MSNBC: Don’t Worry, Those Old White Republican Voters Will Be Dead Soon

Can you taste the tantrum? MSNBC’s media meltdown began on Tuesday, hours before nationwide polling stations had even closed. The liberal loonies who run rampant over at that network have been so frustrated with the midterm election results that they can barely even maintain a cogent narrative. So, when you’re lefty who’s irked and irritated that a majority of Americans have essentially abandoned your world view, what’s to be done? Why, count down the days until their deaths, of course! That’s exactly what Jimmy Williams did during an appearance on MSNBC’s The Cycle — yes, the same Jimmy Williams who once insisted that Democrats never had an interest in impeaching President Bush — while discussing the power and influence of southern voters. “That’s a changing South,” Williams said. “Those old white people? They’re going to die someday. And who’s going to be there to replace them? People that want you to be for them, not against them.” After his ridiculous comment, Abby Huntsman — Jon Huntsman’s supposedly conservative daughter — applauded him and suggested he “run for office.”

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