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Mother Explains Romney Loss To Distraught Son

  • John Public

    Obama IS a BAD PERSON, He LIES and he CHEATED and stole the election. Anonymous hacked the GOP on Election Day and there was MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD in all the swing states. It’s all been proven. WE Don’t want Obama. His commie world hates us and will do NOTHING for us. He HATES AMERICA and is destroying it.

  • Todd Kalamajka

    The eye roll at the end…… my sentiments exactly young’un…… lol

    • Catherine Allen Alphonse

      Yes, loved that!!

    • Randell Danner

      that was classic!

  • JennieWalsh

    These children perhaps sense the horrible evils of the present communist dictator Obama administration. America’s freedoms and individual rights are being flushed down the toilet FAST AND FURIOUS, BENGHAZI STYLE. There are more lies, cover-ups, deceit and treachery in this so-called “transparent” administration than people can even begin to keep up with.

  • Bob Marshall

    The majority wanted a president with a narcissist personality disorder. If only more people would have read either one or both of his book, THE ROOTS OF OBAMA’S RAGE they would have understand his intention and why his goal is to bring down capitalism and weaken our military. We still havet oo many citizens who prefer to listen to and watch the corporate controlled mews media, the governments propaganda machine for the source of information instead of doing their own research, reading books and publications like whistleblower. the Internet had some great informative sites and youtube had some excellent videos. When a candidate is speaking in these videos, it is hard to dispute. Too many had to wait for the movie 2016 to come to show and tell them what they should have known long ago. G.Edward Griffin; ” If America is to survive as a free nation, its citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present.”

    • Jack Parker

      There is no hope for this once great republic. We must disenfranchise all voters who receive unearned “entitlements”. They continually elect welfare pimp politicians who promise them everything for free and expect the productive members of our society to pay for it. Now, over half of our electorate is on one or another form of gov’t largess and we can no longer afford it.

  • har82

    That eye roll at the end explains it all lol. The poor kid knows ,,,, him mom is lying to him lol. – bammie – is ,,,, in fact ,, a very ,,, bad man lol. You just can’t fool ,, a rational thinking person. Even a very young one hahahahaha.
    Excellent video mom lol.

  • Jack Parker

    If it weren’t for voter fraud Romney would have won. If you think Xander is distraut now, just wait ’till he has 90% of his earnings “withheld” to pay for all the programs to support deadbeat “entitlements”.

  • Tuci78

    “…he’s not a bad person, honey.”

    Yeah, lady. You gotta sell Santa Claus to the kiddies, don’tcha?

    Considering the largely fictitious background of our Indonesian Illegal-Immigrant-in-Chief, both of ’em are pretty much illusory anyway.

  • Randell Danner

    Why those racist kids. LOL. the only ppl crying more than those two are the sore winners. They haven’t stopped crying and moaning since they won in 2008.

  • Doreen Mahoney

    My 7 yr old son told me today that at least Obama can’t run again, because you only get to be President twice in your life.

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