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NRA President: Assault Weapons Ban Won’t Pass Unless Obama Uses ‘All The Power Of His Office’

  • PWe72

    Now we’re all gonna find out just which of our Republican and Independent legislators are really worth voting for in the future……and if there are ANY Democrats with backbones.

    • Hudmar

      If the ban passes there would be no future.

      • Dale Tibbett

        If the ban passes there will be no Obama.

  • MaryEllen White

    If Obama does that he had better leave the country becuase his life won’t be worth a dime. He already is worthless and that would be the last straw!

    • fort9erdon

      And, I’ll donate the whole dime

  • Guest

    assualt weapons are necessary for American ctizens to have against government tyranny

  • Wolfman Thomas

    disarm the American public=more Government control and power and
    assualt weapons are necessary for American ctizens to have against government tyranny

  • Bull57

    What assault weapons. Semi-automatic rifles!

  • Hudmar

    Just as he used all his power to have the supreme court, justice Roberts, to cave in.

  • Arthur Ross

    one of them are worth voting for. DC is a massive collection of fecal matter,and it’s time to flush the toilet… Christ I have never seen so many spineless morons in my life. It seems that when “O” opens up his anus they all get weak in the knees…

  • Nellie CA

    Obama don’t know who he is dealing with until he deals with retired military and owners of guns! I hope our Congress and Senators realize what and how Obama is taking down our country.
    If Feinstein can have a carry permit in CA I should have one too. She is voting to take our guns away while she keeps hers. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

  • Brian

    There is no power of the presidency to make gun ownership and carrying guns illegal. First of all, he cannot pass laws. That’s what the legislature does. Second, the Constitution limits the power of Congress to tell him to do so in the Second Amendment, and the Supreme Court has even seen fit to read this correctly of late. If he attempts to issue such an edict he should be impeached for violating his oath of office.

  • Stealth

    The 2nd Amendment will stand- or there will be a civil war I believe.

  • pointdan

    Obama is well on his way to “Gun Salesman of the Year” again. This will be 5 years straight. At least one private sector industry is benefitting from the marxist in chief. There will never be a gun ban – especially IF obambi goes the executive order route. It won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.
    The right of self defense is God given. NO government can take it away from We the People.
    MOLON LABE !!!

  • JennieWalsh

    Gun supplies are being cut off to gun stores! Another tactic of the globalist Satanists.

    Make the following videos VIRAL!
    Alex Jones and many others are doing the best they can to alert the American people to the
    evils that are going on in America’s government by the Satanists who are
    holding MANY positions of power, authority, leadership, ownership and
    governmental positions at every level.
    If anyone thinks that secret
    members of the globalist New World Order, international
    bankster-gangster, organized Satanic crime syndicate are not in
    congress, the presidency and America’s judicial system, think again.

    The Satanic globalist organized crime syndicate is responsible for killing
    those 20 children and the six faculty members. They know that killing
    children will create a general outcry against guns. The Satanists have
    killed millions of children around the world to have an excuse to disarm
    good people.
    Evil people want
    to disarm the American people so that they will be the ONLY ones to
    have weapons. I want to have a weapon AT LEAST as fast and as powerful
    that the bad guys have.

    Sandy Hook massacre—the REAL CAUSE
    The Sandy Hook massacre is the work of the globalist Satanic organized
    crime syndicate, the wicked, who want to be the only ones to own high
    power weapons so that everyone else is defenseless against them. They
    use MIND CONTROL drugs, indoctrination, hypnosis and MIND CONTROL
    devices on the young and naive’ who come under their control and
    domination. The shooter was as much as victim of them as the others who
    died. The organized Satanic criminals pick out those people who are
    somewhat loners and “different” somewhat “misfits” and indoctrinate,
    hypnotize, drug them and implant mind control devices in their heads or
    necks to be under their control to use them in their crimes. The
    Satanists will do anything to disarm GOOD
    If high power, automatic weapons are taken away from the
    good guys, they will be defenseless against the bad guys who will ALWAYS
    This horrible massacre would look like nothing compared
    to the bloody slaughter of innocent men, women and children if the GOOD
    people lose their 2nd amendment weapon rights to protect themselves from
    the EVIL organized crime syndicate, the globalist gun grabbers who seek
    to tyrannize America and the entire planet under a ONE WORLD,
    Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and how the people of those nations and
    MANY other nations suffered terribly and died because they had no way to
    protect themselves from tyranny and the tyrants. There is PLENTY OF
    EVIDENCE that Obama and his Satanic criminal cronies have totalitarian
    dictatorship in mind for America.
    If the teachers, principle and school guards had had weapons and sharpshooter
    training, the shooter could have been stopped.
    It is most likely
    that a secret servant of Satan did the “autopsy” on the shooter. It is
    most likely that the shooter had a mind control device implanted in his
    head. This evil event was orchestrated and conducted from beginning to
    end by the secret organized servants of Satan.
    The police respond within minutes, but SECONDS count in stopping massacres and other crimes.
    know that the precious children and teachers are in a lovely, glorious,
    beautiful and very happy place. I pray for strength and comfort for
    those that they left behind. I know I would suffer terribly in losing
    any of my children.
    Pray for Divine Protection and Divine Guidance
    daily for your families, friends and loved ones! There is a tremendous
    battle between good and evil being waged on planet earth and the evil
    enemies are EXTREMELY deceptive and stealthy. They know that the murders
    of innocent
    children and their teachers will arouse a general outcry for “gun
    control” and that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. The EVIL ONES are
    responsible for the murders of millions of children around the world; it
    is one of their most effective tactics in disarming GOOD people, their
    intended slaves and victims.
    I would like to have a gun at least as
    powerful and fast as any bad guy(s) who would try to harm me or my
    family. Again, the BAD GUYS will ALWAYS HAVE GUNS. The BAD GUYS WANT TO
    FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS complete with gas
    chambers, barb wire fences, look-out towers, railroad tracks are ready
    and waiting for anyone who opposes the one world Satanic New World Order
    globalist United Nations’ Agenda 21 for a one world totalitarian
    military police-state dictatorship.

  • Russ Fowler

    I wish Piers Morgan would go away. Any politician that vote to restrict our rights to own a gun of any type need to be voted out of office pronto.

  • Man in the Desert

    Then obozo will be committing a crime and removed from Office. The Second Amendment is Law because of what the Pilgrims went through, and because it was 250 years ago, tyrants would love to remove the Constitution of the United States, tyrants like obozo and his owners.

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