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New Homeland Security Video Urges Americans To Resist Shooters…With Scissors

  • stormy

    I hope they come after you…Hope you can defend your self with a pair of sissors….You are a real piece of work…Sissors are not going to be a match agianst some one with a gun breaking into your house…
    Get a life

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    Tell them to go straight to hell.

    • RonMar

      They are in a hell of their own making and quickly dragging the nation and all of us, visitors to the US, and all people and nations of the world to hell with them. We must weaken their grips, hopefully by legal means.

  • E Elaine Connelly

    Duh! Does DHS not realize that a gun has a greater range of damage than a pair of scissors. What a bunch of horse hockey.

    • rikem9984

      They do; that’s why they have them…They just don’t want you to defend yourself, your family. they want you to be a nice compliant little slave. Eat what they tell you, work where they tell you, believe what they tell you. An unquestioning, unthinking servile drone.

      • ginger

        live…if they let you.

        • rikem9984

          Yep, well you can always take one with you.

          • ginger

            so true..and that is the plan.

    • RonMar

      You’re being unfair to “horse hockey.” At least it has some good purposes. It can be used to keep birds and such warm when fresh and us too after it dries and can be lit with a match.

    • Nadine

      Horse Hockey!! WOW…haven’t heard that one in years…HAAAA!!! Good one!

    • Joel Patti


  • vietnamvet1971

    IF personal defense was not such a Serious matter I would Laugh at these Ignorant Clowns. Give people a Choice a Gun or Scissors to face an Intruder or some other criminal Thug /Punk and see which one they choose. DUH some one pass out the Brains to these Gimme-mint Idiots and see where they stick them. Hint: A Hole.

  • chilller

    I have a pair of .45 cal scissors…wanna make a dress!

    • RonMar

      Nope, no thank you. The dress will have holes in it and blood on it.

      • Ed Scott

        Let us hope so!

    • Nadine

      HAAAA! Luv it!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      And it will be made at a standard rate of 950 stitches per second! actually, fps! Standard military load! Love the sarcasm though!

  • Ronald Christopher

    Homeland Security just bought 7000 AR15s for personal defense so why are they telling us that we cannot do the same? Screw HS. They have no legal standing to tell us anything.

    • Anthony Alexander

      Yea they may have bought them. Using them successfully and under stress when they are being fired upon is an entirely different matter…..let em have em…..the ones who oppose the current anti-2nd amendment know how to shoot and to them it will be like shooting fish in a barrel. I mean HS cannot even move fast enough to get out of their own way they are GARGANTUAN, moreever the ones who aren’t, would run than fight for a measly paycheck they earn to sacrifice their lives to as an employee under fire. Obama is setting up a new civil war

    • RonMar

      It’s Homeland InSecurity not Security, and it is run by an idiot working for an idiot.

      • Nadine

        TOTAL Idiots! Makes me feel REAL secure & safe!

      • Sinatra98

        Man i agree with you 100% what a bunch of idiots we have running this country is there at least one with a brain.

    • patriot2

      so much for our comedy relief of the when are they going to do something about illegal aliens & letting us arm ourselves with the weapons they have?

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Refer back to the scissors video! Hehehehehe! How effin sad! HuH?
        I will not post what I have been trained to do, but this video rather speaks of what to have/do when you beome the abject hostage in the news at the hand of the person comitting the crime! I won’t say terrorist either, as that intensifies a situation, and the prime word to form opinion from a biased media.
        If you are a single hostage, he or she, has bodily contact with you, or is in really near proximity to you, YES, You can, and do harm to them! But you can’t have any action that falters, you need to be confident of the outcome, no matter what the outcome is, your death or life, confidence is the key. As long as you can touch somebody, you can gravely hurt somebody! That is the rule of thumb, and truth!!
        We all have everyday items on our persons that are actually weapons! Pens, Keys, Mouthwash spray, the list is too inclusive to show! Just think people, how to protect your -self, because in reality, COPS are NOT THERE to PROTECT YOU! They clean up the aftermath!

    • davienne

      protection for me and none for thee…

    • pyrope

      The idiot who thought that one up is on par with Stven Chu (DoE), who advised us to paint our roofs white to solve the energy crisis.
      As for DHS, It wouldn’t be fair to them if we were armed as well as they were. Read the UN document Agenda 21 and you’ll see what’s coming.

  • Shorty Stuff

    I would much rather have my Glock than a pair of scissors.


  • Victor Lawson

    ROTFLMAO Then what? A federal ban on scissors?? A ban on baseball bats, knives, etc.etc. etc.????

