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Morgan Freeman Schools CNN Host: ‘Race Affects Wealth? Bullsh*t’

  • donttreadonmeAZ

    RIGHT ON Mr. Freeman!!!

    News flash Lemon. Picking yourself up by your bootstraps is not just a trite cliche in your liberal circles! Its LIFE! Its REALITY! ITS WHAT AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT!

    Anyone who says they can’t or don’t have the opportunity is full of BULL.

    If you’re tired of talking about race, consider another place of employment.

    • TheSunDidIt

      It’s what MOST of us old guys did when we hit 18 and our DADDY kicked our butts out the door and said, you’re on your own now boy.

    • Down to Earth Thinking

      I completely agree. and he made good points tahh re actually irrefutable. Sometimes religion holds people back as well. Only because they do not have the entire story and believe in what they have been force fed for many years and are afraid to actually look any further.
      We really do liv ein many illsuiosn and they come inn many flavors. Freeman schooled this guy very eloquently and perhaps actually caused some actual thinking to take place?

      Excellent .

      • Edward Ebersole

        You made some good points as well.

        • Down to Earth Thinking

          Check out my site. Common sense prevails !

          • Edward Ebersole

            I loved, too. Please share with me the link, thank you, and have a good day.

  • squeak

    Morgan Freeman, not only a great actor but a wise Intelligent Gentleman with Class ! Thank you Morgan, for your input ! God Bless !

  • carolrhill814

    When you are born and how much you have makes a difference as far what kind of schools you have in your area and if doesn’t think so he living in a different world.

    • Bill Force

      Speaking of school, it’s obvious English is not your natve language or you must have missed schooling yourself?

      • JimRed

        Lighten up a little on her, Bill; at least she’s participating in the discussion! And the point is valid to a degree.

    • jimshaw54

      It makes a difference IF you let it make a difference.
      True story of two sisters who were less than two years apart in age. Now, in their older ages one is relatively poor compared to the other, but at the same time in their lives both were in the same boat financially — namely dead broke. What is the difference now that one is relatively poor and the other relatively well off? Choices. The poor sister and her husband both worked hard, but made poor choice after poor choice in the way they spent and saved money . The other sister and her husband also worked hard, but they made good how they spent and saved money. The sisters went to the same schools, and had the same teachers for the most part. The one that made the poor choices did better in school and in her higher education than the sister who made good choices, so she should have done better financially.

      The moral of the story is that it isn’t where you were born, what schools you go to, or much of anything else. Ambition and making good choices makes all of the difference in the world as to the outcome for MOST people. I am not naïve enough to think that SOME people have physical or mental handicaps, and what we call just being unlucky — those are through no fault of their own. Those people need and deserve a “leg up” in life, and we should give it to them. But the vast majority of the poor are poor because they either lack ambition or they make poor choices. There is no amount of money or help you can give them that will change that.

      • axmickl

        My brother and I lost both our parents by my seventh birthday. We bounced from home to home for years. I went to 8 different grade schools. My brother went to just as many. We both made decisions, some good, some bad. My brother died a couple years ago almost flat broke. I live in a half million dollar house and am in decent health. We are both white so please explain to me how we ended up so differently. Sure as hell wasn’t race. I just tried harder and made better decisions.

        • Down to Earth Thinking

          And good on Ya !But your health is more important !

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      What you learn is up to you and not what is spoon fed to you. Money is not the important factor, will and desire ARE!

    • axmickl


      • Down to Earth Thinking

        Many people came from very poor backgrounds and faced all manner of obstacles and found some degree of success or even great success. Depending on what yardstick one is using? I am not about the materialism side of things these days so I may look at it all a bit different than most ? So how do you explain people who are given all manner of free crap top include education and resiources and they spend all their time with baggy pants around their ass and never accomplish diddly squat except waste your money ? Just wondering ? It is never about race and always about the person ! Their heart and soul and spirit .

        • axmickl

          Those people are individuals and have made bad choices. Do I think they are the mental equivalent of their white counterparts? No, They have been dealt a deck including speed and strength while we have been given a few more brains. They don’t have the capacity to make good choices and thats a good reason to not elect them to high office.

