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MSU Prof. To Class: ‘Republicans Are Dead White People Who Raped This Country’

Michigan State University (MSU) officials will investigate anti-Republican comments award-winning professor William Penn was secretly recorded making to his literature class on Thursday, a school spokesman told Campus Reform Tuesday evening. “At MSU it is important the classroom environment is conducive to a free exchange of ideas and is respectful of the opinions of others,” Kent Cassella,an MSU spokesman wrote. “MSU is thankful we’ve been made aware of the situation,” he said, referring the secret video recording which was viewed by hundreds of individuals on Tuesday. “We will be looking into it,” he added.

  • C. Grinder

    This so called professor should be tared and feathered. He is such a son of a cu*t.

  • Guest

    Best education money can buy, all conjecture and opinion…no fact, no discussion, just rhetoric. Then calling out people to be closet racists by injecting racism into the his magnanimous iterations about Republicans. The bad part is, this man is recieving a HUGE paycheck to twist and warp the youthful and impressionable minds with party line antics and THE STUDENTS don’t see HE is the problem. HE is the reason their student debt is HIGH (with his 6 digit salary) and they will not be able to get a job with the worthless garbage he is shoveling at them. Their degrees will be worthless b/c they learned NOTHING.

    • TXLadyPatriot

      Hear, hear!!

    • 5live5

      Well let’s hope there is on LESS salary effecting MSUs costs after this!!! I would have expected this to be Kent State and professor “Jihad”! He’s the one that caused a bunch of ROTCs to drop his class and risk failure because of his statements that the alqueda on the jet liners that struck the twin towers were “heroes”! I heard about it right about the time my daughter said she was thinking about kent. I told her that if she attended Kent, it would be on her OWN DIME. She changed her mind and attended Cleveland State instead.

      • Sephichan125

        Uh-oh…a friend of mine just started college at Kent State. I’ll be sure to warn him not to go anywhere near this “Professor Jihad” you mentioned. That’s the last thing he needs…

        • 5live5

          I forget his name but if your friend asks around, he will find out.

  • Tj B

    I would not spit on this guy if he was on fire!!! What did Ann Romney ever do to him? What a fat-head, lib-tard slug!

    • arich45

      Like the current first lady is attractive? LOL. Yeah if you like apes.

  • Swed

    Vote with your wallets, stop funding broken asses like this jerk. So this piece of white trash is part of the problem. Fire him, maybe after a few years in the real world he will be smarter. McDonalds may hire him but I doubt he lasts a day.

    • 5live5

      Are you kidding? HE’D HAVE TO WORK!! it would KILL him!!!

  • Macjammm

    I would not want to be Mitt Romney, BUT if i woke up one day and i was HIM i could probably learn to live with it.
    On the other hand, Who would want to be that Professor he is a “Professor of Foolishness”.
    And if i woke up one day and i was him i would probably have to kill HIM!!!

    • Hermit

      I would have to go along with you on that Mac,
      And you would be in a very good position to do it also.

    • JohnM

      Wouldn’t want to ‘be Mitt Romney’? Really? the man gives away his entire inheritance when he is a young man, Starts over with next to nothing and is, today, a successful businessman. His enterprises have generated thousands of jobs. He donates a large portion of his money to charity and treats his wife and children and those around him with truthfulness, love, and when needed, generousity. As far as ‘hiding money in the Caymans’, check PrexBo and most of his minions and you’ll find much of the same AND MORE….Hell, start with Charley Rangel if you want to see what REAL corruption is.
      I would like, more than anything, to provide jobs for others who need and want them, but my little business is hammered so badly by the IRS, state, local taxes and fees and permits and regulations, and fines that I’m often lucky to even collect 1 small ($500.00) paycheck for a months hard work. Given what Romney has accomplished, I’d give a years pay to spend a lunch with him to learn how I can do it before I’m too old to work anymore. If Romney was our President this country would be well on it’s way back to prosperity instead of being the laughing stock of the universe.

      • Macjammm

        You seem to have missed the point of my comment completely. SORRY
        You also seem to be BAT POO CRAZY.

      • Max_

        Hay JohnM did you even watch the film?
        I don’t think so you sound like a guy down on his luck looking for a place to cry.
        Mac’s comment was on point, and not disrespectful to your Mitt at all you on the other hand posted a comment that appears to be meant for some other time and place.
        Excuse me but I do not understand your indignation I personally would not want to be anyone else but ME either and I do not know for sure but I think that might of been Mac’s point.

      • sneemdream

        One word describes the Romney haters…..

  • The_American_Way

    Why is this guy allowed to keep teaching? His political ideology clearly is more important to him than the actual subject matter. He does not need to be suspended, he needs to be fired.

    • henryknox

      He is a bully. Schools should try to eliminate bullying from the classroom.

      • Rick

        Too bad that I wasn’t in that classroom. This character would be picking up his teeth from the floor. So what, if I get an F.

        • claudekaz

          amen brother !!!!!!

        • Gizmo51

          Exactly what republinos do: fight and rape!

          • lakehead2

            You sir, are an ignoramous if you actually think that!

          • Michael

            Republicans / Democrats – they are the same. We the people have no representation and it is our fault. Tell me what is the difference between
            united States and United States? Do we live under Corporate Law or Common Law and why? Is the Federal Reserve Federal? and is there any Reserve?

            It is not about Politicians it is about Sovereignty of which most have no understanding, even if they have a dictionary close at hand.

            Yes, Romney is a Traitor. Rich is not a factor. Sovereignty, Liberty are the open doors to riches. Most refuse the only means of creating wealth because they are SOCIALLY DEPENDENT and what does that mean?

            Wake up America (or is it already too late).

          • Warren

            Just like a Castro supported would need to say. Lets talk about your history of killing, rape, and kidnapping. Yes you. Anyone who supports leftist who have a history of murder and enslavement are guilty of the same thing. You leftist need a taste of your own horror.

          • sandy2249

            Slither back into your liberal hole ! Funny isn’t it that its always liberals caught in sex scandals !!!! Go back to your fellow liberals idiot !

          • daves

            Unless it is a homosexual sex scandal, then for sure it will be a republican.

      • Warren

        Suspended, fired, why do you think the school hired him?

        • Michael

          Because he has a certificate of education and a GPA that appears to qualify him to teach. Why do we not have certain qualifications beyond paper work and education ratings (grades)? Because we don’t look at people. We only look at paper.

    • TenureStinks

      The tenure system promotes mediocirty. He probably can’t be fired.

      • 5live5

        Get him on a “morals” clause as he doesn’t have ANY!!