    • RonMar

      Please don’t forget kitchen and eating utensils, garden tools, hockey sticks, golf clubs, etc., etc., etc. Oops. I see you didn’t forget. They’re in your etceteras. Sorry :). My bad :).

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Don’t be to complacent! The government has actually started interviewing Chef’s as to what knives are truly needed in a household to perform kitchen duties! This is not a bull story, and if you look it up, Britian has already started legislation to ban knives!

      • ginger

        Then our fearless leaders will do it as well.

    • Joel Patti


  • Kat

    When they give Obama a pair of scissors and tell him to take care of himself then I’ll think about it!

    • RonMar

      Chances are he would hurt himself and others too.

    • ginger

      Scissors…really…to do what…cut the bullets flying at you???

      • davienne

        no silly…. paper, scissors , rock…

        • ginger

          ahhh, now I see..thank you

    • Centurian2010

      That is the topic of the next training video “Don’t run with scissors.”

  • VET

    We may need to look at getting a background check on people that want to purchase scissors.

    • RonMar

      We need background checks big time on Obama, his handlers, the henchmen and women in his oppressive, tyrannical, despotic, evil Marxist, Islamic regime of nutcases and all who have voted for him, some of them twice by now and still support him and them. All of them are dangers to themselves and others, the entire nation, all citizens except his elite, visitors, and by extension, the world.

    • Ed Scott

      Oh, heck now we are going to have to have a license to own a pair of scissors.

  • Ladybug2948

    Do the Secret Service also have scissors? – what an idiots!?!? this is un***ing-believable!

  • Big Dan

    This is worse that taking a knife to a gunfight. It is quite evident that Homeland security is run by a bleeding heart liberal that has lost grip with reality. I will totally agree with Stormy with this one. The idiot who wrote this is probably under guard at all times or carries their own 9mm or 45 cal.

  • franksei

    Maybe we should take away all the firearms from Obama’s body guards and give them all scissors, when not using them for safety they could give hair cuts as a side job!!

  • A Patriot

    If we weren’t paying these morons a fortune in salaries, perks, and infrastructure, I would laugh. Since we do I am mad as hell that they spent our money on such delusional and dangerous crap.



  • har82

    I want – each and every one – of the politicians to SHOW me the correct way this work – WITH A LIVE CRIMINAL AND FIREARM . :)
    And which ever one lives ,, I will listen to him / her . :)

    Isn’t that called – leading by example – ?? :) .

  • Mad Mike

    I suggest we take away every firearm from the government and issue THEM sissors while we keep our guns. This government would be “ran out of Washington” overnite. All running away with sissors.

  • SallyE

    I think the Secret Service should protect Obama with scissors.

    • Paula

      YES! And take Bloomberg’s and Feinstein’s CC! Give them scissors. This elitists think they are dealing with morons!

    • RonMar

      I believe they shoud protect themselves from young prostitutes with scissors in Colombia and other such 3rd-world hellholes.

  • Madmax1450

    Every time these liberal morons open their mouths they show just how ignorant and crazy they are. I am totally flabbergasted that someone would actually tell someone to defend themselves against a shooter with a pair of scissors. It just proves that liberals are crazier than a syphilitic suicide bomber with mad-cow disease.

  • mickeymike2

    In most situations, the invader to a home is going to be younger and stronger than person in the home being invaded. And it is very unlikely that he would be coming into a home with having a gun in his possession. At first glance you would think that a home owner equipped with a simple pair of sissors would be at a definite disadvantage. BUT, a well trained home owner could use then sissors to deflect the bullets from the intruders gun(s) then, when the last shot was fired the homeowner could quickly cut the intruders belt, causing the intruder to trip and fall, knocking himself or herself unconcious at which time the homeowner to call DHS who could send their well armed and well protected agents to pick up and jail the intruder. Wow!!! Now that’s a plan!! And the homeowner would never have to worry about the intruder taking away his (homeowner’s) gun and using it against him or her. Nor would the homeowner have to worry that DHS would prosecute him or her for hurting the intruder. Wow!! Now that’s what I call a government at work.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      What? you can’t cut their belt…they would sue…and heaven help you if they trip while on your property; there’s another lawsuit…ya see, the purps win no matter what. That’s why I always say ‘double tap’, and take no crap.

    • ginger

      I am 74 and live alone …except for my “equalizer”…and I play with it at least twice a week,

      • mickeymike2

        Ginger, us old folks have to be prepared. I’m 77 and believe it or not I’ve been married for 56 years to a wonderful gal by the name of . . . you’ve got it: Ginger

        • ginger

          congratulations,,,and have you ever wondered why the young folks don’t see what is happening? I feel it is the life style and “pop” culture and the breakdown of the family…and of course the government dept of indoctrinatio n called public our day we studied history and civics etc…today they teach “feelings” and “validation” and sex and immorality of every kind.

