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Obama Ad: Voting for Obama is Like Losing your Virginity to a Great Guy…Wait, What?

  • robocop33

    That is disgusting in so many ways.

  • alio

    Whomever this gal is, she’s what in the South, they call a pizz ant. A disgusting, stinging little creepy crawler. Who would look at her twice?

  • Jim Lathrop

    This poor dilusional juvenile proobably thinks she’s also related to him because her last name is the same as O’s mommy maiden name…

  • valentino

    She seems to be perfect fto representthe deomocratic party. Discusting!

  • Undettered

    Several years ago there was a study done that showed conservatives enjoyed a much better sex life than Liberals. Since voting takes what maybe a couple of minutes, voting for Obama is like having sex with a guy who only lasts 120 seconds. Wham bam thank you ma’am, was it good for you, it was for me oh and here is your free ticket to Planned Parenthood. Now if you will excuse me there are millions of more liberal woman just waiting for me to fulfil MY wildest dreams. See you in four years

  • CaptTurbo

    She’s right about one thing, voting for the usurper will leave you screwed.

  • American Citizen

    Lena Dunham reminds me of Moon Unit Zappa in the Valley Girl song…..A real air head…..

  • Amfer Ferg

    As I’ve posted on many sites, another Fluken Slut!!

  • Southside Hawk

    As Greg Gutfield just put it on The Five(paraphraiseing)….for the girl, the first time is about being fooled by some smoothing talking guy and ” getting screwed. Sound familiar?”

  • CQ

    This is amazingly like Chris Matthew’s sexual response to Obama.

    • Steve Sommers

      Well I’m sure obama will swing both ways if it means a vote!

      • Andy of Grants Pass

        I bet he likes a little brown eye once in a while

  • CQ

    I can’t help noticing how she keeps flaunting that tattoo. What is wrong with kids today?

    • Don DeLathouwer

      When I was young, only prostitutes had tattoos. Does that still hold true today???. The common nomenclature today is “TRAMP STAMP”.

    • Andy of Grants Pass

      she is expressing her self. You should see how they dress here in Grants Pass OR

  • notdrinkinthekoolaid

    This girl has an HBO series on ……in which she stars as a mixed up girl finding her way……seeing a trend here folks?

  • Southerngal

    This girl is NOTHING but pure “WHITE TRASH”. That’s the ONLY way to describe her. Her parents are probably sick with disgust over her doing this ad. Not to mention the fact this ad is just downright STUPID. But the majority of us have come to expect nothing but this sort of crap from Obama & his raunchy supporters that care NOTHING about this country. Just as their president cares nothing about it.


    Look a bit like Chris Matthews , with make up?


      VERY heavy and deep make up.

  • Sama

    This along with his BS comment (which by the way was about a little child) just goes to show how LOW this admin is willing to go. Much lower than is public knowledge so far if truth was available. Still haven’t seen any ‘class’ or understanding of protocol come out of the out house. (which used to be our White House)* ‘class’ here has NOTHING to do with race or financial levels. It refers to propriety.

  • Sama

    Yes, ladies, vote with your ‘lady parts’. What stupid DRIVEL. Does he vote with his penis?
    You thought politics was dirty, now its a new kind of dirty. BTW…they did scrub the advice off his website to vote with your lady parts.

  • stoptheworldandletmeoff

    Yes Bo Be Her Pimp and He Screwed Her

  • guest on this planet

    The middle class has been f ed by barry and I can tell you its no good , had to visit the doctor because of the social disease

  • Denny Friend

    brainless just like ocrapo

  • triplelll

    And the left cries out the phrase “war on women”! Come on ladies- is this how little you think of yourselves that you can be bought for $10 worth of stinking birth control and perhaps if you forget to take it receive a govt funded abortion? Will they be there when your suffering from some awful disease to hold your hand and wipe your tears?

  • JIM

    Makes you wonder how many “GREAT GUYS” like him she has lost it with..!

  • Janine Largent

    I didn’t think lesbians needed birth control or abortions. What’s her problem?

  • andy of Grants Pass

    she talks so dam fast I couldn’t understand what the hell she said

  • Stan Parrish

    Next she’ll be telling me she had an orgasm….Puleeeeze. Give me a break. I am now much stupider for having seen that. Oh my god. I hope that doesn’t turn me into a democrat.

  • Marian Scirrotto

    REALLY ????

  • rexyellowdog

    pandering to idiots ??

  • rexyellowdog

    Boy, aren’t we sorry that Stanley Ann Dunham did not have access to Free Birth Control ! Ironic, eh ??

  • Larry Wallenmeyer

    She said NOTHING because when you talk about Obama you’re talking about NOTHING…nothing good that is. Notice that ALL her “reasons” were “what Government can do for me”.

  • AnnaHelena13

    She’s a world classless BIMBO.

  • jvb1980808

    And she’ll soon learn the real meaning of being screwed.

  • Disgusted Patriot

    It’s perfect because you are getting screwed!!

  • dah

    What a moron.

  • Steve Huber

    Of course voting for Obama is like losing your virginity! You’re getting screwed either way….

  • My Constitution

    Who the hell is Lena Dunham and who cares what it thinks? What an Dipwad…

  • Rod

    She’ll break records for abortion, only keeping the ones that look like Obama

  • Shell

    This is a joke right? A really sad pathetic joke. That fell flat. Please say this was a joke because otherwise it is just plain sad…kind of like this administration.

  • pittymax


  • mogul264

    Wait, you mean voting for Obama is like getting SCREWED? AT LAST, people are realizing it!

  • NObama2012

    Apparently ignorance ISN’T bliss…ignorance is THIS broad.

  • Casmige

    Liberalism, to borrow a very apropos phrase from Dr. Michael Savage, is indeed: “A Mental Disorder”

  • Jeff H

    She voted for him and he screwed the whole nation!

  • djw663

    Did Biden write that?

  • eddielee

    She should take her tatoo money and buy birth control with it! She would look better without the tatoo anyway!!!! Just another “IDIOT” looking for a handout!!!!

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