NewsWrap with Jodi Miller: Hilarious Take on the News of the Week

Jodi Miller is back in the brand new episode on the new website NewsWrap. Jodi gives the news in a satirical fashion. At the end of the day, it is nice to laugh out loud and make fun of the barrage of every day news stories that clutter our lives. In this episode of NewsWrap Jodi’s topics of choice are: Gitmo Prisoners, ISIS, Suicide Bombers, Chicago Shootings, Kardashians, National Camping Month, Venezuelan Economy and TSA Screeners. Enjoy the show!

The Obama administration is preparing to release another 24 prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.  As a reward, President
Obama has been named an honorary member of the Taliban.

ISIS is now recruiting women to become suicide bombers.  To qualify, they must be able to push a car
loaded with explosives — because women aren’t allowed to drive.

Speaking of ISIS, the radical Islamic terror group has released another horrifying video.  In this one,
hostages are forced to listen to a Hillary Clinton speech.

The Chicago Police Department reports that there were 397 shooting victims in the city last month.  Historians
say Chicago was actually more peaceful when Al Capone was in charge.

According to the Globe, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler recently underwent four cosmetic-surgery procedures in one
day. This is known as keeping up with the Kardashians.

June is National Camping Month.  Or as homeless people call it: “June.”

In Venezuela, hyperinflation has led to a hamburger costing 170 dollars.  And the price of a groceries is fast
approaching Whole Foods levels.

In a Homeland Security test, TSA screeners missed 67 of 70 fake bombs.  But in the agents’
defense, they have become expert at identifying fake  breasts.

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