  • Dana Ann

    Of course (why didn’t I think of this?!?), the blade of my
    scissors can deflect a bullet, or two, or three…. !!! Geez, I
    can’t believe I didn’t think of that all by myself. Plus, my small 5’3″ frame
    can EASILY fight off an armed rapist, or two, or three…. with my handy and trusted

    • Paula

      Exactly! They are idiots! Do you think they give this “wise” advise to their daughters, mothers, wives, etc? Don’t think so!

      • RedMeatState

        they think we’re the idiots.

        • RonMar

          A prestigious US university study, government-funded of course, confirmed a few years ago a fact I have known all of my life since becoming of an age of reasoning. Some people are so dumb they do not even know how dumb they are, and they are arrogant in their ignorance and dumbness too. We’ve got a lot of that going around these days, about half the people in the US.

          • WickedWhite


        • Nadine

          Well there are those that voted for BO..they TRULY ARE the Idiots!!

      • RonMar

        Only if they don’t shiv a get about their spawn, mommas, spousal units or live aboard comfort women or men.

    • RonMar

      You must be Keanu Reeves or at least from the Matrix :). I guess I took the wrong pill or no pill at all :).

      • Ed Scott

        Considering the number of idiots spawned in the last few years, I would think it was no pill at all.

  • Paula

    What “great” advise! I suppose the ones that made the film, either have a CC or a body guard! I’m 5’3″ 135 pounds and I have a pair of scissors and a 6’5″ 290 pound man comes at me to hurt me… what the heck am I going to do with those scissors? Turn them on ME because he sure will! We have a government of stupid fools! And we pay for them to come up with such wisdom! Maybe they are the stupid ones!!!!

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      …’maybe they’re the stupid ones’….no, I will help you: They ARE the stupid ones. WE are too if we let them disarm us.

      Call your representatives and senators and let them know that ‘scissors are only helpful if you are attacked by a ream of paper’; otherwise, you intend to meet the challenge with whatever weapon allows you to engage and WIN.

      • ginger

        Remember what they did after Katrina…took law abiding citizens’ guns from them and left them defenseless…wrestled a little old lady to the ground in her own kitchen because she had an unloaded gun in her hand while showing them she had no water damage and had plenty of food…they bruised her up pretty good..and left her defenseless to boot.

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          Yes, I remember that. I’d like to think that if someone manhandled my mother like that, that I would give them a sincere can of whoopass they would not ever forget…and of course, I would carry it out in their own house just to rub it in. jerks.

          • ginger

            sounds like a plan to me.

  • KJ

    Incredibly dumb idea. I’ll defend my home in the city of Chicago if Obama, Bloomberg, and Rahm Emanuel take away the weapons which defend them and issue scissors to their security teams.

  • rikem9984

    So if the scissors are such a great idea why not give them to the cops? What a #$%$#! joke DHS gets AR15s for personal defense and we have to be good slaves and content ourselves with scissors! DHS go sit down and rotate!!!

  • RedMeatState

    Oh geez. Next they’ll be regulating and banning sharp scissors, longer than 2″, that don’t have a rounded end. But they’ll be willing to kill millions of citizens in order to disarm them, you know, for their own safety.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Basically, this video instructs you on how to find the place you feel most comfortable to die. What part of ‘draw down on the purp and double tap them’ do these idiots not get? A gun in the face is Soooooooo much more useful than a pair of scissors.

    By the time LE shows up it’s body bag time; too late to fight back; that time came when you saw the gun aimed at you or your co workers. If you are not prepared to engage at the level of the attack, that is called ‘losing’. That’s what DHS and our DOJ would have us do…lose. Screw that; I pack a .40 Glock and two extra mags all the time. Thank God I have not had to use them…but I’m willing and prepared to do so. Hope you are too if I ever need you to cover my six.

