being corrupted in 2008 and again in 2012. Nobody answered for the locking out of GOP poll workers by Dem’s in 2012,. nor did anyone take the heat for displaying big campaign poster of Obamame on the wall of a voting room, or the workers blatantly sporting O’s campaign buttons. All of this defies protocol and is a definite no no punishable by law. Has anyone in the DEM party received even a slap on the hand? No, and they won’t, for it’s their modus operandi. One voter was turned away because she was wearing a t-shirt that said MIT, the clueless poll worker escorted her out of the room , where she was forced to wear a jacket to cover the offending shirt letters MIT, which stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If she was jack- booted, wearing a New Black Panthers uniform and carrying a baton, the woman would have been welcome to enter the polls with open arms. If all that didn’t raise a few eyebrows of the people responsible for the integrity of the USA voting system, then my friends we are in deep trouble.

      • leithel1

        Your stupidity makes me upchuck. The Tea Party did vote. The rigged voting machines counted the votes for obama. How do you think he got 99 % of the votes in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and 148 % of the votes in some counties in Florida?

    • RonaldWeinmann

      He will be the last one—Now do you know who he is??

  • Jon

    Hey it is all about him don’t ya know

    • johnnywoods

      No doubt he believes that the universe orbits around him. LOL!

  • Lucius Snow

    too bad it wasn’t ….his funeral

    • RonaldWeinmann


    • Nottakenyan

      He is one sick b@$t@rd and the best part of him ran down his black daddy’s leg!!!

      • eddyjames

        And wound up as a stain on momma’s sheets.

  • Michael Laborde

    Muslim communist.

    • Luci Tomlin

      Muslim MARXIST Communist! His Mentor/Dad was one!

      • panors77

        Plus his mentor mom, his mentor maternal grandparents, his mentor father, his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor William Ayers…..then tack on the communist inspired professors in college.

    • panors77

      I don’t think he’s much of a muslim. I’d say communist who is using the muslims for his own ends. Communism doesn’t allow for religion especially not islam. The communist will use islam and the muslims propensity to kill people by suicide bombs until he gains complete power, then I think the muslims will be among the first to be executed. In other words, once the muslim”useful idiots” have worn out their usefullness to the commies, they’ll be done away with.

  • Joev

    Obama proved he has the “It is all about me syndrome”. The man does not get my respect whatsoever. To me he is the circus clown on the biggest of all stages. The word he should have been using is he… At a funeral nonetheless. The man has no shame….

    • Luci Tomlin

      He has “changed” at least three times since he was born! He’s not sure WHO he is!

  • f2.8

    What a pr—!!!

  • sandy2249

    Of course the media will ignore it because their as in love with him as he is in love with himself ! Remember the political speech he gave at a prayer vigil for the children murdered/ He turned that moment of remembrance for the victims into the spot light being all about him and his political agenda, I thought that was sick and we should have heard people talking about how wrong this jerk was to use a prayer vigil for these victims into a political speech to fulfill his political agenda. This guy is a total arrogant JERK !

  • The_American_Way

    I can’t wait for his next dozen or so autobiographies to come out.

    • paco12348

      I’m sure his written Legacy will become the Obama Bible. Of course, he will have to pen the Legacy himself and if you take out all the personal pronouns it will be an empty book. That’s good enough since the Oval Office has had an empty chair for the last 4 years and more dust will gather in the next four.

      • Luci Tomlin

        Bill Ayers is already writing it as he speaks! OOPS! As he reads and recites off the teleprompter!

  • jvb1980808

    But he IS the lord and savior and who knows, maybe the Senator is on the receiving end of glory from Obama. This man doesn’t have an authentic, humble, or unselfish bone in his body.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Too bad he didn’t care enough for this gentleman and hero to RECOGNIZE this was about Daniel Inouye NOT Barry Soetoro!

  • skip gainer

    You voted for him!

    • daniel

      i didn’t vote for the ass either time……

  • Don

    Obama can’t forget about himself even at a funeral and 63 times that is a lot of Donkey Dung.

  • Don

    Barrack Obama thinks of himself jest like a “PIMP” does and that leaves no time to think about anyone or anything else.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Even MORE incredible: the no nuthings elected this megalomaniac…God help us all.

