MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Rolling Stone’s Palast Accuse Republicans of Stealing Elections

Truth Revolt‘s Mark Tapson wrote: MSNBC’s Joy Reid spoke with a rather crazed-looking and -sounding Rolling Stone writer Greg Palast about a computer system called CrossCheck which was developed to find duplicate names on the voter rolls by matching names, dates of birth, and last four digits of social security numbers, so they can be removed.

Sounds reasonable — except that Reid and Palast claim that this system “disproportionately targets voters of color who are likely to have common surnames, like Washington or Hernandez,” as Reid said.

“It is Jim Crow in cyber space,” Palast ranted, “but instead of using white sheets, they are using spreadsheets.” Palast doesn’t seem to be aware that white-sheeted racists are a creation of the Democratic party.

Watch the video. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? Oh wait, is that racist? Aren’t these the liberals who’s party registers Mickey Mouse and household pets to vote each year?


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