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Miss California: I Don’t Know Much About Euthanasia Other Than It’s a Vaccine

  • Mort Leith

    THESE are the genius’ who continue to vote over and over again for Pelosi and Feinstein ! ! !

    And the same ones that say things like:
    “I think everyone should go to the grocery store and buy their meat like everyone else,, where animals don’t have to die like when people hunt”………..

    • Butch1

      I was going to say Bachmann. ha!

      • Rachel

        Bachmann lives in Minnesota. Where did you learn Geography, Butch? In one of the failing Democrat controlled public school systems?

        • Joel Patti


          • Butch1

            You have a problem with lesbians? Must be an homophobe. I happen to be a male and Butch has been a childhood nick name. Sounds like you have some “butch” issues yourself, bub.

          • Rachel

            “Homophobe” insinuates that the person is AFRAID of homosexuals. Of course coming from public school, you wouldn’t have learned that. We aren’t afraid of homosexuals….we just disapprove of the immoral lifestyle and don’t appreciate the agenda of 4% of the population being forced on the rest of 96% of normal America.

          • Butch1

            “WE?” Only the Oueen speaks in the third person. I assume I am NOT speaking to the Queen so why don’t you just speak for yourself. I know what the definition of homophobe is or I wouldn’t have used it. And yes, You ARE afraid of gays and lesbians or you would be so against them being equal citizens in this country. They fight for their country, die for it, pay taxes for it, yet, YOU don’t think they should have the same rights because YOUR religion doesn’t like them. Too bad.

            The last time I looked we ( as in, ” We, the People of the United States . . . ” ) didn’t have to follow the laws of any religion and we were free from being burned at the stake like witches. Religion was supposed to keep its hands out of the government no matter what it felt. No, this country wasn’t built on Christianity like many of you think it was. That’s rubbish coming from your ignorant preachers who do not know their own history and just make it up to suit their religious philosophy. I f you want to live in a country that practices theocracy, try Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan when the Taliban was running it and will again the minute we leave. You like Sharia Law? That’s where it would go. Which Christian religion would you like to be in charge? You consider the “lifestyle” ( another code word if I ever saw one ) “immoral.” How so?

            Their “lifestyle” is much the same as yours I would bet. Oh, perhaps, the sex may be a little different but that is none of your business, isn’t it? Why would you be so concerned what happens in their own bedroom? They aren’t concerned what happens in yours?

          • RacerJim

            I have two problems with bi-sexuals, homosexuals and transgenders: a) They are non-natural, and; b) They not only are intolerant of heterosexuals but, moreover, they push themselves on heterosexuals. Case in point: During the one year that GLBT’s have been allowed to serve openly in our military, sexual assaults (primarily homosexual men sexually assault heterosexual men) have skyrocketed. Facts are funny things…they just are…facts. Nothing homophobic about facts. Sounds like you can’t handle facts, bub.

          • Butch1

            You have just shown your ignorance and obvious bigotry toward all three. You are wrong on where ever you pulled your disinformation.

            1) They most certainly ARE natural and show up in over 500 other species in nature. We aren’t unique. Man is the only one who discriminates against their homosexuals and that is because of their religions that they made up as well.
            2) There is enough evidence throughout history and our laws with prove without a doubt, that it has always been the heterosexuals that have been the ones who are the ones who are intolerant of gays and lesbians. They are the ones who need to beat up gays and lesbians to prove they are “men.” It seems to be a “right of passage” for some insecure teenage young men to have to show their friends that they are “men” to go searching for gays so they can bash them. As the data usually proves, those who protest about gays the most generally have a problem with their own sexuality and are worried that they too, might have homosexualities and try and fight it by beating up on gays who are comfortable with their own orientation and being out to everyone.
            3) That is a lie about “pushing themselves on heterosexuals.” That is a big fantasy of straights who are so afraid of being raped by gay males. They have been doing this to females for so long that they are terrified that a male can do this to them so they fantasize it will happen if a gay man ( or someone they think may be gay ) even talks to them, says, Hello.” They immediately think they are coming on to them. It is of course, very silly and now that the shoe is on the other foot and that they think they could be raped, they consider gay males very dangerous so, they hate gays whether they are just walking down the street or not even bothering them at all. It is the straight male who is intolerant of the gay not the other way around. Just look at the laws on the books and that should disprove your statement. Why are gays still fighting for marriage equality?
            4) You are lying about the instances in the service. the actual facts are the other way around. Any person who cares to check will know that it is straight soldiers who have been raping female soldiers and all the cases that are coming before the JAG officers to prosecute them ARE against STRAIGHT MALE SOLDIERS. I’m not going to let you tell bald face lies about this. The gay soldiers have been exemplary in their service to this country. They have had to. You just make this up and do not know what you are talking about. Is your prejudice that deep that you will go to that length? Go to the Government facts and look them up.
            Fact ARE NOT FUNNY if you are telling the true facts.
            It sounds like you cannot tell the true facts, BUB!

          • Rachel

            You can do as many flips and sommersaults you want….homosexuality is abnormal and as hard as you people have tried to normalize it, you can’t make it normal or natural. You have the same rights as every other American. You can marry a woman just like every other man can. If you choose NOT to, that’s YOUR decision. You should get no special rights because of your afflliction. Even my gay cousin agrees with me.

          • Butch1

            “You people?” Scientists and Professional people have determined it, Rachel. The experts, not you. You can deny all you want but it won’t make what you think right. It is NOT abnormal. Your thinking is abnormal. I don’t want to marry a woman. I am NOT attracted to a woman, so why should I mess up her life or deceive her and pretend that I love her just to please YOU? Now whose being foolish? Besides, I am already married. I live in the state of Washington where same sex is legal. The people here in this state voted for Equal Rights for all of its citizens. The straights do not have special rights anymore, now everyone has equal rights.