    • RonMar

      I have gotten along nicely with a little .380 semi-auto and one extra magazine for decades now. I have never unholstered it when threatened, once coming off a boat dock at a downtown marina with a older friend, by a teenage punk of a certain ethnicity on a bicycle with a switchblade knife.
      I only lifted my shirt and let him see my little friend on his 3rd or 4th pass coming closer to us each time, making a slashing motion with his knife and assuring us he would cut us if we didn’t throw down our wallets and leave quickly. I learned a NOAB can outrun a NASCAR racer maybe.
      I called the police after the threat had fled. They responded, oh, 15-20 minutes later, took my report, interviewed my older friend and two witnesses I had not even seen. I was a bit focused on the threat during the entire incident.
      When they asked and I described the perp, they thanked all of us, one of them said, “We know him. He got out of juvie yesterday. We’ll have him back in juvie today.” Then they jumped in their cars and took off in the direction the young, American citizen had fled toward his home that they knew well.
      At the same marina – it was a crappy place from which I soon moved to a nearby county marina on private property with lots of no tresspassing signs – two lowlife, White goons were breaking into land vehicles and boats to steal stuff.
      I saw one of them one afternoon trying to break into my car parked on a city street where I could see it from my live aboard boat.
      I set up my video cam first, then sighted through the scope on one of my “military style, assult rifles” to get a clear view of him. The rifle was in fact a semi-auto, large game hunting rifle. It did look a bit bad, and I was a good enough shot to harvest some deer with it for many seasons for food.
      The auto mechanic saw me, maybe the video camera and for sure the scoped rifle. He boogied quickly, hunching down behind other vehicles as he left the area.
      I took the video to the city chief of police, a friend of mine. He said he could do no more with it other than to assing more patrol cars and his officers to the area.
      I asked him if it would be okay for me to shoot the thief or his partner if I saw them again. He said, “Not really, and I will have to arrest you and take your gun.”
      Fortunate for all involved the crime spree stopped. I never saw the perps again anywhere.
      Early one morning I caught a man stealing electronic gear off boats on the dock where my boat was docked. I held him for the police after calling 911. They responded with the usual time that proves the trusim “when seconds count the police are only minutes away.”
      The police could not do much pending contact with the owner of the boat in Atlanta after Atlanta woke up a few hours later. They did see as I had also the back seat of the perp’s car was filled with boat electronic gear. Apparently he had been a busy boy at more than one marina that night running into morning. He was trying to feed a drug habit.
      The police told me in private they could not even talk with the guy until the boat owner called. They told me I could talk with him, ask him any questions, even ask him to open the trunk of his car and hope he was stupid enough to do it. He was. The trunk had a lot more of his work stashed in it.
      Once the police got the long-awaited call, they handcuffed, arrested the perp and had his car plus booty in it impounded. I missed a day of work playing Citizen McGruff taking a bite out of crime.
      It gets a bit better. The lowlife’s, lowlife lawyer called me at work a few months later trying to find out if I would be away for Christmas vacation. I assured him he need not worry I would be at the trial as a witness if it was held on Christmas Day. I also told the shyster nicely that as soon as I hung up on him I would call the State AG and the State agency responsible for unethical lawyers to report our phonecon. If he did it ever again I would have charges brought against him for witness tampering.
      I never heard from again or saw the shyster. His client copped a plea and went to jail.
      So there you are: Three more cases where an alert, lawful citizen using his 2d Amdt right saved the lives or injury and property loss to several innocent people. And that is not all in the decades of owning and carrying guns legally, registered with carry permits.
      I believe everyone should flood the media, their Congressional offices, even the WH with their own personal stories. If you are shy about it, be anonymous. I am not shy.

  • RedMeatState

    All my scissors are “assault style”, with 20 round magazines.

    • ginger

      Now THAT is funny!!!!!!!

  • tangoechoalpha

    They forgot the “tuck your head firmly between your knees and kiss your ace good bye” since it sounds like they would prefer to bag the bodies of victims along with the shooter. So yea, take on a deranged hopped-up killer shooting everyone on sight with safety sisors… Since given the PC office environment today, that’s about the your going to be allowed in your desk… SARC

  • llellc

    So, do I use the scissors before or after I get shot?

    • RonMar

      While you are being shot or your head banged against the pavement and sidewalk. After is too late. Before is too early.
      Eric Holder will press for your arrest for harming an innocent stroller visiting from distant Miami, in a for good reasons gated, guarded community, behind homes, peering in windows, checking for unlocked windows and doors while coming back from a convenience store with Skittles, a bottle of tea and wearing a fleece hoodie in the warm rain of FL.
      Al Sharpton will be vexed in his Reverend soul – read that POed in preacher talk – and race hustle all over you. The Reverend Jackson will not like you much either.
      And the New Black Panthers will threaten you, your wife, mom and dad, all White people in the city, region, state and the nation.
      Lib-dominated media will alter your 911 calls to make you sound like a racist, be unable to get video of your head wounds, etc.
      You will be bankrupted, unemployed, abused by a Lib judge, jailed, charged with other offenses, your life ruined forever, and your wife, mother, father, sibling and everybody you know or have ever met too.

  • countyguard

    Yes, of course, so government agencies hand over the 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, and the 7000 automatic weapons they just purchased, and we’ll give them scissors to use to protect themselves… sounds good to me. These guys are truly insane, and obviously have zero respect for Americans. Unfortunately millions deserve no respect, but the many millions who DO deserve respect rising up to stop this madness will save the day.