        • ME

          My sisters reply when I asked why she wanted to live in a down trodden area close to our parents (who had money) was, “The one who lives the closest, get the most.” She never worked a day in her life because my parents gave her everything she “deserved” and her husband is a lazy ahole. So they live in a nice, cheaply made one of a kind home, drive vehicles that are never maintained, (easy come easy go), live on land bought for her by my folks. She was going to divorce a++hole and was told they had to sell everything and split it down the middle. Well, her male friend didn’t think she was worth it when he didn’t get the place and house. Now she is living with jerk-off and has money she weaseled out of my folks along with everything else she has but she is danged miserable. So much for choices! We worked for everything we have,, paid our own way, have 3 children that respect us and are happy to be middle class, honest people. Our children will care for us until we die and hers won’t even see her at this time, let alone when she is old. The daughters statement, “Mom and dad better have enough money to take care of themselves, because I AM not going to do it!” My sister cannot take all the things she stole from our parents and that they gave her to hell with her so what has she really gained?

          • Down to Earth Thinking

            She gained nothing , just as those who sell their souls gain nothing. Your story points out how different we all are even withing a family unit where most of us think genetics determine everything ? but it does not.

            Genetics seems to have influence on some physical parts but that is about it. Free will is the real deal and we all make choices ! even choices to be healthy and fit . Without your health and fitness just what do you have tom work with ?

    • Down to Earth Thinking

      Some of that is true , but do not forget courage and determination and your own will ? Free will given to each of us !

    • dsmith

      Where you are born and under what circumstance matters as to how far you may need to go and how easy the journey may be. It does not determine the end point of life’s journey or whether you have the courage to travel.

    • Dawn Garland

      even so—it is up to YOU to make the living that you want, and stop whining about not being able to go to the top schools…many people made it to the top with a 6th grade education. the whining will hold you back.


    Morgan Freeman must be a racist…

  • jd1958

    Bullship!!! Both barrels right between the eyes. The host didn’t want to hear that!!!!
    Dey poor black host on CNN wif hiz college deygree.
    Work hard, study hard, You will achieve.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    He’s absolutely right.

  • Woody Patterson

    Morgan Freeman, what a class act!

    • glop

      Except when he supported b.o. I like most of everything in which he has acted, however.

      • axmickl

        I was very disappointed when he spoke up for Barak. I thought he was better than that.

        • chicachowchow

          Why? What else would you expect from a Democrat?

  • Robert L Nipper

    carolhill814- Time after time Blacks come forward and talk about how they were able to achieve because of their individual effort! Dr. Ben Carson, his brother, and his Mother were homeless at one time. MVP Kevin Durant talked about his faith in God, and his mother that never gave up, being the inspirations that helped him become who he is. Quit making excuses! Quit telling Blacks they are a victim. They get enough of that from Pseudo-reverend Al Sharpton, Pseudo-reverend Jessie Jackson, and “Bath House Barry.” When a Black Man, like Morgan Freeman, contradicts the narrative…they are immediately attacked by the Socialist/Leftist/ Communist crowd.

    • paulie2

      +100 for you Robert!

  • fed-up

    Will Don Lemon and anyone watching come away with a different point of view or will they just blow the intreview off as “it’s easy for Mr Freeman to say that stuff because he already made it” ? I hope this is a butterfly effect that will cause a wind of change. More people see this and pass the message along.

    • biorep1

      People like Mr Freeman need to have their message on a program that is watched. Having him on CNN or MSDNC, the message only gets to 6 people and half are probably stoned

  • Maggietish

    Finally someone who didn’t want to play the game. I applaud Morgan Freeman. CNN used to be unbiased in their reporting but not anymore. They’re etting to be second to MSNBC and that’s unfortunate because they used to be a credible channel.

    • jimshaw54

      Unfortunately you can’t go to a doctors office, the airport, or any other public place that has TV without getting CNN. I was very surprised the one time I was in a public place that actually had Fox News on.

      • David S. McQueen

        In the late 1990s, CNN became a joke as the Clinton News Network, supporting a perjurer and blaming it all on Ken Starr (the special prosecutor). I’m sure Hillary Clinton will get the royal treatment from CNN as it anoints her.

  • Macjamm

    I like Morgan, he is a great actor, and he always says the right things about race and such issues, but he has said that if you don’t like Obama you are probably just a racist,.. So i applaud him for his statements on this particular video and i hope he comes to his senses where Obama is concerned,..

