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Obama, Martin Luther King’s Worst Nightmare

  • wowman

    He was a Republican and if he knew he would be rolling in his grave. This is not what he had visioned.

    • Jesse Peterson

      You revisionist Republicans are a joke. Mikey King was a womanizing, commie plagiarist who wanted quotas and equality of results. He wasn’t a Republican.

      • Jesse Peterson
      • Paul Brown

        Jesse you are an idiot. There was nothing wrong with King, President George W. Bush said in one of his books that Martin Luther King was the best thing that came out of the sixties, I guess you dispute that also, you dumb demoncrap.

      • Wayne

        You know Jesse if you knew anything about history, you would realize that the only political party that blacks were welcomed into was the Republican Party. The Democratic party was doing anything and everything they could to diminish the voting power of blacks. Ever hear of the KKK, brought to you by the democratic party, don’t believe me, look it up.

  • dagriz

    Wild Bill is reading MOST of America’s minds

  • 32eagle

    Martin’s children are grown adults now-and I would imagine they knew not to vote for Obama-while BORAX may not be the “anti-christ” he sure as HELL is the unqualified “anti-president” full to the maximum with immorality and deceit-both Martin King (MLK) and John Kennedy (JFK) would be exceedingly troubled to see this great nation suffering at the hands of a black traitor that was not even born in this USA-they would also see how our congress is gutless and corrupt-what should be checks and balances on this tyrant’s power is not used what-so-ever.McCain and Romney both were cheated against in their election day bids by this criminal yet neither complained openly-hard to prove yet easy to believe Barack is evil and we know it to be true

  • Take 2

    You mean milkie white chocolate with poisoned collective communist mind has got the black African with true born American slave roots fooled like white Jim Jones did. Sorry but truth kills sometimes.

  • grams33ms

    Obama is everybody’s worst night mare, whether they know it or not, except for Moochselle of course.

    • har82

      Her worst nightmare is that he’ll get caught with his wanger in the wrong s e x s h o l e ( meaning one his boyfriends )
      I wonder if they have explained his collage days to the kids lol.

    • Garrey McVicker

      moochell is as big an a/hold as her old man. she needs to stay out of peoples buisness, sooner then later they will get there come up pens.

  • har82

    MLK’s worst nightmare I would say is just about – everybody – ,, currently in the democrap party lol. Not a one of them believe in anything ,,, that he believed in . :)
    Seems to me I remember him believing in – freedom – . NOT COMPLETE SUBJUGATION .

  • The_American_Way

    It has become clear that blacks are not looking for equality. Blacks are looking for advantages based on the color of their skin. We have quotas, affirmative action, set asides and other programs that
    artificially prop blacks up.

    What these programs are actually doing is stating that blacks can not compete with whites on a level playing field. I, for one, don’t believe this. I believe that we are at a point in history where the most qualified person should be the one selected, and ethnicity should have nothing to do with it. This is what Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned.

    What could possible be more racist than basing some thing on race? There is nothing more racist than race based organizations. The Congressional black caucus…..Why isn’t there a Congressional White caucus? The Black Miss Ameirca contest?……..Why isn’t there a White Miss America Contest?
    (note: 4 of the last 7 Miss America contests have been won by a black woman).

    Blacks, and other minorities have recognized that they can use their minority status to gain an advantage over other “more qualified” people. (Princess LIE-a-watha ) Elizabeth Warren is exhibit “A” on how people are figuring out how to use minority status to gain an advantage. In Warren’s case she used it to gain advantage over more deserving people.

    Get rid of EVERYTHING that is using skin color as a factor for any decision. It is not anymore complicated than that.

    • Garrey McVicker

      your right, they use color instead of the brain to get what they wont. there are some pretty smart blacks out there, but to try to lower grades, on everything couse your 4xgreat grandparents where slaves, and was done so, partly buy there own people, to say this day and age they are still slaves is like saying then have real chains on. maybe biden wonts that or they do, if they cant acheve any thing its there fault. for not trying.everyone in this country can make something of them self if they quite feeling sorry for them self and wont better. if they white or black wish to stay in the craper, thats what they choose. no, one makes them, they have free will, except now obamas trying to put everyone in the craper, for the sake of a one world goverment, in witch he;ll rule this country with an iron fist.

    • Paul Brown

      In that respect then we should also get rid of Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Rev, Wright and all the rest that hate the White Race and blame everything on the white people because a black man would never do that without the help of a white man and Harry Belefonte also against the white race who basically gave him a start and bought many thousands of his records years ago.

    • PatriotAZ

      I agree that we should get rid of race bias, but when you lump everyone into a category such as “Blacks” it becomes a racist statement. Not all Blacks believe in race bias–Thomas Sowel as an example.

  • The Scotsman

    It appears that all the good things that have been done for America are NOW GONE ! You can thank Obobblehead for the destruction of America. Of course, he will say that “Everything I have done has made America stronger and a better place to live. Also, I know just what to do to make things better for all.
    If I tried to do the things Obobblehead has done, I would end up in PRISON. Guilty of massive CRIMES against America. Obobblehead has commited massive Crimes against America. Has he GONE TO PRISON for these Crimes? HELL NO !!

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      Would the reason he hasn’t been jail is his RACE?!

