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MSNBC Host Thanks God & Country That Abortion Was There to ‘Save Him’

  • Sam Mc

    What a fool!

    • Reb Biker

      And a sickening fool, too. He could single-handedly put ipecac dealers out of business. If he ever gets fired, he could easily enter the medical profession. Doctors would pay him to stand outside their offices, and make people sick.

  • JohnC

    you are not a man you allowed the death of an unborn baby and are a disgusting and useless human being. what about a family that wanted a baby that could not have one. You can thank country for this but do not thank God for what you have done, that is abhorrent to him that he gave you a gift and you tossed it in the trash. What an AZZ

    • Katwoman59

      I cry for all the little babies being torn out of their mommy’s womb

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        They are deleting comments we make and we don’t even have to curse.

        • Katwoman59

          No kidding????

        • RayfromNY

          I made a comment that was disgusting (pig) had blood on his hands and they deleted the comment. There was no abusive language, only that he will eventually answer to God. No one should comment here as they selectively delete posts.

  • Bob Coffey

    Tee desire that people have to delude themselves is far greater than their desire to know the truth.

  • Willy D

    What a Fing self centered scum bag. Here a clue horny boy if you don’t want kids use portection or keep it in your pants.

    • Katwoman59

      Blood of little humans are running our feet!

  • TexRanger

    What an absolute piece of human filth. Typical MSNBC host. This filth loves to slaughter helpless babies, but do all they can to keep alive murderers. They also strive to keep the mentally ill and criminals on the street so they can continue to rape, rob, and kill men, women and children. Just too bad Toure’s mother did not abort him!!!!

    • Katwoman59

      I agree!

    • GrizzMann

      Did anyone notice that advocates of abortion are alive? The NAZI’s had a program, Auswalfreiheit . used in Planned Parenthood, and their eugenics drive.

  • David Trusty

    Instead of talking about how great abortion is, let’s talk about how great abstinence is in strengthening a relationship and preparing for children. Simple, if you don’t want kids, don’t have sex.

    • Katwoman59

      Yup…..very simple

    • LLinLa

      There you go again! It wasn’t his or her fault they couldn’t control their basic animal instincts! It takes intelligent, responsible individuals who understand the consequences and are willing to own up to their mistakes and make it right with Nature or their God. Unfortunately for him, non-human animals are routinely spayed and neutered to prevent them from having too many inconvenient babies. We “intelligent” humans know so much better with our superior intelligence and cognitive skills when we should engage in PROCREATION, so much better than the lower species who have no tools at all to prevent pregnancy. We have to do it for them . . . and then to ourselves when we slip back into that animalistic stage where instinct overrides good judgment . . . at the expense of a future but pre-empted human life. Maybe Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was right: it is better when some of us aren’t born. Those of us who believe in a higher principle understand that all life is precious–even if an animalistic urge overtakes us in an instant–and we choose to love and nurture our mistake as if were always meant to be, as our sacrifice to the dignity of Life, and those of you others are free to choose which ever course of action you like: Margaret Sanger’s concept of population control or much more personal self-control.

  • Christine Ulferts

    Next time leave your zipper shut! What a nasty pig you truly are, celebrating the death of a baby and then making arguments that are totally false and that were used in the 60’s! I have nothing but disgust for you! Maybe that baby “human” was lucky not having to have a pig like you for a father! Your reason for the abortion was so you wouldn’t have to pay for the “human” you so sloppily created! If you were standing in front of me on fire, I wouldn’t waste my spit on you!

  • BlueViolets

    So if you were in a “relationship” with a woman that wasn’t working out for you it was easier to just keep having sex with her (obviously not using caution) and then have her get an abortion then it was to break it off? Ducked that responsibility nicely didn’t you? Wonder if you have bothered to check out how this woman is doing emotionally and psychologically? The abortion may not have affected you other than give you a sense of relief at not having to support a child you help create but it just may have caused some permanent emotional damage to the woman.

  • Dwightmannn

    This dude is dead wrong. He should be an abortion statistic. We would all be better off if he was aborted now. He is an ugly disaster of a human being. . .

