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Mitt Romney: It Kills Me To Not Be President, Doing What Needs To Be Done

  • Don Rasher

    Well, Mitt old boy, it’s killing the rest of us conservatives too. But, Obama “is what happens” when YOU, and McCain before you, decided to be “Mr. nice guys”, instead of getting your butts down into the gutter with Obama! You know, he is an illegal sitting President, not constitutionally eligible, but NO. you had to pussyfoot around and give him a pass. His father was a BRITISH SUBJECT YOU NUMBSKULL! The birth certificate is moot. Because of his father he was not constitutionally eligible! But no, you had to be Mr. nice guy. And to that, I say, “Mitt Romney, piss off”! Youy screwed us all!

    • PYPYPY

      It was the media that screwed us by refusing to be fair and balance and continues to screw us to this day

      • refurb001

        The media is OWNED by the democrapic party. That’s NOT too hard to see. They are owned by the democrapic party.

      • Brian Pearson

        There is no media any more and it’s a cotton pickin’ shame.

    • dick wnk

      yea, right on. mitt, your a pacifist, and we needed a leader. this is on your shoulders, the downfall of America by the regime, because you couldn’t find your balls. no don’t go away mad, just go away!

    • annie.0

      he didn’t screw us…the dem voters with their head uyp their butt did…all stup[id…to even start to believe “i will work with both sides”…duhhh…odumbo has never worked a day in his life !!!! crazy stupid dem voters!! shame on tyou…you caused all this mess….now YOU clean it up !!!!!

      • Edward53

        Democrat voters and Ron Paul supporters are the one’s who screwed us. They are the one’s who threw America under the bus.

      • refurb001

        The democraps will never be able to clean up and correct all the problems created by this imposter. The republicans will have to come in and fix the problems and clean up the mess left behind by mr. golfer. Or is that GOOFER!

    • Anthony Alexander

      Don you hit it 100% dead on…..Laying back and not putting up a good fight and playing into the hands of corrupt Chicago type politics that the Obama campaign ran, is what happens. As a Mormon, they lack the stomach and fortitude to FIGHT down and dirty. What is also needed is a complete overhaul of the voting system in this country. It is weak and full of holes that have made vote fraud a winning element in Ohio, PA and other states using the Marxist play book Obama learned as a community organizer from the Saul Alinsky playbook of subversive tactics.

    • griz

      A succesful HONEST Politician is a thing of the past————–sorrowful but true

      • refurb001

        One got cheated out of the position last election around! Fools were worried about his being a Mormon. So where the one’s when John F Kennedy ran as a catholic! I only hope that obamy doesn’t destroy the nation to the point it cannot be repaired! We have NO more national defense. obamy is letting go all the armed forces. We are going to be defenseless…….

    • Dirty Daug

      Obama won by massive voter fraud and that’s it. Is there anyone doing or investigating this, the answer is no. Obama has his own law enforcement and when he says no they do nothing. I hope to live long enough to see this man behind bars.

    • Warren

      What you say is very true but the election was a fraud and so was the one before. The elections in 2014 will also be won by the leftists because of fraud. Nothing that he would have said would have changed it. We need to attack the fraud. We need a 10 million man march in D.C. The Republicans attacking him the most are the ones who told us to support him because he is the only one that can win..

    • refurb001

      And the democrapic party knew this and STILL brought him forth to run. Played the race card to get the votes. His IQ is probably half of Romneys.

    • griz

      Good troll bait to venture from FITNESS for office——Obama has shownn he is UNFIT—————————

    • Aristophanes

      That is exactly what I was thinking when I read the headline!! I did not even listen to the clip because I am so angry at how Mitt campaigned and how he was given a pass on the major issues and questions!! I am really wondering if the republicans are also trying to turn this country to socialism along with the demoncraps. Do real conservatives have ANYONE representing us?


    One thing is for sure, Gov Romney would not be blaming the Dems, cry apocalypse, go play golf (spending US$1M tax payers $$$ with Tiger Woods) and continue to divide this once great country. He would have rolled his sleeves up and got on with the job! He could have done so much for this country but America is too stupid to realise it and ended up with the lemon the voted for 4 yrs ago

    • John

      Are you nuts. The guy is a raving clown. Hated gays and women. Totally out of touch with reality.

      • karen

        Romney is exactly what our country needed. What we have now is disaster, and unfortunately, it is caused by voters.

        • annie.o

          we would have been on the road to recovery by now..instead we are going downhill with odumbo laughing…at all you stupid voters that he sucked in…shame on america!!!!!!!!

      • PYPYPY

        If I am nuts, I would have voted BO, believe his lies, and manufactured crisis.
        ps: if Gov Romney hated women, he would not have hired women in his administration when he was Gov.
        I like to point out that in BO administration, women are paid less than men. So tell me who hates women (or use them to push his agenda forward, shall I tell you?) Gov Romney and the GOP hating women is another of BO’s manufactured lie, like all the other lies. He is good at it.
        Just you wait, BO will manufacture some “crisis” now that his big fat lie of apocalyse from sequestration was found out to get back his credibility from guilible souls like you to punish us!

        • Fothergillgirl

          Why is the government/DHS stockpiling weapons and ammunition? Why are Obama and Holder approving drone strikes against Americans? What happened to due process of law??? This is the most dangerous administration in our history, and there have been some other scary ones…

      • Patti Farrow Poulson

        Are you nuts? Mitt Romney is more of decent, honest, intelligent man than Obama could only dream of. You are buying into the media crap about Romney when you didn’t hear a word he was saying when the campaign was going on He couldn’t stand up there and tell outright lies about Obama like Obama did to him. Shame on Obama Obama did the same thing to Hillary when she was running against him., He did whatever it took to win the election and I still think the voter fraud was rampid.. Romney is dedicated to his wife and family and is most generous with his money- while Obama is spending our taxpayer money like water – on hinmself, his family, and vacations. What is it going to take for you to realize Obama is NOT the wonderful man you think he is.This administration is the most crooked one we have ever had in the lifetime of the country. You won’t believe it until Obama finished his work of finished off this country. I am only sad that I have to suffer than the consequences of what Obama is doing, instead of just the people that voted for him. That is all I have to say about this whole situation.

