Now We Know Exactly Why Hillary Used the Private Server [VIDEO]

While these folks on Fox News think they have it figured out, we here at Conservative Videos still believe there is more than meets the eye. This is more than just about paying to play and subsidizing the Clinton bank account. This is more than likely worldwide involvement to the likes we have never seen. As we are purely speculating, as is the Fox News Panel below, we believe that the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Family Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative need to be examined be independent investigators who are guarded heavily to protect them from harm.

We also know now that Benghazi emails were within those wiped out by Bleachbit.

Watch what the panel discussion came up with for what they believe the private server was all about.

Charles Krauthammer and Fox News’ Britt Hume with his panel have decided exactly why Hillary Rodham Clinton used the Private Server.

Krauthammer said that after a year of speculation and diversion, the issue of what Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was about is finally clear.

“The issue we’ve always asked ourselves here is, why was she hiding this in the first place? Why did she have a private server? Obviously, she was concealing; what was she concealing?”

He said that the “most obvious possible answer” was the Clinton Foundation.

“Now, we’re learning that exactly is what it was.” (full story here)



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