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Military Kids’ Breathtaking Display of Patriotism on Playground

One of the great traditions I miss from living on a military installation was hearing the bugle playing “Colors” over the post PA system at the end of the day, normally around 1700 hours (5pm). We taught our daughters, Aubrey and Austen, that when the music came on to show respect and stop. If you’ve ever been on a military installation you know that traffic stops, the entire base comes to a standstill. It’s the right thing to do to pay respect as the flag is lowered. There’s something about tradition that progressive socialists do not like, whether it’s regard, respect or honor. I wish we could teach all our children — and adults for that matter — this level of respect for our unique symbol known worldwide as the embodiment of liberty and freedom, the American Flag.

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  • Kaiser

    Now that is inspiring! Good job to the parents of these kids.

    • Shorty Stuff

      I respect these kids and their parents much more than anyone in the current administration —

      • Robert C. Laity

        “The Present administration'” is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization. Obama is usurper, fraud, traitor and spy.

        • charles17121

          Robert C, Laity , We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

          We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

          The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama can not be impeached because he is not a legal sitting US President . The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office must come under US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 .

          US Constitutional law must be enforced in order for We The People to remain a free and constitutional republic.

  • Jabsdna


  • justathought22

    God Bless and Fabulous!

  • jayleigh

    Hooray for the Kids who remembered the training their parents instilled in them! There is hope for America yet!

    • I_Go_Pogo

      “While I breathe, I hope” – S.Carolina state motto

      • Robert C.Laity

        I like that motto. New York’s is “Excelsior” which means “Ever Upward”.

    • ginger

      Now THAT is how kids should respect our country and our military. Too bad the Congress and this illegal administration isn’t as honorable.

    • TheTexasCooke

      One of my fondest memories of being at Texas A&M is seeing the entire student body stop and face the flag-pole any time the flag was being raised or lowered. Several thousand stopping and standing at attention just like those kids. It was stunning and I never got used to it or thought of it as anything but extraordinary.

      • jayleigh

        Fantastic!!!! i still get teary when the flag is raised and the National Anthem is sung. i’m a real sap for this nation of ours and longing to see it returned to what our Founding Fathers intended.

        • lakehead2

          ME TOO!!

  • ya

    This is why its so important to pass down our beloved traditions…children will be positively impacted.

    • jaxtom

      So true – but not in public school any more. It’s not allowed!

      • jimoaklanduniv

        yea thanks to the Morons who put ole barry the Socialist, in office TWICE!!

        • Clint

          It was in the process long before Obama the magnificent, unfortunately.

        • Robert C. Laity

          Obama has never BEEN in the Presidency. He usurped it by fraud.

      • retired Air Force Cop in Maran

        The sad truth is, if they were on a public school playground, all of them would be immediately expelled for acting like some terrorists. GOD help us all!

        • Robert C. Laity

          Freedom of Religion is still in the constitution. Like every generation of Americans we must be “Ever vigilant” in order to preserve them for our posterity. Those who would infringe on our rights surround us ready to pounce at the first chance. In an ideal world. People like Obama would not have had a chance in hell to be “elected” in a free nation. Obama is a usurper.

      • Robert C. Laity

        Obama and his dhimmi cabal are only allowing Islamic traditions.

      • Susan Miller Schnock

        That’s why my kids are in Catholic School. There is still respect for our country and God there. Paying out the nose but well worth every penny. Sadly not everyone has that option.

    • Robert C. Laity

      Our ancestors passed them down to us. It is our duty to pass down our traditions and constitution to our “Posterity”.

  • jaxtom

    The sad thing is that as always their parents stand in the gate protecting the scum that call them “terrorists”!

    • Clint

      Their parents stand in the gate protecting the scum, because the people these patriots truly serve (the American citizen) are the ones who voted for the scum to begin with. There is an old and honorable saying in the military that goes something like this. “It is not mine to wonder why, it is but mine to do or die”. If there is one thing that military service teaches, it is selfless service with honor.

