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Michelle Obama’s Vacations During The Last Four Years

  • SallyE

    Thought we got rid of our royalty in 1776! Hopefully after January 20, she can go where she wants, when she wants, on Barack’s dime.

    • dlpannebakker

      You forgot the Kennedy’s.

      • omahaandy

        Kennedy never took a salary he gave it to charaty

        • Nadine

          Romney NEVER took a salary either when he was Gov….it went to charity! I bet he won’t take one when he’s President either!

          • June Gagnon

            Romney, also, never took a salary when he chaired the troubled Olympics in 2002 and he gave up his position, at Bain, to do that!

    • Jamie

      No, they’ll still be on our dime. Ever head of pensions? And I’m sure they voted themselves a hefty one. Politicians now get to be paid for the rest of their lives for 1 term of “work”, and at the same rate or greater of what they were paid during their office.

    • Angelo Cibotti

      It will be intersting to how many vacations and how much of thier own money they will spend sfter they are gone

  • Rich E

    she is a despicable fraud. time to return to chicago

    • Red

      Both are Affirmative Action products. They could not make a mistake while the Ivy League schools fought over them. Obama never ‘earned’ his JD at Harvard. He was given a degree, so they could advertise how politically cprrect they were. Read what Justice Thomas has to say about black people who get those Ivy League JD’s.

      • fed up taxpayer

        Let us get rid of affirmative action.Talented and intelligent whites and asians given a hard time getting into these schools because of affirmative action. What happened to the merit system?

        • omg

          Intelligence and talent do not count unless your black. And obamy was a foreign exchange student as well. How did he do that if he is suppose to be American born? WE have been HAD. obamy is a FRAUD!!! If not a FRAUD; HE is a CHEAT! Maybe both. I would love to see his grades and attendance records….

        • Kathleen Pedersen

          evidently the liberals think minorities are dumb and need to be given things they can’t earn on their own. what an insult and the folks don’t even know they’re being insulted when they aren’t expected to earn what they get. It’s been the old plantation for years with the Democrats being the Master of the plantation. Thank the Lord for those minorities who have proved otherwise and there are plenty of them out there more qualified than what we’ve got in the WH now.

    • GW

      My guess is Leavenworth would be a more suitable location. A good place for the proverbial presidential library also.

    • ron

      Kenya is a better place for her .We dont want that bimbo in Chicago


      Chicago is to good for her, the Obama’s need to be exported, by the way of cargo ship to Kenya.

  • caskinner

    The people of the US will be getting a vacation when Obammie gets defeated next week.

    • omahaandy

      He will be PUT in to office again. I do not believe he was voted in

      • Nadine

        I agree he was selected before elected & is a puppet of Soros & other extremists! BUT..we must not make sure he is PUT BACK again!! This must NEVER happen to this country EVER AGAIN! As Reagan said..”Evil is powerless if the Faithful are UNaffraid!”

        • omahaandy

          the only way I feel to stop him is to shoot him. This is my freedom of speech

          “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

          It is often quoted of Benjamin Franklin that “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
          There are four types of Americans
          Patriotic, Treasonous, Cowards or your Head is in you’re Ass. Stew Webb

          • June Gagnon

            omahaandy – Shooting would be too quick and easy and a “loyal American” would be punished for it. What we really really need are military arrests and tribunals of the entire hornets’ nest! They need to be made an “example” of- -for the entire world to see, so they will KNOW we mean business and they cannot get away with “messing with the USA”! That applies to the un, owo and every last muslim/islamist in existence!

    • Nadine

      Yes, there will be an IMMEDIATE increase in the economy when Romney wins!! I’m just worried about the damage BO will try to do before Jan!!!

  • Lauritz Heinze

    I think it would be very fitting for the whole obama family to be tied to the bumper of an old Chevy pick-up truck and dragged to their painful, sick death. They are TRASH as is any of you mindless idiots who voted for him!

    • Tim F

      Can I drive the old Chevy?

    • Earl Hudgins

      Have you guys ever heard of the secret service?