      • metro143

        His real job consist of ” Do you want ketchup with those fries, Sir”

      • Michael

        That is Government control and job security. There has never been any quality control in government when you talk about personnel. It is about doing as you are told or brown nosing to make points and many fit right in.
        This professor is like so many citizens today; ignorant and in his case his ignorance is self imposed and that is the worst kind of stupidity.
        Education can cure ignorance and thus stupidity is self imposed.
        Being dumb has no fault because it is incurable. Some are just born that way.

    • Monte R Stamper


      • DEfromDC

        How about liberal Dumbocrat? Make it part white not dead white and he is describing the pres and the administration.

    • boone1

      HE needs to be fired now!!

    • Steve

      Because this is America. The teacher is entitled to his libtard opinions. If the kids don’t like it they can take a different class. What do you expect from college? Maybe you’d like to make a law that teacher’s can’t state their opinions in class?

      • Bellathecat

        they don’t allow anyone to give a different opinion. They would not like me in their classes. I would give them hell. You don’t even know what kind of class he was teaching and yet you still defend him. Give me a break. All of you liberals are one way. Your way or no way. Not even a calm peaceful discussion. Disgraceful. You put your opinions out but no one else is allowed theirs. I would stand up in his class. give him my speech and interpretation and tell him to kiss my A– and walk out never to return.

        • Steve

          You’re the one going off the deep end and spouting progressive BS! What do you expect from liberal higher ed? Send your kid to a liberal school, get mad when they’re told to worship Obummer, then whine and complain about it like a true progressive! Congrats RINO, you’ve joined the enemy.

          • Michael

            There is nothing about progressivism that should be allowed within our classroom unless you are taking a government class to learn the problems created by idiots who have followed people like Karl Marx.

            Want someone to follow who really can help our students to understand the realities in life? Why not try Frederick Bastiat – his book, “The Law”

      • Rick

        Parents and taxpayers do not pay for his or any teachers political opinions, they pay for their children to receive a truthful, solid, and meaningful education. No law should be needed, we have too many laws already. A teacher should teach what they are hired to teach. If not done, their employment contract is terminated. Period!

        • Steve

          If you send your kid to school at green peace headquarters then don’t complain when they learn about “global warming” and abortion.

      • catfish

        They must teach facts, not liberal BS. Now that would probable tax their little pea brains.

      • dhmill

        Ah, but this was not a Political Science class. It was a literature class. He was there to teach about books and reading books. Not to teach about politics.
        He was wrong anyway. One problem is that students, especially young students with no life experience, hear crap like that come out of a professor’s mouth and they take it as truth.
        The fact of the matter is that those rich people that he was alluding to as the countries’ rapists were Democrats. Rockefeller, the richest man in the world, EVER, was a Democrat. His whole following family were wealthy Democrats. Except for Nelson Rockefeller and I’m not convinced about him being a Republican. Carnagy, the steel magnate was a Democrat. The railroad barrons were Democrats. And they got your forefathers via the government to pay for building their railroads. And they also became staggeringly wealthy from the land that the government gave to them for building the railroads with the governments money.
        But, those students will probably never learn or know the truth. They will forever more believe that it was the Republicans, never knowing that it was really the Democrates that raped America.
        Oh, and they never stopped. They continue to this day.

        • Steve

          These kids get sent to school by their parents and then the parents complain when a art and humanities teacher tells them about politics. I didn’t send my kids to art school for a reason. Now they both have jobs and minds of their own. Quit complaining about liberal teachers and stop sending your kids to them. Soon they’ll be out of a job because their classroom will be empty or full of welfare recipients who can’t afford to be there.

          • Rick

            You are right on Steve. Regardless of the class or what crap he was espousing, parents, you must stop paying thousands and thousands of dollars to send your kids to these rehabilitation centers. Colleges, universities and even high schools have become just that. Don’t complain about getting bit when you voluntarily jump into the snake pit!! Oh and one more thing, look around you, elementary schools are becoming the same.

          • Michael

            Exactly right Rick. They are reeducation camps. They are run by government. However, home schooling has not been the answer either; just an excuse for not standing up to the Federal Government and getting them our of the business of reeducating our children (before: us).

          • Michael

            What do you mean? The whole country is a welfare state today. Where are the real American’s? In Mexico? I know they went somewhere.

        • iamsurrounded

          Excellent points – and they prove the “professors” stupidity. He should be fired for being too stupid.

        • Michael

          Democrats, Republicans, Whigs, etc., all use to be something else. What are they today?

        • Iceman47

          The thing I find interesting about this whole incident, and I only know what has been reported, is that apparently not a single “student” called this guy on what he said. There was no attempt at debate or refuting the statement or requiring the teacher to provide proof of his statement. If what I suspect is true, the Progressive agenda has succeeded marvelously in breeding out any kind of independent thought and the questioning of the so-called “teacher” with regard to what the “student” is being asked to swallow. So much for the free flow of ideas.

      • Baf

        The teacher is entitled to his beliefs but NOT in a paid classroom. I don’t send my child to college to get taught lies and this is EXACTLY what he is doing. There are no laws that prevent an opinion in a classroom but there are policies in each institution against lying to further an agenda. I also expect integrity within each educational institution and for those students who dare to question their educators, should not be punished for doing so with a lower grade point average. If I were grading this teacher he would fail the class and be removed from the school for lying.

      • iamsurrounded

        Their opinions should be kept to themselves and should not effect someone’s grade.

      • Michael

        Within a Sovereign Republic each citizen has certain responsibilities above and beyond their personal lives. Those responsibilities are to preserve the Union for all into the next generations. We can’t accomplish this through liberalism. He has no right to spew crap inside his classroom and that is not what he should be paid for.

        Professors should be selected by their educational standings; meaning knowledge and if they have no real history foundation of the Federalist Papers and our Constitution, they should not be considered qualified to teach.

        Even the united States should have STANDARDS. Freedom is not free. It is earned and it must be held in highest regard. This is not a professor. He is an idiot and I would not want a child of mine studying under him. Yet far too many are just like him and even worse.

    • kenvandoren

      Hey diversity and open mindedness, hearing the opinions, even the outrageous opinions of others is not necessarily a bad thing. What IS a bad thing is that when folks like this idiot control our colleges, precious little dissent is permitted, and the voices of the pro-capitalists, those dedicated to limited government and our REAL civil rights, the rights to life, liberty and property are seldom heard, and even less likely to have tenured positions on campus. What we have is intellectually incestuous relationships, the construction of a leftist, even marxist academia funded by the very taxpayers that the academic establishment wishes to destroy. Unfortunately most Republican elected officials are gutless and do not want to take on this monster. It could be that it is now or never.

      • LroF5LFjiB

        He is allowed his opinion. But when such opinion rules out others then he has gone to far. The students who disagreed should have stood up and voiced their opinion. If they were not allowed to then legal action would be necessary. I totally disagree with his opinion but higher education is all about free thought and healthy discussion especially since it is taxpayer funded! But most public universities are hotbeds of liberalism and conservatives are called names and threatened with expulsion. I would never send my grandchild to a public University!