      • tellitlikeitis

        ya john like your gay reality.we know what your agenda is

      • annie.o


      • Dollyred

        Yes, reality is America is in deep moral decline because of the people who speak the loudest and are down in the gutter with people like you

      • Brenda

        John, where on earth did you get that info? The obama campaign and its made up war on women? By the way the women in the WH make less than their male counterparts. The gay right groups. Oh, obama did nothing for the gay community until now in his second term. They are political pawns. Out of touch with reality! No more so than you.

      • Edward53

        Hey idiot, I’ll tell you who’s a raving clown, Ronnie Paul. Thanks to RuPaul and his roachy cult members, we now have an Obama second term. My stomach tightens up every time you grimy Paulbot’s refer to yourselves as patriots. You are all traitors to my country. Please do me a favor… find out who RuPaul really is Bing, “Was Ron Paul ever a member of StormFront?” Now this man is out of touch with reality.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Hell I hate faggots and I can still do a better job than the toxic commie we got now!! Now go eat some rat poison and play video games till you get sleepy!

      • beowulf32

        there is nothing wrong with disliking same sex pedophiles that molest and rape little boys and girls.

      • max

        Nuts like you will end the greatest country than ever seen the light of day. Stupid people do not know they are stupid. So it’s pointless saying more.

    • Brenda

      Would have, should have, could have. All things Romney didn’t do. Being a nice guy is okay, but if you did not intend to stand and fight for the position, why then did you even bother to run? No, you did not want it badly enough to challenge obama’s lies, his eligibility, or his fraud.

      • PYPYPY

        To be honest, no matter how hard Gov Romney challenges BO, the truth will be hidden by the liberal media. If one watches the liberal media, you go away thinking that Gov Romney is Satan and BO is a Saint! The despicable media have their ways of editing and even when the truth comes out, harm has been done. During the election, not only he has BO to challenge, he has the media too! Until the media is taken down, it will be very difficult for the GOP

        • June

          TRUE! We don’t have much honesty in media, most of them are in the democrats’ pockets, even Fox has to be “fair and balanced”. Bah

      • Brian Pearson

        You know that Obama and others repeated the lie that there would be no Jeeps made in China—But it was TRUE and Obama repeated the lie.

    • June

      Yes. How I wish he were in office and not the destructive one who is!

    • shea

      you left out something small. doesn’t matter what he could of or would have done if he selects a team of incompetents, and is himself a hugely incompetent as a politician. if u cant beat as wounded a candidate as obama why were u running. same for the rest of that 2012 line up. horrible candidates all of them. high school political failures

  • Maranatha Mark

    You can bet if Obama supporters had slipped up and allow a fair election and Romney won, the Senate Democrats would be far more dogged in their refuseal to work with Romney or the GOP on any thing that would benefit this country! You see the DNC has no sense of ‘fairness’, ‘honor’, or interest in what is best for the country to get in the way of their hungry for complete and total control of every last human being in this country! So Romney would be facing a rabid DNC in the senate and liberal media on the war-path!

  • texan texan

    Yea. Trust me big busi ess and the Koch guys miss him a bunch. Instead of massive tax cuts they got nothing. And now unemployment is gonna rise because of sequester and all those moochers are gonna blame his party. The Republicannapproval rating is down to 35%, tea party 28% and Obama 60%. But what do polls know. They predicted an OBAMA win when Karl was assuring everyone his boy had it locked up. Besides, the dressage queen said the MSM were just big meanies.

  • Joe Dan Gorman

    Why the hell didn’t he stand up and fight all the fraud then… More political BS.

  • z328

    nice guy always loses….Romney should have won by a landslide IMHO.

    • John

      Amongst the gullible

    • Patti Farrow Poulson

      You are right that he should have won b a landslide but he was not the type of man that runs a dirty lying campaign filled with voter fraud and intimidation.Romney lives his life without lies and deceit and wasn’t prepared for Obama and his lying, cheating buddies. There will come a time everyone will wish Romney would have won instead of Obama…. Wiat until the country take a big dive – which won’t be that far away.

  • Bob

    When you listen to Romney you realize immediately the difference between an adult and children at play. I regret more people couldn’t have set aside their political partisanship at our Country’s most crucial time. Romney should be leading our country right now.

    • John

      He was a bishop in the Mormon Church. In other words a complete dolt.

      • Edward53

        And you are a gay prick. What’s your point? Your man (Obama) got reelected so what are you crying about?

      • SallyE

        I bet you’d get all bent out of shape if someone called Obama a Muslim, but you feel free to criticize Romney for his faith. And, I take it, you voted for Obama and believe that Romney, no matter what his religion, couldn’t have done a better job. By the way, Romney earned a law degree and an MBA simultaneously at Harvard. Not exactly a “dolt”.

        • Brian Pearson

          Absolutely, Romney would have made the best president

  • Jack Parker

    It’s your own fault. You didn’t attack and call out the president when you had the chance. You allowed yourself to be sandbagged during the debates. You refused to deal with the Demoncraps and MSM using their own methods. You allowed the MSM to actively campaign for Odumbo and never called them out on it. You knew there would be rampant election fraud but you did nothing to circumvent it. You threw away the election. You’ve nobody to blame except yourself (and of course the corrupt election system and deadbeat voters who’ll do anything for an Obamaphone).

  • John Madison

    I feel for you Mitt, but if you had run a REAL campaign on issues that matter and not spent time worrying about the infatuation of the press with your “war on women” and your tax returns you could have won. You and McCain could be twins with all your tip-toeing around the places that could have gotten Barry beaten.

  • bear2009

    Sorry Mitt, But it may kill a lot more of us before its over !!!!!

  • John Madison

    And when you brought up the 47%, you should have stuck to your guns and defended working Americans against the scum who mooch!

    • John

      The scum who mooch are the rich

      • Centurian2010

        Like say GE or Facebook, both big Obama contributors who paid zero in taxes, and got a huge tax return anyway. Yeah I can agree there John.

