MSNBC: Clinton ‘Luckiest Person in America’ With Trump Distracting From Her Email

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski agreed Hillary Clinton is “truly the luckiest person in America right now” because of the media’s fixation on the incendiary remarks of Republican candidate Donald Trump directed at Fox News host Megyn Kelly. “I know. There are FBI agents going to where her server, I guess, was located in Colorado, and no one’s — it’s amazing,” Brzezinski said. “Very lucky.” Federal investigators have launched a probe into the security of the private e-mail server Clinton used in lieu of a government email at the State Department, which violated Obama administration policy. Clinton’s email contained classified emails from five different intelligence agencies. “It is staggering,” Scarborough said. “But Donald Trump. Everybody’s talking about Trump.”

via FreeBeacon

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