MLK III Leaves MSNBC Host Touré Stunned With Comments on Blacks & The Tea Party

On Friday, MSNBC’s The Cycle traveled to Atlanta to interview the son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and during the conversation, Martin Luther King III ended up surprising host Touré by suggesting that African-Americans should be trying to “engage” with tea party groups. “Do you think today, the modern Democratic Party does enough to earn the overwhelming support it receives from black people?” Touré asked King. “Is it taking black people for granted in a way?” King said that the answer to Touré’s question is “yes,” adding “the party does not do enough.” But it’s also the black community’s “responsibility to hold the Democratic Party accountable.” “We’re not a monolithic people,” King continued, saying that while he happens to be a Democrat, he does not see any problem with black people who choose to be Republican or Independent. “I also think it’s important to be engaged with the tea party,” he added. That comment took Touré aback. “Why would it be important for us to be engaged with the tea party?” he asked.

via Mediaite

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