  • Tony Chaney

    Please Obama, have the Secret Service armed this way.Pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssee.

  • countyguard

    What we do is prepare, unite and put pressure on these
    idiots who are working to turn us into a tyrannical dictatorship. Do we
    have that many sleeping and cowardly Americans these days that they roll over
    for this? We are the largest standing army in the world, and they greatly
    fear us with our weapons… and now they want to take those from us because
    they are the ONLY way we can stop their agenda. The time is NOW to create
    your local area into a “Liberty Zone,” ( and
    build your own “County Guard” force ( It is
    an easy step to take to engage local people. Get your own petition going
    (available on website) and collect signatures, and bring them to your local
    government to show that people are sick and tired of the government’s
    encroachment into our lives. Defend the constitution or it will be gone

  • Hondo

    I saw a guy on TV once who had his natural teeth replaced with stainless steel ones and he could catch bullets in his teeth. Much better than a pair of scissors. And I also remember how in the comics, Wonder Woman could block bullets fired at her by bouncing them off her heavy bracelets. That’s probably better than a pair of scissors too.

    • RonMar

      Yeah but Wonder Woman was a Lebanese or something like that, and it gave her and people like her special powers. I know it’s true. I read it on the Internet.

  • Michaellaborde

    My 44 mag will stop the mental case.

  • Winston Hibler

    This is outrageous in its stupidity and condescension. Yet the say automatic AR-15s are fine for self-protection…for THEM! Resist!!!


    Whilst we have a pair of scissors, why not give the shooter a hair cut. Maybe itt would stop the deranged shooter

    • RonMar

      Jabbing his or her eyes out or running the scissors through one ear of the armed idiot, trying to get the sharp point of the scissors to appear out the other ear canal sounds like a good idea.

      • T.Paine

        “After Purchasing 4.5 Million Hollow Points, Homeland Security Now Seeks 7,000 ‘Assault Weapons’.

        While lawmakers in Washington and media personalities across the country have been telling Americans for months now that nobody needs an “assault weapon,” it turns out that the government disagrees. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has requested the purchase of 7,000 “assault weapons,” all of which are AR-15 variants.

        “The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO ‘personal defense weapons’ (PDW) — also known as ‘assault weapons’ when owned by civilians. The solicitation, originally posted on June 7, 2012, comes to light as the Obama administration is calling for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.

        Citing a General Service Administration (GSA) request for proposal (RFP), Steve McGough of reports that DHS is asking for the 7,000 ‘select-fire’ firearms because they are ‘suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.’ The term select-fire means the weapon can be both semi-automatic and automatic. Civilians are prohibited from obtaining these kinds of weapons.

        The RFP describes the firearm as ‘Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) – 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.’ Additionally, DHS is asking for 30 round magazines that ‘have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.’”.

        This request comes months after the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requested the purchase of 4.5 million rounds of hollow-point bullets in March.

        The supplier, ATK, explained in a press release:

        “ATK announced that it is being awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS, ICE) for.40 caliber ammunition. This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years, and will have a maximum volume of 450 million rounds.”.

        After giving no clear indication as to why the departments would need the ammunition, they finally claimed it would be for training purposes. However, hollow-point ammunition is more expensive than regular ammunition used for training and it is seldom, if ever, used for training purposes as it is an expanding round that is ideal for self-defense purposes.

        Such purchases come at a time when lawmakers in government are discussing whether or not to ban weapons they deem to be “assault weapons,” while claiming that such weapons have no legitimate purpose, but are only used to inflict massive casualties.

        However, resistance has mounted as sheriffs and state officials across the country have made it clear that they will not enforce any laws that violate the Second Amendment- which many gun rights activists claim is intended to maintain an armed populace as a check against governmental tyranny.”

  • lance

    Yeah sure if all else fails and I can’t reach my gun in time I’ll use anything . Fire alarms ,sprinkler system,fire extinguisher anything . But do not get caught by the police with that dangerous pair of sccisors or you’ll be another victim of the deranged shooter. Have you seen derren brown assassin. On YouTube ?

  • jbp

    Those were Assault Scissors! They may be banned next. I think I’ll just pull my concealed gun and shoot the sob.

  • ARMYOF69

    All you have to do is to convince the deranged shooter that you are not a target of interest. I am very sure that he will agree with you.

  • Robert Telljohn

    Didn’t Obama say that he was going to bring a gun to a knife fight? Now do we bring a pair of sissors to a gun fight? How logical is that? My answer is: stupid.