        • Michael

          Most students are looking for grades and don’t want to upset the apple cart.
          The Professors have the upper hand.

          Kind of like the bankers! Re Napoleon Bonaparte-The hand that gives is above the hand that receives – meaning the bankers have the power over kings and countries. So is the professor in his own classroom.

      • Michael

        Unless ignorance is being spewed in a College Classroom! Unfortunately far too many have controlled our campus classrooms for too many decades. Since the Sixties they have had all the time necessary to dumb down this country and turn us all into a Socially Dependent population who all look to government for our salvation.
        Why do so many college students go to school-seeking to work for the government when they graduate when their employer is bankrupt?

        Who are their parents and what is between their ears?

    • Michael

      I would call him a Demodissolutionary, but them I realize we have no sovereignty in this country today simply because we don’t know our own history and because we don’t know our own history we have no Sovereignty.

      It is not and never has been about who is rich or who is poor. It is about those who understand Liberty – the open door to opportunity of which being able to reach for and achieve dreams.

      Today we are all Socially Dependent upon a Bankrupt government and we want more of it?

      When do we hit the books and learn what is wrong so we can fix the problems rather than point fingers and make accusations about things we know nothing about.

      We are our Police in our States receiving Federal Funding: The federalization of local police? Very unconsiitutional.

      What is the Resolution of 1780? When at territory becomes a State the Federal Government no longer has any authority within the new States boundaries (unless to go to the State Legislature under the Constitution: i.e. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 and what must the Federal Government do with these lands when no longer considered needed?

      What is Sovereignty? Is your State a Republic? Yes? Why?

      Do you have a State Constitution?
      Do you have a State Government?

      Is your State Considered Sovereign and if so are the citizens considered Sovereign?

      What is the difference between united States and United States?

      Do we live under common law or do our courts operate under Corporate Law and what is the Act of 1871.

      What do they teach in our Colleges and Universities that is worth the certificate of graduation our students hold, especially when a large percentage of them are bankrupt soon after graduation?

      Should this professor even be teaching in our system and what is his pay? It is appears he is being paid far too much if he is paid anything at all.

    • Warren

      These leftist want a police state and will say anything to get it. The leftist have a history of murder and other horrendous crimes against children that they want us to forget. They love Mao and Stalin the worst murderers of all time so they need to erase the history. This hideous excuse of a human being would have been given the death penalty if this was still America. Maybe we can still make it happen?

  • Proudamerican

    Your schools are a hotbed of liberal indoctrination and should be reviled and YOU should be fired on the spot.

  • Kenneth Bowman

    Contemptible communist agent pretending to be an “educator” brain washing students into communist ideology using the SOVIET science of DISINFORMATION. EVIL because he is being paid by students to be educated but are being robbed of one. The man should be arrested for FRAUD.

  • DustyFae

    This is terrible, l think he needs to be gone… There is no need for this in any Schools.

  • Dale Putnam

    college level. “professprs” charged with the responsibility to teach students fairness, honesty, pride in country…. upright and valued citizenship… speaking lies and treasonous statements… should be stripped of all… no.. ALL credentials… kicked out of teaching.. in any capacity.. blacklisted, tracked, and named.. in publishments every month.. as to location and living status. We keep better track of bacteria, than we do for this example of trackable yet a living viris.

    • 5live5

      good luck with that, the government AND the college uppers are all in cahoots with him!!

  • TPS12

    Is this why we spend tens of thousands of dollars to send our children to college to learn hate? His job is to educate not pass on his bias. He should be fired and made to apologies to all Republicans. I hope MSU takes action and if not all Republicans should drop their financial support.

  • ARMYOF69

    One sided views of moronic overpaid professors who cannot be fired.

    • lorlan4

      May be true, but, the parents who pay, can have their children go elsewhere or the kids can go elsewhere if they think they are patriots. If not, go to MSU!!!.

  • Beedogs

    Look into it? FIRE HIM like the intolerant US Taliban member that he is!

  • buzzo

    this man was hated by his mother… who vents these types probably educators who have never had to wash their hands because they never labored but have all the solutions

  • singer23

    He must have a PhD in BS! Typical Liberal, money sucking Professor! He more than likely works two days a week and gets paid a handsome salary! They are like Politicians, under worked and over paid!

  • Shirley

    He kept saying he didn’t mean to offend the Republicans in the class or the parents of students who are Republicans. How was anything he said NOT offensive? Why does anyone donate to their alma mater. Everyone should STIFF the colleges and make sure you tell them why. When they don’t get our money perhaps we will start seeing an education coming out of schools.

    • 5live5

      I’d donate a truck load of Manure to them as that is what their school is worth at the moment!

      • Reid

        hey if they had the manure they’d just spread it on their pot plants better to give them nada

  • dandeman

    MSU officials investigating??? Come On!!!! How much more detail do you need to find this guy is completely out of line and should be dismissed immediately. I bet if his classroom was flooded with non-paying students, he’d be screaming at the top of his lungs for MSU to check ID’s to make sure they were there officially.

    Maybe a bunch of undocumented Republicans should go to his class and have a real debate instead of this Chicken-%#& approach to bully young kids.

    • 5live5

      What more proof of this do they need, they have RECORDINGS OF HIM SAYING IT!!

  • henryknox

    So this is what is meant by hate speech. There seems to be something deeply troubling this ‘professor’. What could possibly fill someone with so much hate? I certainly hope my tax money isn’t funding this in any way.

  • Light_V_Dark

    ···· -Isaiah-5-20

    Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”

    • JohnM

      “Forced to ‘live well’? Really? Take a quick look at Cuba…..THAT’s sure working out well, wouldn’t you say?>

      • Light_V_Dark

        From your mouth, to God’s ears, John—

      • Light_V_Dark

        John, the two most evil women in Amerikan Herstory are Madalyn Murray O’Hair and Margaret Sanger. Sanger is WORSHIPPED BY THE LEFT.

      • Light_V_Dark

        Take a quick at Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, Oakland, the OWSERS···MY FAULT¿¿

  • intheleupp

    Intimidate your students and tell them you don’t mean to offend them, while spouting racist and Liberal lies left and right. Wow! This so-called “teacher” is so wrong on so many fronts. And again, what about all the black people who sold their own black neighbors to each other and to the slave traders instead of pushing them back into the seas at the time???? Pot calling kettle black.

  • No Name

    Speaking of dead, this racist cretin, is suffering from a malady known as “I don’t know anything about anything because I have a useless degree”.

