MSNBC’s Chuck Todd “Are you kidding me?!” that the FBI Didn’t Record Clinton Interview

Hold the phone ….. Chuck Todd of MSNBC is bothered by the FBI not recording the interview with the democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton? Glad we were sitting down when we watched this.

Chuck Todd: ‘It Bothers Me as an American Citizen’ the FBI Didn’t Record Clinton Interview.

Chuck Todd flipped out on MSNBC this afternoon over the FBI not recording Hillary Clinton‘s interview on her emails. He said, “it bothers me as an American citizen.”

Ron Fournier wholeheartedly agreed with Todd that even if it was protocol, it seems kind of important to have a recording––or at least a transcript––of what was actually said for future review.

“Are you kidding me?!” Todd cried. “We’re releasing notes?!”

He couldn’t believe how we’re all basically relying on the notes one person at the FBI took.

We have no proof she didn’t lie because they didn’t record anything!



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