  • Maverick

    Let’s ban all scissors unless we do a thorough back ground check to see if you are a seamstress or garment maker with a healthy and sane statement from your doctor. Scissors made from Titanium should be banned, scissors that can cut more than ten feet of garments without being sharpened should be banned. scissor makers must be registered and compliant to scissor laws pertaining to and under congressional conveyance. The purchase of scissors at flea markets or scissor shows should be held under the scrutiny of the “Scissor Police Unit”.{SPU}. A new dept. directed by {HLS} “Homeland Security” directed by {L.A.A.}” Liberals Against America” directed by Y.B.S.P. “Your bull s–t president”.

    • GoldenRudy

      And by ALL means …don’t paint those scissors BLACK! They will look too scary to D. Feinstein & Co.

      • RonMar

        Feinstein doesn’t like Blacks? Who knew?

  • J.R.Richardson

    they always told us not to run with scissors

  • patsy

    Let’s see , I know about double barreled shotguns. So now are my double bladed scissor’s gonna’ be taken away from me by the government? HMMM ?

  • Dave Rawe

    Not what they said. They said to use any potential weapons of opportunity. Too many people forget about them and how to use them effectively. Even hair spray with a lighter can be VERY effective.

  • hmmmmm

    This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. when they use scissors to defend themselves but that’ll be the day

  • VET

    Maybe We should have given scissors to Egypt instead of planes and tanks?

  • Nadine

    OMG…who the hell is going to let a thug get THAT close to them to use SCISSORS! They would have you down in a second & OH WAIT…LET me get my SCISSORS!! My 38 would stop him WAY before he ever got Close to me or my family! This is a joke…RIGHT!

    • RonMar

      A 12-gauge with five or more rounds of 00 buck – #4 shot works nicely. The mess left for the police to clean up is quite bad though.

      • Nadine

        That’ll do it too! Let the Secret Service & guards use SCISORS!! What an insult to the American people!

  • Jamie

    The ‘communist strategy is to pretend that total idiocy is logic. Just say it often enough with a straight face and the mob mentality will buy it. This has always been the strategy in communist countries. The people know it’s all lies, but they think everyone else must be buying it, so they all live in fear of each other. You create a false consensus by announcing nonsense publicly, which creates a sense that “they” [an undefinable number of level headed people] agree wholeheartedly.

    Notice that the narrator sounds like a sensible, unemotional & level headed guy who is just stating the facts, and somehow connected to reliable authority. This is the only thing that separates this from a comedy act or cartoon. Get ready for more of this. We are now a communist run country, being run EXACTLY as all communist dictators have done things in the past. The next move – which is already in progress in the schools – is to install the tattle-tale mentality as a duty for all good ‘comrades’.

    Once this gets underway, along with new definitions of “terrorist” [someone with a food storage] they won’t even need to worry about shutting down the internet.

  • Nellie CA

    I suggest that all the government people who carry a gun, that included Feinstein, they can turn their gun in for a pair of scissors. Each of Obama’s FBI will now carry scissors to protect Obama. When Obama talks guns he is antagonizing millions of American Citizens! GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY! I GUESS THE BORDER PATROL WILL BE ISSUED SCISSORS INSTEAD OF RUBBER BULLETS. WE CAN PUT OUR TROUPES ON THE BORDERS OF NORTH KOREA TO PROTECT SOUTH KOREA BUT WE CAN’T PROTECT OUR OWN BORDERS.

  • slipriprock7

    Where can I get my conceal carry permit for my scissors?? How much scissors training do I need ? Thank you HS. I feel safer already.

  • robocop33

    Isn’t this just the stupidest thing you have heard? Well, maybe not but it has to be close.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    They must have been watching “Wonder Woman,” with her golden bracelets, that deferred bullets! What a crock of blatant crapolla! Scisspors in a gun fight? I’m a trained Naval operative and I say, K.M.A. FOOLS! The one with the scissors who dares to be a hero, is DEAD MEAT! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!
    To overcome any situation, you need at LEAST, EQUAL FIREPOWER, Or MORE! Not an effin pair of scissors! How pitiful is this video for those of us that know!

  • vicki

    If bring a knife to a gunfight is stupid, bringing a scissors is suicidal.

  • armygreen

    We don’t need to ban ALL scissors, just the ones that look “scary”–you know, the ones with sharp points they told us about in first grade.

  • Holly Rae

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they showed another scenario where one of the employees hiding under a desk pulling out a concealed , legally registered Glock 19 and blowing off the shooter’s kneecaps as he walked by? Some would even call that person a hero . Never heard of a hero holding a pair of scissors…

  • GoldenRudy

    I am glad the Minuteman at Concord’s North Bridge were not sitting behind desks or hiding behind trees with scissors when the Redcoats came to take their muskets/rifles and gunpowder from them on the order of King George. Boy, were we lucky! Oh, and just how much taxpayer money did this video cost?