            You would make me laugh calling my orientation an “affliction” if it weren’t so insulting. You are just an ignorant bigot who enjoys hurting others who probably thinks of herself as a ” good christian woman.” Well, you are not. You are judgmental which is one of the major things Jesus commands you NOT to do to others unless you would have yourself be judged as well. Perhaps others will pray for you. I shall not. I am not the religious type and if I were, I wouldn’t waste it on the likes of you.

          • JustLurkin

            Dude, you’re lying your ass off. Completely. You’re writing what you wish the facts to be. Just looking at it scientifically, homosexuality does not occur naturally in nature, because it self selects for extinction, since it doesn’t breed. Therefore, it is passed from generation to generation as learned behavior, that is to say, forced recruitment to the ranks from we “breeders”.

          • Butch1

            No, Dude, I don’t have to lie. The data is all there if you’d care to open a book and read. You’re the one making this up. I have the scientists behind me. Why don’t you look at it “scientifically” for once. Don’t be obtuse. Gays are NOT infertile. many lesbians have been impregnated with donated sperm. ( I’m sure you’re yelling that it’s not fair and that we are cheating. ) No, gay males can produce sperm just like straight males and can find a person who is willing to be a surrogate mother to carry a child to term and then the male couple can adopt the child. Same with a lesbian couple. Gays can adopt children that straight parents do not want. It happens all the time. So don’t say they cannot ” breed.” you reduce all of us to horses or livestock. The human race is not going to have a problem with extinction so don’t worry yourself about gays getting married and ruining YOUR marriage. ( what a silly notion. ) You are full of it regarding “learned behavior” and that it is passed on through recruitment. Where the hell do YOU PEOPLE get this crap? This has been debunked over thirty years ago. Where have YOU been? There is no recruitment. Who taught you that? It’s a lie. No one taught me that. I can remember back as far back as I can. No one came up to me and recruited me. I must have been four or five years old when I knew I was different. There was no one who forced me into being gay. Who forced you into being straight? You really need to think this one out. We are hard-wired from probably in the womb as to our orientation. We do not know all the reasons why yet. It could be a combination of genetics, hormones during certain times of gestation period of the nine months of growth before we are born. We just do not know all the facts yet. But one thing we do know is that WE ARE NOT RECRUITED. That is just a load of manure. Quit passing along disinformation, you do NOT know what you are talking about. I do.

        • Butch1

          I know that. Don’t have a sense of humor when the person is a republican, do you?

          • Rachel

            I have a great sense of humor…when the joke makes SENSE or is funny. Neither of which yours was. Which is why I just think you were in error.

          • Butch1

            Except when it comes to a republican being the butt of a joke, eh? I would disagree with you. You cannot get past the fact that it’s the wrong state which I already know. That should have been a given but you were too interested in missing my joke about her being such an airhead and instead went for what was obvious and pointed that out. Now, I think you are being obtuse about this instead of just seeing it for what it is, a simple joke.

          • Rachel

            Hardly. Republicans make fun of Republicans ALL the time. Especially today’s batch in the Senate. We also police our own….something lefties NEVER do. When someone does something wrong or stupid, we punish them. But you accept any hypocrisy, stupidity and corruption from a fellow lefty. “Anything goes” with you people. And of course Democrats do nothing BUT make fun of Republicans….and then you want us to RESPECT you? I loathe you.

          • Butch1

            Are you kidding me? We are the hardest on our own. I didn’t even vote for Obama this time. I would be willing to bet that you voted for the republican running last November. I could care less whether you loathe me or not. It goes to show me that you loathe people blindly without even actually knowing them. You only assume you know whom I am and that’s your problem, Rachel. You loathe people for all of the wrong reasons. My goodness, what would it take for you to actually hate a person? I think you need to get help for your anger problem. A lot of people on the right seem to have this problem, I have found. No sense of humor and they are angry at people on the left and hate them for the smallest little things. Have a nice day.

          • Rachel

            Oy…seriously. Now I am really getting worried about you. GET OFF THE DRUGS, you have absolutely everything bassackwards. Obviously a side effect of the drugs.

          • Butch1

            No, you are delusional and ignoring everything I have said. Try reading it again, this time slowly.

          • natezane

            Butch, Butch, Butch. Adhere to the following. Someone once stated, “It is better to remain silent and let all think you are ignorant, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. And Bub, you have certainly done your share on this site. By the way, “Butch”, any attempt to respond to this post will only further prove my point!

          • Butch1

            No, I will not let others who think they are the smarter ones silent me when I know I am the one with the correct knowledge. You just refuse to believe it and continue holding one hand over your eyes and if you could, block your ears from hearing the truth told to you only because of your deep bigotry. You will not silence me with your old, tired sayings that I used to hear when I was young from stupid, insecure people who thought that using that old chestnut you thought was a bit of “intelligence” was dispensing knowledge. If you want to pretend you are intelligent by being silent because you do not have any knowledge, be my guest. I prefer reading and finding out what IS the truth and not just believing what some right-wing bigot tells me they think it is. If you think I have proven YOUR point, you go right ahead; I wouldn’t have reached your closed mind anyway.

    • Michael G.

      Perhaps we should get these individuals to think the same way about plants. Then they will stop eating altogether. In about six weeks our problems would all be solved…

      • Nancy Law

        Oh, I like that!


    It is just as well she is blessed with beauty eh…

    • Edwin

      She’s a dumbass!

    • Sol_of_Texas

      In this age, she can go very far on superficial beauty alone.

    • Michael G.

      How come beauty and brains seem to not go together for an awful lot of women?

  • Vin

    We all miss California (what it used to be).

    • panors77

      It’s now socialist “mexifornia”.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Pretty face; pretty stupid. Product of Kalifornya Publik Skools no doubt. Great investment.

    • Michael G.

      Aren’t those two words spelled (Pubblikk Schkoolss)? Just wondering…

  • disqus_x25fhEFeBH

    Another left wing blonde….