  • Richard B

    I can’t stand this guy. He’s intentionally coming up with ridiculous deals in Congress the Republicans cannot even accept. He’s working on making Congress look uncompromising in preparation for his move to strip Congress of its power. He’s going to make it look like he can’t get anything done BECAUSE of Congress. But all of those who pay attention know that Obama’s proposals are too ridiculous and laughable to even be considered, and all that is planned and by design.

    • panors77

      BO will disolve congress after he declares martial law, confiscates all firearms then declares the constitution unsustainalbe and void. Everybody bring a sleeping bag, the FEMA camps await.

  • HadEnuf

    Would you expect anything less from this delusional, psychotic, Godless ghoul? I piy all the fools that were taken in by this satanist as it only reveals the condition of their own souls! I don’t give this Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler a second of my time as I already know that he is destined for hell unless he has an epiphany which I highly doubt because like Satan, he has too high of an opinion about himself which will be his down, down, downfall into the pit of Hell!

  • Take 2

    Are all Indonesians like this nut?

    • Beth

      Kenya is in AFRICA.

      • Take 2

        Sure…(a) possible birthplace and (b) Parents citizenship ??? (c) Barry and Mother Dunham’s last known citizenship is Indonesia.

        Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, and no reentry form or adoption is on file. The
        dude is covering up being Indonesian via passport-school records etc., etc., e.g. all 3 Barry and both parents were not American’s.

    • johnnywoods

      No, just the mooslim commies.

  • gonaes

    He is only telling America, and the world, what a great, astute, compassionate, all knowing, magnificent world leader he is….oh God…I’m about to get sick.. please excuse me while I make a trip to the bathroom

  • Captain Kirk

    Did he mention Inouye at all?

    • kathgab

      Only as it related to himself.

  • Yada Yada Yada

    Time marker 1:07-1:10 – if only, if ONLY!!

  • Peter

    How come no one ranted about his spending taxpayer money to go on vacation. Well he’s got to work hard to catch up with W. That yes he really was a Republican president spent 32% of his 8 years on vacation. Obama is up to a measly 5.2%. So come on right wing extremists, rant about this expensive vacation. It was so much cheaper to go to Texas and that down home ranch where he could week wack in peace. Only Muslims and Commie go to that foreign place, Hawaii.

    • paco12348

      Bush went to his Ranch. Obama goes to expensive places we, the people, have to rent for him.

  • Betty

    57% approval rating. Michelle 69%. 81% Americans think reps should compromise. 47% think Reps responsible for economic problems. 21% Obama. 65% Americans think people maki g over 250k should pay more taxes. Number of people who IDE tidy them as Birthers, Obama is a commie, Muslim, Marxist, fascist, atheist, etc 15%. Best of luck. It’s a cruel world out there.

    • Chuck Bartok

      Americans think reps should compromise..THINK is a word foreign to majority of Americans today..
      they have become enslaved zombies to the entitlement pushing drug lords of Washington.

  • ste1021

    If they took the pronouns “I”, “me”, “my”, “mine” away from him the guy couldn’t talk! To think people actually voted for this “person”.

    • paco12348

      Did he do his “how cute stuttering”? Someone must have told him he sounded cute when he stuttered because it is all put on.

  • dave.

    He sounds very self-centered, much like most dictatorial leaders usually do.

  • Texas001

    Nobama said, “I know that I am just me but I am not sure that I can say that I think that I can see how I did mention myself that many times in a speech that I wrote and I gave for a man so near to me.” All about me, me, me.

    • kathgab

      America is being given the opportunity to experience full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder first hand.

  • Bruce Feher

    That’s understandable, after all you NEVER hear ANYTHING in or on the news about him.

  • cae973

    Having read the bio of the deceased I cannot believe obama had the gall to talk about himself instead of the great American hero who died.

    • Progressive Republican

      You clearly didn’t bother to listen to the eulogy.

  • mellie

    Ok; you didn’t like my comment? How about rotten monster? Will you take that?

    • Mark

      I agree with you.

  • mellie

    And how about illegal alien, baby-murdering communist?

  • Vincent Kellogg

    Spoken like the true moron that he is.