    Therefore , he pontificates his psuedo-intellectual excrement and bullies anyone he can, to prove he is a professor. This writer is not amused. Had anyone of marginal intellect debated this peon, he would fall into a fetal position and cry for mommy. A silly little boy with an ego and syphilitic encephalitis, and more than likely, a vagina for the usual male genitalia.



    • 5live5

      no he would have expelled them from his class for disagreeing with him and being “disrespectful”!!! What a north end of a south bound horse!!

  • itriedthemall

    My cousin just graduated from MSU. Her course included some “women studies” classes (not sure what that is). One of her class requirements was to watch Rachel Maddow. (Unfortunately my not-so-smart cousin did not find that to be a problem.)

  • itriedthemall

    Aside from the fact that this professor is spouting nonsense – why would anything like this take place in a literature class?


    I wonder how many liberal news media reporters and editors have been influenced by “award-winning” creative writing professor like Mr. Penn.

    • sneemdream

      I think it is painfully obvious.

  • jime1

    Aside from spouting his brand of BS to young minds I’ll venture to say this fool never worked a day in his life. I had many colleagues just like this A$$hole. Universities are literal cesspools of socialism. If you have any conservative tendencies you’ll find yourself on the outside looking in very quickly. There is teaching, and then there is indoctrination. In case you’re unaware they are not the same. Go right ahead and spend 10K or more a year to turn Johnny or Suzie into a worthless liberal who will graduate believing they have already paid their dues. Parents, if you are planning to send your kid to college you’d be better off just going to Vegas and loosing your hard earned cash at a casino. The pain will be over rather quickly instead for waiting years for even worse pain!

    • sneemdream

      Soooo true!

  • TenureStinks

    This university professor (like most) are useless libtards who are essentially living off the public dole.

  • Mac Boy

    Another Racist LIB “professor” allowed to spew dog-poop in our schools ………….

  • bobmead1960

    What a RACIST JERK! Who made him god? All knowing of right and wrong. He needs to go back to the classroom of FREE SPEECH that is TEACHING and not PREJUDICE IN NATURE!

  • James H. Hughes

    It has often been said – and this guy proves it: the hippies of the 60s have risen through the ranks and now misrule the Colleges and Universities.

    • sneemdream

      And… In politics and the MSM
      Our country is screwed.

  • bobmead1960

    I hope he is getting paid what he is worth, which would be, that he should have to pay them to teach!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Demiss this dismal ditz! We need educators in our schools – not slimeballs!~

  • don

    The vast majority of Atheist’s are Liberal Democrats and the person in Massachusetts that is suing to remove the words under God from the School Pledge is most likely the Beer maker of the brand of Samuel Adams brand of beer. He does claim to be an Atheist and he only believes that what he wants is the only thing that should happen and to hell with the rest of the world.

    • 5live5

      I agree with my wife. If they don’t like saying “Under God” then just stand there and don’t!!!

  • SammysDad


  • Charles Calhoun

    How ironic. A racist rant referring to some other absent people as “racist”. And voter fraud? You mean expecting people to not cheat or only vote once. This guy should be removed.

    Sure there is academic freedom, but there should also be supervision before tenure and responsibility to not lie and propagandize students afterward. Liars ought not teach our children or young adults.

    And he is a traitor to his own race. That would be the human race.

    • 5live5

      Like the little girl says in the Allstate commercial, “INDEED”!!!

  • Old1946vet

    This guy sounds like an angry “I didn’t get mine for free” type. Angry about how the Demon Crat party has made being a young “voter” a free ride. He’s entitled to his thoughts about Republcans, but to randomly rant about HIS THOUGHTS is not condusive to an OPEN learning envionment.

  • Samurai_Sam

    Hmm I thought if you were going to be a professor you were supposed to have at least half a brain! Guess I was wrong on that count.

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    Sadly many parents paid alot of money for their kids to hear this crap.

  • hercules

    To the youth of America: Only those with weak minds can be brainwashed!!! The school year has just begun those students should have all walked out of that class and dropped it!!!! He is not funny, he is a bully!!! To the student who he asks if they are frowning, and than says if they are a closet racist, he is coming after them, should have got up and left. I have a feeling no one in that class is allowed an opinion unless it is the same as his foolish one!

    • Amfer Ferg

      I caught that also – he pounced on a student who had a ‘look’ on his face that Penn saw was challenging what he said about Republicans….intimidating the student. That’s my take.

  • disqus_r56iJBG4H7

    He should be tarred and feathered and then hung by his genitals for 30 days with no food or water.


  • bobmead1960

    What a sad waste of parents hard earned dollars, tax dollars, a human being and students listening to such garbage!

  • VP

    I just finished sending a very civil, but firm, email to MSU’s Board of Trustees asking that they make sure this is looked into. I also asked that they do the right thing and fire “professor” William Penn since MSU makes a big deal about hate speech not being tolerated. I’m not holding my breath, but let’s see if they put their money where their mouth is.

    • John Walt

      They won’t. They feel the same! They are sick Hoplophobes.

  • Drosack

    Higher learning is a misnomer, I wouldn’t give 2 cents to some collages, they are a piss poor trap for liberals to spout their crap. They often show their fear of conservatism by saying things that they do but blame it on conservatives. Like not supporting civil rights. They are the ones with the kkk representation.

  • porterv

    Maybe it’s time to look into defunding some of these institutions. All they do is indoctrinate politically.

  • John Walt

    Yeah, Michigan is setting the standard for the rest of this country. Just look at Detroit!

    The students should catch this clown walking to his car and pull one of those ‘black on professor’ crimes on him. I know that illiterate professors, like this buffoon, would make me want to attend such a credible University. How bout you?

  • bob_seifert

    After having looked over the MSU Board of trustees here

    I can see why he so openly and freely can disrespect republicans …

    Looking over pedigrees .. the board of trustees appears to be a who’s who of democrats who have worked on electing democrats and worked on campaigns for democrats.

    It would appear that since they think that education should be free … MSU may want to change their policy and start letting kids go to school free … teachers should teach for free as well. It is after all the socialist way isn’t it?

    I suggest letters go to all the Board of trustees about Mr. William Penn .. I appreciate bringing this to our attention. I know where I don’t want my kids going to school because of it!

  • WilliamSpires

    The moron forgot to mention that democrats especially the current crop are reincarnated Third Reich Hitler community organizers!!

    • TheSunDidIt

      Part of the “Massah’s” of the OLD South and the crystal night crowd.

      • nrahat

        Go easy on the guy, he was probably indoctrinated just like he is trying to do to the classes he is teaching!!!!!!

