NewsWrap with Jodi Miller for June 28, 2016


  • U.S. Economy, Terrorist Neighbors, Snails, Child Obesity, Kim Kardashian, Women Sex Lives, Disney World, and Bobby Brown

The U.S. economy continues to struggle.  Things have become so bad, pregnant American women are now sneaking into Mexico to have anchor babies!

Intelligence officials say there are ways you can tell if your neighbors are terrorists. For example, if they APPROVE of President Obama’s anti-terror strategy.

According to a new study, it takes the average snail 220 hours to crawl a mile.  Which is slow, but it’s still faster than a TSA line!

According to a new study, one-third of American children are overweight or obese by the time they’re 9 months old.  Sadly, some babies are so fat, Pampers now come in big-and-tall sizes.

Kim Kardashian has posed nude for GQ magazine.  To her credit, since becoming a mother, Kim only does soft-core porn.

According to a new survey, 33 percent of women say they feel sad after sex.  And 90 percent of men are unaware of the sadness, because after sex, they’re already in the kitchen making a sandwich.

Walt Disney World is bolstering security by adding canine units.  You know what that means — less overtime for Pluto and Goofy.

In his upcoming memoir, Bobby Brown says he once had sex with a ghost, and he wasn’t high.  What a crazy story.  Bobby Brown wants us to believe that he WASN’T high?

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