  • Doc

    The blame for “black suppression” lies squarely on the shoulders of black leadership. They have become the “slave masters” of their own people. Most blacks who have been able to pull themselves up and out of their poverty do not vote “liberal”. Only the “slaves” held in poverty by their “leadership” who tell them they “need” government assistance to live vote “liberal”.

    Thank you Mr. Morgan for telling the truth.

    • WesTexan

      Democrats have always shared in that responsibility. A majority of Blacks are still subservient to the Democrat Party—still enslaved. Morgan Freeman has proven that you don’t owe anyone but yourself.

  • Ovomit1

    There’s a reason race and race baiting is in every news cycle….it’s big business, just ask race baiting poverty pimp Alford Sharpton, Crook in a clerical collar Jackson, and that Hate filled race baiting gang the NAACP

  • Paladin67

    Don Lemon tried to draw him into the race issue… and was schooled completely by Morgan Freeman. I have said for EVER, that if you have the internal drive, the hunger, the want to do better, you can in this Country.
    We have a black President for crying out loud (I think he’s a fool, and WAY over his head but that has nothing to do with his race, so to the idiot liberal race baiters, don’t go there).
    Thank you Mr. Freeman for speaking nothing but the truth.

    • David S. McQueen

      Obama is a Marxist first and a black second. He’s probably in total agreement with Don Lemon, though, but Lemon uses the race card emotionally and Obama uses it politically. Liberals love to be victims.

  • Sue

    If we are to have an honest discussion on race then any man should be able to say what Freeman said regardless of who or what they are. Does anyone think another race would be able to say the same things without crucifiction?

    • JimRed

      If I say the same things I am adjudged racist. Mr. Freeman gets called a Tom, OREO or race traitor.

      • Sue

        If you say what he said you’re drummed out of the business effectively not working again. Names are one thing, witch hunts are another.

  • Gary Gile

    I have a great deal of respect for Morgan Freeman. He is a great actor. However, we are not all born equal or with equal ability to pull ourselves up by the boot strap. We are all different, with different talents and abilities. I could never be as great an actor as Mr. /freeman no matter how hard I tried. It is not in my nature. I am sure there are things I can do that he could/would never do. He needs to read the book, @F-L-O-W: Find, Design, Use TALENT to Emerge Happiness &
    Success in a Postmodern World, by Mike R. Jay. Perhaps he will take on a different viewpoint.

    • David S. McQueen

      I agree that we’re all different. It’s not an issue that we’re all “equal”, it’s that we all have an equal OPPORTUNITY to excel in whatever we’re best at.

      • Gary Gile

        Yes, you are right David, in that we should “all have an equal OPPORTUNITY to excel at whatever we’re best at.” I add the “Should” because we do not all have the “should”. Also the “whatever we are best at” is very important. It is what gives us meaning to our lives and brings us our greatest happiness. However, society says we can be, do, have, become ANYTHING we set our minds to and this is the part that I have a problem with as often others are telling us what to set our minds on, which may not be in alignment with our greatest strengths.

  • Gary

    If Sharpton and Jackson were correct in their assertions that being white is the ticket to success in America than why isn’t everyone in Appalachia middle class and how does Morgan Freeman (and for that matter Sharpton and Jackson…even liars prosper here) exist? It’s futile to deny that once race was a hindrance but that’s a while back. Today, there are still impediments to everyone but they are mostly dealing with social strata and its taught expectations, and the ambition of the individual. Slugs will still fail but a person of any race or gender who will try (and maybe fail a couple times) will still get somewhere in modern America. Too many examples out there to keep the old generalist prejudice that “Whitey keepin’ us down” alive.

  • ceholley01

    Mr. Morgan Freeman, well said – dead on. I have enjoyed your movies as an actor, now I have even greater respect for you as a leader. I remember growing up poor, like you, and had a long way to get out of it. I did, and so can anyone else in today’s society. Education and opportunity with hard work will get you out of it. In today’s society, we have lost the desire to get out there every day, find opportunity (Which looks like hard work), and make a difference in your own life. YOU CAN MAKE IT, if you want too. Henry Ford said it best, if you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right. Thank you again for your candor and honesty….even if some people don’t want to hear it..