  • Richard-USMC

    What more would you expect from a pathological narcissist? So self absoebed in his own importance.

    • kathgab

      It is exactly what you would expect. A classic, text-book manifestation.

  • Richard-USMC

    There are no words to explain how much I hate this fraudulent president. I am a Christian and I did not know it was possible to hate but I do so love this country. And what this heathen is getting away with in his quest for destruction of The United States is unbelievable. And for that I literally spew hatred towards Barack Hussein Obama, the Islamic president of the USA.

  • johnnywoods

    What a self-absorbed ass of a man he is.

    • RescueKyron

      Man? Coulda fooled me.

  • Roxane Iosue

    Really…he’s not accountable to anyone. What a sad day for this hero’s (Inouye) family to have to listen to him. What a piece of work O is…the bucket please…blah, blah, blah…

  • har82

    At a funeral no less, he speaks of himself . What an arrogant piece of muslim trash .

  • Harold

    This idiot is so conceited that he only thinks of himself. The reason he mentions Obamay so much is because he is trying to convince himself that he is a great person, But the trouble with that is ,WE all know what an anti-American commie he is.

  • emjay98


  • emjay98

    He sure hasn’t any idea what a eulogy is supposed to be I guess. It is supposed to be stories and highlights of the deceased person. He wasn’t about to waste too much time talking about Daniel Inouye. But then he has his “old lovable self” to talk about. It sounded more like a personal travel guide there for awhile.

  • Guy Gold

    It is a wonder the corpse did not get up and walk out , from bordem

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    The Late Senators spirit should’ve slapped his ni..,r ass?

  • doug63

    too bad that while he is blowing smoke up our collective as&&&, he does not mention that he is an illegal alien and/or unseal his records.

  • John Sweet

    Well he had to make the focus on himself after all he just took all of the Senators death benefits with the new tax rates

  • djw663

    obama is the worst person on the face of the earth.

  • Godie

    Call him what he is: a self-centered, egotistical S.O.B.

  • catnip24

    obama is the biggest scam in the entire history of the united states and suffers from the i/me syndrome.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Obama only thinks of himself that is the communist socialist dictatorship showing through this liar thief killer (4 Americans in Libya) he is down right trash and should be sent to prison for treason plus fraud and never see outside again. He is nothing but trash and needs to be dumped NOW

  • ketrout

    I guess he thinks that he is the only important person in the world. America is ashamed for him and what he stands for! I wish it was his funeral and America to return to it’s glory once again!

  • JRRS

    Why not? He is as close to an absolute dictator as you can get. Many on this blog do not realise what happened to our country when 3,000,000 Republicans stayed home and did not vote, assuring Obama’s win. He now has the majority of the voting population on his side and is buying more voters everyday by hiring hundreds of government workers. The Tea Party have splintered the Republicans into so many pieces it can never recover.

  • H. Terry Buchanan


    Does this surprise anyone? Obama is a classic narcissist. Ignorant voters never had a clue about his life or ideologies.

    Terry Buchanan

  • OurGovernmentSucks

    I only wish we could talk about him (Obama) in the past tense.

  • terrie

    OH MY!!!

  • del

    Ignorant people have reelected this buffoon…..however he won with huge voter fraud,,,,,same as the first time….Course the fools that voted for him are the receivers of our tax dollars but the way the buffoon and the irresponsible congress is crapping out money, the golden goose will soon be over and then they who are receiving will have to scratch somewhere else….

  • Walt Hobbs

    Screw Presbo Kenya !!!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Good to know he’s cutting down on the self-aggrandizing narcissistic behavior. (Sarcasm, for those who were wondering).

  • Frank Seidl

    The most dangerous President in my 66 years on this planet. Any Obama supporters are delusional.

  • John Patrick

    That’s all Obama does talk about himself no matter the occasion. He is by far the most narcisstic and arrogant president we have ever had.