    • lol

      She’s a registered republican,

      • Michael G.

        She is? Oufff! I’m gonna’ get sick. Can I get a slug of that vaccine?

  • henryknox

    Hey, the worst answer I saw came from the winner, Miss New York. She said we shouldn’t protect kids in schools because we shouldn’t conquer violence with violence. In other words the kids should cower in the corner defenseless and be slaughtered rather than fight back. Wow!

    • Mort Leith

      She wasn’t smart enough to know that she had to toe the libTard line or she would lose…

      I think that she’s just the product of our liberal socialist school system that teaches that garbage agenda

    • Grandma Kitty

      This is just one of the buffons that is useful to Obama.

      • romill

        No wonder this country is in deep trouble. It’s the dumbing down of America. The libs won because they have been in control of our education system for decades.

    • Niggishzidda

      She is from New York what do you expect..they all think like that.

      • Cynthia Williams

        I take exception to that! We live in Syracuse, NY (all our lives) and WE do NOT think like that! PS – we are moving soon to TN.

        • boccagalupe

          Yes Cynthia, you are the exception!! Because you’re moving. Congratulations.

          • Cynthia Williams

            Thank you! We are the exception – that’s why we’re gettin’ outta dodge! Can’t wait to leave liberal thinking=mental illness behind!

        • Nancy Law

          Hey, we’ll be joining you soon … New Jersey is full of this crap. Can’t wait to LEAVE!

          • Cynthia Williams

            Are you really moving to Tennessee? Our moving date is getting closer. Can’t wait!!

        • Barbara Braim

          Cynthia, I’d like to welcome you to TN, the home of free thinkers, and low taxes.

          • Cynthia Williams

            Thank you! Low taxes, here we come!!

      • Rachel

        That’s how Mayor Michael Banberg got reelected.

      • fran ginter

        not true..i am from ny and cannot stand cuomo or the dems that control our state…lots of voter fraud going on here as well as countrywide…a lot of newyorkers, especially long island people are sick of the nonsense and support the right to bear arms and the constitution! try not to generalize..thats what the left does..keep up the fight..we cannot let them take away our freedom.

        • romill

          New York is a blue state. Of course there are exceptions but you must admit that the majority of NY’rs are liberal.

          • NavymanBill

            No I don’t admit that. The state runs liberal because of the unions-especially the teachers unions and service workers.As fran said above a LOT of Long Islanders aren’t but get cajoled into voting Democratic by a–hole neighbors.
            A lot of people afraid to speak their own mind.

          • Believer

            Blumburg is no prize – No salt, small sodas, No sugar, and a load of other crap
            he wants to ban in NY

          • a

            Unions are dinosaurs of the past and should be banned. They take money from the members and look for ungodly wages from the companies they service. They are a reason why OUR jobs have moved off shore. And Union rules; might as well be a communism state of work.

          • fbusch

            Unions were formed when big business ruled industry with goons and violence. Unions fought to get fairness fior the worker. Today, unions have become the same as the big business they were started to fight. The working man has for the most part just changed riders. An ex grievance man. in a steelmill.

          • Vi Brown

            Voting is private, and how can someone be bullied by their neighbors on how they vote. They don’t go in the voting booth with them with a gun to their heads do they? I’m sorry but that is a non excuse!!
            And please people, quit blaming the unions. You all seem to forget that the unions have fought hard for decades for all the rights and protections you all enjoy in your jobs whether they are union jobs or not. They are responsible for your weekends, vacations, holidays,sick leave, funeral leave, 8 hr. workdays, overtime pay,health insurance, retiement, safe working conditions,minimum wage, no more sweatshops in fire hazard buildings with locked in workers, no more child labor, or working conditions like in China and India and other such places where kids and adults work for pennies a day. Everyone seems to forget that union workers are the middle and lower middle class, (if they are lucky) that is being taxed to death. If Americans who work don’t make enough to buy the products they manufacture, how can this country work. It can’t. As evidence look at all the cheap unsafe crap that is made in China that is crowding our store shelves!! Because greedy ceo’s and other managment want’s their excessive lifestyles on the back of the common working man and woman! Think about this, management got big big raises and bonuses, workers took a big cut in pay. Many had to go on foodstamps because they coulsn’t feed their families, then they wanted union workers to take another cut in pay AFTER mgmt. got yet more bonuses. The workers refused to give up anymore, while management raped and pillaged the company!! The company went bankrupt because of the greed of management, NOt because the workers wanted to work and be able to keep a roof over their heads. The company, can you say Hostess?? Have you all forgotten Enron?? I could go on, but you should use your brains and check out these things for yourself. No I didn’t vote for Obamination either time!!! But the bible says – a working man is worthy of his hire. Meaning – a fair days work deserves a fair days pay!

          • Jojo

            I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even though NY is a blue state, it’s pretty much run by the Burroughs of NYC…kinda like uber liberal Seattle/Tacoma running the entire state of Washington.

          • RacerJim

            Maryland is a deeper shade of blue than New York.

      • boccagalupe

        When I went to school in New York, we had to pass “State Board of Regents” exams. They were tough. Teachers couldn’t teach the test because they did not see the test untill they opened the packages from the state, which were sealed. I’m sure however the state of N.Y. education standards have fallen as have the morals of the states liberal politicians.

    • raynbene

      And NO ONE dares call her out on such an idiotic and uninformed answer, I wonder how many just nod their heads in solemn agreement with her ??

      • Old Gal

        It was her answer, not a debate.

      • bungicord

        Most of the empty desk sitters don’t know what it means either

      • Believer

        She should be asked if she was euthanized. She most likely is from her head to her neck.

    • AirFrank

      I would like to ask her, if you are being assaulted then why call the cops?

      • Michael G.

        Yeah! Just use harsh language instead of a firearm.

      • forrealcommonsense

        Will her answer then be, “I don’t know about violent assault except that its like a massage therapy?”