  • viola

    BEAUTIFUL! God bless them and God bless America!

  • JBKonya104


  • Davy2010

    True American kids ,not like the impostor.

  • Brenda

    This truly brings back memories of my days on an Army Post.

  • ladyceo

    Oh, how moving!!! Fantastic!

  • Oso Blanco

    Brought tears to my eyes to know there are still a few remaining. Looking at my 73rd birthday, I have seen a lot of the deterioration of honor and respect. God bless.

    • Robert C. Laity

      Happy Bithday Oso.

  • Bill T Smith

    Way to go kids and keep it up and show the bo his way is wrong

  • James Maxwell

    Those that do not have the honor or living on a military base or serving in the United States
    military cannot comprehend nor understand what that means to military members Both
    reveille and retreat are very special to military members. God Bless the United States Military.


      How true, no one could ever understand unless they served, or grown up with a military parent.

      • Clint

        And that is truly a shame.

      • Susan Miller Schnock

        I have found that most die hard liberals could not survive in the military. I love how some people are very opinionated about things that they have no knowledge about. I guess they must of stayed at a Holiday Inn at some point and think that makes them an authority on everything, Rock of the Marne, and Ready to Roll, Go ARMY!!!

  • Jules ODwyer

    Makes me want to cry,How some of our Kids Love n Respect this Country

    • Clint

      I’m not quite sure how to take your comment.

  • Robert E. Springer

    As a military Brat in the 50’s we were taught respect for the flag which, in turn, was respect for our fallen military that fought for our freedom. People that disrespect the flag disrespect our fallen heroes.

  • kenneth shray

    the chase bank ad before and after the clip ruin the shot. chase is an anti-life bank on {life decisions international }boycott list.As a MARINE not on active duty I say elimanate the chase ad.Put an ad up before and after the clip for { E.W.T.N.}

    • Clint

      Marine I do understand where you are coming from. As an old Navy Corpsman I have found that it is much more beneficial to nourish the good rather than recognize the bad. What I mean by that is, while we are pointing out the bad somehow the good gets overlooked. While I haven’t used Chase in many years even though I have a Chase credit card, I feel I am doing my part to work against Chase. It has been much longer since I have seen the patriotism of our military dependent children exhibited in such an exemplary fashion. These kids did it because they understood that it was important. I feel sure these kids did not understand everything that is involved in honoring the Colors. but they understood that it is important. That’s a good thing and gives this old man hope for the future of our country.

  • jimoaklanduniv

    Real Americans, unlike the Convenient Idiots of ole barry and the Lib Dem Socailists!

  • gbandy

    A country without Honor and the ability to salute this Nation and its Military is not a country….but Mexico, Iran, Libya. need I go on?

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    Working at an Air Force base I missed reveille and retreat because houses near the base complained about the “noise” and the base had to stop.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Should have bombed the “neighbors” They move near a base and then complain? I highly recommend Willie Peter.

  • craig

    thank god for the patriots we have …regardless of size

  • Omar

    Sorry to burst a bubble but the parents can be removed from base housing if their kids do not do this. Been there, done it.

    • SATCitizen

      Guess that’s why you’re parents had to move and you probably cased a lot more trouble than that to get them evicted off base. There is so much more to respect than you are willing to admit.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Go make a tent “Omar” Related to that Ft Hood guy? Obviously these kids have more decency than you will ever attain.

    • kap2002

      That is not true. I was raised on military bases.

    • Clint

      Omar, are you the tent maker who was responsible for those baggy boxers we had to wear in boot camp? I can’t do anything about it but I would like to know for sure.

  • jeannie

    I am impressed. They are showing much more patriotism than the average adult in the US. However, did you notice that the girl in baby blue used the time to take over the swing of
    the girl in orange!?

    • SATCitizen

      The one in the orange still had a swing if she so wanted. There were two swings side-by-side for the young ladies in the blue and pink.

  • Don Sr.