        • TheSunDidIt

          In my poly-sci course in college the professor was about as poorly educated. And he choose to let everyone “vote” on the correct answers to the quizzes and tests. So, if you had B and everyone else marked C, you were typically outvoted. He did award what he called “martyr points” so that, if you DID really have the right answer, you still did get credit. I had the highest number of martyr points that semester. I did manage several times to get people to vote against their PERSONAL vested interest of a vote and vote for the TRUTH rather than the lie. I don’t know what anyone else got out of the class but, I learned that the pack will typically choose self-interest over truth MOST times.

  • fidlin1

    These professors wouldn’t make it in the real world. That’s why they stay on campus. it’s the closest thing to perpetual youth. Republican whites raping America? What a typical ignorant Campus dweller.

  • TheSunDidIt

    My ancestors fought for this idiot’s right to be an idiot but, I really want to kick his butt. Seems those cousins and uncles of mine that fought in WWII didn’t kill enough “enemies of freedom”. How are you taking this manure if you have folks that fought in the Revolution or the War of 1812.

    • fidlin1

      Things keep going like they are an ass whooping is guaranteed.

  • SaneZidane

    Boy…talking about biting the hand that feeds you! It was and still is, the white people along with others that have given him the privilege to be where he is today,( I believe it’s called, taxes.) He doesn’t seem able to leave well enough alone as a so called professor. Sure would like to meet his racist mind outside class as he suggests. If I could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth, I could buy a villa on the French Riviera.

  • Don Williams

    Good argument for snipers

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    Most universities have these communists spouting their vile garbage ….and force feeding this nonsense to their students. It’s all part of the great plan of the left to debase and defile the minds of impressionable youth. Award winning? From who. The CPUSA? Other leftist outfits? The same morons that gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize? Under ‘academic freedom’ ….MSU will defend this guy, and fight for his right so he can continue to fill heads with garbage. There are far left donors, most connected to large money interests, many even international in scope who have installed guys like Penn to corrupt our nation.

  • lorquiltdiva

    A teacher has no right to express an opinion-a teacher shows both sides-then if asked what his/her thoughts are , a response may be given, but one that is civil and respectful to everyone. This is the rule for k-12 and higher education.

  • GinoV


  • JD

    A good idea of what is wrong with our education system. Worse, yet, is that the students did not challenge him but, sat there laughing at his comments.

  • bs7sden

    Is this guy MSU’s official ‘Ass h–e’?

  • starrytwang

    Where does such abject hatred come from? It is so misguided.

  • Phil Bronner

    It is simply amazing…or not…as to how totally ignorant some supposedly “educated” people really are…

    • notalib

      They apparently know how to pass a test but apparently never learn anything. They are the walking, talking ignorant very low information voter that has helped diminish our country. They hate the American way of life that has afforded them so much. I don’t understand them–nor do I want to wast my time. I want them gone.

  • Neal Gaylor

    This guy is clearly a liberal, brain-dead communist! Who gives a crap what this MORON has to say?

    • Amfer Ferg

      There are students in his classes who will be influenced by this radical fool

  • Conservative Iowa

    If a Professor made such remarks about Democrats and Obama he would be fired immediately – as this idiot elitist should be. If I was sending student to MSU or was a Michigan taxpayer I would demand it !

  • PCGOPExaminer
  • Neal Gaylor

    Sorry, … sense to call this idiot…

  • craig

    What a shock !! we had no idea this was taking place…NOT….so what these losers are fools …I think these teachers make a zero impact if the kids they are teaching have conservative parents …it only shows them the ignorance we are fighting.

  • Val


  • Fred_K

    The student’s parents should remove their sons and daughters from this evil idiot’s classroom ASAP, and sue the school for the tuition they paid.

  • DGR

    Despicable actions by someone who is in a position of trust and leadership to our youth! UGH

  • Robby777

    Just another libertard in higher education. A majority of libertards are in the universities!

  • James Crawford

    Can (fire, neuter, drown…whatever) this pseudo intellectual before he gets involved in climate change topics, too.

  • tnetcenter

    It’s PAST time to purge our government, military, education, legislation, and judicial infrastructure of the POISON that liberal progressive socialists (read COMMUNISTS) bring in.

    It may already be too late, but WE MUST TRY REGARDLESS!!! They are systematically dismantling our country, indoctrinating our kids, and destroying our economy, as well as reducing the technological capabilities and effectiveness of our armed services. IT absolutely MUST BE STOPPED!!!

    THEY ARE TAKING AWAY our FREEDOM, one executive order at a time, or one regulation at a time, or one overstepping massive piece of legislation at a time!

    It’s UP TO US to STOP THEM!!

    • notalib

      Right on! Totally agree.

  • Dumvet

    What a moron, wonder if he went to school with BHO? I may have to go to MSU and show him how dead this white Repub is!

  • Gerald Zirnstein

    Great, another liberal, white, racist (anti-white) a@@hole. My boy will NEVER apply or attend ANY classes in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois or any other state ruined by liberals.

  • squeak

    WOW, No wonder I am living in hell, you see, I am a Conservative Republican dead white female… here all the time I thought this is the way it is, then here come these Crazy Professors that say we Republicans are” dead White people that raped this Country “, I did not feel a thing, I am missing out on living a great life in America, help me someone, I want back to the Country I once knew, “America ” …sounds crazy doesn’t it ? That is what these Professors are, down right nuts, out of their minds, should NOT be near our children teaching Propaganda… pardon my comment, was trying to be funny, sarcastic & being truthful as far as these Professors are concern !

  • sensen22

    Outside of class he means to offend them? Is that veiled threat that may be criminal?

    • Amfer Ferg

      That’s my take on him – BTW, what ‘subject was he attempting to teach??

  • rs1123

    He should be fired, de-tenured, and have his pension cancelled. Talk about the blatant b@lls the Left has, anything they think they can get away with, they will pull. What a douche.

  • notalib

    This is what happens when we turn our heads and backs and let the libs sneak into positions of authority. This guy should not be teaching kids–of ANY age. Unfortunately the schools at all levels are full of this type of disgusting human and at the college level they seem to be the worst of the worst. Libs cannot be trusted in any position of authority or responsibility. They are truly mentally ill.

  • a_browning

    No meaningful disciple is likely to occur because he is a liberal. What he really needs is another hole in the head. The same thing to all the brainwashing liberal professors. My tolerance for this garbage has run out.

    • notalib

      If higher education were a car it would be recalled because it is a dangerous product. Not fit for much of anything under these liberals.

  • jakex_iii

    kiss my contributions goodbye if he stays.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Joseph McCarthy died in 1957. Since that time, the communists he warned of came out of the woodwork and in fifty years is now the front running party in government. He was right, but the communists were too well camouflaged for anyone to see them. Now they have no need, and they have dropped all pretense of being intelligent, showing their true colors to the world.

  • bet1125

    MSU spokesman “we will be looking into it”. Translation – “we will lay low and hope this goes away”.

    • Amfer Ferg

      Yep, the MSU way.