  • Eva St. Clair

    This is what it is going to take for the media and other elites to stop giving the masses excuses – decent, successful black Americans speaking the truth. This race crap is so old – day in, day out.
    GET OVER IT, ALREADY! Kudos to you, Mr. Freeman!

  • phxgeo

    Thank you Mr. Freeman, It was no different for you than the Vietnamese boat people who arrived with nothing, could not speak the language and had no “shepherds” Like Sharpton, Jackson, Wright to tell them they could not survive without the Government. In fact they were fortunate in many ways because they had no shepherds. All they had was internal motivation coupled with a society environment that they called OPPORTUNITY. This is the same environment that Mr. Freeman was raised in. What was the second chapter of the Vietnamese refugee life story? Their children graduated from places like Stanford, MIT, Berkley, etc. at the top of their class wih their work ethic from working long hours at little or no pay in family business and living in very cramped quarters, no cars, no sports, etc.
    The Race Industry Leaders, aka as Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama et al, have destroyed a family centered, God loving (Black) Society in our Country. There will be no fuel shortage in hell as God sentences these low life to that destination.

  • Joan

    Morgan Freeman, Thank you for you’re honesty!I love you also enjoy you’re movies one of the best actors we have today!! Working hard for anything you want never hurt anyone its what we were taugh!! God Bless you Mr. Freeman!!

  • Wayne

    Kudos Morgan Freeman! That’s the best explanation of vision and follow through!
    Clear and concise.

  • Dave in LA

    Right on , , Morgan Freeman is great !!!

  • Combatvet52

    He sure as hell knows what he’s talking about, my Dad came from Italy at 16 years old 1910 got a job went to school to learned the language was an outstanding US citizen always paid his taxes did pretty well for himself till he passed away at 77 years old he taught his 4 children how to be very good Americans I served in Korea my two brothers served in WW2 some wounds but we all came home.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Morgan, I must apologize for my assumption that you must be another liberal toady. You are entirely correct that a person Can “pull himself up by his bootstraps” if he has the courage and will to do so. Thank you for exposing the mindset of the plantation owner government.

  • Flashbackjack

    “It’s a good excuse for not getting there” That is the bottom line.

  • Al Chemist

    There are hindrances to Black people ‘making it,’ but those hindrances apply also to White people, or any other race for that matter. Those hindrances lie mostly in DC where most of the politicians think they are entitled to a goodly share of anyone’s hard-earned paycheck!

  • Bill

    Amen Freeman ! Keep talking about race and its an issue, shut up and move on and its not. That simple.

  • David S. McQueen

    As Freeman said, many people use it (race) as an excuse for failure. They rationalize their own ineptness and lack of achievement by blaming others. Liberals love to do that (play the victim card) because it gives them an excuse and they get sympathy (from other liberals).

  • Stanley

    You stupid white people let these minorities push you around because you’re gutless wonders cowards!

  • Rocketman

    I just got a lot more respect for Mr Freeman. I always assumed that he was just another liberal actor who parroted the lines liberals do. I see that I was wrong. Forgive me Mr. Freeman sir.

  • Sandy

    Morgan Freeman just became my hero….absolutely right…”get busy livin’, or get busy dyin'” to quote from Shawshank Redemption…..

  • djmdgo

    Interesting coming from the man who shrilled that the Tea Party is racists. Apparently never heard of the Rocky Mountain BLACK Tea party among others. Liberalism on the march.

  • gene456

    A wise man. Now watch the LIEberals crucify him.

  • Tim Cartwright

    Thank you Morgan, Well said, I’m sure it was heart felt,

  • golfcrackerjack

    Maybe Lemon isn’t qualified to talk about anything other than race? Wouldn’t be the first time….

  • Bonnie

    I lost all respect for Morgan when he came out supporting Obama – – he was like the majority of Democrats that never thinks for themselves but follows the herd badmouthing everyone that doesn’t agree with them – – has he changed his mind and formed another opinion other than what Obama thinks and says. Was impressed with this interview – – may start watching him again.

  • noodles5

    Lemon couldn’t believe his waxed up ears. Did you notice he kept trying to back door the issue but Freeman wouldn’t allow him to do that? Freeman is one of these guys who is constantly saying I made it but you guys can’t because you’re black. Therefore because I’m smarter than you I will help you all by enabling you by talking about how racists are responsible for your plight. He’s dime a dozen these days. All he is is a negative race baiter. I pay him absolutely no mind.

