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Michelle Obama Calls Young People “Knuckleheads” Who Need Obamacare

Congratulations, 18-26 year olds of America: Michelle Obama thinks you can’t be trusted with knives and therefore need a government-subsidized insurance plan. Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, the First Lady said that young people are “knuckleheads” who need Obamacare. I’m sick of this ridiculous condescending rhetoric coming from the White House regarding my generation. It’s offensive, unnecessary, and arrogant — and as Fallon pointed out, older people cut themselves on knives all the time.

via Townhall

  • James Foley

    Moochy says that under Obamacare the knuckleheads can stay on their
    parent insurance until they are 26, but fails to mention that the parent
    plan was cancelled because of Obamacare.

    • patricia dahleen

      Or that their parents can’t even afford their own health insurance anymore. Or how about if the parents don’t want to pay for their 26 year old’s health insurance?? What a thoughtless conversation!

    • Myrtle Linder

      She is a cloud, with no rain only wind, and has the nerve to try to analyze those that she hates, who was born wiser than she…….. ..

      • PYPYPY

        She is only proud to be an American for the time in her adult life only becos hubby was voted to be Prezidente!

        • crustyone

          She and her supporters are likely the only ones who are proud that she is American.

        • American

          BINGO!! I remember Michelle making that comment ! and yet she & hubbby we’re voted into the W/H go figure!!!!!!

          • PYPYPY

            I hear you and know exactly what U mean. I think apart from Fox news, the BO media dont report it or they report falsely (just like how they did not cover the news that the FCC wants to send monitors into news room for a study of news bias!!!!! Now that there is a public outcry, the FCC have abandoned the idea! it is a ploy to silence Fox so that we wont get to hear what BO and his co-horts are up to) and many voters just dont keep themselves informed. Now many of us are paying for it.

        • bluejacket472
          • PYPYPY

            I am using the word very loosely, I dont doubt the election was stolen. I personally think that it was a very close election with Gov Romney winning but with voter fraud, it just tipped the scales

          • bluejacket472

            I might compare that to the phrases, “I kinda stole it..” “sorta pregnant…” “I only had a couple of drinks..” Once you cross the line, no matter how far, you still crossed it.

      • crustyone

        Judging from her appearance , it appears that the wind was actually a tornado.

    • crustyone

      The mooch is a clueless aole.

    • Amfer Ferg

      However, wasn’t this ‘group’ the voters who campaigned and voted obama into office? Knuckleheads? She may be right.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    She’s ridiculous. Just a sad joke with big thighs.

    • ProWisconsin

      but she is foxy

      • smart gramma

        Foxy??? Are you kidding…..she is an ugly African with a big butt and an underbite
        that she could eat corn with. NEVER have we had such an unattractive first lady…and one who does everything she can to get publicity….and her poor daughters look a lot
        like her. WOW will it be refreshing to get her out of the white house!!!…She and the
        man she is married to have made a fortune off the American people…….

        • grumpybill

          I doubt Clyde (from Every Which Way But Loose) would mount that ugly excuse of a woman!!

        • ProWisconsin

          lol I was kidding.

      • jeff

        Foxy? To an ape that hasn’t had a piece since 20003 maybe. Ugliest woman that ever lived in the White House except for maybe Barbara Bush.

        • ProWisconsin

          lol was kidding

          • jeff

            LOL. OK. Thought you were for real.

        • dantalbot

          If Stevie Wonder felt her face he would declare her ugly in braille. She looks like King Kong eating Chinese mustard from a blast furnace. And dig those ugly Cabbage-Patch kids.

      • Patrick Henry

        FOXY???? Dont make me puke!!!

      • Gary

        Attractiveness is not the issue. This physical mode is a problem in judgement of the validity of opinions, as I find (even at my age) Kate Upton to be marginally attractive (though the vacumn between her ears is a matter of concern). The basic idea is are the opinions based in some sort of thought process. I agree that the youth of today have been undereducated to make the largesse of the state seem the basis of survival of their generation. The problem is that this whole assertion is easily shown to be falacious in its execution to support the body of the populace, that indeed there is a reason people are productive versus what they might contribute to the economy. The White House has no knowledge of this, and so is dictating the destruction of the US economy.

      • Jack Laurie

        She’s about as foxy as Oprah, or maybe Rosie O’Donnell, yuk!

        • TAM44

          Now there’s two piles of steaming obama…..

      • American

        What planet do you live on??????

        • ProWisconsin

          oh no………she is a delicious gorgeous beautiful woman. I would date her if she weren’t married. Wouldn’t you if you could?

      • TAM44

        You must be blind in one eye and cannot see out the other, she gags maggots and has just learned how to walk up right in shoes.