        • TrueGrit

          With the necessary tax dollars that the country needs and as tight as things are we really need to tax these foundations that pay no money in taxes. I’m talking about the Rockfeller Foundations, the Pew Foundations ,Carnegie, Tides, etc. These are very underhanded political organizations and must pay their share. The ugly corrupt NAACP has tax free status too as long as it doesn’t engage in politics. This is how laughable this whole foundation game has become.

      • SallyE

        Like all the evil rich people ( the “makers”) who pay most of the taxes and support the “takers”.

        • minni

          bE NICE TO THE RICH AS THEY ARE THE ONES WHO PICKS UP THE TAB FOR YOUR FOODSTAMPS. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

        • minni

          oops sorry I CLICK ON THE WRONG ONE.

        • DE Navarro

          Fight fight fight fight fight — goodness gracious — there are errors on both sides — there wouldn’t be as many passionate moochers if the there weren’t as many greedy oppressors as there are. Greed has no place, neither in the hands of the rich nor the poor. It is greed that is destroying us all from both flanks.

          Being rich is not the problem — being greedy is. There are many great, wonderful, giving and generous rich people (like the restaurant owner in Indianapolis IN who helped that young kid trudging 10 miles through the snow – for example). And there are many (too many) rich people in this country that are greedy and have become oppressors by being so competitive that they walk over their own workers and anyone else in their way to get ahead and they hurt many Americans in the process.

          Furthermore, when the misfortune of the poor is manipulated by elitests, humanitarians, union leaders and politicians who are no less greedy than the rich (and are often rich themselves and huge hypocrites) they begin the cycle of bribing the poor with rich people’s money to gain their own absolute power. This is as much or more of a travesty than some of the rich being greedy.

          And then when those who have less begin to get an entitlement mentality and find ways to live off the crumbs of the rich rather than to advance themselves and accept responsibility for their own lives and where they are at, then we have massive movements of people who unjustly take from all rich people (greedy or not) and destroy the wealth of the country where they live to their own detriment. They justify themselves more and more until they are also “greedily” taking what is not theirs to rightly take.

          So then greed eats us out from within.

          Right now we have unchecked corporate greed on the right, unchecked political greed and power greed on the left, and the unchecked greed by a vast majority of main stream citizenry who feel cheated by one or the other and want payouts and benefits.

          Is it any wonder we are self destructing? Tear away all the masks, all the fronts and facades and what is driving this disease in America is GREED on all points.

          This country used to be run by the generous, by people who made it their priority to better other people, by companies who took care of their workers as family for their entire lives and gave them good retirement benefits and helped them through all of life, by politicians who believed that being honest, fair, upright and moral was the only way to live and to uphold the American ideal and way was more important than their own personal gain.

          Yes, these Americans are gone, and in their place are people who think that the creedo of life is to look out for number 1, to profit first and serve second, to be so competitive that you don’t win by making a better product, you win by political maneuvering, anti-trust corruptions, bribing the right agencies, getting the right players in your pockets, and then finishing off the competitors to the point that you destroy lives.

          People, the problem with America is us. We have met the enemy and he is us. We need to have a massive, full-scale change back to being a generous people who help our neighbors, who know our neighbors, who interact and support each other, who live to make America a better place to be rather than just our own castle or home. We are an organic people reliant on one another — and it worked in the past, even with all our ills and misfortunes, even with suffrage problems and civil rights problems, it worked because the majority of Americans were loving and generous and put God and country before themselves.

          Will we ever see that America again?

          • Fothergillgirl

            Romney is one of those giving rich. His smarts could have turned us around…

          • Dnav

            Romney as an individual is a good man and generous, as was Bush. Very good individuals who are compassionate and love and help the less fortunate – but their corporate power and leanings and establishmentarian associations and belief that government can help people straighten out their individual lives is why they went astray — both had proven records in these regards. It’s probably good that we got stuck with the Obomb for a second term, because some Americans that weren’t awakened by the first term and who still thought everything would change in 4 years and Barry would never get in again found out their complacency led to 4 more years of hell — so they are waking up too, now and we need every patriotic, constitutional American to be very awake and very ready to throw off the shackles of tyranny when our current WH announces the national emergency and martial law that will render us subjects of a new tyranny — it’s coming and we better be as ready as our forebears to say, “give me liberty or give me death.” Are we committed to freedom or is is something we’ll just talk about?

        • KAOIrish

          We need anyone but Obama in the White House. Just someone who will take the job of the Presidency seriously. Someone who will at least spend some time in Washington working on the issues at hand rather than vacation, vacation, vacation. I am so sick of the takers of this country hating the people who have worked tirelessly to become someone. The problem is the takers are to lazy to work and make something of themselves. They want the hard working citizens of this country to support them! It is this administration’s main goal to make everyone equal. Then what will the takers have to say? Obama has made it impossible for a farmer to pass his legacy down to his children. It is nearly impossible for a family to pass any type of inheritance to their children. He has implemented so many taxes. But this is part of his evil plan. I am tired of working everyday just for the lazy, ungrateful, selfish, no good, leeches of this country to take what I earned. Like Denesh D’Souza so well demostrated; pretty soon everyone will be on the welfare wagon and there will be no one pulling it. Is this what we really want for this country? I don’t think so!! I have more pride than that. The takers of this country have no pride!!! And Obama is a taker!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dollyred

        who pay ALL of the taxes so the moochers can get free food stamps and a check they don’t deserve too !!!!

      • phunyfarm


      • markg444

        You must be part of that 47% or you wouldn’t be complaining like some kind of fool. Or your just a fool!

      • Fothergillgirl

        They provide you a job! Ever gotten a job from a poor man, or do you work for the government and have me paying your salary? Nothing wrong with being rich!!!

      • Progressive Republican

        Oooh, a fact. I’m sure THAT went over well…

    • Jesse Peterson

      Yesterday he apologized for that correct statement. The man has no spine.

    • griz

      Many of the “moochers” want a “hand up” not a “hand out”——————–that is the republiucan way

  • del

    This impostor should never have been allowed to win by fraud….that is the only way he could have wom!

