Muslims On Food Stamps Walk Into Food Bank And Make 1 Demand That Will Shock You

As Western civilization debates what to do with thousands of Muslim refugees, a cautionary tale about gratitude and assimilation emerges from Minnesota, where the fact that society helps those in crisis ward off hunger is not enough for some. An Islamic women’s advocacy group has demanded that one county government require a low-price, halal food shelf for Muslims on taxpayer-funded food stamps. The Isuroon Project claims that a “desperate need” exists. The project would cost taxpayers $150,000. The government rejected the request. However, the group has gone public with its demand. “Isuroon has reached out for Hennepin County’s support for the Ethnic Food Shelf, and has cooperated fully with the Hennepin County commissioner’s office and provided the county with their required qualifications,” the group said in a statement. “The commissioner’s office has ignored Isuroon’s requests for review and the community needs to respond to let the public know what has transpired.”

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