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Moving to Canada

  • tiredoflibs

    And that was funny? why?


      I think it was supposed to be “sarcastic”…But I think it missed the mark…DUH !!!….

  • Beedogs

    Belize or Costa Rica, not the Soclialist Canada.

    • teddie77

      I agree , but must add that Canada’s corporate income tax is lower than ours, so it’s a good country for businesses

      • Lisa M Hartman

        Payroll taxes are very high though and you compete with Welfare for labor

    • Jenner2

      Canada has a conservative government. Don’t comment on things you don’t know about. Canada has socialized medicine. That does not make the country socialist.

      • panors77

        Well…..if they’re anything like the UK(my wife’s a Brit) they have socialized medicine, socialized electricity, socialized gas, socialized water, high property taxes(if “allowed” to ownd land/property at all), firearms illegal to own unless they’re registered and kept under lock/key at a local shooting range,etc.

      • Isa Gee

        the taxes are high but the medicine is ‘FREE” and the country is safe.

    • Candiantica

      Umm, I am a Canadian living in Costa Rica and we have universal healthcare in both countries, Costa Rica has no armed forces (outlawed in 1949) so all the money that would have paid for guns and wars goes to education (97% literacy rate), university ($120 a semester), social services and healthcare (men in Costa Rica have a longer life expectancy than US men). Also, Canada is now $4000 per person RICHER than Americans and the economy didn’t tank due to the strong banking laws implemented by the Federal government in Canada. Costa Rica also has very stringent banking laws. Tax rate in Costa Rica is about 10% and we are ranked ‘Happiest Country in the World’ by various studies – and Canada outranks the US in those studies as well. So much for ‘socialist’ policies bringing pestilence and plague.

      • panors77

        I wonder how many illegals we’re getting in the southwest are costa rican? After all……”latinos” who illegally jump our borders get touchy when you call them mexicans,heh.

        • Candiantica

          Likely ZERO – why would they want to move? There are more Americans living in Costa Rica than Costa Ricans living abroad (fact). Despite what Faux News may spout as gospel, not all Latinos are dreaming of moving to the USA. I’ve yet to meet anyone here, in 11 years, who wants to move up north. And FYI, Latinos do get touchy when you call them Mexicans if they’re not Mexicans. Kinda like me calling you a Canadian or Brit since, hey, we all speak English so what’s the difference.

  • antrancher

    Too cold! Panama!


      Can any of those places be colder than NJ?…LOL….Or more expensive (highest property taxes in USA…2nd (3rd?) highest Auto Ins rates…One of highest sales taxes in USA, etc…)…And NJ is a staunch Dem. State…That, alone, is a reason to leave but my bone-headed wife was born in NJ and refuses to leave…Yeesh…Maybe it’s time to just pick up and go…without her…LOL….

      • Dan Williams

        Life is too short. Head south.

      • Progressive Republican

        ” NJ is a staunch Dem. State”? Are you off your meds or something? Have you SEEN the guy in the Governor’s mansion? His refusal to accept stimulus funds? The damage that’s done to their economy? His stance against unions? ” NJ is a staunch Dem. State”?

        • axmickl

          Did you see the voting results from NJ? Obama won running away, or did they stuff the ballot boxes there also?

    • Jim Soden

      Hey, I have a friend from military High School days who almost shot and killed (he went into the 82 Airborne after HS!) a looter. Oh crap, wait, that was Grenada…sorry. Anyway, it was still n exciting story for me to hear! Good practice for things to come, right? 😉

  • Steve

    Costa Rica…not on the oceans though…crime is high there.The mountains are the place.

    • rosemarienoa

      I hear there are a large number of Americans who have retired there!!!

  • Admiral America

    I’m not sure Canada would be any better. They’re heading into a socialist police state as well. Most of the Earth is under tyranny. Humankind is weak, and has let itself be prey to small minority of wealthy elites. However this has always been the way it was since the dawn of civilization. The USA was a unique beacon of liberty in human history that is now being extinguished. We let the entire world down. Frankly humans deserve the slavery, and hell they’re going to face. The majority are just generally ignorant, self-absorbed, lazy, and too easily fooled. They refuse to stay vigilant, and watch their government carefully. They always need a master or father figure because they refuse to grow up!

    • panors77

      They’ve been socialist for years now. Super high taxes to pay for their failing health care system like the UK.