    • griz

      Hopefully meaning Obama????

  • Tim Brown

    Jeez! This is partly why the guy lost! The sequester removes 2% of future spending. It’s not even a real spending cut and he’s talking political jargan. The sequester is not a bad thing at all. In fact, we should be demanding across the board cuts of far more than 2%! The stuff Mittens put forward would have added to the national debt. Anyone that looked at the numbers knows it. Sure, it wouldn’t have been as much as Obama, but he still would not have reduced the debt and spending would have continued going up in the Federal government. We need to return to enumerated powers of the Feds or start all over again. Until the guys going into office realize they are limited on what they can and cannot spend on, they don’t need to be elected to office.

    • SallyE

      Let’s cut the Dept. fo Education which doesn’t educate anyone, and the Dept. of Energy which produces none.

  • Germeten

    It kills US how many factories and jobs that Mitt sent to Red China, but thanks to BO we now have them in the Gulf of Mexico. Mitt was the wrong guy to represent GOP interests, he’s poster boy globalist. Real statesmanship is dead, Americans only had a choice between two extremes, both bad.

    • tellitlikeitis

      at least mitt was an american who loved america

  • Take 2

    Ohio…Gas in Ca. is back over 4.25$ a gallon. Approaching over 5$ bucks like we warned you. Health care cost will triple…dopes.

    • John

      If you keep buying gas guzzling pickups what do you expect. It’s a finite resource you fools.

      • Take 2

        Johnny…it’s about the ‘fools’ whom continue believing that politicians don’t lie. WE fools all need to stop both sides from fraud and depiction is my point.

      • Edward53

        We all know what you “guzzle”, John.

  • Take 2

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Mitt you are a hapless leader – if you had asked the questions and sought the answers to Obama’s authenticity even losing you would have had my respect! Don’t ever muddy the waters and try to run again. Sarah Palin would have not rolled over like you – coward!

    • Edward53

      DogWithoutSlippers, your name should be DogWithoutBallsOrABrain. Sounds like Ronnie has already stolen your mind..

  • David Veselenak

    Hey, “Nit-Mitt” Romney, shut the hell up! I don’t want to hear a word out of your phony, “fall guy” candidacy! You and the Manchurian Candidate, “McShame” were selected to take a dive, it’s obvious! Neither one of you went for the juggler while you had your chance, I don’t want to hear you or your wife’s whining! We now are faced, I predict, with the Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler for life unless the sheeple find the fortitude and resolve to do an imitation of our wise and brave forefathers! 1776…1776…1776!

    • Edward53

      You Paulbot’s showed us your true colors on election day, David. So enough of your fake patriotic BS.

    • markg444

      Shut up, if you don’t want to hear or see him, turn the station or put down the article that’s why you have a choice.

  • Greg Yancey

    I will never be convinced that Romney actually LOST the election! I believe that voter fraud has been proven and that the numbers were sufficient to change the outcome of the election. My problem is that Mittens NEVER stood up to the fraud, NEVER challenged any results, NEVER demanded recounts in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida! He can weep all he wants now but it is just too late for him to matter to me ever again!

    • John

      I agree. Also what ever happened to that team of lawyers that Romney said he had standing by ready to challenge the fraud that he knew would happen? The American People were sold down the river by both parties. We are now in the most dangerous time in our history because from where I am sitting, we no longer have a Representative Republic.

      • refurb001

        I think with obamy and the democraps in office now You will NEVER seen another election…. The dems cannot afford to lose and be found out!

    • PYPYPY

      I agree, so much good could have been achieved, if Gov Romney had won. Overnight the stock market would have gone up, for starters.

    • refurb001

      What about voting machines owned by soros? And calibrated by soros? The election was rigged. I know I didn’t vote for the idiot in DC and those machines seem to indicate that everyone like myself did. FRAUD!!!!!!!!! There should have been an investigation!!!!!

      • Brian Pearson

        How about using the ink that was used in Iraq when they made their first election?

  • tlc1532

    Mitt, we’re dying too. If you run again, please FIGHT and stop being Mr. Nice Guy. The one you were running against didn’t mind lying repeatedly. You had the media against you, witness Crowley and Raddatz. You needed to run as a CONSERVATIVE, not a MODERATE and FIGHT BACK! Liars do not care how much the smear, but with the moron vote that doesn’t research the lies, you have to counter them. This President doesn’t only want to ruin you, he wants to ruin this country. We are in a grand mess!

    • griz

      AMEN Del

  • John

    Sorry – but you believe in a fictional religion with a fictional creation story that hates gays and women and doesn’t give a crap for the environment. In other words you are clueless about reality. You had no solutions.

    • griz

      You speak of religion and back a person that’s religion swears to wipe out the U.S. from the earth???? Typical IDIOT

    • tellitlikeitis

      john enough already,we all know you are a proud gay man,so what,big deal,give it a rest will ya.

    • Jesse Peterson

      Your gay lover is calling you. Bring the lube.

  • DonRS

    Romney’s loss to Obama is a TRAGEDY. Romney was far from the candidate we needed, but vastly better than the one to whom he lost! However, HE and his selected advisors ARE RESPONSIBLE. Sadly, we will all pay for his failure.

    Romney demonstrated the necessary campaigning tactics AGAINST fellow Republican candidates in the primaries, then went “wobbly” when it was essential, AGAINST OBAMA. Sadly, he was more the failed McCain than the successful Reagan.

    Romney and his “Establishment”, moderate, Democrat Lite advisors ran a terrible campaign. If he had been elected, things would have gotten somewhat better, just not as much as needed, but better. Way better than the results will be under Obama!

    Obama doesn’t compromise because he DOESN’T HAVE TO! His objective, destroying America as it was founded; as it grew to be the BEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY of the WORLD; and as we all, conservatives and liberals, have been the major beneficiaries. However, Obama told us what he was going to do. Transform America. He’s doing it. Now, he knows he has 4 more years to complete the job. It will be his way or the highway.

    Our best hope is for GRIDLOCK for the next 4 years!