      • Mike Stone Sr

        Yeah, drag them too, they didnt protect our heroes in Libya, why waste effort on traitors!

  • libsuk

    Well, she is a tramp…

  • Lauritz Heinze

    ….and let’s not forget that both Mom and Pop jigaboo were booted out of the Illinois state bar! Wouldn’t we all like to know more about what that was all about?

    • Melbarowland

      Now there is a word I haven’t heard in over 60 years! And yes, I’d love to know.

      • Nadine

        WOW…Jigaboo!! Let’s not forget Aunt Jemima, Buck Wheat, Amos & Andy, can you think of more!

        • JIM

          I liked watching those folks ,I give Mererit where it is due ,Obama doesn’t impress me in a positive way ,In fact I just called my Senators and told them to draw up papers of Arrest on this Murderer if fact are true !!! Everyone that is on this page or site ,call your Senators now ,Demand his arrest ,Take a Batillion of Marines in there in case there is trouble ,and make sure the Military officers ect ,that didn’t stand down are not mistreated by oBama !!

          • June Gagnon

            Jim – There is also a “petition site”, just go to your search bar and type in “Petition2Congress”! One petition is all set up, demanding answers to the Benghazi “assassinations”; another demanding Congress eject the un AND agenda 21. There are dozens more – -they are “free” to send and you can alter, edit, insert your own thoughts, ideas, demands, etc.! I’ve been publishing this, for two weeks now – -we need to “bury Congress” in faxes! OR, we need to vote ALL of them OUT and start over!

        • Antionette Buffin


        • james_hunt

          Just so you know, there are Black conservatives that frequent this site and agree with all of the sentiment expressed about the Obamas’ hypocrisy.

          So when you resort to racial put-downs to express yourself you are insulting way more than your intended targets.

          Additionally, you reinforce the broadly stereotypical view that conservatives are all racists and further, you do nothing to persuade other like-minded Blacks who are itching to fully embrace our side.

          Using racial epithets indicates a lack of virtue, critical thinking and persuasion — total failure in every respect.

          • June Gagnon

            james – Yes, Black Americans/White Americans, Black Conservatives, etc. are most appropriate. Those terms remind me of Lloyd Marcus – – who calls himself a “proud unhyphenated American”! Any of the “epithets” applies to the radical black element – -and I believe Christian, Conservative, Black Americans fully understand it. Sadly, we have too many of the “radical element”, both black and white!

        • james_hunt

          Sorry Nadine, my longer post was meant to respond to Lauritz not you.

          I rather enjoyed your response.

          • Nadine


    • james_hunt

      Just so you know, there are Black conservatives who frequent this site and agree with all of the sentiment express about the Obamas’ hypocrisy.

      So, when you have to resort to racial put-downs to express yourself, you are insulting way more than your intended targets.

      Additionally, you reinforce the stereotypical view that conservatives are racist, and you do nothing to help persuade like-minded Blacks looking for a reason to fully embrace our side.

      Racial epithets indicate a total failure of morals, critical thinking and persuasion every way you look at it.

      James Hunt II

    • June Gagnon

      Lauritz – You can find out more about it, by going to Court of Illinois Bar association. It has said he lost his because he “lied” on his application to the bar, about never having been known by any other name (“lie” – sound familiar?). She lost hers for “extorting” clients!

  • Jake

    When I get my free Obama phone I will call her and ask her to slow down a bit.

    • fed up taxpayer

      I was told I can get an Obama phone if I have medicaid.

    • omahaandy

      don’t hold your breath

  • David Peacock

    A “TAKER AND ABUSER”;;;;; JUST LIKE her effeminate old man……………

  • cae973

    In the black community Michele is what is called a Beard. A beard is a woman who marries a gay man who needs a wife and family to further his career. Beards take expensive vacations and stuff because they feel entitled to them as that is their reward for being a beard!

    • David Peacock

      got to love it;;;;;;;;;

      • omg

        NOT really. Pity is more the word. On judgement day they will pay dearly!