  • 32eagle

    63 times he lied at his definition if he did not call himself vomit,turd,deviate,scourge of the earth,demon possessed-no- instead he created science fiction to turn TURD into hero dumbass into genius despised into worshipped-and meanwhile the widow of the late senator heard a truly insane freak deliver one failure of a tribute fit more for flushing down a toilet-how dare this imbecile use our tax dollar to do less than useful things far far away-the working man can’t afford his bullcrap-chain up airforce one-let the ratbastard go nowhere outside of the continental 49 states

  • Mr Lucky

    Your fellow Americans put him in office!! Your future sure doesn’t look look very bright

  • Jenna

    Sen Inouye voted for Hillary, Obama never forgot that. The reason, he offered to the Honolulu Advertiser, is that no one in Hawaii knew who Obama was. Obama responded “you’re up to your tricks Danny”. As for Inouye, while Ii respect and honor his military service to our nation, Hawaii is now free of his dictatorship.

  • shawn corrigan

    obama has never produced anything,nor has he ever run a business, he derives energy by parasiting off of other people ,this is why he is very good at reading people. ITS ALL HE HAS EVER DONE. it is necessary to read people so one can use them for their own selfish gain. he has taken from the fruits of others labors his whole life. every bite of food, every home ,every scrap of clothes , others produced . this is what our society seems to value. a glorified tribal leader, a mob leader. no law except his own, and the law of our land be damned.

  • RonaldWeinmann

    there is NO one like him on EARTH or any where else–he is UNIQUE alright—wow!

  • abbe

    Too bad it wasn’t his own eulogy, but then no one rational would have bothered

  • Andy of Grants Pass OR

    Any more it isn’t him it is all of us.
    It is all about ME with everybody.
    Just listen and you will see go shopping and watch people. No one cares about the other person

  • Andy of Grants Pass OR

    I read the blogs If we all feel this way How did he get reelected?????
    At 75 I have never seen so much dislike and hatetred for a president as the BIG O
    Here in Grants Pass OR they think he walks on water

  • keepersleeper

    Listen: For all who read this, Obama cannot help himself, being the repulsive, uber narcissist that he is! This comes as NO shock to me!

  • wtram46

    Obama is one low down lousy sh-theaded basta-d!!!!

  • al pambuena

    i have noticed this in reading obamas words…(i cannot stomach to see or listen to him, have never seen any of his speeches or any of his state of the union speeches…i just get frigginn sick..and if i was a congressman or senator, i would refuse to attend), and everything is always about himself, no matter what the situation or crises..its me, me, i, i…..

  • GreenMtnBoyA

    While this seems cobbled together to make the point that our “commander in chief” is one egotistical, full of himself, self important, legend in his own mind kind of guy; it does follow the pattern he frequently sets in speeches. He rarely says we, and far more often uses me, I and my. True leaders don’t do that! Review some Reagan speeches. Not nearly the air (or should I say, “Nose up in the air.”) way about him, as opposed to what we have to stomach for 4 more years. It still amazes me that 51% of our voting population is blind to his selfish actions and mannerisms. That alone frequently shows him to be un-presidential! Guess, they have allowed themselves to believe that someday soon, he will do what they imagine (kind of like the Nobel Prize Committee did) he has the power to do. Walk on water! Perhaps some morning early he’ll try it on the reflecting pool in the mall, or the Tidal Basin. It would be another great, “Hey, look at me” moment!

  • ladyhuckleberry

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about the Fearless One. Hell’s Bells he’ll brag about himself to anybody whether they’ll listen or not.

  • liliq

    Anything the Muslim-in-Chief might think, do or say is above inquiry or criticism from mere mortals

  • Watcher

    He seeks self glorification and adoration as a narcissist !

  • pateboo

    Even my computer can’t take him, it keeps breaking down whenever I play any video of Obama. Maybe a shark will get him while he’s in HI. But I wouldn’t wish him and that kind of indigestion on the poor shark.

  • Terry Adams

    He is the ME, MYSELF AND I president. Its only we when he wants something from us.

  • sgtshel

    I should had been 64 times by saying ‘may I RIP’

  • brianjconway

    He’s just an ill begotten ignoramus. More can not be fairly expected of him.

  • FloridaJim

    Barrack Hussein Obama is a sick man narcissism can be debilitating it detracts from your recognition of others.

  • WarinaBuffetina2

    Obama is simply talking about the only topic he is knowledgeable about and interested in — himself.
    Obama is a dangerous man. Dangerous to the well-being of the United States. His fixation on himself goes beyond normal behavior — definitely beyond respectable presidential behavior on this occasion.