  • Terry Corcoran

    You weren’t nasty enough to give us a choice. When you are all things to everybody, you are nothing to nobody. And who picked that Catholic weirdo for VP? I tore up my registration card and stayed home. Like millions of others.

    • tellitlikeitis

      terry go grow up,you sound like one of those liberal atheist weirdo’s with that comment

    • Edward53

      Like of millions of other Paulbot’s, huh?

  • fedupwidit

    No dick wnk, I think the American people let this guy get away with stealing another election, illegal aliens voting, space aliens voting and not to mention dead people and people that voted more than once and let’s not forget about all those rigged voting machines okay? America and all these low-info voters are gonna get what they deserve.

  • Gary M.

    The RNC shares BIG TIME in the failure last Nov.! If you’re gonna fight with a dirty opponent, you need to fight dirty as well. As a Republican, I am more angry at my own party for not doing wha needed to be done, than I am at the Dems for doing what they did to win.

    • tellitlikeitis

      i agree with gary m. 100%, the republicans need to grow a set,and stop worrying about all this made up political correctness bullcrap,the dems have no problem telling lies and doing whatever it takes to win an election,if your not willing to get down and dirty like your opponent,then you will be on the losing end everytime

    • dntjakwthme

      Tell me the one-worlders didn`t have any thing to do with it,those connivers were in on it big time.

      • Gary M.

        If you mean the likes of George Soros, etc, I’m certain they played a role, but still it was the “people” who voted…As I see it we have too many uninformed voters out there and too many reverse racist ones as well…” he’s Black, so I’m gonna vote for him no matter what”. It angers me that the real issues don’t seem to matter any more. But, in fairness the RNC and Romney, simply did not go for the jugular when they had the chance. Perhaps they thought reasoning would be more effective and that plays to my first point. Historically, It was the Republicans who freed the slaves and the Dems who were opposed…The Dems raised far more money, so where were the arguments against the repubs. being the party of the rich?

  • Erin Jenkinson

    Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, you have to be a bulldog in politics who’s able to get down and dirty and you just don’t have it. You picked the wrong running mate, just like McCain, lost Florida and the Hispanic vote nationwide because of it and then you gave his Highness a free pass in the debates and on the issues. Congratulations, you won the moral high ground and lost the Presidency. You were a viable alternative to the idiot, but not by nearly as much as you think you were. When the GOP big wheels have the guts to get behind a real conservative Republican, then we’ll get the change we need.

  • geneww1938

    If Mitt really cared to be president, he would have proved Obama was not legally qualified to be president. In addition to Mitt, Bill Clinton, GW and Sr. Bush, along with their VPs, FBI and NSA and many more NeoCon leaders know that. If Mitt did not want to evolve these associates, he could have spilled the beans on the Libyan assassination. He is part of that family and they do not talk [and live].

  • griz

    US too Mitt

  • Donald York

    Mr. Romney, almost all Americans share your frustrations. I do.

  • pat

    from most of the posts below, I see you all are mad, that Mitt was genuine, ran a clean campaign, stuck to the facts instead of back stabbing rhetoric, did not lie about his religion, did not use a mess of background generated talking points designed to obscure the real questions and scew the answers, ran as a decent American who loves his country and wanted to serve her, rather than making a circus out of our system, and promising one thing while promoting a hidden agenda to our enemies?
    In other words, you all are mad that Mitt was not Obama, so you all got exactly what you wanted, a man who had the balls to run a filthy campaign, to lie , cheat, buy votes, use people with no intention of meeting their needs, because that is exactly what you are saying Mitt should have been. If you are a good person, you cannot condone evil as an ends justifies the means campaign approach. America had an even clearer choice than republican vs democrat, conservative vs liberal.The choice was between a good man and an evil one, and not only the Obamites made the choice, but by your posts, you all made the same choice.

  • Tin Values

    Romney and Ryan were robbed! The people who hoped for change, didn’t get the change they thought they would get. Instead, they got what a dictators followers should get. More misery and lies. Romney needs tho get back on the ticket again!

  • GretaN

    “In the interview, which was taped Thursday and aired Sunday, Romney also said he and his campaign underestimated the appeal of Obama’s new health care law to low-income voters.” Doesn’t exactly sound like he would be OPPOSING Obamacare after all.

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Monkey in the suit: go back to the jungle where you belong.

  • Barnacle

    He is a good man. Regardless of your opinion, it kills me that he not president as opposed to jerk we got.

  • Mark Caplinger

    Yep.. that’s why Mitt raised hell when there was proof of rampant voter fraud…. cuz he REALLY wanted to be president. LOL

  • PELICAN7890


  • annie.o

    the entire world loses…you would have had a budget by now…gas would NOT be $4.00 and up….we probably would have been going back to normal…but the dumb dems voted for this idiot…and we ALL LOSE !!!!! mitt would have accomplished alot by NOW…shame on america…shame on the dem voters…but they will be sorry…when odumbo breaks them….dumb dumb voters!!!!!

  • Jesse Peterson

    I saw the show yesterday and came away thinking that the man couldn’t be as dumb as he appeared. I mean, thinking he lost because he didn’t appeal to minorities, No, he lost because he alienated his White base, Hell, he even lost the White vote in some states, What college student would vote for a RINO who wants to give his job away to a foreign student?

  • jdangiel

    It’s killing me that we didn’t have a real conservative running – someone who wouldn’t turn off the additional four million voters that we needed to win.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    it was his own fault for giving Obama another free pass on Bangazi

  • James Kroeger

    We feel your pain Mitt…believe me…we’re all feeling your pain! This sorry country of worthless morons!!!

  • Texas Cable Guy (retired)

    I’m an independent citizen who voted for Obama. Ironically, I think Romney would have been a good president, but unfortunately for him, he said and did just too many stupid offensive things during the campaign. Apparently, many other independents reacted the same way I did. In my mind, the most offensive things: threatening to repeal the ACA; threatening to defund Planned Parenthood (I’ve been a dues-paying member of PPF for years), endorsing prayer at public events (I’ve been a dues-paying member of AUSCS for years); threatening to endorse a “personhood” amendment; opposition to a immigration reform; and the idiotic “47%” comment (I’m a member of the 47% and I paid SSA taxes for 40 years). But the most offensive thing he did was endorsing Mourdock for senate. This one was doubly offensive — offensive on its face because it implied that Romney actually beloved Muordock’s hogwash, and even more offensive because of the implied threat to repeal ACA.