  • Brendajanetorres

    In the meantime….how many of us have canceled our vacations because of the economy????

    • Buyerbwear

      What vacation(s)??? My family hasn’t had a vacation in 4 years (just happens to coincide with when the Obama gang took over the Whitehouse).

      • “FED”UP

        We honestly haven’t been able to afford a vacation since the left took over the house and senate during the Bush administration. It’s been YEARS for us. Obama excoriates the rich for their wealth, yet he and his minions are all wealthy. He continually USES the dumb brain-washed idiot “celebrities” in Phony-wood for their millions of dollars in DONATIONS to his campaign, pretending he “loves” them all! I would bet a million if I had it, that he and MOOCH-elle are laughing at them all behind their backs, just like they were laughing at how they were able to hoodwink all the dumb the people to vote for him, while dancing in celebration at the inaugural balls four years ago! You could see them laughing and whispering as they danced. What the heck do you think they were saying? He and Moochie have been taking FULL advantage of hard working Americans from their first day, and stealing away our tax dollars, forcing us into deliberate debt while whooping it up and living high off the hill like they are king and queen! Just despicable!

        • June Gagnon

          Just to clarify the “hoodwink” aspect; you probably know both lost their law licenses in Illinois- -barry, because he lied on his application about “never being known by any other name” – -mooch lost hers for “extorting” clients! You know, the same thing they’ve both been doing to the taxpayers, for the past four years! No, I didn’t “dream it up” – -just go to the Court of the Illinois Bar Association and see it for yourself! If that were the “worst” of their sins, it might be “forgivable”; unfortunately, that’s far from the case!

      • Nadine

        Read what I wrote above…No VACA for us either!

    • Nadine

      OMG…so very TRUE! I usually take a cruise but have been unable to for the last 4 year! EVERY pay check counts now…this woman has abused us long enough! She is a disgusting example of a First Lady! When I saw her get off AF-1 once with tight shorts on & looking tacky & was appauled! Ann Romney will restore respect back to our women & NOT tell us WHAT & WHEN to EAT! Mouchelle sure as hell doesn’t do without. I’m sick of the Libs telling us what THEY think is good for us! I WILL take my trip when Romney is elected & enjoy EVERY BITE! Pack your back Mouchelle…we’re done with you!

      • Jim

        While micheal is packing call your SEnators and demand that this sitting muslimn president be investigated by Comgress and Senators alike ,I just got off thephone to 3 of my senators ,call your Senarors now !!!We are fedup !!!! Tell them to invesigate ,if merrited take a Batallion of Marines in there and make an arrest ,tell them to draw up papers to arrest Obama .

        • June Gagnon

          Jim – I’ve been yelling about this, at the top of my lungs, for the past four years. Military arrest AND tribunal IS warranted for the entire administration and a lot of his “rubber stamps” in both houses of Congress, as well! Charges range from espionage (as in spy), treason, sabotage (Benghazi, et. al), domestic terrorism, sedition, felony fraud and a hundred other things! The MOST important are the charges of espionage, treason and sabotage- -conviction for any one of these calls for the same sentence and does NOT include prison time, nor deportation!

      • June Gagnon

        Brendajean- -there are a “lot” of other words for her and she is NOT a “lady”!

        • Nadine

          I agree!! Not lady at ALL!!

  • JRRS

    She is just as much a hypocrit and thief as her worthless, lying husband. They will live on the taxpayers dime the rest of their lives, but at least they will be out of the White House and hopefully out of our lives. A more disgusting pair there has never been.

    • omahaandy

      don’t bet on that

    • omahaandy

      If they live on OUR money I guess you can call it welfare

    • frank

      You got that. A more amoral, digusting pair has never been. Jimmy carter another worseless democrat president had at least his morals and a christian.

  • Blue Max

    If you liked what Mouchelle did in the last four years, just watch what she’ll do if her idiot husband gets re-elected next week……you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    • o

      Can’t we CAP the spending on personal vacations and gratuities?