    • Katwoman59

      So right you are

    • Reb Biker

      I don’t understand how the Good Lord stuffed that much ugly into one human being, without Toure busting apart at the seams.

  • CalIdaGirl

    Boy, this guy has it all upside down. He is in a relationship where he is having consenting sex, but he knows this is NOT a person who he intends to marry nor does he want to have a child with. Any problem here? So, abortion is the solution? The solution would be that folks reserve sex with an individual that they intend to have a longterm committed relationship that deals with whatever comes something we used to call Marriage. He decries the number of children born to unmarried women who are most likely on Welfare. Did it ever occur to him (and those who think the same) that these very women chose this as a means to employ themselves with the Government or did it ever occur to him that they were in the same “uncommitted” relationships that he had been in? The only thing abortion has done is to allow behavior that is irresponsible and as quick as a blink we can get rid of that “problem” that is a testament to our lack of responsibility. But, we are not responsible for anything these days are we, it is always somebody or something elses fault. My only question to him is to ask that now that he is in a “committed” relationship, with his new found understanding, if something happened to that relationship, would he go back to having sex in an uncommitted relationship?

    • Dawn Simpson Case

      Of course he would go back to having sex in an uncommitted relationship. He can always be, oh, so thankful for abortion. Doing what he likes to do is right to him even if it means the life of a little one has to be killed. It’s for sure he wouldn’t want to pay child support for some women’s baby he has no feelings for, except she was okay to have sex with. Which is most important: His pleasure for a few minutes or taking the life of an unborn child? Well, his pleasure will certainly have to come first. Why should he care about the unborn child? He said he didn’t want to take away a woman’s right to choose! I laugh out loud here. He may have fooled himself, but I don’t think he is fooling anyone else.

  • Jim Buscemi

    Narscistic Bas**D

    • Katwoman59

      Got that right!


    What a looser. What is it with black men. With over 90% of black children in this country being born out of wedlock, black society needs to take a much harder look at what they are bringing to the table to make our society/world a better place. The thought that this guy thinks it’s okay to KILL an infant because his “committed” relationship (actually lack of commitment) didn’t work out is really disturbing. The fact that people like this do not see, or recognize an absolute truth is beyond me. That’s why every society since the beginning of time has a system in place so that when two people are going to have sex they are committed and it’s called “MARRIAGE”. If you’re having sex there is almost ALWAYS the possibility of a child being conceived. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA…….And the rest of you that are doing the same thing. If you’re going to have sex and you’re not married, than go get yourselves fixed!!!

  • DOjo bo

    if you were not ready to be a husband and father, you should have kept ‘that thing’ in your pants.PERIOD.

    • Katwoman59

      A lot of think with the wrong head!

  • Mrscajun.

    has he never heard of birth control?

  • Pecospedro

    Oh. gee. Why killing an unborn child is OK if it relieves me of responsibility. Explain that at the Pearly Gates.

  • Hudmar

    A man that doesn’t face accountability and now he is trying to justify his Faux pas. You sir need help.

  • Pat

    There is no excuse for getting pregnant. You were being selfish to continue “our relationship” which was to continue having sex. You are in total denial to the fact that abortion is murder. And you just keep repeating the pap that comes out of the mouth of that man in the White House. He started the ignominious saying that he want abortion to be safe and legal. Oh yes, and few. In fact it has grown to 55 million abortions since 1973 when Roe v Wade became law. Few you say. Your are in denial sir. I think you are still a young boy with no wisdom yet.

  • Guest

    Thankful it was there to save HIM! You see, to these lib-progressive-dems life is ALL ABOUT THEM (ME). Not you, not me, not anybody but THEM. They are the personification of the ME, ME, ME, selfish, self-centered, egotistical, self-gratification, strictly pleasure seeking, hurray for me F-you, generation. He is thrilled and happy he killed a baby in it’s mothers womb so it would not mess up HIS plans for HIS life. To hell with the life of that baby says he. It could have lived and been adopted by some couple wanting a child, but to hell with them too. That would be too much of a load for him to carry the rest of his sorry arzz life. He and people like him do not want to take responsibility for their actions. God help and forgive you, Toure. And God help and forgive us all.

  • Guest

    MSNBC host. Fitting!