  • jime1

    OK then, the Secret Service and FBI agents all needs to turn in all their guns and be issued a shiny new pair of Gingher extra sharp 6 inch scissors. What’s good for the goose should by G*d be good enough for the gander. Who makes up this stupid S**t???

  • Sinatra98

    All total IDIOTS now we have to go and give up our guns and buy SWORDS lots of luck my fellow patriots

  • Libtards

    There F@&^ing retarded

  • ginger

    This has to be the absolute lamest video of all time…but , what can one expect from our “government”? Couldn’t be worse if they tried.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Yes, many idiots run the country, but mor idiots live in the country! Lazy, gutless, cowards! Now who’s the bigger idiots? The idoits in Washington are getting very rich! Again, I ask, who’s the dumbest! The citizens in this country are getting everything they deserve! They’re toooooo stupid to look after their own interests!

  • sunnyblues

    Unless you’re Edward Scissorhands you haven’t got a prayer…

  • Don

    And, if any known politicians are among the crowd, or in the immediate area, especially Democrats, (and Dianne [Throw Mama From the Train] Feinstein in particular] when law enforcement officials arrive at the scene, immediately stand up, point at the Democratic politician, (and Dianne [Throw Mama From the Train] Feinstein in particular) and yell at the top of your lungs, “it’s the shooter, (they) (he) (she) has a gun”.

  • WellBeing


  • Timothy Rea

    How utterly bizarre!

  • forrealcommonsense

    If they (Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, etc) would lead by example I think Americans would follow. Can we expect their security personnel to be armed with different types of scissors from garden shears, to pinking shears to nail trimming shears…Watch Al Sharpton, Jessie and the rest of the gang carry scissors in a sheath all around with them to show they will do anything for their messiah.
    P.S. How much of hard working tax payer money was wasted and future gen piggy bank looted in hiring the people who recommended this?

  • Ed Scott

    And those scissors are the best they can come up with to save our lives, seriously? Does Janet only have a pair of scissors to protect herself with?

  • davienne

    while someone is shooting get them with scissors… but dont run with them… GIVE ME A FU***ING BREAK….

  • Atilla the hungry

    Scissors as a means of self defense, what an incredibly brilliant idea. I expect that it’s only a matter of

    time until the idea is picked up by Hollywood. I can see it now, Robin Hood and the Sheriff battling with
    pairs of scissors. Or how about a movie starring Stallone titled, “Scissors to the head”. Then there’s Jim Bowie, the three musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Joel Patti


  • JDH

    This is why we need to “cull the herd”!!(of the idiots that thought this one up)

  • LLinLa

    I really like the suggestion we carry scissors. Will we be limited to, let’s say, 7 because 10 or 30 might be more threatening to the other people around me about to die? LOL. I remember back in the 60’s during the Missile Crisis. I was in Kindergarten and the government protocol in case of a nuclear attack was to hide under our desks/tables while the enitre “wall” was windows with reinforced wire which made for very effective projectiles if radiation, concussion or heat didn’t do the job. I love when the government tries to be “compassionate.” The Law of Unintended Consequences forbidden” should be the next Amendment made to the Constitution but they wouldn’t pay any mind to that either!

  • Line In The Desert

    Hide. Run. Defend yourself with a pair of scissors. These are the options available to people trapped in a “gun free zone” if they encounter an active shooter scenario. I’m thrilled that DHS is concerned enough about these dangers to make a video that instructs everyone how to be prepared. But if it’s all the same to DHS, the State of Arizona will have to remake that video to more appropriately fit our circumstances. We have much different ideas about what it means to be “prepared”.

  • Bruce Hahn

    Guess thats better than taking a knife to a gun fight,huh?

    • Jim

      Scissors are better than a knife because you can open them up giving you 2 blades. This will multiply your chances ( zero) by 2, doubling your chances against a shotgun (still zero).

  • Jesse Quarrels

    I don’t want to get that close while defending myself. I’ll stick with firearms thank you especially since you all are ordering 7000 AR-15’s. I hope Armalite deliberately slows down production!

  • Jill

    Scissors vs. a gun? Are they crazy?!!

  • Hank

    But first you must shout, “BOO!!” very loud. That way, he will be so shocked, he will drop his gun and then you can stick him with the scissors before he recovers his senses.

  • lostproton

    Homeland Security has not purchased 7000 AR15’s yet. The Invitation to bid with two revisions is where it stands now. Also, the request states “select-fire” that means M16 or other firearms with a selector to chose semiautomatic or full automatic fire. Go read it before you stick both of your feet in your mouth again and give the liberals more reason to call for more gun control of gun owners with a “mental disability” as Biden refers to gun owners in the proposed Federal Register revisions for gun control.
    See GPO : 2013-01529.pdf for the proposed gun control revisions.