  • JDan

    Take a permanent vacation.Go back where you came from and stay there.

  • HurricaneSandy

    She speaks with forked tongue. Get out of the White House America does not need the Obama’s. With the money they have stashed in foreign countries stolen from America, they do not have to work…which they haven’t worked to get anyway.

  • raynbene

    Why do we always have to be looking up at her armpits, and who chose the black/gray color scheme for this column ??

    • omahaandy

      to show us she shaves them

    • “FED”UP

      Both she and her lying hubby had plastic surgery PRE White House.

  • 1gentready

    Michell Obama is jest another Emelda Marcos and she spends the tax payers money the very same way.

    • Tim F

      A fraud and a corrupt racist $itch

      • sn

        You forgot FAT and UGLY. Do they need booster jets to get her air craft aloft?

    • rosemarienoa

      You’ve got that right!!! And guess where the Marcos’s spent their exile years???? Hawaii!!! That’s right! That dem/lib/progressive enclave that will also shelter the obamas!!!

  • Susitna

    How cool is that, she spends all this money on vacations and we have to eat carrots……..

    • “FED”UP

      Never have seen so many people dumpster diving and the thrift store shopping! They actually WANT Americans to be paupers to depend on them while they go whooping it up Beverly Hills style!!!!

  • TimB

    16 vacations in 3 years that cost us, the taxpayers, over $12M. Particularly during this down Economy, that is appalling. She took 24 staff members with her on vacation. Lets show them the door next week.

    • o

      How about give them the boot!

  • bressler


    • mogul264

      Unfortuately, even IF he is not re-elected, he STILL serves until January, unless he is impeached (unlikely, with the Senate Democrat-controlled), tried and sentenced. Looks like we have him for another two months, MINIMUM! Time for Mooch-elle to take at least two more vacations, NOT INCLUDING Christmas (oops, I mean KWANZA, of course), and New Year celebrations!

      • XX

        yes and how many more Benghazis will he stage in those 8 weeks, that is the real question.He should not be allowed a lame duck session, remember he did not give W one.


      I know a few 6 foot deep pits where he can vacate for ever.

  • tomtom

    What a FAKE and despicable anti-American woman !!

    • omahaandy

      what does she care. She’s there we’re not

  • whadayakiddinme

    He…I mean she…I mean he, oh crap. Let’s just vot-em-out!!!!

    • believer

      She and He have disgraced the dignity of our country – we are being laughed at through out the world. I can’t wait to get rid of her – she will most likely steal everything her grubby hands can take out of the white house. She is a disgrace to the black community as well as the world community.

      • XX

        that point is one the tragedies about this last 4 years that is not talked about, the damage these two did to their own race, and thousands of good, conservative Black people who love their country.

    • omahaandy

      it will never happen

  • marco

    Obama is a toast

    • omahaandy

      same color

  • GW

    This is what always happens when the pigs get out of the lot. They go on a rampage and destroy twice as much crop as would be needed to feed any normal hog and when their done they leave a path of destruction behind which can never be cleaned up.

  • Barb Patton

    Unfortunately this hurricane is going to be the perfect opportunity for the ayatollah barack hussein obama to declare military law. Should this happen then he will automatically be in for not only the next for years but the next 8 years!!! We really cannot afford these ticks to continue to suck the blood off the backs of WE THE PEOPLE any longer. Both of them are liars and low life ghetto rubbish. I am very very ashamed of America to have these two black people parading in the White house as our Presidential pair. GOD HELP AMERICA.

    • omahaandy

      God help us

  • jdangiel

    She’s the 47 percent all by herself.

  • Zyndari
  • M. Hood

    Holy Mackeral, Sapphire! Look at the biceps on this dame! Too bad the flesh on the underside of those biceps is hanging down more than what is shown as muscle! However, she probably has more muscle than obummer! That ‘s the reason he’s so hen-pecked by this bucktoothed female. She is taking advanage of the freebies just lke her sista’s do in trhe private sector! Why is anyone surprised at that? After all, they are all negro aren’t they and that is just what they do! As someone said once, if they are lazy at home they’ll be lazy when they leave home! Ah, I forgot, she’s da firs laddie so am entitled, ya!