  • Guest

    He and his type is why I don’t watch that sorry show.

  • Dr. Evil

    I’m just sorry his mother didn’t feel the same way.

  • dave

    God does not agree with abortion. He would not agree with you at all.

  • Guest

    Toure: “I cannot imagine arguing against a woman”s right to control her body, and thus her life.” Well, Toure my man (oops, meant my child), how about arguing about the fact that, had you and that woman exercised your rights and CONTROLLED your bodies and not engaged in CARELESS, lustful, strictly pleasure seeking sexual intercourse, you would not have had to deny that baby of IT’S RIGHT TO IT’S LIFE. Get it, my narcissistic, child minded friend? Perhaps had abortion been legal when you were conceived, your sorry arzz wouldn’t be here to spew out your sick twisted opinions.

  • beebee

    If your mother had opted to have an abortion before you were born, you and she may well have been better off. Didja ever think of it that way? Typical self-serving liberal…………

  • Rob Roedig

    Abortion “saved his life” because he was not “smart enough or man enough” to raise a family? Tell that to his dead child who’d be 15 years old now: “I had you killed to save my life”. Maybe he would have wisened up faster if he accepted responsibility for his actions. This guy should be the poster child for the Feminist’s war against selfish, inconsiderate men who use women to their own advantage and then discard them and their offspring like yesterday’s leftovers.

  • Corky Rowe

    So when you had the opportunity to see the actual baby your “wife” was carrying via an ultrasound, you started having second thoughts, huh. You mean you finally realized that what you and your previous committed relationship partner did was to “MURDER” that little life?, because as surely as Jesus loves you that’s what you did. You conspired, with her, to end that life, not even giving it the chance to be born into our world and possibly fulfilling the need of some other family that wanted a child, but couldn’t HAVE one normally. There are thousands of families like that all across the country. They even go outside the country to Russia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries to adopt children. Some prefer to help the disabled children from other third world countries, but there are tens of thousands of them just waiting for a child to love and raise, and care for. So what you two did was to refuse to take the responsibility for what you did to create this child, by murdering it. Not cool. You need to be on your knees to your Lord asking His forgiveness for this.

  • She said it

    He even admits to watching his son move inside his wife, and still…thinks it is fine to murder that son. REALLY? Are you kidding me?

  • Rooster

    Does this ni99er listen to himself at all? Everything he says is contradictory.

    • GrizzMann

      Race is not a necessary identifier , Democrat is sufficient. This should not be a race issue.

  • George Vieto

    Toure what have you been smoking?

  • Bob Marshall

    What ever happened to accepting responsibility for our actions? Goggle US ABORTION CLOCK.ORG Watch the number of babies being aborted in real time. ” indeed,i tremble for my country when i reflect that God is just. His justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Jack Parker

    Can you spell “self-important, irresponsible deadbeat”. He completely disregards the life of the child involved. The only abortion I could possibly support is, if his mother had oped to abort him. We, as a society, would all be better off.

  • StanB

    This intellectually challenged pro-abortionist IS from MSNBC don’t forget.

  • The_American_Way

    Toure is the best argument yet for making me think there is some cases where abortion may be appropriate. I’m not talking about his ridiculous story, I’m talking about that fool Toure.

    Have you ever noticed that only the people who are already born favor abortions!

  • RayfromNY

    Gutless, disgusting, coward. Blood is on your hands! And oh so proud. Don’t thank God for spilling the blood of an innocent child. Pray for your own soul.

  • ihavetopickastupidname


  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Abortion didn’t ‘save’ anything; it prolonged the lousy ethics of this slimebag ‘journalist’. The same journalist who signed onto the publishing of CCW permit holders in NYC and when confronted with the option of placing a ‘Gun Free House’ sign at his residence, refused. People like this need to be saved, but they will never be saved by evils like abortion or stomping on and trashing the 1st & 2nd Amendment. Worthless dolt.


    I can’t even imagine or do I really want to when this poor soul (unless of course he repents and I pray he does) stands before our Lord in judgment!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    You know, if you’re a feckless a$$hole, you shouldn’t advertise it on television.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      exactly…but at least now, everyone knows what kind of loser he truly is.