    I hope the guy in the white house has seen the video of the military children who stopped playing and showed their respect for the marines. Bless their hearts . Better to receive a blessing than a finger

  • DustyFae


  • SATCitizen

    As an Air Force brat we were taught ti do the same thing as Colors was played at 5 PM and the whole base could hear the song and know the flag was being lowered and to pay respect. I’ll also never forget going to a civilian theater for the first time and the Star Spangled Banner wasn’t played before the movie. All would stand at attention and respect and that is something that I never got used to not seeing. Even at the end of the broadcast day there was respect to our flag and living in this once great country. At least those young Americans growing up on a military base will know what it means to have pride and respect for their fathers and mother sacrifice plenty for our freedoms. What a wonderful video to see and how sad to know America is in decline. But at least with those young people we are not without hope.

  • Graywolf12

    Boo to the 6 jerks that gave this a thumbs down. Bet they have never served and would run to Canada if asked to serve. They are too big of a coward to give what we gave to give them the right be a$$es.


    Proof Obama has not infected everyone.
    God bless America.

  • kap2002

    To all that voted down on this video……….Please move to China.

  • jvb1980808

    What is wrong with teaching children respect…how does that insult the liberal?

    • Clint

      A liberal can be insulted by his or her own reflection in the bathroom mirror. Come to think of it, I’m usually insulted by their appearance.

  • david of tampa

    Because a liberal rspect nothing….Kill their babies…then supply food, rent, money to 20 year old thugs (as long as your the right color) God haters, Allah lovin homo’s.

  • JDH

    That’s a “beautiful sight”!!!

  • racindavid

    Not to sound negative…but for every one of these kids there are 50 saying “whutchyu tawkin’ about ? Were be my owebamaphone ? I ain’t showin’ no respect fo nuthin’ dat ain’t gimme sumtin… yaknowhati’msayin’ ? ” (head bobble…)

  • robocop33

    Great job kids AND parents! That warms my heart.

  • ChristianMan

    11 Thumbs down? Who would watch this and give it a thumbs down. I was aised the same way. My father fought in WWII and when I was on base as a kid playing golf, we stopped and paid out respects.

  • Mike11C

    They actually play two bugle calls at “close of business” (COB). The first is: “To the Colors” and the second, to which the flag is lowered, is “Retreat”. Active Duty Service Members stand, facing the flag, at the position of “Parade Rest” for the first and, snap to “Attention” and render a salute for the second. It is an honor that too few understand to pay respect to our flag.

  • Ron Humphreys

    Too bad many of their parents hide in their cars, or duck back into buildings instead of rendering honors.

  • NoRINO


  • WardMD


    I’d be willing to bet that at your typical (pubic) school, not only would the VAST MAJORITY of kids IGNORE this simple sign of respect, but the TEACHERS/Administrators would too!

    SAD, where patriotism is considered “radical”, but kids getting birth control (or worse, abortions – without parental consent) is THE NORM!

    • Clint

      A sad state of affairs for sure.

  • paminflorida

    I also grew up on military bases and EVEN WHEN WE WERE “KNOW-IT-ALL TEENAGERS”, we teenagers all IMMEDIATELY stopped our car, jumped out of our car, and faced the direction of the flag, put our right hand over our heart, and froze with respect. Many times our cars held 6 loud teenagers and never…NEVER…did any of us think that this event was anything but the correct, respectful, & JOYOUS thing to do!!!!

  • The_American_Way

    Love it! God bless these respectful children.

  • diana

    God Bless wish the rest of America was that respectful

  • Debra Rowland

    having lived on the military bases sometimes when I was growing up I remember doing that

  • glop

    Most people, I have noticed, don’t even stand when the flag passes in a parade. It was a basic taught to us when I was growing up.

  • Nancy~AZ

    God bless our troops.

    God bless America.

  • disqus_2AF1QOhOSp

    Brings tears to my eyes. Both my daughter and son-in-law recently retired from the Navy. my granddaughter was raised at a young age on the military bases. She’s just 21 and is getting ready to join the New Mexico State Police. She’s currently working at a women’s prison in Grants, N.M. She was raised with manners and still says, “yes, ma’am and sir.