  • RandyRose

    Blacks are Slaves to the Democrats. If Blacks knew how much Republicans fought for their rights they would be amazed. Harriet Tubman said she could have saved more slaves if they only knew they were slaves.

  • don

    Dr Martin Luther Kings worst nightmare is jest three names Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama. These three names have set back Racism to the Fifty’s and it is Guaranteed that Dr King continues to turn over in his grave for what these people have done to Racial relations in the United States. Dr King was and is still a Republican because he knows what the Democrats did to his people from the time that Slavery was abolished by the Republicans. No thanks to the Democrats that fault like hell to keep slaves and still have slaves this very day working for them but they are not jest Black People. Democrats will and do enslave every race of people and you will see that in the rich Democrats Liberals that keep maids and they sleep in the basements in the attics and small closets in there very expensive mansions. These Liberal Democrats have there country clubs and expensive cars but they refuse to pay there maids a living wage and that is why they use Illegals because they can’t or won’t say anything to the authority’s because there employer’s tell them they will be deported.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    Very good message from a man whom knows the dangers of this president “obama” and
    his puppet administration, Good luck in breaking through the thick skull”s of the black
    communities tryng to expain the intregrities and the dignities of the people of this country
    and why we must all take part of our share of responsibilities to maintain our freedom and
    and our way of life prestigiously and with honoe, All people as a whole socirty of Americans
    regardle of race,color, or creed.

  • ingerson

    Having known and spent time with Dr. King – what is being
    portrayed today – either to villainize him or otherwise – has little to do with
    what he sought for all Americans. He had to be eliminated for those like JJ and
    Big Al to gain their political power bases.
    And yes he, Mohammad and many others are rolling in their graves – to
    include Peter, James and John; Paul, John the Revelator – as what they tried to
    accomplish and what they taught – have been changed and abused!



  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    The great and powerful Ozzbama is everyone’s nightmare.

  • Everett

    It is true, Obummer has made a total mess out of the dream. The sad part is that all of his koolaid drinkers follow his example and down the dream that had a great chance. as opposed to the stupidity that has been created by the foolish left-wing idiots. They too stupid to see that they have been put back on the federal plantation and seem to rejoice in it. Can’t seem to cure stupid. So sad.

  • Luckyme

    Bill you nailed it he is the worse POTUS all the rest of the presidents who have passed on must be rolling over in their graves, i am 81 years old i have seen much over the years, but the last 4 plus years have been terrible with this LIAR in chief bent on destroying our country, along with Moochella that is spending our money like a drunken soldier,seriously when was the last time anyone of us took a million dollar plus vacation, I’m retired and i can’t afford to do much.

    • texan texan

      W and pretty Laura went on 973 vacation days. Obama and gay, fat, ugly, gay wife 143. 10% vs 35%. But that boy be white and rep. You know

  • hrandym

    You’re wrong. Hussein is the FULFILLMENT of Martin Luther King’s legacy. Alan West and other “Black Americans” are not what ML King had in mind. MLK had black ‘favoritism’ in mind and our history after him confirms it. I have the greatest respect for Alan West and Tim Scott for their stand as Americans, not ‘black’ Americans.

  • John Maguire

    A very good friend of mine flew fighter jets over Viet Nam. Flew for Delta for many years,( he was one of the very first black pilots Delta hired), and recently retired from Delta as a Senior pilot and fight instructor on 767’s. He racked up MANY incident free hours in the air and a fine military career. He didn’t need nor WANT to deal with quotas, affirmative action or other ‘make people successful due to their skin color’. The difference was…his mother would NOT settle for anything from him but the very best he could do when he was a child. As upset as I am about how our country has degenerated, I can only imagine how much it hurts him to see what Obama and the Dems have done to ‘his people’. He is a man I look up to and respect fully and would be very proud if MY son did what my friend Bill has accomplished in his lifetime.

    • texan texan

      i too have many black firends. Are t we whitehs cool. We have. Lack friends who are successful. See am.p not all are welfare queens. But he John boy, there are some black, brown and white who didn’t all have those cool mammas and may need some help. well too bad, dudes. Just get over it and bick up. We set you free so be a trooper. Get a job like John’s miltiary bud. Turn in those free cellphones

  • Deepizzaguy

    Obama is worse than off of the former mayors in New Orleans put together.

  • HCUA

    Martin Luther Communist–bull puckey. King’s international director, a card-carrying communist named Jack O’Dell, stayed there until the public found about i, and King was forced to get rid of him. King knew about the guy, and millions have had the wool pulled over their eyes for decades. That is one of the reasons that King’s FBI files were sealed until around 2025 or so.
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Martin Luthor had a dream. It has turned into a nightmare.

  • mathchopper

    What’s this “let’s vote…” crap. He’s preaching to the choir. Non of us voted for skin color. And those that did won’t watch this video.

  • Mort Leith

    Wild Bill in SPOT ON with this one ! ! !

  • krmike

    Time for whitey to quit being the blacks slaves !!!Krmike


    The obumbos are the biggest bigots that I have ever heard of in 60 years, mooochelle was guest on house makeover for a black couple, mooochelle attended a black girls funeral wasting citizens hard – earned money.

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