  • gwedem5995

    The only plus to moving to Canada is that I wouldn’t have to listen to the liberal media portray O and Michelle as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    • r

      Ask Michelle, she’s great at making travel plans. As long as it doesn’t cost her anything. Look at all the vacations she has taken with or without the kids. And all her servants…..

      • rosemarienoa

        You mean all her slaves dont you???

    • rosemarienoa

      The Canadians are also very liberal & they like the O’s just fine!!!

    • Lisa M Hartman

      They are the greatest and the Canadians Love them

      • Isa Gee

        not ALL Canadians love them


    Barbados strikes me as a good location…Just east of the Caribbean and out of the Hurricane zone…Not extremely hot over the course of the year…English is the so-called National language (with assorted variations and regional dialects)…Definitely worth checking-out…

    • r

      They speak proper english in the Virgin Islands. Nice place. Just that they drive on the left side of the road; and with steering wheels on the left side of the vehicle. Been there; it was nice….

  • caskinner

    Prefer to stay and fight to get this country back. Call me an optimist.

    • SallyE

      You’re an optimist!

      • RSF-1

        I went to an optimist once and he gave me rose colored glasses. Things looked a lot better, until I took them off.

    • Ruggedlark

      Apparently optimism isn’t enough.At least for me.

      I just don’t see how we can come back when so many people think its the government’s job to close the gap-to make life easier as we struggle…

      I’m not sure I can leave, but I can “Opt Out”.

      If I could afford to leave, I would head for New Zealand, or Austrailia-places with lots of land that take hard work to survive.

      • caskinner

        New Zealand is where my daughter wants to go. She is single and an ER nurse so she could probably be just fine there.

        • Ruggedlark

          Well. My Daughter also wants to go there-talked about working on a sheep station and possibly a B&B or a vineyard. Lots of opportunities if for work.

      • Judy Ratliff

        go to and sign you states petition to secede. if it is not listed start your own on the White House link they provide. Just be polite like the the other states started their’s with. I just signed for Colorado

        • Ruggedlark

          Thanks for the info. And I will.

      • panors77

        Unfortunately……Australia and New Zealand are also like Canada and socialist with very high taxes and crappy government run health care.

        • Progressive Republican

          As opposed to the crappy, extremely expensive, private health care we have here. If you can afford it. Yay.

        • Isa Gee

          still much better than the USA…..These places are not over run by the GIVE ME generation, and is an english speaking society

  • SallyE

    My cousin and her husband live in Calgary. It is a boom town and very oriented toward private enterprise, which is a real surprise .At least Canada has lower corporate taxes. In that regard they are smarter than the U.S. But they have socialiszed medicine. If you can stand cold weather you could head for the Dakotas. There is an oil boom there. I worry about Central America. You never know when there might be a revolution. I have heard that Costa Rica isn’t all that great. We now have 30 Repiublican governors. Maybe real change will start at the state and local levels.

    • jdangiel

      That’s exactly where it must start. Look for the 10th amendment people on line and get involved. Today! I have, lots of others have.

  • June Gagnon

    I DON’T plan on leaving – -the IS MY COUNTRY and I WILL fight to keep her; the only ones “leaving” will be the current “regime” and I pray it will be “FEET FIRST”! Every last one of them!

    • axmickl

      Tell me exactly how you will fight for this country. You can’t vote the communists out, they will steal every election. What is it you are going to do, shoot them?

  • D. Guardian

    Are you crazy? Paraguay is better. Health care? Cheaper there too.Think bye,bye.

  • Patrick Henry

    Let’s just take back OUR Country. 3 Million Conservatives didn’t vote and others picked a useless 3rd. Party write-in. Phone your Congressmen, sign petitions, email Congress and State officials. One very good organization with FREE Faxes dealing with Illegal “immigration” is Millions of Illegals are “directly” related to many of our most serious problems and costs, like Health Care, costly and overcrowded, failing schools, Crime & Overpopulation.

  • Carlos

    El Salvador has been asking me to move my business, for years. They’ll even pay for a visit.
    Hmmmmm… Getting tempting. If I’m going to live in a corrupt country, I may as well, live on the beneficial side of the equation.



    • panors77

      I saw a program about Canada giving asylum to mexicans. Canada is giving them free housing, free food and money to live on for a year.

      • caskinner

        Good then maybe they will leave the USA>

        • Isa Gee

          Mexicans are not the problem but always the focus of bad news…..what about the other illegals, South. Americans, especially Brazil and Columbia… etc. ‘chinese, Arabs

          just cause someone speaks Spanish that does not makes them Mexicans

          • caskinner

            I was responding to panors77 comment about Canada giving asylum to Mexicans. I live in Texas and we are being overrun by illegals. My daughter is an ER nurse and she sees them come in all the time demanding diapers and formula for their babies.