    Perhaps Romney should have run as an independent. Almost unique among potential presidential candidates, Romney has (or had) the stature and the money to mount an independent campaign. He would have been able to appeal to Republicans on budget issues, and he would have been able to appeal to Democrats by embracing, not denying, the policies he followed as governor of Massachusetts: health insurance for all, and personal freedom for women including abortion rights.

    But I guess after he sold his soul to the hard right to get nominated, he either couldn’t or wouldn’t move to the center to appeal to independents. He apparently forgot which block of voters decides the outcome of elections.

    • Edward53

      Perhaps you shouldn’t have voted for Obama. Given your age it’s seems like you would have had the wisdom to realize what people like Obama are all about and what he wants to do to our country.

      • Texas Cable Guy (retired)

        I’ve had personal experience trying to buy health insurance in the private market. Fortunately, my wife and are now on Medicare, so we’re covered. But we had some scary years before she turned 65, and she couldn’t get private health insurance. The ACA is too late to help us, but now that it’s finally here, I’m thankful for it. Romney would have had a far better chance of appealing to independents if, instead of threatening to repeal ACA, he had embraced it and spent his energies suggesting ways to improve it.

        • Edward53

          My problem is, I just moved from Indiana to Lawton, OK. in September of 2012. I am disabled. When I tried to find a doctor out here no one would take me because none of them are accepting new patients who are on Medicare and Medicaid. I must have called 30 different doctors. When I asked them why they wouldn’t take me as a patient everyone of them answered, “Barack Obama and Obamacare.”

          • Texas Cable Guy (retired)

            My wife and I moved to Texas from Wisconsin in 2003. We had trouble getting a doc that would accept Medicare patients even then. Fortunately we found one. But I’ve well aware of your situation — it’s been a well publicized complaint. I don’t know what the solution is. The options seem to be (a) increase payments to doctors and raise taxes to cover it, (b) repeal ACA, go back the days of no medical insurance for millions of people, or (c) keep running up the national debt. Romney claimed he had a plan to replace ACA, but I can’t imagine how he or anybody else could come up with a plan that wouldn’t have been come combination of (a), (b), and (c). Which is probably why he kept it a secret.

  • Marcelyn Sinclair

    Mitt and Ann…..You have MANY avid supporters out here….including me. WHY we got stuck with the African is due to so many low life voters who only know how to make an X…and to do so many times over….how else did our beloved country get into the mess we are in.


    You can’t be nice to the devil you have to hit him hard because this evil is is taking over the good old USA and i don’t like it one bit.

  • senior65gal

    One of Romney’s sons has stated that he did not run for President to win. In my opinion, the RNC, spineless as they are, did not want to put up a person that could have won. Romney has no room to talk about what he would do now if… He had his five minutes of fame and he knew before the election that is what he was going to be left with.

  • griz

    GIMMEE, Gimmee, Gimmee,,,, America isn’t the country I remember as a kid. WORK if you want to get ahead/// Just as Mitt did and ANY American CAN ,,,,, IF they want to get OFF their DUFUS

    • Patricia Neal-Moreno

      Romney inherited his wealth. He certainly did not “earn” it.

      • jcgreen2

        That is a 100% lie… and you know it! Romney gave away his entire inheritance to charity along with 10s of millions of other dollars he earned himself. He took NO salary as Governor of Massachusetts, and accepted NO pay for running the Olympics. That is a man with character and integrity… and he would have made one of the best Presidents America ever had! But the American voters are too stupid and selfish to elect a good man. All they wanted was someone who promised them more “free stuff” and they believed the lies Obama spewed regularly. And that is why we are headed for total economic collapse in the not too distant future! We’re already morally and fiscally bankrupt! We blew it big time by not electing Mitt!

  • davienne

    they need to come out and say what obumbler really is…. a socialist, marxist, dictator, that doesnt want nothing more than to bring America to its knees… make sharia law the law of the land… control americans the way hitler, chavez, stalin, mao did their people… it was what he was raised thinking communsim is all he knows…

  • Light_V_Dark

    Here’s a short tet e tet I had with a Li’l-Christian, who advised me to HATE THE OLD TESTAMENT—-IT’S OVER!
     replied to you
    The New Testament is a beacon of light in a dark world. The Old Testament is evil and should be hated by all Christians.
    You replied to daves

     replied to you
    I am not picking on anyone. I have read the old testament many times and it is easy to see how it conflicts with the messages Jesus teaches us.

    you replied to daves

    John 3:19-21 (WYC)
    19 And this is the DOOM, for LIGHT came into the world, AND MEN LOVED MORE DARKNESS THAN LIGHT; FOR THEIR WORKS FOR EVIL[^]·
    20 For each man that doeth evil, hateth the light; and he cometh not to the light [and cometh not to the light], that his works be not reproved.
    21 But he that doeth truth, cometh to the light, that his works be showed, that they be done in God.

  • Marlene Saad

    The Ron Paul supporters – quite substantial – ran a campaign against Romney. spread propaganda against Romney – and urged them all to stay home… That dropped Romney’s numbers at the last minute.
    Romney should have won and is what the American people now – at this time – not Obama-exterminator
    I will work endlessly to prevent “any” Paul to win “any” election..what went around wil go around ….

    • Edward53

      Marlene, if you want to find out what the real Ron Paul is all about, Bing, “Was Ron Paul ever a member of StormFront?” Ron Paul is a closet neo Nazi.

  • dntjakwthme

    Mitt,you lacked guts to stand your ground,I truly believe it was ramroded by the back stabbing,cowardly RINO`S in the Republican party,you seem to be every bit a mealy mouth as John McLame.