    • ARMYOF69

      I suspect that the truth will come out one day, that she is a woman who was a man now pretending to be a woman. And that she/he bullies obammie all day and night.

  • IsOrvilleRight

    She feels your pain so she has to get away on these vacations to relax. They are paid for by the middle class etc. Now she has been asking people to find ‘Knuckleheads “(her word) to vote for her husband. I think no thinking voter could re-elect this failed President.

    • omahaandy

      he will be put in again–NOT VOTED IN

      • “FED”UP


  • Maggie

    She acts like Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” while we travel the world in ultra first class. What an example! Do you remember what was going on in France then. Do the right thing on Nov. 6th.

  • ff_emt

    not who WE are, but certainly who THEY are. selfish, lying POSs

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Good thing she didn’t about any pesky, like running the country. Hey, she’s just like her husband.

  • IsOrvilleRight

    Merit and character should be how we promote, select, or reward a person, not by the color of their skin. This whole racial divide issue swings back and forth. Too bad we can’t just hold that swinging pendulum to neutral. White, black, yellow, brown or red- we all belong to the HUMAN race. Justice is supposed to be (color) blind. The Presidnet needs to do his job without favoritism.

    • omg

      Didn’t happen did it? Got in on his color and no one would fight him because they would be called a racists. Now after 4 years most everyone that WORKS can’t wait to get rid of him!!

  • ralphlsasser

    Let’s pray you’re right caskinner

  • micky

    Doesn’t anybody in our congress think that O’Bama, and his mate, have taken real advantage of the office of the Presidency? These two have spent our money like the blacks they are. With total disregard to the taxpapers. The office should be overhauled in many ways, the presidency has way too much power, and leeway, in not answering to anybody, but just go off, and do what they want, with the taxpapyers money. This has got to stop, and the office should be more transparent, and face consequences when he does wrong, by making him pay the money back, like O’Bama using our planes for his own personal use.

  • turn 3

    hopefully aunt ester gets a one way ticket next week……..what a poor excuse for a first lady…..

  • Mike Stone Sr

    What a masculine pig!

  • Tomttom

    She is as ROTTEN and despicable as her fraud of a husband.
    I’ll bet NOW she is proud of our Country, now that she ca live like a Nuevo rich Negro!!!!

  • Jonathan-Jennifer Mietzner

    One point of clarification on the 2010 Hawaii trip, they were in Kailua, Oahu not Kailua Kona which is on the Big Island. Regardless I would think she would think of the people who voted for them who couldn’t take vacations, oh I forgot her family was excluded.

  • lolajmay

    Isn’t is simply amazing how considerate Michelle can be (when it comes to her wants and whims!) It amazes me also as to what a HYPOCRITE she is. And so very compassionate sounded in this video, and how phony!! November 6, 2012, lets’ hope for a change in the White House!! We need to clean it up for Romney/Ryan!!

  • ECwashr

    Time to throw these con artist grifters out on the street…

  • Debra H

    What a waste of our money.. and yet she still tries to tell us what to do. Bit*h!

  • JCole6320

    Oh boy do I have a message. They are the biggest low lifes ever. Just Disgusting. They should be so ashamed of themselves right now. They are supposed to care about us, my foot. What a liar and a phony they both are. When they leave the White House, they should also take Pelosi and Reid with them. None of them will be missed.

  • ARMYOF69

    Considering the plight of millions of Americans without a job, couldn’t the luxurious multi million dollar wasting of AMERICAN taxpayer monies by Moochelle , be retrievable from the Obamas as theft of taxpayer monies? Come on lawyers, is there one of you out there with BALLS to go after them? Say for 30% of whatever is recovered?