    • Reb Biker

      I don’t think it would be possible for him to hide it.

  • Macdonald Cory

    What a selfish jerk! You should not have sex because you’re needs are more important than a life.

  • Dave Sullivan

    Did this moron never consider placing their baby up for adoption?

  • Gospel Knight Rider

    Abortion is nothing to be proud about in any circumstance. You took a life and you will have to answer for him/her someday. You are certainly older now, but definitely not wiser. In plain English you took a life and denied a person the right to live a hopefully productive existence. If you believe in God, try and repent for this sin; AND THEN JUST KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT. Your words about your selfish exploits only sicken me and your reasoning is pure trash. TGKR

  • Esther Mae Egan

    I pray that God will give you a dream some night where that child will come to you and ask you why you killed him or her. :I pray that God will allow you to see what the sex of that child was, and then to think of all the times you could have had with that child; fishing, chasing, dancing, going to church. Apparently, assuming, you go to church as you mentioned God. What if God had aborted the Lord while in the womb because He knew the cross was coming and could not bare the pain and suffering His Son would endure. You would not have salvation.

  • pinksugar

    I bet the whole story is made up.. he thinks a lot of people will sympathize with the story. What a loser. I actually thought he was gay lol

  • Gospel Knight Rider

    Before a tree becomes a tree is the seed alive when the water touches it. Before a person becomes person is the egg alive after the sperm enters it. I submit that all life has a beginning and it starts with life. All the components are not in place yet, but the existence and potential to be great is all there. That is what I call sacred. The miracle of all life is sacred. Follow me now; when you destroy what is sacred (talking about a
    human being now, I have moved off of trees), you have destroyed something precious. Absolutely noting to feel good about. TGKR

  • Reb Biker

    I also thank God that abortion was available to him. Can you imagine a little Toure running around here, calling trees and cars and possums racists? I wish HIS mom would have had abortion available to HER, and had been indoctrinated by “tolerant” liberals to make use of it!

  • wolfd

    So in other words Toure, every time you cheat on your chick, you were hoping that 1. she didn’t get pregnant… 2. If she did, you would just hope that she get an abortion. Rather than ruinning your relationship, or worse, affect your pocket book ??? Abortion is not a form of birth control…. wrap it retard…. I mean libtard….. and buy a red ball and some duct tape…. just helpin a brother out

  • Stan Parrish

    It is really nice of MSNBC to hire mentally disabled people for newscaster jobs. If they didn’t do that these jokers would end up in politics.

  • hausman69

    I guess you didn’t have the sense to keep your pecker in your pants or maybe use a condom. Your pecker was doing your thinking just like it still does.

  • Jim28thReg

    Both he and the woman should be arrested and tried for murder. IT’S MURDER – THO SHALT NOT KILL !! Maybe people would change if some of these murders were broadcast live then all could watch as the babies are thrashing around trying to get away from the acid that’s burning them or the heartless scum reaches up into the mother and tears off the arms legs and other body parts maybe get close-up shots while the butcher stabs scissors into the childs neck to snip the spinal cord and keep the camera rolling as death takes over ever so slowly. Does anyone know how long it takes for the baby to die when they just leave it in a closet? Hope this idiot reads this and seeks forgiveness.

  • BobH

    What a dick head

  • astrojohn

    Geez, what a PIG!

  • mud rat

    Wonder what his explanation will be to his children when they ask why he murdered one of their siblings. Hey Ruth what choice did his first child have? God must cringe when he hears this irrational moron.

  • gavinwca

    God does not want your thanks for you being able to Murdering one of his most innocent. Thank your Fascist Goverment not God.

  • Joanne

    Why would anyone admit this, isn’t it personal or does he think it’s something he’s proud of?

  • Sol_of_Texas

    I wish people would actually examine Roe v. Wade instead of accepting what some jerk “talking head” thinks it means. It was a 5-4 decision that could be overturned, but not with the current configuration of justices in the SCOTUS (I submit the ruling on Obamacare as evidence).

    It’s been a while since I read the decision, but my recollection is this …. It conjured a “privacy right” through implication. It argued NOT that states could NOT PROHIBIT abortion, but rather, if states permitted abortion then equal access had to be enforced according to the 14th amendment.