  • Brian P.

    That’s a pretty strong conservative message from Mr. Morgan……your skin color has NOTHING to do with where you end up in life, your ambition does……..if you want out of your situation, DO SOMETHING to change it, don’t expect someone else to………….there’s no infinite sum of money, if you want more, go get it!!! WOW!!!!! Add him to Ashton Cutcher and a few other scattered moments of common sense and reality and there might be hope for Hollywood yet.

  • el_loco_jp

    Freeman who wholeheartedly supports Odumbo, is finally getting his mind right. At least a little bit.

  • ME

    Forget race-this country s filled with people who are mostly all mixed ethnic backgrounds. How do you say “I am, English-Swedish- American Indian- Dutch, German-American”. What it boils down to is some will use their color to get everything free, and others are just too danged lazy to support themselves, no matter what color their skin is or where their ancestors 5 generations came from or lived. Every person is responsible for choices they make and if they want to blame someone else because they are losers, so be it, but we know they made the choices. Nobody stood with a gun to their head and said, “You are not to work!” Seems like Obama’s way of thinking it is good to place the blame on someone else is taking hold and flourishing in this country and many more!!

  • Tina

    If white, Asian and native Americans who are disadvantaged can manage for themselves and strive to get ahead, despite their problems, then so can blacks! But blacks are so used to whining and complaining about their color and getting ahead because of it.. they have forgotten just plain working for what you get or become. Of course this is not true of all.. but the most vocal make it plain that they want to rise above everyone else and they want to do it by race baiting.. Look at our useless president!

    • cc

      Fifty years ago I started kindergarten knowing no English, being different color than my schoolmates, and having a father who drilled into me that I had to learn to be an American because he had to scrub dirty clothes all day to keep me in mine. No multi-lingual textbooks, just a ruled pad and #2 pencil with a teacher criticizing my bad penmanship. Seems not to have hurt me a half century on. Go Morgan Freeman, tell them all the truth!


    I made it. Although white and only a high school education I made up my mind I was not going to stay in Detroit. Of my wifes family of six only three are worth spit. They have that feel sorry for me I need help and no one ever gave me a break. My sister graduated cum lauds from high school and never made it above secretary and lives in a poor section of a bankrupt city. Mr Freedman has the drive and self worth it takes to motivate yourself despite skin color. Our government gives too many the excuse to sit down and put out the hand for government to fill. Bring up the children with the attitude that failure is not an option and give them the tools to use and you will see the children succeed.

  • JeanneD

    Morgan Freeman’s words were not only eloquent but the truest ones I have ever heard spoken to another younger person of any color. Often young people of all varieties give up on themselves because of ethnicity, color, lack of money, social position, gender, physical appearance,lack of interest, any number of reasons. They need someone in their lives to convince them that they can be successful. If there is something that they love doing to go after it heart and soul ! There are many teachers who fill that bill if the kids listen. Someone, as revered as Mr. Freeman they would really pay attention to. If only he and others like him could reach out and convince kids that they can do what many in his earlier circumstances have done and be successful.
    We all adore Bill Cosby. What a guy ! He did it and he made a difference for kids and everyone !.

  • mule man

    Okay I’m white — obama has more money then I’ll ever have and he only licked boots,never touched the straps
    So shut up Donny boy !!!!!!!!!!

  • sengal

    I think Morgan Freebie has been reading too many scripts. A useless democrat who wasted a million dollars on the dictator.

  • ihavetopickastupidname

    “If you don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing.” – Author Unknown

  • Old_Conservative

    I don’t usually agree with Mr Freeman on very much, but I have to admit he is dead right here!

  • Stan Parrish

    I thought Freeman was a liberal.
    No liberal would say what Freeman said.
    What he said is true of course but no liberal would say it.
    That would undercut the foundations of the democrat party.

  • Tick

    There are those that want, and those that will.

  • Chinchilla man

    just say’n…. the word “schools” in this case, is typical media sensationalism. Don asked him and question and in a very congenial way morgan answered it and answered it again. The word “school” for all you old ass crackers who don’t get it. (i am white) means ‘to lose humiliatingly.’ Again, not used correctly… “me have media site” “me use words”. Ok mongo, go dry hump your gun….

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