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Miss Iowa: Marijuana Should Only Be Used For Recreation

  • Guest
    • george johnson

      She really is no great person to rep. iowa–Sad; they could of picked a real IOWA girl–MAYBE SHE LIKES POT???

  • Santa Chuck

    Freudian slip? LOL

  • Mort Leith

    God forbid anybody would use it for Medicinal purposes ! ! !

    orrrr, like say ,, using it to help you close your eyes real tight and haveSex with Moochelle Odumbo


    Pot isnt for recreation. It screws up one’s brain especially those that are still developing, eg young children

  • panors77

    Wow………recreational use AND healthcare. LOL.


    She was probably beyond nervous, lol. It must be good stuff if the governments against it!

  • gun1

    Yep, those are our talented American beauties!! She ought join Miss California and together smoke enough “recreational” pot to figure out what is Euthanasia!! Oh, my god, are we becoming a nation of total pothead idiots!!

    • budman

      If you consider that 85 per cent of the professors in college are Liberal, I think you answered your own question and they aren’t going to improve until the professors begin to teach, not indoctrinate.

    • Michael G.

      Apparently we are! You could probably look in one ear and see all the way through. And what’s worse, these people will be taking care of you when you are old.

  • Don

    Somewhere, Over the Rainbow??? At least I hope she wins the beauty part of the contest~~~~~
    because she sure as hell flunked the intellectual part of it.

  • HongryHawg

    She should have another hit on that bong.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    It seems unfair to rope and bag makers that it should ONLY be used for recreational and health care purposes.

  • caskinner

    Obviously she is very recreational…..

  • Joanna McGinn

    Another reason to never value physical ‘beauty’ over true intelligence. As Judge Judy says, “Beauty fades but stupid is forever.”

  • Mys77

    Pretty to look at, but empty upstairs.

  • guest on this planet

    Probably another college graduate, in other words an idiot.

  • U.S.Patriot 001

    A perfect example of what is wrong with America and its system of values. Another example of how worthless a college education is in the real world. Just think she and miss california are to be our leaders one of these days, scarey isn’t it .

    • TLady62

      VERY SCARY. Just shows you how truly pathetic our education system really is.

      • Hudmar

        Everybody is a winner, don’t you know. Everyone gets a trophy on the race.

    • Susan Daniels

      They’d make perfect journalists.

  • MaryEllen White

    My dad didn’t have any use for college–he was a mulitmillionaire when he passed away and had an 8th grade education. He did not believe in welfare-only hard work and supporting himself. All of his descendents believe the same!!

  • Robert Osborn

    I think the Government at all levels should have nothing to say what so ever about what a person uses to ease or end their pain or suffering, or to relax as long as they don’t harm anybody else as individuals own their bodies, not the Government.

  • mocha10

    These beautiful women are not the blame for what they say. It is the teachers who taught them. Fix the teachers and your will fix this!

    • Morning glory

      Fix the educational system….let states have control over education (not the federal gov’t) and administrators stop kowtowing to teacher unions, then we will see all those who CAN, teach …. The others can work at Mickey D’s……..

  • Arthur Ross

    And now you know what is wrong with the youth of our country,and it is shameful…


    That is what one gets w/a hybrid~!!!~~~~Token 1/2 black~1/2 white~!? She makes the cut but the most visually beautiful Ms Virginia doesn’t make the cut?? Politicically Correctness raises its ugly head again~!!

  • pointman 49

    Once upon a time these pageants were worth watching. That was a time when really ‘beautiful’ women actually won.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I want to totally revamp this entire Beauty Competition to the point that ‘actual beauty’ reigns. In my proposed pageants, no women, no queers nor ‘fashion designors’ nor liberal idiots from Hollywood are permitted to be judges. My judges will be military servicemen from all branches. Real men know feminen beauty when they see it~!!~Only then will real beauty pageants be resurrected. Ms. New York (actually from Alabama) is a ‘zero’ in my vote compared to Ms. Virginia & Ms. Wyoming.~~~~~Hey Ms. Iowa, Mariah Carey & that other Mariah Carey?? Guess that ‘pot’ question ‘busted ya’~!!

  • 32eagle

    looks like it is time to get the recreational vehicle out packed to the ceiling with 20 types of marijuana

  • Johnnygard

    “It should only be used for recreational and medical”? Did I miss something in the late ’60’s and ’70’s? Is there another use that I never got to try?

  • NavymanBill

    As Groucho Marx once said “I kept marrying women with nothing upstairs,,,,,except a man occasionally.” Well, no one ever said these girls were rocket scientists, although in their day some of them were pretty smart. Concur with the writer who said that American servicemen should judge them, not other women and a–holes like Perez Hilton (btw -what hole did he crawl off to?) Most of the Sailors and Marines and GI’s I worked with knew a pretty girl when they saw one. USMA ’72-’73, USAF 74-82, USN *82-’94.

  • lance

    I think she smoked two joints before she smoked two joints before she gave that answer . She really isn’t pretty any way .

  • URKiddinMee

    Methinks they must be growing other crops between the corn rows in HER part of Iowa.

  • vet

    Wow where do they get these libtards?They must be an off spring of peloosi.

  • MARY

    )WHAT AN IDIOT. (yelling

  • Jane18

    Their breasts and booties are filled out…but there is nothing in their heads!

  • Susan Daniels

    Good thing she is a “beauty queen.” God knows she not smart enough to hold a job. Oh, wait, maybe she is a teacher.

  • JennieWalsh

    Organized crime’s black market wants a monopoly on the drug trade, just as they did on alcohol. The Satanic drug cartels do not want any competition, they are making billion$ and want to keep it that way.

  • DaveNTejas

    I am surprised she didn’t start laughing her ass off at the question, and immediately ask for something to eat.

  • Richard Prokopchuk

    which part of “recreational use AND health care” did you not hear?? Be ye deef mon?

  • bobmann101

    What else would it be used for if not used for medical or recreation????

  • Michael G.

    Where has she been? It already is. What a dumb statement! She’s been spending too much time with the cows.

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