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Romney Roasts Obama at Annual Al Smith Foundation Dinner

  • good4goose,good4gander

    If President Obama is jealous of the fact that Mr. Romney can be referred to by his middle name, maybe Mitt can accommodate Hussein.

  • Barry Levy

    One has to relisten to the speakers, and pay attention to the laughs in the background. Seems Romney was getting huge laughs, and obozo was getting polite response. That could be me, but when the clips were played earlier on Rush, he asked that the applause and laughter not be removed and when focused on that, Romney came across as very likable, and his polling on being liked is now, having been seen without the obozo hate machine filter, as a warm, honest and good person.

    • mallen11

      I agree and noticed that Romney received a great applause but -0 did not. I was listening carefully.

    • Marianna

      Regarding the audience’s reaction to both candidates…they are tuned into the fact that one is real and the other is Hussein.

  • Richard Brophy

    Obama has gotten away with so many things in his presidency. His eligibility has not been assertively and exhaustively challenged. His Muslim/Socialist/Communist/radical background has been given a free pass by the press. His bulldog Harry Reid and pet poodle Pelosi have managed to cram their agenda down the throats of the American people, all without coming up with a budget, much less balance it, and increase our deficit to dangerous levels, and then to print money to further devalue our dollar. Thanks to these people, the imminent disaster that looms over our country will take place in the next term, whoever will be the president. It’s amazing Obama didn’t melt in this function, considering how anti-God he is for advocating abortion and gay marriage.
    To have Obama’s wine turn into water is too merciful; I hope it turns to vinegar.

    • pointdan

      Well said.

    • oliver

      IF obama has anything to do with it .. it will turn to S___.

  • morning_in_america

    Wow, Romney really won this matchup. Far funnier. A pleasure to listen to. Sounding like he is President already. Obama sounded as if he was giving his swan song, melancholic savoring of the final days of his Presidency.

  • Take 2

    It’s a garuntee that a second term Obama is total take over of power via Executive Order Acts i.e Note: 1930’s German “Enabling Act” and Infrustructure Banking used by Adolf Hitler. Bill Clinton mentioned the Obama Camp Infrustructure Banking at the DNC and is why the Clinton bow to Obama when Clinton walked off stage. Clinton cut a deal with Obama camp just before the DNC… Clinton’s Global Chairity had to be cut in for redistrabution…and Clinton seemed in Ah enough to bow! That was as telling as Obama removing God and Israel.

    These cats are one election day away but keep in mind Obama et al have all the Gongressional Biill (s) monies (2.3 Trillion) stashed or there would be a butt load of jobs. Point is they have access to the Executive Order Act and all the money, as did Hitler win or lose… Obama has 1.8 free months following a defeat.

    • oliver

      YOU can be sure he will be out for blood. and can wreck more than Mitt can fix in 4 years. there will be thug after thug turn loose back on the street in that 6 weeks. and no telling what else.. PRAY SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM SOON..

      • Take 2

        Yeah Like God will truly save his soul this time. Rev. Wright failed to explain Christ like path in that regard. In My Christian to (Obama) Christian opinion…

  • James Monaco

    Mr. Romney’s writers were far better than Mr. Obama’s. I agree, Mr. Romney received sincere laughter and Mr. Obama received a polite response.


    America you choose;;;;;;;;;;;capitalist or communist;;;;;;;Mormon or moron???????

  • catnip24

    romney was hilarious. he showed he’s an entirely different person than obama has portrayed him. the crowd responded extremely enthusiastically toward romney. obama had a few good line about biden but came off as dull and stale, much like his presidency.

  • jude

    oh wow the clapping was so loud I wish I didn’t have to listen to his speech,
    oh wait I don’t good bye hit the road barack,
    you ain’t coming back no more no more

  • Jeff Maehr

    Canned speeches… pathetic

  • Paul Brown

    It shows who got all the applause here, and it sure wasn’t Obummer. It seems many of the people like his comedy even the Pope jokes, he seems well like better than O dummer was. He’s a good comedian.

  • lorrainie

    Mitt, you were so funny. Even Katy Curic was laughing. Poor Obama did not do as well.

  • George J. Schnabel

    Mr. and Mrs Romney show a lot more class in every way

  • sengal

    I heard that Dennis Miller was one of Romney’s writers. Way to go Dennis!!!

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