  • Bo Kassa

    The fiscal cliff situation is just another blatant example of his total inability to lead, his total self-centered, narcissistic attitude along with his it’s my way or the highway attitude that I find is totally repulsive. I can only believe one of two things: either he stole the election last November or the American population is the dumbest group of citizens on the face of the earth.

  • Jimbo

    The Muzz man is self obsessed and needs a 12 step program to ultimately get honest. Until then, Ujust can’t take anything he says to be the truth. He’s as phony as a $3 dollar bill

  • KittyKittyKit

    I am NO OBAMA FAN. But I think we’re making too big a deal about this speech. Remember, he’s speaking to an HAWAIIAN audience…………Hawaii is a DEMOCRAT, BLUE State. They LOVE Obama in this State. They LOVE to hear of “his” connection to the Senator (real or not).
    The only thing I thought disrespectful was he kept calling him “Danny”. The Senator is almost 40 years Obama’s senior. He could have honored him more by referring to him as Senator Inouye, as I sincerely DOUBT he ever had much of a “personal” relationship with the senator.j
    Other than that…………the eulogy was very somber and proper. No one can take away the fact that he is one of the country’s most eloquent speakers WHEN he has a speech written out in front of him.

  • gpo1913

    This fits obama to a tee.What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?
    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental condition in which sufferers have an inflated opinion of themselves and an intense need for the admiration and attention of others.
    Identifying Narcissistic Personality Disorder Behaviors
    Narcissists are usually described as arrogant and self-centered. People with NPD can be defensive and may react poorly to criticism. They often exaggerate their own talents and accomplishments while downplaying those of others. They are usually preoccupied by power, success, and beauty.(Bingo) Sufferers often engage in impulsive behaviors, such as risky sex and gambling.Don’t know about that)

  • ccnova67

    Self-centered libtard – must be a joy just to be around this dingle berry daily!

  • Rocky

    He is so despicable ,reminds me of that song,”You’re so vain you think this song is about you.”
    makes one want to have a belly eruption and puke,why pick someone so ugly,the joke is on USAmericans,he is just a mouth piece for those behind the scenes.1.kissinger,2 bushes,2 clintons and
    sorosy..and a partridge in a pear tree…a few of these were very involved in the killings of 1 President,
    and another for the killing of the second brother,then the killing because they thought he would spoil the chances for another fraud in the White House,hence we have the Beast from the East Obummer
    himself,he thinks everyone likes him,the joke is about him…”LOL”

  • Usa FlagFlyn Gal

    The S.O.B can’t help himself. He has to interject himself into EVERYTHING. He is mentally ill. Narrcisus
    Complex! Extreme Ego problem. YOU liberal idiots deserve him. We are ALL stuck with the A_s, for another FOUR yrs. Thanks alot! Heaven knows whats in store. Hope ALL you liberals are barred from the “pearly gates”. Heaven is for the God Loving Believers. Not the Self-centered, liars and cheaters like Obuttho and his Motley Crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ, Greg Gutfelds new book, “The Joy of Hate”. Humorous of course, but as usual, “on the money”. He is an excellent wordsmith. You will enjoy it.

  • joanc

    Obama should apply for a name change to Omememe.

  • John Gazarkiewicz
  • Barbara Winters

    He’s using a death to talk about himself. Very poor taste. And very arrogant.

  • Pazuzu

    Clearly he is a dangerous megalomaniac like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot,&c. He needs to be extricated from the ‘peoples house’ by any means necessary before he starts WWIII.

  • X-Ray Eyes

    I’d bet this man video tapes himself talking then stays up at night to watch them. It has and will always be all about “OBAMA” to him. Personally I’m tired of seeing and hearing him try to turn everything into something “GREAT that HE DID”. I agree with Lucas.

  • ProSecond Amendment

    Obama is the man of sin, the 4th beast, better known as “the antichrist”

    Too many things are falling into place.
    Here is a good reminder of all the things he has fulfilled in scripture.

    to wake up people. Less than 2 years remaining to repent or be taken
    from this planet. The meek will not inherit this earth.

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