    • Michael G.

      It takes all kinds, doesn’t it? This is exactly why I don’t watch these contest programs. They drive me ‘nuts’ with the brain-dead responses to questions.

    • Jojo

      Schools that my kids go to are locked and you have to be buzzed in after saying who you are and your business being there. Putting armed guards is not the answer because what will the kids do for recess since there might be a sniper?

      • RacerJim

        That grade school in CT also had locked doors and required visitors to be buzzed in after saying who they are and why they are there. Wasn’t the answer at that school, was it? Putting armed guards in schools may not prove to be the answer but putting “Gun Free Zone” signs on schools has proven it is not the answer!

      • henryknox

        The average number of people killed in a mass murder is much lower if someone in the area is armed. The time it takes for the police to respond is the killing time. A few armed people in the area can be the first responders and reduce the killing significantly. Not only that, the killers are less likely to try an area where someone may be able to fight back.

  • Dr.Waite

    Euthanasia is not necessarily assisted suicide. This is the definition from Merrian-Webster: “the act or practice of killing or permitting the
    death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic
    animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy”

    • panors77

      Hitler had HIS “euthanasia”……….it’s just killing period to me. The killing of older people to ease the state’s financial burden is what I see with BO soon. Then after that there’s the “soylent green” aspect.

      • lol

        But killing brown people in other countries is A-OK.

      • Michael G.

        Bite-me can bite me.

      • Joel Patti


    • Firsty

      It’s not just assisted suicide or killing of hopelessly sick or injured. Many cats are euthanized simply because someone can not or will not afford their care. This is what will happen to us with Obamacare when we get old and our greedy government wants to spend our money (social security and health care dollars) elsewhere.

      • G I Granny

        I suggest to everyone, read Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck. Very realistic………

        • Cynthia Williams

          I have read it. Very scary – but you’re right – it is very realistic.

          • Michael G.

            Don’t surrender your guns if you’ve got ’em!

      • Michael G.

        What are we gonna’ to if he makes it mandatory for everyone 65 and above no matter what their health situation is?

  • ROLF

    no surprise there…

  • panors77

    Euthenasia is “assisted suicide”??? I think it’s more than that. Also Pelosi would be proud of this girl.

    • Michael G.

      I would hate to be the person who did this, then on that day have to stand before Jesus Christ to give an account of why I did it. I don’t think He’d be very happy with me.

  • Rhonda Renee Sessions

    Well, at least she admitted she didn’t know about it, but then blew it when she said “I think it’s a vaccine.” Never ever guess at something you don’t know about. It’s easier to admit, “I just don’t know anything about it to express an opinion.”

    • ginger

      The more she opens her mouth the dumber she is…best if she just admits her stupidity….and I know…her goal is world peace.

    • caskinner

      I hope she doesn’t sign up to get the euthanasia vaccine.

      • Cynthia Williams

        caskinner – you are a stitch! My husband and I had great chuckle from your comment.

        • caskinner

          We all need to laugh…… It lowers your blood pressure and I think everyone has high blood pressure these days. LOL

          • dennis Johnson

            Yes. I have had high blood pressure ever since I had that euthanasia shot. It made me sick to my stomach and I had to wear depends all night.

          • caskinner

            LMAO….thanks for lowering my blood pressure, dennis!!!!!

          • Michael G.

            Depends on how fast you can run to the restroom. As for me I’ll settle with the Breakfast of Champions: Percacet & Pepsi. If I had Rum with that combo, I’d be spending a lot of time in the restroom exploding at both ends.

          • Joel Patti


          • Nancy Law

            Thank you! That made my night!

          • Michael G.

            Thanks for that remark. You are so right on the money. It appears to me that Ob et all are trying to break our morale, and our will. Life after the presidency could become rather difficult…

      • Michael G.

        Don’t hold your breath. Maybe we should say that to her…

      • ff_emt

        maybe she should! cleansing of the gene pool…

      • Nancy Law

        I think she should! She could be the poster child for the LEFT!

      • Joseph Brooks

        I hope she does along with all the idiot liberals….

    • Michael G.

      Alkalidimentholbenzolamoniumchloride is a medication too, but I wouldn’t want it injected into my veins.
      It’s contact lens solution…

  • JDMedia


  • Edwin

    Euthanasia is not at all assisted suicide! It’s when you put an animal to sleep.

    • XX

      or a person, or a child born with a condition their parents do not want to deal with. Euthanasia is the other end of the line from abortion, and people are tolerating that, so euthanasia is not far behind.

      • boccagalupe

        Obama,Pelozi, Reid, and their ilk, do subscribes to the “Kevorkian practice of medicine”
        Miss California will have to look that up as well. Look under Kevorkian vaccine.

    • Rachel

      Euthanasia is mercy killing. Putting a terminally ill person to death. If the person asks for it, then I guess you can call lthat assisted suicide. If the family asks for it…then it’s murder.

    • Cynthia Williams

      It is also mercy killing of incurably diseased people. It is called the “morphine drip”. Truthfully,
      I thank God for it – but only for that. I don’t believe in killing for convenience.

    • boccagalupe

      Correct Edwin, that too is euthanasia.

  • cyber_hackster

    Ohhhh, Gag me with a credit card — put me on layaway

  • Bertram Jones

    I’m surprised she didn’t think it was Youth in Asia.

  • Raymond Mars

    She certainly makes all the blonde jokes a horrid reality!

  • Gamby

    Hey, lets ridicule this woman when the majority of Americans are way ignorant of so many things other than this issue. This is a pathetic slam on Ca. and the school system that returns mopes into the public square. I can just imagine the responses from students of Ala., Ms. Fl. and other red staes

    • Rachel

      She’s a product of the failing Democrat controlled public school system. It’s not her fault. She’d be equally uneducated and/or ill-informed if she went to any of the many failing Democrat controlled public school systems in the country’s big cities, where they dumb down the American kids so the illegals don’t feel bad.