  • ARMYOF69

    Russia is looking so beautiful right now. Riding horses bare chested, flying with cranes , swimming in icy waters with Mr. Putin. I’m sure I can make a deal with a REAL Dictator.

  • Dan Williams

    My daughter lives in Canada. Alberta is booming and taxes are higher. You cannot schedule a doctor’s appointment for months in their socialied medicine system. The good news is that businesses know exactly what they can expect from their conservative government. Unemployment rate is much lower in Alberta.

  • npc317

    Canada is a beautifull country, but you cannot defend yourself if the need should arise. Private ownership of firearms is forebidden. That means you are not free in Canada.

    • panors77

      That’s like I’d mentioned. If they’re anything like the UK,etc.

  • Judy Ratliff

    Everybody go to and sign your state’s petition to secede. If your state is not listed use the White House link to start one. Just be polite like the other states started their’s. After 25000 signatures he has to answer then we will know what do to against him and her.

  • Phil185

    Our Founding Fathers created a REPUBLIC for a reason. They lived, fled and lett their blood to get away from the Democratic tyrany of their time. AKA, King. Something Obama and the left are trying to achieve, at the minimum an Oligarchy. Obama will indirectly assault the Constitution through the U.N. treaties banning free speech, guns and our liberties in general, as well as the sovereignty of this nation.

    • panors77

      Have to believe in GOD to be a “king”….more like communist dictator. Wait till he has the presidential term limit abolished then it’s the confiscation of all firearms,etc.

  • tncdel

    Canada is more leftwing PC socialist than the U.S. even. Would be almost like leaping from the frying pan into the proverbial fire.

  • echo5n

    I’ve traveled the world. As far as I know America is the last frontier where we can stand united to fight the Libs. If we lose this battle there will be no other place on Earth to go to.

    • Isa Gee

      you have lost the battle. American born Citizens are leaving or have left the country. look at the demographics and I would start packing..

  • Patriot49

    How ’bout resisting our federal governance the constitutional way?!

    Why not gather at our “red state” capitals to encourage state governments to DEMAND of the feds our constitutional right as states to run our own education systems, medical insurance/delivery plans, and other isssues for which the is absolutely NO hint of federal authority in the COTUS? BTW, the “commerce clause” cannot(!) nullify all the rest of the COTUS any longer. Require the federal government and Supreme Court to address this soon before one of our conservative justices is gone from the bench.

  • Olive Branch

    I’m thrilled “you people” have a place to vent! The 1st amendment also applies to CRAZY!!!

    Thanks for keeping your vitrol hate, conspiracy theories, racism and xenophobia (fear of foreigners) to the web…,

    Until you take back “YOUR COUNTRY”!!! LOL!!!

  • axmickl

    Once before in my life I felt this lost and abandoned. It was right after I lost both my parents when i was 5 years old and had no place to go. I survived that because this country had people in it who didn’t just think of themselves, they helped each other no matter their circumstances. The land and the people who elected or stole the Election for Obama do not leave me with a feeling of well being. These fools have traded their own and our freedoms and piece of mind for a few cell phones and a bunch of false promises and lies. I have no hope for salvation of this nation. The inhabitants have demonstrated a foolishness and destructive attitude that cannot be fixed and will continue to breed and surrender in greater numbers like the sewer rats they have become.

  • Marlin

    First of all it is doubtful Canada would accept your immigration. The second, Canada is not much better off than The United States. They are headed in the same direction only had a more gradual pace. In fact for those who wish to leave the country there are not a lot of opptions. Freedom and liberty are under attack everywhere. And for most Americans immigration is simply not practical. There is matter of costs, jobs ,family, etc. So what are our practical options? We could encourage the socialist to immigrate out of the country. But that is unlikly to happen. Or we can stay and stand up for freeddom the best we can.

  • Roger

    Our best laid plans would be to secede, can be done legally or not. They’re coming for our guns next. It will be a terrible blood bath with brother killing brother. Afterwards we learn to speak Russian or Chinese. Children can you spell bleak future. For the said 51%, this is your just reware.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for Obama and now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. Obamas Big Government Control will now destroy America,the Supreme Court, the Republican Party and anything else that stands in his way as payback for slavery and other so called social injustices.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about this Black Devil Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.—–Original Message—–

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