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New ‘Intelligent’ Rifle That Claims To Give You A Perfect Shot Every Time

  • VirgoVince

    It works both ways, think about it!! If you have one, so will the other guy!! Criminals will be the first on your block!!

    • CaptTurbo

      Criminals have crap for brains and use crap for weapons. … but they have free obama phones.

      • USMC 69-75

        That’s why they hold their guns sideways too…..that’s the way they come out of the box!

        • james crawford

          Best comment of 2012 !

        • insaney

          Never heard this explanation of the side ways things. LOL…. I’m ROTFLMAO!!

        • Musterion

          Wonder who sold these guys that bill of goods? Gun held sideways, can’t hit anything. Pants on the ground, can’t run away. Can’t shoot, can’t run.

          • har82

            Ummm, seems to me that makes for an easier – target – ,, Musterion :)

        • John Gant

          Outstanding comment. Bravo Zulu!

    • Ken

      I guess that explains why criminals prefer the big fifties for everyday crime. Maybe you should spend more time on the other blogs where your mental powers aren’t put to the test.

    • bob

      Then the person with the most brain power will shoot first so the criminal will lose because if they had a brain they wouldn’t be criminals.

  • John

    It doesn’t tell you whether you are shooting the wrong person though. It cannot even figure out whether the person is innocent or guilty. Worthless.

    • Illiad

      What about moving targets?

    • bayman61

      The device that figures that out is the brain, numb nuts.

    • insaney

      If they’re coming at me or my family, they are guilty..period!

  • Snowman8wa

    From the looks of what the shooter has to do in the commercial; it would appear that the 10% Rule will apply……the shooter must be 10% more intelligent that the piece of equipment he/she is working with at any given time……..
    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • Michael Murray

    Lots of robbers use .338’s and have thousands to spend on optics. Realistically, those who can afford this can afford a precision rifle and the training to go with it. It’s just another really cool toy, primarily for the military, government, and those few who have the bucks.

    • Royce Willard

      I better not see the robber first , Because he wont have one anymore, But then he wont neet it anymore either. If robber dont want me at his house / Robber better stay away from my neck of the woods. Because I will track him home and smoke him out.

    • TooTired

      “Lots of robbers use .338’s”

      ROFLMAO Too funny…….

  • Ron

    I wonder if this targeting system works on a moving target – like a running hog or something like that.

    • Andy from Oregon

      you mean Obama???

      • Lionel Ducote

        Witt is Good!

  • Mike Grunewald

    I would not be surprised if the cartel has their orders in

    • bayman61

      If not, Obama and Holder will see to it that they get some.

  • An Armed Citizen

    John – 2 hours ago
    Brilliant remarks. Your eyes can’t even tell who is the bad guy or the good guy or wrong person!

  • An Armed Citizen

    Ken – 2 hours ago
    Have you ever tried to conceale a “Big Fifty”? A little difficult.

    • Beepster

      Uhhh, ya sayin’ I can’t carry this with my CHL??? :-)

  • james

    Seems to work on a fixed target but what when it is moving?

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    First of all, the .338 Lapua Magnum is a lot hotter than even the .338 Weatherby, let alone the .338 Winchester magnums. Secondly, the shooter would have to do the same thing he or she has to do right now and “Hold” for any cross winds between the rifle and the target. Third, it seems the rifle fires whenever the correct sight picture is reacquired – AS LONG AS YOU’RE HOLDING THE TRIGGER IN THE FIRING POSITION. That means that the shooter must consciously release it if anything changes, i.e.: either the target or something else moves in the way, presenting an unsafe shot. That has to be an extremely well learned motor skill, as it is just the opposite of normal trigger control. “Oops” is just not an acceptable answer as to why you just shot the doe you didn’t have a tag for that wandered in front of or behind the buck you were aiming at, or your cousin Bob, who did the same thing.

  • bayman61

    Wait till Obama finds out about it. Then he will ban it.

    • 32eagle

      let’s just hope he does not do so and this great “target seeker” gets into alot of Patriot hands

  • bayman61

    If Obama is so anti-gun, then why did he give the winner of the Presidents Match ( a firearm marksmanship competition) an award? If I had been the winner I would have refused to accept it from him right in front of everyone and let him know it’s because of his attack on our 2nd Ammendment.

    • AZsnipe

      If he’s not anti-gun, why did he promise (during the second debate on national TV) to reinstate the Clinton era gun bans?

    • len

      He’s NOT “anti-gun”.

      He’s Anti-Constitution, anti-American, anti-Human.,


    Now if it could only carry a pack and cook….

  • Guest Poster

    Where can they be found? How much? I need to protect my home and family against whomever comes against them/us.

  • Michael DiBari

    Okay, and if the target is moving?

  • insaney

    “I have GOT TO GET me ONE OF THESE”… Will Smith in Independence Day

  • 32eagle

    I can see how this could be used in a way unintended perhaps-to change our bleak anybody with a basic sense of this easy to use weapon can be a Top Gun sniper

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Need with 5.56 ammo.

  • krell51

    Don’t want to shoot a glorified 22, 7.62 or bigger.

  • John Hand w/gunpermit

    Not one person here has asked the obvious question…How much is this must have item going to cost?

  • Tim Lucas

    Maybe our government would like to walk a few hundred of these across the border.

  • Tim Lucas

    Obama is only anti-American gun ownership while they supply terrorist and Mexico with arms they don’t want you. an American to own. Stalin made this mistake.

  • Joe Myrick

    Will it lock onto a Drone?

  • Lionel Ducote

    “Medical device tax” Triplicate forms, I can pull my own trigger. nice but not to practical for other than snipping, which is Important but not thw whole game.

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