    • boccagalupe

      She opined, when sealed lips would have done her well. People from Ala, Ms, Fl and other red states did not. Miss California should be used by you as an example. You try to dump on RED states but it will not work. What part of Ca. are you from?

      • Gamby

        She did not offer an opinion. She admitted not knowing what euthanasia was. I live in Vermont, a small city just northeast of Los Angeles. Our cows are smarter than your honor students in Ala., Ms, Tenn. ,Ark. etc.

      • Gamby

        She did not offer an opinion, she admitted that she did not know what euthanasia was then mistakenly offered an answer. I live in Vermont, a small city northeast of Los Angeles where our cows are smarter than honor students in most red states

  • What’s going on?

    Looks like this person received a “shot” of this vaccine, just enough to make her a perfect Democrat…..

    • Jumper82

      I rolled in the floor at your reply. Our country is in big trouble.

    • Michael G.

      Now this one made me laugh out loud. Thanks. I really needed that…
      Oops! I’d better be careful–I used to be one.

  • Firsty

    And I thought vaccines couldn’t get any worse………………

  • AlabamaSouthernBelle

    California thinking—possible future actress….

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      She just got a call from Obama. She will be the new Czar of HHS. Well qualified when looking at his other appointments.

    • G I granny

      No, not another one!

    • Dennis Johnson

      Possible, congress woman.

  • spyderdalton

    At least she didn’t think it was young people in Japan! If this represents the women that voted for Obama in the last two elections, it’s no wonder the country is going down the toile!

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Believe me, the people that voted for Obama is a least 10 points under her on a IQ test.

  • Niles Wheeler

    People need to be tested before they are allowed to vote….God bless

    • Rachel


    • Michael G.

      That would just about eliminate all the Democrats, wouldn’t it?

      • Daniel from TN

        You catch on quick !!!

    • Joel Patti


      • romill

        Have you seen some of the man/woman-on-the-street interviews done on Fox, Glenn Beck, etc? Most of the people don’t know what socialism is. Why would teachers/professors want to explain socialism to their students? THEY ARE WORKING TOWARD IMPLEMENTING IT!

  • moberndorf

    I feel sorry for the less than smart. What I have NO sympathy for is authorities, like the judges, who use a politically driven definition of words. Euthanasia is much more than “assisted suicide.” Look it up for yourselves.

  • ginger

    good grief…this is our” educated ” youth????? how did she attain her age and not know what euthanasia is??? perhaps she can’t read??? can she walk and chew gun at the same time???? How about the panelists ask questions on the Constitution??? then we can see how truly stupid these gals are.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      No, she’s got a free ride for the next ten years, as long as she is capable of getting on the couch and spreading her legs…

  • Barbara Rogers

    Yeah but she’s probably hot in her bikini

  • davienne


  • caskinner

    Wow… of her class????


    Euthanasia is Murder…..Left likes to kill old people. They are the ones who know right from wrong and how America used to be and that it was very good…..

  • Don

    And when she get’s pregnant it will be because the guy stuck his finger in her belly button. WAIT,
    That’s not my belly button!!!!! That’s not my finger either*** Another fine example of the Kalifornia
    indoctrination system.

  • buckpack

    Probably all Obama voters with IQ’s such as this!

  • James

    Another “intelligent” liberal.

  • Rachel

    I am a Democrat and I think it’s unfair that some people are beautiful and some people are smart. But not everyone. We should ban beautiful people by disfiguring them so they don’t make the ugly people feel bad. And we should lobotomize the smart people so the dumb people don’t feel bad. That’s FAIR, right? We should all be exactly alike and that would make life fair….RIGHT?
    Oh…I forget talent. We weren’t all born with wonderful talents. So hmmm….maybe we should NOT celebrate people’s talents by allowing them to rise to the top of their fields. Let’s just make everyone talentless…because as a superior human being (Democrat) I think that would be FAIR.

    • caskinner

      Wow….think you should go work for the Obama administration.

      • Rachel

        Haha…I hope you know I was mocking Democrats and am not one. But I agree…the Obama admin would probably love those suggestions.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Well Miss California, would you mine jumping up on the gurney, so we can vaccinate you?

  • GrizzlyIX

    Must be a front line ObamaZombie! ! ! !ROFLMFFS-IAO! ! ! ! !

  • Progressive Republican

    What a sterling example of the results of Pres. Ronnie’s, “let’s-defund-public-education-and-make-people-stupid-enough-to-vote-GOP” pogrom. After all, he had California to work it out with first. Thanks a pile, chump.

    • caskinner

      What…… you are not going to blame it on Bush??? I thought everything was his fault.

      • Progressive Republican

        Apparently not. Try to keep up. good luck with that.

    • TheBigGeezer

      progressive… you have to be the stupidest person to ever post on this or any other site… but that’s what you ididots like.

      • Progressive Republican

        Anyone who would post so inane a response as yours is likely the winner of your, “stupidest person to ever post on this or any other site” competition. Congratulations. It is well-earned.

        • TheBigGeezer

          go back 30 years to blame someone who actually was productive as a governmental leader… you are clueless. I see everyone on this site supports your idiotic rant… yea congratulations right back at you.

          • Progressive Republican

            I would expect nothing less from people who think that Pres. Ronnie’s, “let’s-defund-public-education-and-make-people-stupid-enough-to-vote-GOP” pogrom was a good idea.

            “…productive as a governmental leader”? Ooookaaay… Funny how so-called “conservatives never let facts get in the way of opinion, eh?

    • Rachel

      Are you high on your recently legalized marijuana? Or are you tripping on acid. The public schools are and have been controlled by the idiot Democrats. And no matter how much money we throw at them…they fail and will continue to do so, because they are run by leftwing MORONS.