  • Gospel Knight Rider

    scissors vs gun. Hmmm, somebody is real stupid here and I know its not me. You ask why would anyone want an assault weapon? Well it goes like this; if I have to contend against a tyrannical Government (should one emerge someday) I want to be as good as or better armed than they. TGKR

  • Andy Buglione

    “When calling 911…….and also be sure to let them know where to look for your corpse since your government doesn’t want you to be able to protect yourself….”
    How unbelievably asinine…..

  • Wolf-Talker1

    Another wonderful video and idea for protection from the Department of HomeLand Insanity, gotta just love it, Bless their little hearts!

  • NoU4EN

    Here’s an idea for Anti-Gun Posters came from the old days…
    WASHINGTON: At the height of the Cold War and nuclear madness of the 1970s, a popular poster detailed “What to do in case of a Nuclear Attack”. After advising people to tie up as many loose ends as possible, it urged them to…(8) Run out into an open field…(9) Put your head between your legs…and (10) Kiss your sweet asz goodbye.

  • NoU4EN

    Scissors!!! Just don’t run with them.

  • NoU4EN

    The possibilities are endless – grab your stapler, flip it open, and open fire. Put your face on the copier, make twenty copies and tape them around the room to confuse the intruder. If you’re in the bathroom, plug the toilet and flush so it overflows – no one likes that.

  • MAHB001

    Scissors, the next WMD.

  • Ponco Villa

    This is exactly what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote the secondamendment. The right to have and bear scissors! Yes, where ever you go you must be in constant fear and always looking for an escape routs and oh yes always have a pair of assauIt scissors ready!!!

  • Johnnygard

    Personally, I believe in Concealed Carry permits, but that isn’t always possible.
    There are some places that even CCW people can’t take guns – courtrooms, K-12 schools, airports, etc. In a classroom or courtroom or restaurant or office it is quite possible that the shooter could be between you and your only exit. Hiding under a table or desk will likely get you shot. When in groups, people need to be programmed to throw things to distract the shooter while he gets overrun or shot by other people. You have car keys, wallets, shoes, books, food, water bottles, sodas, and thousands of other possible items to throw. Items coming at the shooter from an angle will cause a reflex action of ducking. Fill the air with flying trash and anyone will be distracted. A soda on the face lens of his gas mask might have made the Colorado shooter temporarily unable to see. If everyone is on the same page, it seems a lot better than just waiting to get shot. Don’t forget fire extinguishers – use it like his face is on fire.

  • Steve Hughes


  • godbdian

    Scissors? lol!

  • WhiteFalcon

    Aren’t those people brilliant? Challange a firearm with sissors. How intelligent! That is the intelligence of this entire Government. They are idiots!

  • lwayne

    The movie title will be, “”The died with their scissors on””.

  • Jim

    I Columbine the plan was for one of the shooters to enter the school shooting and when the people started to run out the exits (as this video suggests) the second shooter was to be outside to pick off the ones who ran out.

  • Jim

    When the police show up after the shooter has been shooting for 20 minutes, they walk around the parking lot with guns drawn for another 20 minutes.

  • craig

    are they stupid,,,it will be with my ak47

  • Jillian

    And later on, when some bad guy was killed by scissors, scissors would be banned. The gov’t. is on the side of the criminals. In the end the bad guy is the hero and rides off into the sunset.

  • Bobby

    its called a concealed. i served in the military and even my rights are being taken away, who are you to tell me i have not earned the right to defend myself. i carry a concealed and the last thing i would ever want is to run and wait 30 minutes for the lazy ass cops to arrive while a crazed gun man is killing friends and people during that time. no, i am far more better trained then cops and HS, i can handle my own i do not need a big brother!.

  • William Wilson

    You let these idiots rant and you don’t post my comment.

  • Terry Adams

    They dont say use sissors. they say to use anything you can. so if you have a gun use it….lol

  • 2War Abn Vet

    When government gets through with us, we’ll be lucky if we still have scissors. But, we can always count on criminals to be fully armed.

  • High Pockets

    If I can’t find scissors can I use a hand held egg beater?

  • Terry

    The context is that not all workplaces allow you to carry a firearm. If it comes time to fight back people need to know what to use for weapons and that your counter attack needs be one of overwhelming violence and not to stop until the threat is stopped.

  • AZWarrior

    Janet Napolitano is a facking retard.

  • outofsteam

    You better be careful or I’ll come after you with my scissors! There, that’ll do it. I feel better already.

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