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Obama Is Playing Games With Your Money

  • Bob Marshall

    How maqny jobs were lost because of Mitt Romney’s Connection with Bain Capital ?These two men are more alike than different. Most citizens are too concerned with other issues to bother to research and investigate.

    • Annrbananr

      Bob, Wake up. Romney wasn’t even with Bain when the things you are referring to happened. Even the dems have said BO’s ads are fraudulent.  I think you need to do your research and stop sipping the kool-ade.  That is unless you really want to live in a third world country, which is what BO wants us to be. If so, there are plenty out there.  You do not have to destroy the USA and make it one.

  • Don

    Dos anyone think this is something new and the SOB Barrack Obama and family has been spending the tax payers money for there personal use from the very begging of there term as King and Queen of the United States but they are nothing more or less than Dictators. They are going to spend much more if they get to stay in the White House for another term that may never end unless the people get over the Rock Star faze they are going through.

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