      • Progressive Republican

        And another sterling example of the results of Pres. Ronnie’s, “let’s-defund-public-education-and-make-people-stupid-enough-to-vote-GOP” pogrom heard from. Thanks for playing.

        • Rachel

          You already said that. Have the drugs you’ve been taking triggered Alzheimers? Or are you just a leftwing dumbass?

          • Progressive Republican

            You didn’t seem to get it the first time, so I reiterated it. You’re welcome.

          • Rachel

            It was stupid the FIRST time. Word of advice…when you say something stupid, don’t repeat yourself.

          • Progressive Republican

            Facts are stupid? How sad for you.

    • Rachel

      When he ws Gov of CA…CA was still a great place to live and it’s public schools rated at the top of the nation. Unlike today where we are down at the bottom. 100 Barry Soetoro’s aren’t worth ONE Ronald Reagan. And everyone knows it…except you failing Democrat controlled public school dropouts and other deadbeats. Obama today said “we are not a deadbeat nation” because he wants to irresponsibily raise the debt ceiling AGAIN. I beg to differ. Thanks to Barry, the Foodstamp President, we HAVE become a deadbeat nation. With most of those on entitlements are just milking the taxpayers because they are lazy deadbeats. Probably like YOU.

      • Progressive Republican

        CA’s ed. system WAS the best when Ronnie was inaugurated. His subsequent policies were so vastly unpopular that huge demonstrations took place all over the state including college campuses. He was so incensed by their exercising their first amendment rights that, in a fit of pique, he said (essentially), “I’m not gonna pay their tuition if they’re going to complain about how I’m screwing things up.”

        Reagan committed treason in order to secure the 1980 Presidential vote by having William Casey, G.H.W.Bush and others negotiate with the Iranian students/hostage-takers to secure the hostages until AFTER his inauguration. This was widely reported at the time, yet no action was taken. Liberals and progressives complained bitterly to no avail.

        Of course, there the load of [crap] he fed the country by vastly overstating Soviet military capabilities in order to blow up the Pentagon budget. Not to mention two recessions brought on by those defense budget increases coupled with unwise tax cuts.

        This resulted in TRIPLING the size of the deficit. The only thing Pres. Ronnie did right was to employ Keynesian economics to break those recessions’ backs by hiring more federal employees and economic stimulus. Well, that and eleven tax hikes.

        Not that he rescinded the actual tax BREAKS. Instead he raised taxes on the poor, the middle class (on whom he declared war) and, for the first time, unemployment benefits. Because SOMEBODY has to pay for lowering taxes on the top few percent. Why not those who’ve lost their jobs, eh?

        Then there was COBRA which was just another way of saying, “[Screw} the unemployed. If they were worth a [crap] they’d have jobs. But f you can pay the ENTIRE cost of your medical coverage at the same time your income is dropping by around 40% or so, the go fot it.” Nice.

        Did I mention another act of treason he committed: Iran-Contra?

        What about the untold BILLIONS squandered on SDI?

        ONLY since our first non-white President’s inauguration has the debt-ceiling become an issue. Before that it had consistent bi-partisan support. So NOW complying with the Constitution is “irresponsible”? The debt-ceiling itself is unconstitutional.

        If we have become a deadbeat nation it is ENTIRELY the fault of Pres. Ronnie’s tinkle-on-you economics. Obama, “the-food-stamp-president”? Same problematic source. Thanks to Ray-gun’s fiscal ridiculousness America went from being the world’s biggest creditor nation to the world’s biggest debtor nation.

        Driving wages down, turning his back on the unions, his lies saying that corporations can do EVERYTHING better and less expensively than the government, that government employees are all lazy and stupid and dishonest and incompetent, and his concerted effort to stop investing in this country and it’s citizens have brought us to this point.
        In “The Battle for Reagan’s Soul,” published in the Wall Street Journal on May 16, 1980, Irving Kristol wrote:

        “… And what if the traditionalist conservatives are right and a Kemp-Roth tax cut, without corresponding cuts in expenditures, also leaves us with a fiscal problem? The neo-conservative is willing to leave those problems to be coped with by liberal interregnums. He wants to shape the future, and will leave it up to his opponents to tidy up afterwards.”

        Except that now we have certain treasonous element that have said that their top priority is to stymie everything this President wants to accomplish.

        As for being a deadbeat; I’ve been building housing, bridges, airports, resorts, hospitals and more for over a quarter century. What have YOU done?

  • Natalie Nicole Johnson


  • WhiteFalcon

    Yeah, it is a very effective vaccine. Once you take it you will never get sick again. Your life style will be rather restricted but what the hey?

  • HongryHawg

    Under obamacare’s hidden definitions, I’m sure it IS considered a vaccination.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Wait, what?

  • katjan68

    Great, Another generation of idiots, and they want more money for schools? Why? It doesn’t cost a thing to not teach anything.

    • Rachel

      That’s true. Stupidity is free…and we all know how much Democrats LOVE free stuff!

  • har82

    Well people, no one ever said Californian people were the brightest lol. Look who they keep electing to rule over them .
    This one is just a small example of the intelligence over there lol.

  • ladyceo

    A product of our fine public education! Good grief!!!

  • cstrasburger

    Its from kalifornia……what else would you expect?

  • Val


  • gun1

    Perhaps she and Miss Iowa could get “vaccinated” (with Euthanasia) and just maybe, toss in a few worthless “recreational” pot heads!! Oh, my God, is this country becoming a nation of MORONS!!!

  • Butch1

    My goodness . . . She could have come from any state but this is what happens when you just get by only on your looks. ( before I opened the article I was 99% sure she was blond. . . . sigh . . . I was hoping to be proven wrong.) ;-

  • HadEnuf

    Sound’s like a typical Obaa-baa-ma voter! – dumb as sh^t!

  • D. Guardian

    Forgive her, LORD, “cause” she is the product of government schools and institutionalized brainwashing.

