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Mom Gets Arrested in Front of Her Kids Because Of A Clerical Error

Karen Moran is trying to fix a mistake. “Hello,” she said, as she pressed an intercom button to speak with the Douglas County Court Administrative Office. “Yes, my name is Karen Moran. I’m here to talk with Leslie Douglas about an administrative error they had made.” The mistake isn’t small. Moran was arrested on Tuesday March 17th on an arrest warrant that was never supposed to be issued. The problem began on March 4th, when Moran was in court for an arrest from December. “For refusal to leave, and disturbing the peace,” said Moran. Two misdemeanor charges she was given after refusing to leave an establishment in December. On March 4th, she was in court and a judge dismissed one charge and she plead guilty to the other. She had to pay a $99.00 fine, which she did that same day. But for reasons unknown, someone in the clerk’s office refiled her arrest warrant. “I thought this was easy, and it went well, and I thought all was taken care of. Until St. Patty’s Day when I was arrested,” said Moran. Leslie Douglas with the Douglas County Court Administrative Office confirmed that it was a clerical error. “It’s a huge deal. It’s huge to be arrested in front of your kids for something that should not have happened,” said Moran.

via WOWT

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