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NBC’s David Gregory Bashes NRA Chair While Possibly Violating DC Gun Law

NBC’s David Gregory held up a high-capacity magazine for ammunition on national television, a possible violation of Washington, D.C. gun law. Gregory was asking National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre whether the NRA was willing to cede any ground on new gun legislation following the Dec. 14 elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

  • Frank J. Austin

    The LAW doesn’t apply to politicians, or liberal media. Just ask Dianne about the time she brandished an AK 47 in a room full of reporters.

    • Skeptical

      ……and swept the audience with the line of fire? But she’s there to help! LOL

  • Darrel

    His kids go to a school with 11 armed guards, yet he calls for gun control. THEN he violates DC law by possessing a 30 round rifle magazine. Prosecute this hypocritcal azzwipe.

  • Richard-USMC


    • Jeronimo Dan

      Buffalo Bob Has Howdy Doody’s back, not to worry…

  • Rocky Vnvmc

    DC as well as Chicago have the Strictest Gun Laws in this Country, yet also have the highest Murder Rates in America ! DC has been called the Murder Capitol of America (used to be Detroit) Chicago is right behind them ! These gun control schemes just don’t Work !

  • Alan Flood

    why hasn’t david gregory been arrested for unlawful possession of a high capacity magazine as is the law in D.C. – why didn’t Wayne ask him when gregory was holding the magazine if he knew he was breaking the law?

    • LLinLa

      It’s simple. He’s on the “compassionate” Left. They can “rightfully” do or say whatever they want as long as it supports a collective narrative.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Nothing but a Suck Arse Liberal Clown like the rest of Obumbo and his Regime.

  • lou7

    Gregory is a nut case. He campaigned for a man who praises himself instead of eulogizing an American Hero. He doesn’t care about Gregory, America, you, I, etc. Just himself and he will take everything we have worked for and give it to his plantation dwellers (welfare people). He has to keep them on the plantation to outnumber the working voters. We will always loose. These are the people who elected this egotist.

    The democrats murdered all these children and teachers. They shut down the Mental hospitals, took God out of our schools (notice all these victims turned to their churches and God), took respect for life out of our society, destroyed the family structure, need I go on?

    Gregory is as big a jerk as Obama. The NRA is right, if people want to kill they will find a way. Teach respect for life, stop abortion, stop the ACLU, etc. Get back to our roots NOW.

    • Wolfman Thomas

      Too Much Too Late

  • DAY

    Why didn’t La Pierre bring up the lack of cutting drug use after a 50 plus year drug war? Druggies will get drugs. Murders will get guns, or knives, or hammers… Being able to defend yourself is the only way to cut down on murders. Drugs still get into prisons, and schools. The criminals will still have guns even if the Obamamites took away every gun they could find from the law abiding people. Shut up Gregory dumb butt…

  • Wolfman Thomas

    David Gregory is just another MSNBC Libtard and Wayne La Pierre got it right

  • hiskid1964

    oh david the Connecticut shooter did not use the the bushmaster

  • Moose_Hunter

    Police stations, court houses, government offices, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, some churches, and many other public venues have armed security, but NO FREAKING WAY are we allowed to protect our children in schools.

    • rosech

      And yet police stations have had gun murders, as have courts, etc. and supposedly the killers have passed through “security??”. Stupid is as stupid thinks and does. We will NOT be enslaved by the communists and/or socialists.

  • Moose_Hunter

    Yo Gregory, the AR15 was designed for rapid mag changes. The time it would take to switch out six 5 round mags as opposed to firing all 30 rounds in one mag wouldn’t make that much difference to a determined shooter. The only thing that would stop a violent attacker is a bullet in his freaking brain.

  • James Kroeger

    David Gregory is as bad as Piers Morgan…what complete idiots we have for media anchormen!!!

    • Skeptical

      In fairness, Gregory did not resort to personal insult in utter frustration of his ineffectiveness. Then again, Morgan wasnt waiving a 30 round magazine for effect, in violation of the local firearms laws while badgering his guest for being myopic about gun laws.

  • Carlos

    The shooter, in Newtown, violated no less than 40 laws, in commission of his insanity. And the leftist loons think another law would have stopped him?….Morons?

  • Carlos

    Gregory thinks he gets define “meaningful”. He and his media cronies, are buying too much of their bull roar. Gregory! You are an arrogant a$$. No doubt about it.

  • Skeptical

    Gregory with his heckling “discussion” as host had one benefit. La Pierre refused to swallow every loaded position that Gregory earnestly sought to jam down his throat. The host(ile) found no purchase to advance the Second Amendment erosion one iota. As mentioned, the host violated existing D.C. law by possesing a high capacity magazine (and he wasnt in an exempted group). Gregory displayed his law-abiding credibility before the recording camera for posterity and exemplified the integrity (or lack of it) of the modern mainstream press.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Believe me, Buffalo Bob is not about to let the police file on Howdy Doody, just not going to happen

  • Jeronimo Dan

    When some azz hold kicks Howdy Doody’s door in at 3:00 AM some morning, he’ll wish he had a sixty round magazine hooked to a AR M400, as he squirts himself in his panic.

  • Patriot56

    David “Dick Head” Gregory, no good Commie!!! Take him and Piers Morgan and deport them.

  • rosech

    Liberals always want to CONTROL everyone but themselves. No way you can respond to a closedminded idiot. They do not understand freedom nor logic. Let them go live where guns have been taken away – more crime, more murders, more deaths. Now, how come they do not understand why we have the 2nd Amendment is beyond me. They are so brainwashed but be sure they all have guns and probably didn’t even have to take a course in using them and even really know the gun laws. Hypocrites, all. Gun free zones open up to more crime and murder. Simple, but probably too simple for the brainless to even begin to grasp!

  • Mort Leith

    David Gregory needs to stick to his VASOLINE and leave important issues like GUNS to the non-perverted adults

  • abxchange

    David Gregory is absolutely clueless! He keeps butting in, trying to push his agenda, when he knows that he is ridiculous! If he would just listen instead of butting in and talking nonsense, he might learn something, but instead, all he is trying to do is put Wayne LaPierre on the spot. As you can see, that is futile! He keeps trying to show that he is in charge, and yet he is only worried about keeping his job, by pursuing the liberal agenda. Other countries kept from attacking us because they knew that every American household was armed! This country is now being run by foreigners that live here. Liberals are so tolerant of them that they sell their souls to the devil to win their selfish agendas.

  • 32eagle

    I would say that gregory loves guns no matter what he says

  • gypsy314

    Gun free zones kill our children.

  • MAC49

    You are not going to win an arguement with a libral, they are always right….IN THEIR OPINION!. Taking away our constitutional rights are WRONG. Evidently our intelligent politicians in the 1700’s knew stupidity was coming, they just didn’t know they were called librals. Back in the 1700’s they were smart enough to protect our rights by putting it in the constitution. Not like the politicians we have today.

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