    It’s really whacky reasoning. Read it sometime.

  • Carol Fryer

    This is the reason why abortion is wrong. Just a way out of responsibility for what your choice was. If they can so loosely jump in bed with someone, are they not accountable for that? When is the government going to start giving away free vibrators to single women to avoid this mass murder. Just saying. Might be better then a cell phone.

    • Carol Fryer

      And you just dont have to argue with it either…lol

  • jvb1980808

    But THIS IS THE LIBERAL MANTRA….ME ME ME ME ME ME. It saved HIM (not the innocent baby)…it kept HIM on the path (the child was given no choice in the matter). Liberals are what they are….ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES FIRST while side stepping the consequences of being in a relationship that involved the risk of pregnancy when THEY WEREN’T READY FOR IT. Someone has to pay…AND IT’S NEVER GOING TO BE THE LIBERAL.

  • GrizzMann

    God and Country, did not save you. It was the SCOTUS decision of Roe v Wade . The SCOTUS also made the Dred Scott decision. Was that correct? You found out how wonderful life was, after participating in the killing of a baby? Watta man?

  • dmad

    Sadly, through your lack of responsibility engaging in sex with a woman whom you were not married to, you not only killed your son or daughter, you damaged a woman. You did not save your life, but you may have lost it. Certainly you killed your conscience. There is hope and redemption, however, through the incredible mercy and forgiveness of God.

  • Susitna

    Toure, the truth is that you are still not man enough! So, I understand that the death of a baby saved your life? Someone should fire you, so that we don’t have to hear your disgusting messages. And when you speak about women having the right to control their bodies, you forget that no woman has the right control or to decide about the life of an innocent baby. It looks like your life and the life of your former girlfriend are more important than the live of the baby that was aborted. How do you dare to talk like that? What about acting in a responsible way? From all the cruel nonsense you said this time, I only understood that you love yourself a lot and that you don’t respect the life of others. Have you met your former girlfriend lately? Have you asked her how she is doing? Do you know that many women remain traumatized until the end of her days? You talk about abortion like if it was like going to the hairdresser. I am just speechless…….

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I was deleted for telling the truth! The world isn’t P.C. so screw this site! They SUCK! CAN’T HANDLE THE REAL AMERICAN’S THOUGHTS!!!!!!!

  • bonnieblue2A

    Kill your baby to save you life, is that it Toure? Disgusting! If you don’t want a child with a woman, don’t sleep with her or both of you get sterilized. It really is that simple. That you and your girlfriend would have the life of your child taken so that you can then go on andlive the life you want is reprehensable and the ultimate display of selfishness.

  • Loran Carlson

    Let me tell you something sonny, you still are not smart enough or man enough to raise a family.

  • Niels

    Just like the right to swing one’s fist stops where another person’s nose begins… A woman’s right to govern her body stops where the little person’s body begins…

  • pat

    After watching this guy and his totally skewed view of life and responsibility, it is hard to even make a comment. He still cannot look at the ultrasounds, cannot look at his present family and comprehend that he saved himself by killing his own child. It is still all about him, his needs, his development, his abilities, and I sincerely hope his present wife and kids never find themselves inconvenient to a man who can so cold blooded as to give thanks to GOD that he was free to murder his first child . My wish for them is that they never disappoint him, never get in his way, never count on his loyalty, and never find themselves in dire need of his help.

  • mamahadmekilled

    Hello, Hello… You committed fornication, produced a baby and for convenience had it ‘murdered’. No woman or man has the right to make a decision that is God’s, that of takeing another humans life. You were NOT saved by abortion. You are eternally condemned … The SIN can be forgiven but you need to first recognize it as sin (fornication & Murder) and then repent. Jesus Christ died for your sins…realize them and confess them. “…go and sin no more.”

  • Guest

    It is estimated to have between 3,000 and 5,000 members as of 2012. Many of them operated in small towns and rural areas where people otherwise knew— The KKK killedand wounded more than 200 black Republicans—-

    “Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be black.” –Erma Clardy Craven (deceased)Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader————————————————— —–

    • Light_V_Dark

      I was editing this from my Disqdash and the X jumped up and GUESTED ME.