  • squeak

    Enjoy it while you can Moochelle…all good things come to an end… we Americans are fed up with your spending OUR money, using OUR plane, living in OUR house, etc, also we are REALLY FED up with your Traitor husband for ruining our great country, Soooooo we as true Americans that love our country { which you both do not, hate us white Americans, hate the Military, hate the flag, etc. } are sending you all back to Kenya where you belong…. by the way ,if at all possible we may just be able to charge your husband for Treason & we can all celebrate ! God Bless America !

  • del

    Sickening… it true that she has been shagging some secret service guy???? Vomit…we must get this horrid pair out of our white house now!

  • The Truth

    Lying again! I can’t stand to see her face or her husband’s or hear them speak – they are truely frauds! Wonder how much the total is including her personal staffing, obama’s golfing, date nights and celebrity entertainment? Time for real change!

  • ladyceo

    And she tries to make us believe she shops at Target! Now that’s a joke!

  • omahaandy

    Can you imagine waking up in the morning and finding her in bed with you

  • Chuck

    Hit the road free loaders, pandering to free beggars.

  • deb

    Such a hypocrite. I live in Chicago. She is disgrace.

  • six bits

    Michelle the Hypocrite – the “let them eat cake” bimbo.

  • David Veselenak

    I couldn’t stand to watch the video as I am already infuriated enough by this gargantuan orang-utan of an American hating hypocrite queen of welfare! She and her (arranged) other half rail at the billionaires they despise yet love to live the lavish lifestyles of their scapegoats; at least those capitalistic billionaires provide wealth as opposed to these two racist, pontificating low life, blood sucking leeches that drain the public coffers so shamelessly while maintaining their sanctimonious and haughty demeanor!

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    they both talk one way and act another. their part of the nouveau (sp.)rich in Washington. You know how people who suddenly come into lots of money can go wild with it (even if it is other people’s money). The people that vote him in again must have frozen brains to want to support this behaviour.

  • sandman

    It’s to bad that Mitt is a gentleman to a fault, come this January when he is sworn in, the very next day there should be an investigation into all these “paid for by us trips” of the “first lady”? and all the other things done in “our” name! by bho and co., but alass the part of being a gentleman comes into play here, and I’m afraid he won’t do anything of the sort! to bad, but he still has MY vote!

  • RobertNorwood

    “Hypocrisy” my friends but we get the point. Or like a “theocracy” say, a hypocracy is where hypocrites rule and live? Either way, the best that can be said of the Obama’s is they are self serving pigs who cannot even live up to their socialist ideals of eschewing wealth, behaving like pigs. I mean if you believe all that stupid socialist babble. But they do believe in redistributing what others have and filling up their own bags. They are a complete disgrace.

  • Jack Parker

    THis hypocrite need a permanent vacation. May I suggest GITMO.

  • Jane18

    Do we think she is “proud of America” now? No we don’t! She probably goes to bed every night laughing at all of us, and especially to the “fooled ones” that believed her lying husband!

  • John

    She thinks she is the queen of America. That is the biggest problem as she is married to the king.

  • Viet Nam Vet

    After her real estate fraud and removal from the BAR, they don’t want her either!

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Why would that neandrathal need a vacation? I thought vacations were only for people that WORK!!

  • Jt fennimore van Gup

    After Obama is impeached send her and the Kenyan exchange student back to their roots.

  • 1American1st

    I’ve always said, “She is the Worst Lady” EVER! I was being kind with that word “Lady”.
    Yoy know how hateful she’s been for the past 4 years, right? Have you noticed in all the TV and Internet ads she is smiling to beat the band.

    She wants him re-elected because there are some more places in the world she hasn’t visited on our dime. She has become used to living in the lap of luxury with maids & assistants at her beck & call.

  • chrisbentzen

    I would never, ever begrudge anyone for having a fun filled life including yearly vacations, traveling around the world having a blast, IF they worked hard and earned their lifestyle on an honest basis, but THIS PARTICULAR FAMILY HAS NOT EARNED ONE PENNY HONESTLY, LIVES IN OUR HOUSE AND SPENDS OUR MONEY AND I’VE HAD ENOUGH! It just makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the DAMAGE these two people have brought to OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR COUNTRY and every AMERICAN here worth their salt should be feeling the same way. WE MUST STAND UP AND VOTE HIM OUT of our house then go after all of the czars and criminals in the White House and deport them or convict them of TREASON. Anyone involved with the BHO’s are criminal.