  • Helland

    There is hope.

  • sk1951


  • Clint

    Not at all strange or unusual for anyone who has served and or lived on base.. For military families this is everyday life.

  • genann59

    I remember that so well from my 4 1/2 years in the Army. And when you were at the Base theater they always played the National Anthem and everyone stood at attention and saluted if you were in uniform and placed your hand on your heart if in civilian clothes. Remember one time one of the WACs refused to stand for the National Anthem at the theater and she was required to stand retreat for an entire month at the WAC barracks. Most of us take respect for our country and flag and traditions VERY seriously.

  • ArtBrecher

    So cool; it looks like the kids stopped without any prompting from an adult. This is where the re-taking of our country begins…with respect for tradition, family and country.

  • rams375

    The kid’s were taught right, now to teach millions of other so called Americans.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Very cool!

  • Fazeman

    That’s the way I grew up, My Father was a Naval Officer and we were taught very early to show respect for the flag. I am so happy that these Children show respect for the Flag.

  • pipcrusher


  • John Moses Browning

    I watched this video and my eyes watered. I an so proud of these kids. They give me hope fof the future. Brings back memories. God Bless these Kids!

  • David Taylor

    My mom was in the MASH 8055 in Korea. Until the day she died, she had to fight back tears every time she heard Taps.

  • Robert C. Laity

    That was heartwarming. Those kids are America’s “Posterity”.

  • lakehead2

    I am so proud of the kids who are brought up to respect this great Country. Their parents should be very proud of them. God bless them.

  • CaptTurbo

    Very nice.

  • chetohimler

    If there were no Liberals…..we could see this everywhere, everytime!!!

  • threebarrs

    WOW! Almost made me cry! I didn’t know that about the military, and because I wasn’t a military brat, I really missed out on one of each day’s special moments. Thanks so much for sharing this little video. I loved it and will always love our FLAG!

  • oldtimer

    This gives an 81 year old man hope. When I started Jr. High, I started in band. One day our band leader volunteered three of us to come in early the next morning. I was to play a drum roll, a trumpet player was to play ” To the Colors” with the band leader helping him and the other kid was to raise the flag. We did this the rest of the year. Our band leader was teaching us something besides how to play an instrument. Kids all over the school would stop and stand at attention, some with their hands over their hearts. At the beginning of the first class, we heard a prayer over the P.A. system and gave a pledge of allegiance to our flag. Yes, this was public school.

  • sickandtired

    Those kids are the future of this Country like it or not, we have to fight for them so they will have the same freedom we enjoyed as kids. We can’t let these lib’s and muzzies destroy it for them. God Bless the little ones and the ones who have served and are still serving in the Military

  • Stan Parrish

    These kids are proof that America shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet yet.

  • nrahat

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is great to read from so
    many patriots.

    My brother joined the Marines in Jan 1942 and spent WWII out
    in the Pacific. Never talked about what he went through, but at least he did
    come home alive unlike so many other who gave their life for this country!!!!!

    Retired USAF 1952 – 1972

  • Susan

    I’m sure the latest videos I chose to watch (Children’s reaction to gay marriage proposals and the patriotism of elementary school children) would have been good viewing. The problem is that the only thing that will play is the advertisements. Very disappointed.

  • Susan Miller Schnock

    Our military brats grew up doing the same and when we were stationed over seas they would do the same for when our host country played retreat for the evening. We also taught our children the preamble of our Constitution and the entire National Anthem. Sadly we are considered brain washers by the more liberal family members. For us it is saying Thank you to the service members of the past, present and future.

    • Susan Miller Schnock

      Also I find it sad that most American’s can’t tell you what the Red, White and Blue in the Flag stands for or the symbolic meaning for the stripes are.

  • SandraJ

    Ah; respect and honor. Don’t hear much of it today. These kids are our future leaders. Good job.

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