NewsWrap: From Obama and Hillary to Vermont Illiteracy, Jodi’s Wrapping Up the Week in News

NewsWrap Topics 6-21-16: Obama, Orlando Terrorist, White House Picnic, Hillary Clinton, L.A. Times, Vermont Illiteracy, Richard Simmons.

President Obama visited Orlando after a Registered Democrat Islamic terrorist mass-murdered 49 customers at a gay nightclub.  Obama said he is not afraid to confront the enemy: Christian Republicans!

The Orlando terrorist’s father hosted a pro-Taliban YouTube show. And what’s really remarkable?…  He had more viewers than Stephen Colbert!

Hillary Clinton reportedly shared President Obama’s secret schedule using her private email account.  Security experts say she not only endangered President Obama, but also his golf cart!

At the White House, President Obama hosted a picnic for members of Congress. But a lot of congressmen skipped the picnic because they heard Michelle planned the menu.

While in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton delivered remarks on fighting terrorism.  In response, ISIS said: “We’re with her!”

The L.A. Times has described wealthy San Franciscan Susie Tompkins Buell as “Hillary Clinton’s soul mate.”  But that’s ridiculous. Hillary doesn’t have a soul.

According to a new report, illiteracy is a persistent problem in Vermont.  After all, Bernie Sanders STILL can’t read the writing on the wall.

The National Enquirer reports Richard Simmons has undergone sex-change surgery, and is now a woman named “Fiona.”  Fiona even has a new exercise video.  It’s called “Sweatin’ With the Tranny.”

Video Courtesy NewsWrap with Jodi Miller

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