    It kills me too to see what is happening to our country and that you did not get in to do the things that so desperately need doing!! God Bless You.

  • jcgreen2

    It kills us that you are not the president, too! America made a huge mistake in not electing you, Mitt. And we are going to pay a very high price for that stupidity. In fact, we may not survive as a republic. I’m preparing for the worst as our our inept and corrupt leadership lead us down the road to ruin. Heaven help us!

    • Edward53

      Thank the Paulbot’s, jcgreen2

      • jcgreen2

        I know. I have many Libertarian friends who supported Dr Paul right up to the end of our Republic as we know it. And I could not convince them to abandon the idea, as Ron was too old, too tired, and not charismatic enough to lead the country the way it needs to be run. Mitt could have done that very handily. When you add them to the Evangelical Christian bigots, the minorities (who would vote for any Black man, not matter what), the ignorant and uninformed, and the half our nation mooching off the system… there is no way a decent man could get ever elected. In other words, we are beyond the tipping point now and it’s just a matter of time until our republic implodes… sad but true!

  • AwakeningGiant!

    It also kills me that Romney is not our President. America would be booming right now if Romney was our leader instead of the America hating incompetent boob we have. When are our Representatives going to “grow a pair” and demand answers about Obama’s past? I for one do not believe Obama won the election fair and square.

  • fcsuszka

    I’m sorry Mitt; you deserved to lose by your poor representation of the American people and the so called
    Republican Party. You failed to bring home the fight against Obama; you allowed the process to falter and the Republican Party, with all of their change the rules malarkey was enough to turn many people off. It kills you? Oh please give me a break. Is all of America stupid enough to believe that? I don’t. I’m sorry you didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and fight. You might have been a good person once by now you have sunk to the depths the rest of the elected officials have sunk to. I’m disappointed by your paltry showing. It makes me want to vomit.

  • elki

    Why didnt Romney get Obama’s throat on Ben Gahzi in the debate that night? He had it in his hand and he blew it, and let obama get away with Ben Gahzi. Shame on him, we put our trust that he would choke Obama the way he choked Ginrich and Santorum. I am not interestedf in what kills Romney. He killed US

  • phunyfarm

    Ah well, we tried…it’s killin’ all of us patriots out here too.

  • Janna Sundeyeva

    If Romney would think more about the country, if GOP would realize that they betrayed many principles on which this country was built, betrayed many people who had facts and who exposed Obama’s life, if GOP establishment would be less establishment… may be he would become the president. (I voted for him, but not because he is the best). It’s not about you, Mr. Romney. It’s about the country, us, the people… If GOP still doesn’t get what ‘s on stake, well… they are worse then dems.

  • Karen Sluszka

    He would have been an awesome President. And brought class back to our White House.

  • Deepizzaguy

    The reason that Mitt Romney is not President is because all of the Big Bird lovers wanted Obama as President to keep that piece of crap animal of the television.

  • Patricia Neal-Moreno

    Romney lost because a lot of registered republicans such as myself, my sister, my husband and many of my friends voted for Gary Johnson, or wrote in Ron Paul. None of us were satisfied that Romney would be any different than Obama. Frankly I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama than a possible 8 years of Romney. I’m still a registered republican, but at this point, I feel the republican party has changed into a something I no longer wish to be a part of. Libertarians are more peaceful, tolerant and certainly less racist.

    • griz

      thank you for our demise Patricia

  • areunuts

    It kills all the God fearing and America loving citizens that he isn’t president too. The enterainer in chief and his joke of a white house spouse and folllowers all should be inpeached. I would like to know how he can get any government work done in Vegas (sin city) guess he needs to be there to get help ruining the country after all he is the head of all sinners.

  • tncdel

    Although the media and mass voter fraud was largely to blame, Romney could have overcome even those things if he had attacked Obama aggressively.

    Romney was much too namby-pamby towards Obama. He should have played hardball with the dog-eatin’ Kenyan by, when Obama demanded his tax returns, demanding from Obama a genuine birth certificate while also calling for an independent investigation and DEPORTATION hearing for Obama [since a non-U.S. citizen is NOT entitled to impeachment proceedings].

    And while Romney was scheduling the deportation hearing, by twisting RINO Boehner’s arm to arrange it [as the House could have done (for the Senate has exclusivity only when it comes to impeachment proceedings)], Romney should have fired one salvo after another about the many egregious acts by Obama THAT ROMNEY DIDN’T EVEN BRING UP:

    Like how Obama unconstitutionally gave out over a million work permits to illegal aliens, despite over 23 million of our own citizens out-of-work, and also has been unconstitutionally giving them amnesty for a mere $465 processing fee.

    And Romney should have countered Obama’s criticizing of Romney on abortion by exposing the fact that Obama is so extremist that he even defended killing NEWBORN babies who survived abortions!

    Also Romney should have called for answers on Benghazi, “Fast & Furious,” Solyndra, etc., etc. Romney has a veritable smorgasbord of “entrees” he could have assailed Obama upon, but all he did was nibble like a fat woman on a diet.

  • Nellie CA

    I miss you and you didn’t lost the election you lost because of the fraud in voting. Help get Obama for crimes against our country. GOD BLESS YOU AND OUR COUNTRY AND OUR MILITARY


    No it doesn’t. If it did, you’d DO SOMETHING! You ran for President. You have enough audience and expertise (supposedly, since you wanted the job), to know what needs to be done. You should be smart enough to get it done in the private sector, and to hell with what the feds do! If you know how to create jobs, write the business plan and send it to the Republicans instead of the bank, rally the troops and ram this economic medicine down the throat of this administration, one pill at a time. Quit being distracted by the obama-drama. Government cannot create ONE SINGLE JOB! Just look at yourself! Before the confetti was swept up, you put your tail between your legs and ran back to making your own money! You didn’t even challenge the blatant voter fraud. You LET the democrats steal this election, without one molecule of protest! You PROVED you are too cowardly, too moderate, too establishment, too mormon, too effeminate to be a President. This is why you were NEVER any true Conservatives’ choice, and you should NEVER have been the nominee. You let the democrats and the media assassinate all the competition for you (typical mormon strategy), even after they said their strategy was to “…kill mitt romney”. You knew all the time that you didn’t have the courage or strength to win against a profession character assassin, yet your ego would not let you clear the way for someone who COULD win. You are the worse Presidential candidate since ross perot. All you did was ENSURE the democrats would win…and I wonder how much they paid you, of the 2 trillion dollars plus they stole from America since 2008?

