MSNBC Hosts Laugh At ‘Media Matters’ Founder’s Defense Of Clinton Emails

Media Matters founder and Hillary Clinton flack David Brock struggled to defend the conduct of his boss under aggressive questioning from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Monday. Brock, the former self-described “right-wing hitman” who underwent a massive political transformation in the late 1990s and became one of the Clintons’ most rabid defenders, appeared on Morning Joe to promote his new book blasting the New York Times and other “perceived enemies” he insists are out to destroy the Clintons. The hot topic, of course, was Clinton’s private email server, another “phony scandal” as Brock put it, that has sunk Clinton’s numbers on honesty and trustworthiness. “Are all the scandals involving the Clintons, quote, ‘fake scandals’”? Scarborough asked. “Yeah sure,” Brock said. “I take you through each one in this book, and I’ve dealt with the ones from the ’90s in prior books, as you know. Look, nothing’s been found. These are nothing-burgers.” A pregnant pause followed that obviously false statement before Harold Ford, Jr. went on to ask a question about the rise of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in the polls. Recent surveys show Sanders taking wide leads in the key early states of Iowa and New Hampshire in the race for the Democratic nomination. Brock blamed a “relentless campaign of distortion” about Clinton’s emails for her suffering numbers, and he said he could not guess the “Republican playbook” would have led the email scandal to be a story for more than six months. “It’s not a Republican playbook,” Scarborough protested. “You say it’s a nothing-burger. If it’s a nothing-burger, you attack the New York Times, you attack the FBI as well. Do you think the FBI is on a witch hunt against Hillary Clinton? Hillary will come out and say things that just aren’t true. She’ll say, ‘Well, gee, I didn’t break any rules.’ She did. There was a 2009 regulation — you talk to the Obama administration.”

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