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NC Deputy Flips Out, Grabs Cell Phones Filming Her Arrest of Marine Vet

A North Carolina deputy confiscated two separate cell phones recording her in the midst of confronting a retired Marine combat instructor. A video provided to Photography Is Not a Crime shows the deputy losing her cool and snatching the phones, but the video directly contradicts her claim that she arrested Carlos Jaramillo for acting aggressive. The deputy showed up to handle a dispute between Jaramillo and a neighbor, asking him for an ID. He provided his Veterans Affairs card, a government-issued form of identification, but she did not accept it. When he questions her on why she won’t take it, she raises her voice, warns him not to act up, and tells him to put the phone down.

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  • Call me, Carlos

    My so, an LA County Sheriff’s Deputy, watched this. Said he would expect to be reprimanded for behavior like this. Very unprofessional.

    • Joe Lineman

      reprimand my hinie..should be fired. You can’t treat civilians like you get away with the treatment a boot has to endure. She needs to go back in the corps or find a different occupation.

      • canthebs

        min 6:00 “afraid for her life”; she should be NOW, after her foolish behavior and abuse of “power”

  • hausman69

    just another individual where the badge has gone to the head. She needs to be fired simple.

  • Doc

    Abuse of authority, theft, assault, false statements on an official report. Perhaps if she curbed her aggression she would be a better cop. For now she is just another “pig”

    • Canned Heat

      I’d gladly take that case pro bono, just to make a point. She should be fired and charged with assault under color of authority. Bad cop… unfortunately I’ve seen this power trip, a lot.

    • VicBailey

      She would make a good Bama jackboot! She is already over half way there! Semper Fi.

  • yaki534

    She is not much of a public servant. More like a Gestapo jerk.

  • terrythecork

    Stupid Nazi Nig–r playing with a White Boy in order to get her Personal “Get Even”. Notice how the tension dissipated when the White officer showed up to sort things out. QUOTA HIRES HAVE NO PLACE IN POLICE WORK……..a former Deputy Sherriff…

  • djw663

    This is what happens when the standards of a job are lowered to allow for minorities to be able to fill positions. The government is so screwed up with having to have a certain ratio or percentage of diverse individuals that they lack proper standards. You don’t lower standards so that more people qualify, you make people better to qualify on their own.
    Fire her and her supervisor’s supervisor for hiring her in the first place.

  • terrythecork

    Get a VERY Nasty Attorney and sue the Deputy Individually. That way she has NO protection from the Sheriff’s Department. Illegal Search and Seizure, Brutality, Simple Assault….

  • terrythecork

    Pig, pig, pig, pig. Oink, oink, oink, oink…..

  • ditzydad

    I’m a retired COP (POLICE OFFICER) and this so called POLICE OFFICER should be put in JAIL but nothing will happen because SHE is the right gender and race for the DOJ to give HER a MEDAL; sad part is that SHE is messing with another minority. Since when is a GOVERNMENT ID not good enough??

  • coldrh (a former MP)

    Talk about abuse of power and what’s this about not accepting a government ID? Even the TSA will accept a government ID. Just finished reading a story about the NYPD trying to improve their image and got lots of the above.
    This police officer needs serious counseling and if that doesn’t work she needs to be fired for cause.
    (She has an example; the other officer)

  • RMF

    Police officers like this are a blight on the profession of police work. The aggression and fear is in her voice. Burn her !!

  • Beedogs

    Good little Nazi Fascist tool! I guess this ignorant tw@t never heard of due process nor the bill of rights. Sue the department and demand she be fired for gross incompetence.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    She would be a dead di in my area!

  • Stephen Geiger

    Looks to me like the deputy is on a power trip like many are. She stole private property when she took the phones. Courts have repeatedly ruled that it is within the rights of citizens to video law enforcement personnel as they perform in their work. It is bogus to say that she needed to confiscate the phones for her own protection. Unless by protection she means so the public cannot see her abusive behavior. She needs to be fired.

  • Dead_Right

    Lawsuit time!

  • TCDrDave

    This woman is out of control and should not consider herself a Marine if she is in fear of her life in this situation. She needs to be fired, but again this is Onslow County. I remember the place too well.
    GySgt USMC (retired)

  • BarrackHussein


  • Canned Heat

    Why does she still have a job?

  • James Mckaskle

    Should be fired! She had no reason to be afraid, he was cooperative and reasonable the entire time. She was not.

  • Mort Leith

    This female officer should be FIRED ASAP… AND if I were the people that she bullied and harassed, I would OWN that police dept…

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