  • TM

    Looks like she would have used the money on her face, she’s enough to gag a maggot and knock a buzzard off a gut wagon at two hundred yards.

  • Stealth

    Personally….I think she WAS a male who had an operation…. The ONLY thing bigger than her mouth- are her FEET!

  • John Goult

    Where is my Vacation? I worked, Payed TAX’S, Gave to the Poor and less fortunate, gave time to help and did not even get to go to a F–ken Movie!

  • LANI

    Shut the hell up you Phony!! Moooooochelle should be ashamed of herself

  • JRRS

    How this mystery man can draw such a largen umber of voters is mind boggling. He lies, cheats, steals, and makes a mockery of our government. Now he has resorted to letting defenseless Americans be killed in a terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya. He watched the entire attack unfold in the basement of the White House, then lied and said it was an out of control riot. He knew there was no riot, but he lied for days in an attemot to show that it was a not a terrorist attacked. He got Hillary, Amb Rice, and Sec Panetta to back him up and say they didn’t know what had happened. Panneta wathched the whole thing along with the President. Outrageous!

  • guest on this planet

    I cant afford to go to dinner let go away for a weekend with my family, its time to take washington away from the royal family

  • USAmerican

    That must have been the reason she was so proud to be an American after her phoney husband was elected in 08. Now she is trying to identify with salt of the earth people? I hope they enjoyed all of those stress relieving getaways. If the proper laws were applied they should be spending time in a country club prison within a couple of years. Unfortunately Our PC, wimpy, useless congress will not act as they should. So good riddance to trash.

  • Randy Townsend

    Anybody else remember the show from the ’70’s “The Jeffersons”? The lyrics from the theme song should be played anytime the Obama’s are up for discussion. Yep, they “finally got themselves a piece of the pie”.

  • 4 more years!

    you Bubbas are un effin’ believable. GW spent more time on vacation than at the White House. You white trash think Romney is gonna help you. Wake up!

  • John Sweet

    It reminds me of French royalty from the past.”Let them Eat Cake!”

  • Dale Lowry

    She’s as full of BS as the man she calls “husband”. Time to take out the trash, America.

  • Don De

    I had to take my mind off the weather so I have to write something political. Let’s see…OK. This will do!

    In four years, Michelle Obama, The Queen, spent $20,000,000. +/- (
    TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS! – the real numbers are a state secret.)

    for about 18+(EIGHTEEN+!!) vacations with the girls, family, friends,
    sycophants and sometimes with the King; sometimes without the King.
    Amazing!! The King played over 100 rounds of golf on world class golf
    courses ( yes! well over 100+ games of golf with his own political
    cronies and BF’s (-best friends/ boyfriends?? ) That’s more golf games
    than National Security Briefings that he attended! Did you and
    26,000,000 out of work Americans (TWENTY-SIX MILLION AMERICANS AND THEIR
    FAMILIES!!) enjoy your Food Stamps? Do you REALLY want to pay another
    $20 million dollars in vacation costs for the Royal Community
    Organizers? Four more years! I DON’T THINK SO!!

    OK. Now I can
    concentrate on holding on to the walls. The building rocking so much it
    feels like a rowboat! Hope I don’t get seasick!

    Don De

  • can’t stand it

    If you thought that was allot wait and see the next 4yrs.

  • ihavetopickastupidname

    How could half the nation be so ignorant to re-elect a guy who murdered 4 Americans, given us more than double the cost of gas, will eventually more than double the national debt, has not passed a budget, run a more than trillion dollar deficit every year, wasn’t born in the States, doesn’t have a birth certificate, will preside over biggest decline this nation has ever seen. He can’t blame Bush anymore, because he has “inherited” all this from himself.



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