  • vet

    She’s partly right

  • runnindeer

    The poor thing probably isn’t always that stupid. She was making a special effort that day. Her mind probably wandered and it’s too small to be let out on it’s own.

  • Hagar

    If this lady can make it into college no wonder there are so many stupid people in the US. LOL

  • Rachel

    She’s probably dating a CORPSEman.

  • REID

    These poor girls can someone really be that stupid ?? Well evidently , yes they can ! and they have graduated from our public school system to boot. . Now why not disband the department of education ???

  • Rachel

    Hey…maybe she actually read the 2700 pg Obamacare bill (unlike Obama or anyone in Congress) and found out that euthanasia will now be practiced by the Death Panels with the Obama Vaccine.

  • Niles Wheeler

    This is the mentatality that reelected a man who’s policies has us on the brink of a depression. If by chanch we survive him. We will never survive the igorance of the voting population….Lord save us

  • Rick

    But then again, she may be right…….

  • Fred_K

    It is a tragedy that the youth of this country know little or nothing of worth. The know how to text and eat. That is about it. I did not expect anything of consequence from any on the contestants for Miss America. They are all educated by the state indoctrination school , so they will not be a threat to the elite politicians. The dumbing down of society is showing up everywhere.

  • John Hand w/gunpermit

    I don’t know much about Euthanasia either, but I do know quite a bit about kids in Europe.

  • guest on this planet

    California , America s future , probably went to Berkley. Yes it is a vaccine against sjckness or old age .

  • guest

    I don’t know why everyone is calling her stupid, I mean she’s right, after all. Vaccines are just one of the NWO’s means of population control (induced sterility) and delayed murder, without leaving a finger-print. They include thimersol (mercury) and sometimes squalene, which wreak havoc on the immune system (ask the Gulf War veterans made guinea pigs by DOD); comparable with chemtrails and HAARP induced earthquakes and tsunamis. Were it not for a Whistle-blower a few years back, Baxter Vaccines would have introduced live versions of the bird flu into the human population. If you don’t know what these are then look them up.

  • U.S.Patriot 001

    California education system at its finest as portrayed by their state representative and with obummer care kicking in next year she may be right.

  • Para

    Beauty w/o brains is not beauty!


    Heads up, Mr. Obama. We have a good candidate for Secretary of Health here. You can diversify your administration with this lady! I’ll bet she thinks ‘GOLF BALLS’ is a venereal disease.

  • Pegs Palmer

    What Hypocrisy and sheer BS from TT. First: He’s the one who caused people to talk about slavery? WOW DUDE! Then he says it’s about the truth of the Genocide for the blacks, the Indians, but then it’s just fiction? How about Man’s Inhumanity to man, not just Blacks, or Reds, or Browns, or Yellow, Just man on man. These people who write about and promote VIOLENCE are as responsible, in fact even more so than the Guns that are used when someone wants to be violent and kill someone. Guns don’t kill people by themselves, the person using it kills the people and the VIOLENCE shown by TT and his group create the need for vengeance, the need for control and a proven way to get it through Bombs, beatings, fire, stabbings and guns as anything can be used as a weapon even the dinnerware on the table.

  • Pegs Palmer

    As for the “Dumb-Bell Blond” this was no stereotype, this was an actual depiction, not a joke. How in the world did the interviewers keep a straight face? Oh and it’s not California only that is turning out stupid people, look at Harvard and Obamination.

  • Leslie Haveman Rish

    This is one stupid womwan who does not know the meaning of Euthanasia, to be put to death, And for the childern we need to protect them at all cost.

  • LA

    Typical not-a-clue-in-this-world double-digit I.Q. answer. Perhaps someday She’ll be in a situation where an armed person on the scene could save her, and she has a few seconds to reflect.

  • Al C

    Wow! What a dumb ass.

  • dHb

    Lots of beauty little brains

    • Rachel

      Well…she’s one up on all the other dummies coming out of the public schools today. She’ll get alot further on her looks, than they will get on their brainlessness.

  • mike j

    miss calfornia and new york, STUPID, STUPID and MORE STUPID

  • freeman

    This country has dumb down the students for the past 40 years. I have found most don’t the difference between morning and night. they only know hot to turn on a computer and push keys, hook up with each other and be supported by the goverment.

  • mocha10

    We must take our schools back from government ownership. Show me in the Constitution where is says “Separation of church and state” IT DOES NOT! Put God back in our schools so our children can learn what is right. Put teachers who trust in God to help them teach what is right to our children.

    • Believer

      Get the Unions out of our schools – They seem to be the ones who authorize the teaching. Teachers are suppose to be educated people – but they have these thugs represent them.
      Get real. What a joke.

    • Rachel

      Just privatize them.

  • mcweijun

    And that’s how Obama got a second term.

  • popham

    Please dear God… not allow Miss California to ever reproduce.

    • Michael Ejercito

      a lot of men would be tempted to bone her snatch.

      • Rachel

        Apparently YOU went to the same leftwing school for idiots that she did.

  • boccagalupe

    A california college student, representing the absolute best of the California unionized education system.
    Almost certain that she’s majoring in cheerleading with a minor in basket weaving. I’m equally certain that she’ll graduate with high honors.

    • Rachel

      Are you kidding? Saying something as dumb as she did…she’s probably a political science major.

  • Michael G.

    How could anybody make such a ‘dumb’ remark? A vaccine–my foot!
    She’d better stay in Calif. and don’t burden the rest of the country with that kind of remark.

  • URKiddinMee

    “Euthanasia is a vaccine?” Quick! Switch to a topic you know something about:

  • forrealcommonsense

    Is she really that foolish or is she playing foolish to appease the leftie judges? Either way she is foolish and she probably dumbed down tens of thousands more with her lie. Forget Miss California (that should set off alarm bells, California) she ought to be locked up in a insane asylum….

    P.S. Perhaps they will start calling Genocides: Environmental Protection, Go Green, Upward Mobility etc. People will buy into these types of lies till it comes to their neck, by then it would be too late.

