NewsWrap with Jodi Miller talks about the Lynch-Clinton Frequent Liar Miles and MORE!

NewsWrap with Jodi Miller.

— Attorney General Loretta Lynch
— Bill Clinton
— President Obama
— Istanbul Terror Attack
— Transgender Military Troops
— Hillary’s New Grandson
— Fourth of July Weekend
— Venezuela Food Crisis
— Tony Robbins

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is in hot water for taking a meeting with Bill Clinton aboard her private plane last week. But Lynch insists she did nothing wrong. She says all they did was compare frequent liar miles.

During his visit to Canada last week, President Obama commented on the Istanbul airport terror attack.  Here is a summary of the president’s remarks: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

The Pentagon has lifted its ban on transgender troops in the military.  As a result, the new U.S. Marine Corps slogan is: “We’re looking for a few good men… who think they’re women!”

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne has written a bombshell book in which he says Hillary Clinton is an angry person who habitually lies.  Ok… so what’s the ‘bombshell’?

Speaking of Hillary, her new grandson, Aiden, is by all accounts an amazing baby.  He’s not even a month old, and he has already earned over a million dollars in speaking fees.

It’s been reported that during this Fourth of July weekend, alcohol consumption was down 5 percent compared to last year.  Analysts say this was because Charlie Sheen slept late.

Venezuelans are increasingly desperate as hunger grips the nation.  In fact, the country’s three new basic food-groups are dogs, cats and pigeons.

At a Tony Robbins event in Dallas, dozens of people suffered severe burns after walking on hot coals.  You know, there’s a secret to walking on hot coals without getting burned: wear shoes!

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