Carolina Sheriff Reveals Exactly What Will Happen If A Man Goes Into A Bathroom With His Wife

Transgender bathroom laws seem to be all the rage these days, mainly because of the number of anti-science leftists who think transgenderism is a thing. Well, there is a Sheriff in South Carolina who is having none of it: “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t even know why there’s an issue about which bathroom to use,” he said. “Because if you are a guy and you go into bathroom with my wife, I’m gonna make the news — I know there’s three cameras rolling — I’m gonna whip your tail if you go in there with my wife while she’s trying to use the bathroom, or my granddaughter. That is bologna. So, I don’t really understand why there’s an issue in any legislation, or state senators or whatever gotta make that stuff. I mean, the men’s room is for the men. The girl’s room is for the girls. We were taught the symbol when we were little and we couldn’t read.”

via LouderWithCrowder

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