“Military Meddling”

  • genann59

    I was in the Army during Vietnam and there were a lot of homosexuals in the military then and most people didn’t care. I was all for the don’t ask, don’t tell policy which merely meant they had to be discrete about their homosexuality. I think I would be very uncomfortable with having people who were openly homosexual in a barracks situation. When I was in the Army, my roommates and I had a lesbian roommate, which we were OK with until we all woke up one night with her and her lesbian lover making out in her bed while the rest of us were trying to sleep (four other women). We told them if they wanted to make love, please just go elsewhere, the same as we would not bring our boyfriends into a room we shared with four other women, she should not bring her girlfriend in to make out in the common room. They didn’t like that, threatened a couple of the girls, we turned them in, they were discharged. A common bedroom in a barracks is no place for sexual behavior, heterosexual or homosexual, and if the other roommates would have to put up with that under the new policies, I think it would discourage heterosexuals to enlist, or would bring about the harassment of the homosexuals which would then bring on hate crime charges against the heterosexuals who were being forced to endure perverted behavior against their will.

    • tedthebear

      I had a lesbian explain that she really loved women and thought about them all the time. That’s when I decided to become a lesbian! I’ll bet I’m not the only male lesbian in the world!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Brown/1797292797 Bill Brown

    I am a very long time out of the military, but I do remember the barracks environment like it was yesterday. Guys mostly in their late teens and very early 20s with testosterone flowing like beer from the service club. Not a condusive environment for homosexual activity.

  • Jamie

    When do you think was the last time congress listened to their constituents? Governor Herbert of Utah just gutted our 2nd amendment in Utah, and is appalled that anyone would speak up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/67ghgf Leslie Wood

    Should homosexuals be in the military? Yes ! That is if you paste a Bulls-eye on their ass ! ;)

  • chetohimler

    Homosexuals should not be allowed to serve. That is my stand and I’m sticking to it. What the government can do, is to find a cure for queer’s.

  • HongryHawg

    There were homosexuals on the ship I served on in the U.S. Navy. They loved seamen.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    The GOV ‘T as usual is a hypocrite. While it complains about sexual harrasment, it encourages situations where soldiers/sailors are bunked and showering and working/fighting in close quarters with someone who may secretly “have the hots for them”. This is why gays should not serve, and also why women should not serve in frontline/combat settings. I know because as a young sailor I was approached more than once by male sailor who propositioned me. Out at sea, there is nowhere to hide. If they are larger/stronger and persistent, that can really cause stress/fear of attack when least expected. Or it could also trigger preventive violence against the predatory person (whether gay or heterosexual). And women on ships/subs can create not only too much “fraternization”, but also jealousies and resulting violence from jilted “lovers”/etc. The same can/does happen in the other services. All of which destroys morale and trust and creates excess stress – all of which destroys military readiness. All of which is just fine with the liberal left as long as they get to have their social experiments and political correct agendas.

  • rebart

    I probably would not encourage my children or grandchildren to enter the military today. It makes me sad because there is so much opportunity for training and education in the military, but Obama is ruining all of that.

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