  • Deepizzaguy

    Beauty pageants are a joke.

  • barney the purple dinosaur

    Another example of how Obama won the election. There are more ignorant people who do not work than smart people who work and own businesses.

  • Arthur Ross

    And yet another instance of our ignorant young people. Too worried about a beauty pageant to know what is going around them…

    • Rachel

      The ones not in beauty pageants aren’t any smarter…believe me.

  • Brian Paszczykowski

    At least Miss California’s ignorance isn’t getting people killed like the ignorance of our politicians.

  • 32eagle

    She sounds transparent and honest-something mutant mulatto could never be

    • Rachel

      I felt sorry for her. She can’t help that she was stuck in one of the many failing LAUSD schools controlled by Democrats, where the ONLY education to be gotten is a BAD education.

  • ff_emt

    I think all the “Miss this-or-thats” should go the way of the dodo. All these contestants do is continually flaunt their lack of knowledge. Shameful, an embarrassment of the USA throughout the world.

  • libsuk

    Typical liberal education…which is to say NONE! Just indoctrination

  • budman

    There you go. Both women were from States that are Liberal and have crushing debt. Do you think both may have been coached by Liberals before the questioning? It appears this way or they were just beautiful nitwits which qualified them to be a Liberal.

  • Nancy Law

    Guess I’ll have to laughingly ask the obvious, would she be willing to take the euthanasia “vaccine?

    Honestly where do they find these BIMBOS? BTW what is REAL about her? Boobs? Face? Teeth? Hair? Anything? Clearly she has ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE! Yes, she is a walking, talking embarrassment.

    • Rachel

      Maybe she read the obamacare bill (since no one in Congress did)…and she knows something WE don’t know. The Euthanasia Vaccine will be given to Grandma and Grandpa by the Death Panels.

  • VirgoVince

    So much for an idiot libturd education in an idiot libturd school in an idiot libturd state run by idiot libturds!! mexifornikate!!

  • Bob Marshall

    With all the facts and information about obama and his ties to Marxist, Socialist, Communist,the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups available before Obama was a candidate, those who voted for him have no room to criticize this woman. At least she realized her mistake.

  • Paul454

    We are a fallen nation. We honor children in adult roles who have not matured or who have refused to mature. There appears to be no moral clarity, coherence, understanding, nor sensibility. Schools have been choked off from infusing moral teaching, “tolerance” becoming the substitute for personal devotion to the living by the truth. Hence the shutdown in moral growth, not to mention simple perception.

    • Rachel

      Very well said, Paul.

      • Paul454

        Thanks Rachel! May dear God Bless you!

  • Terry C

    Brains, Beauty and Calif. do not mix well, evidently.

  • Rosebud

    What History or Social Studies classes do these “college” girls take anymore? Wonder has she heard of the Holocaust?

  • Rosebud

    For our teachers in schools to protect our kids, no guns are necessary. Require everyone to have a Taser and know how to use it. It could also prevent a lot of hostile kids pushing teachers around. Cheaper than guns also.

    • har82

      Rose, tasers are fine by me, but they only work if you are close enough to touch ,, the other person lol. Bullets ,, usually come from further away than that :) .

      By your reasoning ,,,, NO COP ,, should be allowed to carry a firearm either, because – tasers – should work just fine lol.

      Never bring a taser ,,, to a gun fight lol.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Public Schools

  • Phydeux

    a vaccine to prevent overcrowding?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Oh, good grief: Another pretty airhead. She’s probably a DNC voter too.

    • har82

      And people wonder why Californika ,, is going down the s h i t h o l e lol. All one need do is look at this one pretty example ,, to see why . :)

  • Niles Wheeler

    It’s a deadly vaccine….Lord nelp

  • used2bslim

    This is news?

  • lance

    Well I guess she could have said . The youth in Asia are better educated than American youth . Lol

  • Samurai_Sam

    So whats wrong with her answer? As far as I can see she’s still smarter than anyone in the Obama administration. And a thousand IQ points brighter than Obama himself

  • Sgt. York

    I shudder to think what we now have become with the Liberal schools teaching this sort of crap. We may of not been cool to these kids but in the 50’s we at least knew what America stood for and our current events.

  • brabbie2002

    No, honey…It is the magic koolaid being served by politicians to the sheeple in America.

  • mary

    Is this woman really dumb, or is this an act..? WOW unbelievable……

  • vet

    May be the reason you felt so dumb was that you really are that dumb.

  • Carol Fryer

    Yep….having the flu, Im convinced its a vaccine too. They said it hit early this year and I didnt get the shot. Many at work did though. The bug started hitting people right after the flu shots.

  • painter
  • Vi Brown

    Just like in Nazi Germany, propaganda is alive and well. Also just as in Russia before communism! How sad that people won’t wake up!

  • Laughing at you

    I don’t know much about euthanasia, other than they are probably Asian!

  • Jane18

    First of all, i am a woman, but…………..this one takes the cake! Most all of these women(?) are a product of this pc, liberal, ignorant, me-me, generation! They are almost to be pitied, but not quite. Someone needs to pop them up side their carefully botoxed, made-up faces!!

  • guest on this planet

    This troll Butch sounds and writes like another troll who uses the name daves , probably one and the same

  • 1_Eddie_1

    And she’s blonde!

  • David Clements

    Euthanasia is a vaccine. . .in the fight against living!

  • genann59

    My father always said: It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. Need I say anymore regarding this young woman’s remark?

  • jamesy1044

    Well, she coulda said: “other than there’s a whole lot of ’em”

  • GoldenRudy

    “It is better to look pretty and stay silent than to say something really stupid and ruin the moment.” …me.

  • missnellie

    OMG….as Forest Gump would say “stupid is as stupid does”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome America to our next educated – or should I say non-educated- populace!!!!!!!!

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