  • DrCrimwitt

    Can you believe that your kids or you pay for your kids to be educated by the Stupid? Demand your money back. This guy teaching is a moron.

  • Helen

    They will be looking into it? If I had a kid going to school there I would pull them out immediately, sue the school and ask that every other parent join me. This idiot needs to be fired… tenure….no pay……FIRED! We have enough people out there inciting all kinds of violence and we have to put up with an idiot like this. Where did he go to school…….Columbia?

  • issachar

    Were going to have teach our college kids to publicly remind the professor to teach the subject matter and to not add his personal comments. We did it at the community college here on LI and it worked.

  • Chuckbr

    Stop socialism! VOTE against all democrats

  • pcsrocky

    His statement, “I don’t mean to offend you,” is obviously absolute BS!!!!! He further claims, “at least in this class, outside of class is another matter.” I wonder how he would grade a student who wrote a paper with a similar conservative or Republican rant and “I did not mean to offend you,” gets stated at the end.

    I bet a great big F would appear on the paper. The left/liberal/progressive/dfl always complains that the right/conservative/republican are hate mongers. I have not, do not and will not believe it. I have not seen any evidence of such in the various marches or gatherings. They tried to say such about the TEA Party but could not prove it and the gatherings leave locations cleaner than when they started.

    I am glad I never had a college Prof like this one. I probably would have written one paper or attended a couple of lectures and had to at least drop his class, besides reporting such complete unethical behavior!!!!

  • Denny Here is the douche bags email address.

  • George Wentzel

    The video demonstrates that the “Professor” is not very intelligent, Black People do not vote Democratic, they vote Democrat and there is a very large difference, a huge difference between the two. The President of Michigan State University needs to address the question of why they have someone on staff that does not have a basic understanding of the two words. Words have meanings because they stand for things and it is critically important to know the difference, especially in an institution of higher learning if in fact Michigan State University is an institution of higher learning. I am quite certain that the misguided lad is a product of the dumbed down system of schools in the United States, thanks no less to the corrupt Democrat Party that is anything but Democratic.

  • glop

    What else can one expect from a prof in Michigan. Surely is full of nothing.

  • DrRGP

    A story like this is hardly news, at least to those of us who have extensive experience with universities, especially the higher-rated ones This kind of indoctrination, however, appears to have become more frequent over the past generation or so.

  • Gary Calhoun

    That Professor MUST DIE!!!

  • tr99tr

    What, did we need proof that democRATS are nothing but miserable scruffy midget-head lying scumbag RAT b a s t a r ds ???

  • opiethegreat

    He should be reprimanded severely, what did that have to do with teaching creative writing? He should have left his politics out of the classroom and how did Ann Romney come into to the discussion. What an idiot. I change my mind he should be fired. This is what is wrong with our society today, people spewing such crap!

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    And Liberals didn’t? And Liberals AREN’T? DIS be zactly why Americans is so much STUPIDER den we usta was…

  • babsan

    This is what we have for so called professors.Commies/Marxists and outright America haters.It is OK to get well paid here in America and spread hate and evil words by these CREEPS

  • sudsy

    wrong! He lies as good as Obama!

  • marineh2ominer

    No teacher should EVER be allowed to let his political beliefs known to his students , teachers like this terminal azzhole is why . He is a teacher because he is too ignorant and stupid to actually produce anything .

  • 1baronrichsnot1


  • k

    Absolute stupidity coming from a paid supposed educator. He needs to keep his progressive communist mouth shut. He is the problem with today’s education and should be fired.

  • Michael

    The good news is Professor Dipshit will soon be out of work, regardless of what MSU decides. Georgia Tech has just lanched an online masters for the cost of $6,600! They expect floods of people locked out of higher education to the program. Schools need to follow to compete and going away to school for four to seven years for six figures will be for those 1%ers that Prof. DS hates. Thing is, folks don’t acquire wealth by spending six figures for something they know is available for less than $10k, so who knows exactly what the future holds.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    This so called educator should be fired and then charged with treason.. no wonder so many of our kids are turning into communists. What an a sshole!

  • Taylor

    Talking about Romney? How old is this video?

  • ActualConundrum

    Only Democrats rape this country. Then they blame Republicans. KKK a democrat creation. Democrats fought tooth and nail against civil right. And Lincoln a Republican freed the slaves. Yet they blame Republicans for KKK (though republicans were who the KKK killed white and black) and they say they were responsible for civil rights ( yet they tried to block it at every turn) and of course Lincoln only freed the slaves by accident. Democrats have nothing but ljes. The exposed truth of Democrats is so horrific anyone sould be ashamed to be Democrat.

    • Liam

      You’d send your kid to that school and then you’ll blame the teacher when your kid comes home thinking Obummer is brilliant? Take some responsibility instead of whining about dead people! You sound like the moron in the video.

      • The happy warrior

        Your attack maybe a little strong. Yes we all need to force so changes, really do something besides just complaining.

  • randolph.poole

    This guy is a total POC! Absolutely, disgraceful.

  • ECDucy

    This guy is a scumbag, bottom feeding, Communist, weasel!

  • Reid

    Martin Luther king was a republican, Lincoln was a republican, The kkk WAS FORMED BY THE DEMOCRATS

  • Mr T

    I’m not surprised, seeing as how those on the left (who are right brained) are literally brain damaged!!

  • mdy616

    Maybe everyone should write the Board of Trustees at MSU to express their outrage over this “professor” (term used loosely) who uses his classroom as a bully pulpit!! If you are interested here is the address: We MUST express our outrage to someone other than ourselves!! Maybe if flooded with emails they will realize people are sick and tired of this crap.

  • jo johnson

    He’s just another slimey puke-a-crat !

  • Rick

    This purported college professor is a disgrace to the name he carries. William Penn was an important forefather in our nation’s history, Penn was Governor of the colony known as Penn’s Woods, which became the Commonwealth and the State of Pennsylvania. This professor Penn could not clean the boots of is namesake. This kind of distortion of fact and history in our public schools, colleges and universities is an abomination to the entire profession of education and reason for distorted social history that is polluting generations of US students with his hollow and vulgar spew, in the name of education. He does not deserve the overly inflated income he collects from the taxpayers of his state and of the nation. He does not deserve the students who are entrusted to him for instruction.

  • ste1021

    I guess if I’m raping the country, then I shouldn’t be expected to pay estimated taxes this month, right?

  • R.Young

    All Loyal subjects of the Regime know that the Dumbocrats only have the best interests of the (Country) in their hearts and of course the Republicans have the worst interests of the Country in mind!

  • diana

    Fire this stupid azz he needs to go back to school and investigate the truth, he is so far off he has no right teaching our kids


    I’ve always said several college professors have MORE DEGREES THAN BRAINS. What this full time prof has done is provide the absolute best example of party over country imaginable.