      The dreaded KKK, murdered about 4000 people. Around half of them black. SO, IN ONE DUMPSTER FULL OF ABORTED BABIES»»»»

      • Light_V_Dark

        We were a GREAT COUNTRY, UNTIL 1968. Then, again in the 80s. BUT, our love affair with ALL-THINGS-COMMUNIST, became a menage-a-trois, with the Jihad.

        Alexis de Tocqueville said it best when he realized even at the very beginning of our national life, “America is great because America is good. If America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” 
         Georgia Anne Geyer, “Bits & Pieces”, September 17, 1992, pp. 23-24.

  • Loki

    Too bad your mom didn’t just swallow like your dad wanted

  • MAC49

    You might Thank Country, But God absolutely does not want you to Thank Him for killing an innocent, helpless, loving baby. So don’t go there! Hope your children today are very proud of their Father for the selfless, ignorant act you did. Maybe they better just be glad they didn’t get in the way of your lifes plans or they just might be history. Do you ever stop to reflect……..maybe my dead baby might of wanted a chance to have little brother or sister, Ya’ know the ones you are gloating about today and that one was not worthy of a chance?

  • smartgranny55

    Toure, you are an idiot. Abortion is legal, but it isn’t safe or rare. Would you be just as pro-murdering pre-born babies, if your mama had aborted you? Oh, silly question. You wouldn’t be here, if she had.

  • NAFTA Refugee

    As a man I thought I would agree with you but the more I listen to you the more I can’t stand you.

  • mtman2

    Could NOT listen past half way. Just way to much self centered ignorance + lack ANY credible grasp of truth or even common sense science. A mature thinking child would realize[scientifically] LIFE begins @ conception. This is a fact known to science for decades + negates ROE-v-WADE, as written + stated by the very justices themselves. So then why is something so repulsive to a thinking person + so far more egregious than the debacle of slavery as to be astounding that it’s still legally allowed?…

  • Jenny Bee

    Well, you made a mistake and took the life of a little baby, so YOU could be happy. Did it occur to you and the girlfriend that rather than killing a child for your selfish happiness, she could have suffered a little bit for a few months and given a family the joy of adopting? Good families stand in line to be able to adopt.. . You souned fairly intelligent. You may have taken the life of a great musician or athlete or doctor. I have friends who cry nightly because they want so much to be able to adopt a baby. Our son and his wife who are Anglo have adopted 3 precious little crack babies. They rock those babies, and walk with them until the baby is able to drop to sleep. They are growing up to be adorable children, beloved by family, friends and teachers.. To read your piece makes me realize the difference in selfishness and love. .. ..

  • Mary

    I wouldn’t go on national TV and air my dirty laundry for all to see.

  • RX69

    I thought this guy was gay ???

  • Edmond

    This is not a Man ….. He is a talking head….. Now to just say in agreement with him…. it would have been better had his parents had aborted him!!!! But in all reality I have one question for Mr. Talking Head. How does he know just what type of man he’d have become had that baby been born? I’ll tell you I knew he knows that he was already aware that he was a self absorbed selfish person that thinks only of himself. You can see how he talked right here in the taped report. He’s Uppity and talks down to you the listener!!!!!

  • TexasRebel

    U r a coward. I wonder if u r going to tell ur son about the bro/sis u killed. U r n no way a Godly man.

  • Light_V_Dark

    From Vanessa The Afro_Conservative»»»»

    Well, on behalf of the Black race, I want to thank all the liberal feminists who screwed up Black America with their entitlement programs and their warped world views. I want to thank the Saul Alinksy’s and all the “community organizers” who used the Blacks as pawns to advance their Marxist agenda. The progressives of this day had it all figured out.

  • TheSunDidIt

    He should have kept his “thing” in his pants. Murdering his kid makes it OK?

  • BusyBee

    He is disgusting as his speech is…


    The only abortion I fully support is Post-birth and this guy is what I call a perfect candidate! I hope everyone writes their representatives to introduce such legislation. It makes perfect sense after all we are just talking about tissue, not like there is such a thing as a “soul” silly.

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