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Mutilated Dead Pig In Romney Shirt Dumped At GOP Office

  • Delbert Gue

    Shoulda been …

  • Ann

    Who ever did this is very sick! Hope the police will do something about it.

    • omg

      It will never happen. If it were the reverse; there would be probe and arrests!

    • susandanielspi

      Dreamer. They only solve 40% of the murders.

  • TLady62

    They just had to rub it in, huh?

    • susandanielspi

      The only reason they can rub it in is because they had to STEAL the election to win. They couldn’t do it honestly.

      • Richard D. Hecht

        The Democrap Party has become a virtual criminal enterprise. This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.

  • Susan Victoria Kiepprien

    In islam, including the qur’an (their ‘holy’ book), Jews are monkeys and all others including us are pigs. They must kill us if we don’t convert. Now, since Romney is not a Jew, then for a certain segment of the population, he is a ‘pig’. Therefore, since it’s a dead pig, it might be easy to figure out which segment of the population did this… you know, the one that’s killing all non-muslims everywhere more or less on the planet.

  • gwedem5995

    It should have been Obama, because he is the biggest pig I know.

    • Texas red neck

      That would be your mother.

  • Susitna

    This pig was sent by Valerie Jarrett, the first female Co-President of the U.S.

  • Noni77

    THIS IS the Liberal movement and psyche in a nutshell.

  • ARMYOF69

    Bring it over to the nearest muslim house of terrorists .

  • Susan Victoria Kiepprien

    Forgot to add there’s only one culture on the planet that mutilates animals… geez, I wonder which one that is?

  • Randell Danner

    We should have weekly pig races every Friday night through every mosque parking lot in America. you’ve heard of “Friday night Lights”, we will call this Friday Night Squeal.

  • Barb Patton

    This is so disgusting and childish – I do not even want to geuss who would do a thing like this — its a no brainer done by nobrainer democrats

  • Patriot01

    We should all get raw pigs feet and pig ears, and raw pig noses in bloody packages from your local grocery store and smear them on the front door and doorstep of every mosque or Islamic Center in the US. That deems that land uninhabitable. We know it was a Muslim who did this, no doubt. I live in Kansas and have no problem finding my local Jihad camps aka Mosques.

  • susandanielspi

    Drop it off at the nearest Mosque.

  • jvb1980808

    Has Rahm been busy again? We know his fondness for mailing stinking fish to those he hates. Liberals can’t possibly know the definition of tolerance.

  • usluv

    Gotta give it to the left.They have never had , nor will they ever acquire….the gift of class. Forever doomed to the gutter.

  • mymanz2

    Class Real Class we know who has it

    • Richard D. Hecht

      Obama’s people.

  • mary

    nobama is coming for out lives

  • Tonto

    Should have dumped it at the obamacrib….muslims really like piggies.

  • Grecko

    OH BOY; THE TRUMKA THUGS ARE AT IT AGAIN. Dump the unions before they dump all of America into poverty. Between the slimey Lawyers and the corrupt Unions EVERYTHING we buy has a hefty tax on it, A real biggie. Dont’t believe???? Google up lawyer contributions to politicians. Also same for the TRUMKA cartel! You will not believe!!! Lets get our act together America,and march on Washington. The entire government is corrupt! And the dumb demos love them!!!
    Update; Just found a better site.(, Labor thugs gave $112,114,917 mil, YES MILLIONS!! and lawyers gave $200,072,905. Million HOW DUMB WE ARE!!! This blows my my mind!! This is our money. JOIN THE RIGHT TO WORK FOUNDATION AND GET ALL THE POOP!
    No Dam wonder doctors and hospitals charge so much.
    Example; To have my ear wax blown out, which took less than 15 minutes but waited 1 3/4hr more ., cost the insurance company $500. I forgot the $35 cash co-pay. That is $33.33 per minute +. What the hell is going on. I will blow in my own ears from now on.!

  • Signs2See

    I think there is more than meets the eye about the mutilated pig incident. They are targeting people via illegal defense programs, using, abusing, torturing, manipulating and mutilating them in order to use them as political pawns in what amounts to a real life “Hunger Games” scenario. Using innocent people with a conscious as pawns. This includes paying off corrupt cops, government workers to do their bidding and torturing women and children. Remember Casablanca “I’m SHOCKED, there actually is BETTING going on in here?” NO COINCIDENCE. We are being run by a bunch of sadistic psychopaths. HAARP (including ELF) is real and is the ultimate tool of tyranny/oppression. It may be the ultimate DOOMSDAY MACHINE for humanity. Media corruption is linked to terrorism and insider trading. Movie 2012 showed NY getting flooded, Norfolk Southern Commercial reference to lights out and series Revolution with reference to power out then SANDY. CNN played “What IF” scenario about Katrina BEFORE it happened. Staples commercial “BIG EASY” button and Capital ONE commercial reference to NO before Katrina (New Orleans aka N.O. called the BIG EASY). Note the “BABY” in Capital One Commercial with the Etch-a-Sketch with NO on it (reference to Romney). Baby reference to Bin Laden in 2009 book “Where is Bin Laden and Others” by Daniel Lalic stating “maybe someone should send the CIA, NSA, DIA, Interpol a MAP as to where Bin Laden is in a military compound, A.Q. palace.” Two years later on “5-1” like Area 51, OBL “Code Name Geronimo” raid on 5-1-10. Geronimo as in jumping from a plane or Yale Skull and Bones Indian Chief head stolen from Indians. Also see London Olympics starting ceremony with SKYFALL. Fall from Grace like Petraeus. Where is Elvis book by Lalic with reference to Elvis and GRACEland. SKYFALL came out on 11-9 (9-11 backwards)

  • Signs2See

    Addendum: Let’s not forget their “inside joke” about Area 51 and “aliens” mutilating animals. (X-Files) Recently CITI put on a symbolic commercial with a woman breaking up with a guy saying he was “boring” (Capital One “baby” had written this in cheerios on high chair) then he is shown at a museum looking at a picture of Marilyn Munroe, “cooking” with another women and backstage at an Alicia “Keyes” concert while she is singing “This girl is on fire”…now CNN and Sanjay Gupta is having a program to be aired called “DEADLY DOSE”. HMM. Wasn’t Marilyn MUNROE found DEAD allegedly from an O.D. (which is also an acronym for an eye doctor). So called “coincidences” go both ways as time has shown.

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