  • Vernon Davis

    I think William has been living in a pen too long, an Obama pen that is. Someone needs to inform him
    that Democrats are live white and black people that are destroying America. How these idiots get to
    be college professors is beyond me. If anyone is getting raped it is the blacks by Obama and the Dems.

  • catfish

    MSU professor is the uninformed teaching other uninformed nitwits to be uninformed. This idiot is repeating the same liberal crap that he has been taught and he is still an diot and if or when his graduating students apply for a job, they will still be unimployeeable and uninformed.

  • gavinwca

    They will look into who made the tape , they could care less about what the professor said.

  • catfish

    The demoroids are uinformed freeloading, food stamp and Ohomophone nitwits and their ignorance will be their downfall.

  • John

    If he wants to see what really raping this country is about he should look at what Democrat leadership in Detroit has brought. Is Detroit a place where he would like to live? Detroit is a cesspool and bankrupt all thanks to Democrat leadership since the 1960’s

  • Phillip

    And none of the students stood up to this nucklehead. He can hold the grade against them, but still…

  • Edward Perkins

    Prof. Penn must be asked to resign or be fired if he refuses to do. Prof. Penn is no teacher he is a bully.

  • The happy warrior

    As a graduate years ago from msu I will be watching this. Just who the hell do these dem peasants think they are. Do they think we free Americans will put up with this kind of talk from non-free dem drones. We don’t think or talk this way, we expect better from them. Msu needs to make an example of this jerk,

  • doctorbob

    He is not teaching. He is propagandizing. There is a BIG difference. He should be terminated.

  • Charles of Waveland

    Obama and His administration has stolen, spent, wasted, raped or whatever you want to call it and put the American People more in debt than all Presidents combined all the way back to Washington. They are still doing it on a daily basis, 24/7 and most of them are white while all are Socialist Liberal Democrats.

  • Barbann

    I am an MSU grad from 1973 and proud of it. The School of Education from which I received an M.A. is consistently rated hightly. However, I am also opposed to liberal indoctrination in our schools. Has he considered how his statements intimidate those students in his classroom who have differing opinions. He has a right to free speech but not political commentary in his classroom unless, perhaps, it is political science but even then I would question this kind of rhetoric.

  • JRLittle

    What a total nutjob. What happened to this idiot to make him this crazy? I can’t for the life of me understand why these so called higher learning institutions support lunatics like this. Wow!

  • suretylink

    As usual, the insults are non-stop, but the substance is entirely missing.

  • BlueViolets

    And I was under the impression that most college professors were brain dead and shouldn’t be allowed to teach mice in a maze.

  • Mark Robn

    When I was in college, I had an ethics teacher step on the U.S. Constitution: he had every right to tell me what the Bible said (without reading it) but I had no right telling him what the Bible said (even though I had read the book). — This is what passes for college professorship?

  • rmwayne

    This creep is just another left wing bigot who hates anybody who’s white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative. I’d never make it as a college student nowadays because I’d get in these so called ‘professors’ faces and tell it like it is concerning their left wing extremist agenda and their outright lies.


    I TRIED CALLING MSU and was not able to reach this slimeball. They are definitely “protecting this yahoo. If I lived in the schools area, I would make a “personal visit”, and ask him to repeat it directly to me. That is the only way to handle dingos like him. The only way

  • BAM

    Another Obamnation of what the liberal media are trying to brainwash our young people – Really sick what these anti Americans will go to

  • Clint

    There are 365 days in the year and a varying number of days in the academic year. What this idiot is saying on one day, is it really that important in the long run? As far as I can ascertain, there is only one way to shut Liberals up, and that way carries a hefty prison sentence. Conservatives, teach your kids the truth on the multiplied thousands of days, approximately 3625, that you have them in your care before the college years. Problem solved. Don’t do that and we and America really have a problem, that you and I will be hard pressed to fix.

  • T

    He should be fired for his bigoted position and threatening a student maybe even jailed for the threat.

  • Logic Thinker

    This man is angry, ignorant, arrogant and obnoxious. Public money should not be expended to pay this person.

  • Tony

    What an ahole. He’s offensive and he also has his facts screwed up about Romney. He should be fired.

  • robertleo

    So what does he say about Democrats who are taxing the American wage earners from every angle. What did he say, “Live white Democrats who are raping this country.” Figure out all the taxes you pay on every dollar eared. I believe in Washington state it’s close to 75 cents. And we keep voting them in at every election.

  • redpens

    This liberal degenerate needs to be fired and stripped of tenure

  • billconner

    First of all he states up front that he is a college professor like he’s all knowing and no one can dispute him, But he doesn’t have history right Lincoln was a republican and it was the republicans who want to free the slave’s and the democrats are the ones who want to keep them in slavery and to a certain extent they have the reason why is members of the KKK were heavy supporters of the democrats so when the blacks started voting the KKK would intimidate them into voting for democrats and they have been doing it ever sense unless they do know there history and why the Constitution is important then there are republicans but all the racism comes out of the left. The biggest problem is the liberals are teaching our kids and there telling the kids that there parents are stupid, and they should only listen to them when they dumb down our kids and have been changing history to suit there narrative. and they surely don’t teach our Constitution, I say you should think for yourself instead of letting someone think for you and know what is fact beside listening to the opinion of a liberal and go back to verify what is and what isn’t the truth. Now this indoctrination has been going on sense the sixty’s then the hippies from that era is what is teaching in our colleges and have kept the free love and sex going and has demoralize our nation to where we are today if it feels good do it anything that has a moral compass, principles, and values they are totally against.
    that’s the reason they are against the Bible, the Constitution, morality. By the lack of the knowledge of history they twist the words of the Constitution to suit them biggest one is the separate of church and state and to know why this is misused by the left you would first have to know why we came to America to begin with and our first laws were the ten commandments, And it was founded on Judeo Christian believes our money doesn’t have in Allah, Buda or any other It has in God we trust

  • chuckdunaway

    Where is any chance for an exchange of thought? What a dumb statement and what an ignorant person this “professor” is.

  • John

    No wonder students do not learn anything in school! I would complain that this guy is wasting my tuition money by not teaching and I would want a refund!!!

  • ScarletDove

    Nothing will happen because this attitude is more than likely also that of administration of MSU.

  • Gizmo51

    Don’t need a degree or even an education to know that. The only requisite is an IQ above 90.

  • popham

    Just more proof positive that the liberal left controls and propagandizes our colleges
    and universities. For one so-called American by the name of “William Penn” to speak
    in such a manner about one segment of our political society, even in a “secret video”,
    simpy goes too far.
    Lest we ever forget, that liberalism is tantamount to giving ignorance a poltical voice.