  • griz

    Libertarians must be bad at math———-they don’t understand that 50 divided by ANY number will be less than the other 50————-enjoy your victory Libertarians

  • HerrCapitanFick

    The people voted for who they wanted in office!

    • griz

      MORE suypport for 2 party system

  • Paul Brown

    This muslim idiot is not a leader, someone said this jerk is on a permenent campaign, he is always out on the road putting the blame on the republican party and bad mouthing this country for not getting things done. The problem is this pig is THE problem and we need to get rid of this problem.

    • gria

      Open to suggestions how

  • HappyClinger

    This video demonstrates why you lost, Mitt. You can’t tell the hard truth; you have to soft-pedal and pussyfoot around it. This is not the time for pussyfooting around the fact that obama is purposely doing everything he is doing in order to bring America down, and he’s succeeding because rino’s like you won’t face up to it and decry him at every turn. Put up or shut up.

  • griz

    Democrarw have enslaved more people to economic SLAVERY than Lincoln freed

  • MysticInvestigations

    You look at an electoral map, and it was Romney wins everywhere. Barry only magically one in key urban areas. In some places by over 100%. Why doesn’t Romney ever mention electronic voting fraud? He’s not a moron. He’s complicit in this election fraud merely serving as the fake opposing force against Barry. Romney was always a liberal. His sudden conservative turn around for the election was fake, and even if he was President he’d do a patented Obama 180 turn around. All these politicians are liars, and frauds!

  • griz

    I’ll buy a man a shovel to dig a ditch, but be d%^&n’t if I’ll pay for an able man to hire it done

  • DE Navarro

    Then why didn’t you stand up to the thugs who stole the election from you and put up a bigger fight with the shady election results and denial of the military vote and voter anomalies in hundreds of districts in key battle ground states. The systematic and overwhelming voter fraud and cheating of the left stole this election from you and you did diddly squat to preserve our American way.

    I’m glad you failed because even more people have awakened to the Obama nightmare and you, being Obama-lite and an establishment RINO and corporate crony would have just sold us down the river at a slower pace so everyone could go back to sleep.

    It’s better this way. Your role in history as the loser of this election will help America to be a winner. You may some day be proud of that.

  • AZhombre

    Heard a black guy on a national syndicated talk radio program who could only say, the federal government needs to give people more money. When asked where the money would come from, he simple repeated his request: “the federal government should give us more money!” Way to go Prez BO. Look what you’ve done!

  • Noni77

    He needs to keep speaking up with concrete ideas as to what needs to be done and what things being done now (or not done) are wrong and why. This gives the patriotic part of the population specifics to push for and it may give the imbecile other have a slight awakening as to the utter folly of their uninformed (blind, deaf, and dumb) choice for Clown-In-Chief.

    • Staggerlee

      It’s impossible to win when you have voter fraud and the stupid party not doing anything to stop it!!

  • Jonathan

    If you werent afraid to step on obamas toes maybe.

  • axmickl

    To Romney I say, there you go again! Instead of opening up and telling the country in sugar coated words that Obama is missing the mark, tell the country what a blatant lier he is. Point out his agenda which is not so hidden any more. In other words, call a spade a spade and stop trying to be a nice guy. We need a leader in the white house not a lying communist.

  • cubbysmom

    you are 100% right. voter fraud was rampant. he had intimidators at the polls sort of threatening republicans or those willing to vote for Mr. Romney. I know of polls in pa. that when you voted for Mr. Romney, the machine was tainted to put the vote to obama. when the problem was brought up by this person, they made her wait and wait until someone came to straighten it out. they dismiss her claim that the machine was tainted with. how about that? if not for voter fraud, and lies and cheats during election day, Romney would have come in. He is a liar , a fraud, a cheat, the devil, evil in thoughts, promise breaker, is able to lead his people by just a smile and a word that they want to hear. they are blinded by his bull, and no one will change his mind. obama is the lousiest president the good old uninted states ever had. he gave out free prepaid cell phones , but guess what when the time and or number of calls ran out, the people have to refill it at their expense. I know of someone who has one, and said you need to go up a hill in order to hear someone on it. cheapest phone around. do you honestly think that the illegals will pay to apply for citizenship, learn the english language, learn the history of our country. they never did and never will. I know of some brazilians who have gone back to their country because of that. they realized that obama used them just for votes to get in. I know you are a romney person as am I and we got screwed really bad. we have to find a way to get obama ejected from the white house. he is helping no one with increasing taxes to pays his bills, not fair. in a short term I agree with you.

  • Thomas Gill

    You arrogant slime ball.You said you were in favor of NDAA,HR371,gun control,you said Ben Bernake was doing a good job.You were in favor of the stolen stimulus,yes you may be better than obozo,but not by much.You are a NWO republikan,that was shoved down our throats but the political elite,you stood for nothing,and you will be rsmembered for nothing.I hate obozo,but I am glad to see you go.

  • shea

    and it really killls me to have you make all of those foolish post 47% statements, to act like a big spender buying big property on the Ocean with elevator for Cadillacs, to choose another richie-rich with the horse in the Olympics, to not be in NJ and NY the day after Sandy, to not be in the Middle East the day after Bengazhi, to be a total debate slug in #2 and #3, to not call out Obama for the lies and stealing his Chi property, and to surround yourself with all those D.C. Republican losers whose record of Dole, McCain and you makes it a trifecta of worst performances by a presidential team over the past 122 years (1900).
    that kills me
    oh, and who can ever forget allowing CPAC to exclude Christie, one of the several Rep governors who were and are better candidates than you
    Obama did not win. you and your failure team lost.

  • Progressive Republican

    Then let this be your swan sang, moocher.

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