Netanyahu Goes On U.S. TV And Reveals What He Told Obama After Iran Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not held back in voicing his grave concerns with the nuclear agreement reached with Iran, which was announced by the Obama administration Tuesday. Even as the structure of the agreement was taking shape, Netanyahu saw it as a threat to the security of Israel and the region. In an address before a joint session of Congress in March, Netanyahu said the proposed agreement “doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb, it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.” Now that the actual agreement has been reached, the Israeli Prime Minister’s concerns have only been heightened. In an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, the prime minister said he told President Obama in a phone call on Tuesday that the agreement “poses a great danger to Israel, and I believe it poses a great danger to America and the world.”

via WesternJournalism

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