  • lakehead2

    It is an outrage that this man should be teaching our childdren. He is obviously very much inculcated in the leftest agenda and certainly not appropriate as a teacher for out children.

  • a_redrunner

    What exactly did his anti republican statements and racists attitudes he expressed have to do with a literature class? This guy is a Socialist/marxist bent on totalitarian eliteism which is intolerant of logic or truth!

  • Tom K.

    Another Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comm Propaganda Machine in OUR University System. Anti-American Evil is everywhere.

  • budman

    86 per cent of college professors are Liberals and this one is not unique in his attempt to push the progressive ideology.
    The facts are there are more wealthy people who are Liberal/Progressive than Republicans and in Congress as well who are taking advantage of inside information from the stock market to become very rich. Of course, he would not mention this and people like George Soros, the most disgusting Liberal Progressive who brought you this President and a lot of misery over the last four years.
    You wonder why those young and impressionable students vote Democrat?; it is because the Liberal professors create these scenarios as you heard here

  • HDCandela

    He is a bully, using a bully pulpit, and enlisting other bullies from among the students in his class. I subscribe to no particular party, but I do not like bullies, especially those who have damaged the quality of our educational institutions.

  • Mike the Cowboy

    I hope someone will kick hes face in so he wont be express his opinion and poison the youth of this country.

  • Mad Mike

    Like most of the “professors” in todays universities, this guy is a Communist revolutionary and an “America hater”. A commie who hates capitolism, denies it’s benefits and denies the total failures of the communist system. Is it any wonder that we now have so many “radical communists” in positions of leadership in our country after 60 years of “professors” like this idiot, indoctrinating every student they possibably can to become radical liberals, socialists, communists, and now, murderous muslim radicals sympathizers. They are all dedicated to the distruction of America and our constitution and many are running and managing our government and media! Wake up America and demand these “ideological bullies” be removed from our classrooms and colleges!

  • NukeWaste

    Pitt is filled with axxholes like this. They really believe that they are right. This dick needs to get a real job.

  • zbacku

    We all know that these Liberals that teach our kids are in fact themselves, brain dead. But what disapoints me the most is that not one student had the guts to tell this idiot to shut up.

  • michael lawless

    nuke the libtards

  • iamsurrounded

    Hard to believe he has a degree in anything – what a buffoon. I hope most kids have a good head on their shoulders and will recognize this for the hateful, nonsensical bluster it is.

  • bazeb1jkb

    This man represents the present administration’s murdering our economy!

  • DCW16

    Perfect example of a “Brain-dead lieberal” . . . who has just GONE TO SCHOOL All his LIFE . . .

  • Truth Teller

    Another communist at work on the minds of our youth!

  • Don Parker

    No republicans in Chicago look at all the killings there. Chicago is full no gun zones there are more killing there than any other city in the U.S.A

  • Mad Mike

    This “enemy of America” should be deported to teach in North Korea, where he will be among his peers, communist murderers, thugs, war mongers, freedom haters and common criminals. This is just further proof of how “anti-american and radical” our universities and collages have become during the past century. Infultrated and infected with left-wing, anti-capitolist, socialists and communists. Their ideology is totally “bankrupt” just like the old Soviet Union. The only thing communists have created throughout history is “massive graves of the innocent”, poverty, misery and ignorance. This is what the University of Michigan and most other universities are now teaching. And burying our young students in future debt at the same time. Apparently, left wing political dogma and indoctrination, (posing as education), is no longer cheap either.

  • Iceman47

    If what this professor says is true, perhaps he can explain why,since Reconstruction, the hot bed of racism and segregation and the raping both figuratively and physically, of a people, has occurred in the Democratically controlled South. Perhaps this professor can explain why no Presidential candidate ever won a Southern state since Reconstruction, until Dwight Eisenhower did it in 1952. Perhaps this professor can explain why some of the biggest segregationist politicians since the end of WW II were from the South i.e. Faubus D-AR, Fullbright D-AR, Wallace D-AL, Barnett D-MS, Maddox D- GA, Thurmond D- SC, Byrd D-NC, need I go on? Perhaps this professor can explain why it took a Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower, to desegregate the U.S. military. And finally perhaps this professor can explain why a President who, in his entire political career, both at the state level and the national level, never once voted in favor of any legislation regarding civil rights (even pieces of legislation that prohibited the lynching of black people), until he signed a little piece of legislation called the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Of course I am speaking of the biggest racist of them all, Johnson D-TX who was later quoted as saying, ” That should keep those ni@#$%s voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”.
    This professor is a Socialist plant and as such should be subject to the scrutiny of his students. The Constitution protects his speech in this instance, but at the same time he is responsible for vetting what he says and allow for debate. I thing students now a days need to grow a set and start to ask some very hard questions of these people who are supposedly imparting knowledge.

  • Mort Leith

    These are the kind of COMMUNISTS that are called “Progressives” instead of the sick cancer they are to our country,, and the COMMUNIST Bought n Paid for liberal media continue to support these terrorists to our country…

  • Phil

    This guy is an unwitting puppet of Socialists’ takeover of higher education. He argues his position in earnest without the slightest clue that he really is an idiot (in the clinical–not pejorative–sense of the word) insofar as his arguments are completely specious. He and his liberal compatriots are completely disinterested in truth, consistency, and credibility, which is obvious from the foolish arguments they marshal.
    Alumni of institutions nationwide have continued to support their alma maters with little regard for the quality and standard of higher education, allowing their contributions to keep flowing while their universities adopted crap as Institutional Policy (See, e.g., ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Political Correctness’). Soon our hard sciences will also be pushed beyond the pale and our kids will be taught that 2 + 2 = 5 … “if the guv’ment sez so.”

  • Dave

    you idiot republicans are a joke!!!!!!

  • Dave

    William Penn tells the truth,and you scumpublicans go crazy.I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Lakehead2,thats exactly what they do.they fight against any bill that serves the people in this country,and,they are raping this country of every dollar it has.I feel sorry for you because you are not smart enough to see that.Hell, they arent even trying to hide the fact.

  • Terry Adams

    prof needs to go

  • Stan Parrish

    William Penn is a moron. He just spouted Democrat Party lines without any supporting evidence. Just like the Democrat Party spouts crap without citing any evidence.
    The college winks, crosses their fingers behind their backs, and says they will look into it.
    Yeah. Sure they will.

  • sandy2249

    The kid that recorded the liberal jerk should be awarded some kind of honor ! He or she put their grades on the line to expose this liberal pig !

  • archipapi

    This piece of trash is for sure a bidet residue.

  • betty

    no, he is wrong. it is the democraps that are giving away our country. it would surprise me greatly if he was white.

  • Lowell

    Congrats to MSU for canning this clown.

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