    • fiftysevenchevy

      Maybe next year The Seahawks will Recruit her!!!!!!

    • crustyone

      She’s like an old military cartoon character–Sad Sack, but she is ssos.

      • Mark Kuykendall

        Well played.

    • TAM44

      moochelle gags maggots and causes buzzards to throw up.

    • Ribbey

      “Nuthin you can say can take me away from my thighs….” Moochelle

  • dibob

    so if i said she waz an azzwhole would that be racist…

    • CrustyOldGeezer


      I have known some azzholes, and she contains none of the intellectual or personality traits to rate that high.

    • fiftysevenchevy

      Hell no, That would be the Whole truth, Nothing But the truth, so help me God!!!!!!!!!

    • RayfromNY

      Azzwhole might take offense and rightfully so. Period!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Those “knuckleheads” are none of your damned business queenie.

    Those “knuckleheads” are American Citizens that do quite well WITHOUT without pompous, ignorant blowhards such as yourself trying to control their lives.

    Why don’t you avail yourself of the medical teams that are at your beck and call and get a much needed brain transplant?

    • crustyone

      Just because she has two of her own does not mean that everyone else has “knuckleheads”.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        You rating them a bit high for what reason?

    • crustyone

      Based on the physical appearance and mannerisms of that pair, the two should seek reversal of the surgical change they had undergone.

  • terrie


    • crustyone

      She’s even dumber than the Schmo (Joe).

  • Whatzrname

    Both she and o were on Jimmy Fallen’s show and he’s been on what, one week or so??? But what can we expect, it’s NBC- i won’t be a fan as my tv doesn’t turn to that channel.

    • Myrtle Linder

      Birds of a feather will flock together; you are know by the company you keep;…………

    • mexxet

      It’s time to sign the contract with Satan Jimmy.

  • Whatzrname

    How much money do we have to pour into this black hole/money pitt called obummercare??? They’re never going to admit it’s a total disaster-

  • Sal Carrubba

    Michelle calls young people knuckleheads who need Obamacare and we call the first lady an angry black woman that needs psychiatric care!

    • grumpybill

      A total frontal lobotomy would be more appropriate for this witch!!

  • patricia dahleen

    How insulting! You are a knucklehead! All young people are not knuckleheads. How dare you MO!!

  • Stealth

    MOOCHELLE……..what a FOOL just like her hubby! Well young Americans..( & your mostly liberal disease-brained ‘MOM’S )…ya GOT what ya VOTED for!!!!!!!


    Finally some I agree with the Obama’s on. The reason? They voted for Obama.

  • HugoCabret

    Moochelle Antoinette Oba-Mao is a fool. Jimmy Fallon is a gunker beyond belief. Pigs.

  • charles17121

    Tell me miss Knucklehead ( Mooseshell ) why die you have to give up your license to practice law ? Who’s the Knucklehead now ?

    • grumpybill

      What license? Has anybody ever seen it? Or was it hidden along with homo Barry’s records??

      • jeff

        I did see the state of Illinois Bar notice once that she was disbarred. No reason given however.

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          Surrendered voluntarily rather than face disbarment.

  • Zoe2010

    well, that should get some dem votes in Nov… ha…

  • rodstew

    Her voting group are idiots. I knew that back in 2009.

  • mexxet

    Knuckleheads include competing provisions in a law such as the “advantage” of staying on your parents health policy until you are 26 years old – yet, requiring young people (26 and under) to sign up and buy a health coverage policy in order to satisfy the profitability of said coverage under Obamacare. Quien es mas pendeja – la First Lady o los knuckleheads?

  • sunnyblues

    Knuckleheads? Takes one to know one.

  • ironclad

    Well, don’t cut yourself unless you cut off your wholearm; cause with the high deductable you will be paying the whole bill anyay.

  • Ilene

    The point is they don’t WANT the unaffordable healthcare.

  • jb80538

    What the knuckle heads in Washington need to do is KILL 0bamacare!

  • Catherine Klimenkov

    The Mooch should try and get a job cleaning Hotel rooms for no Benefits and low wages, she will learn what real work is all about. Before she calles anyone a “knucklehead” she should check the price of “Obamacare” Inshurance no one can afford.

    • crustyone

      She can clean porta-potties by hand.and she can get the rest of her family to help her.

  • RayfromNY

    I cannot imagine anyone not hating her.

  • Patrick Henry

    All she knows is how to take vacations at the working man expense. She has no concern for the working people of this country she does not work anyway. She was NOT elected into ANY office that I am aware of. She knows how to spend and waste tax dollars. So who is the real kuncklehead???

  • lewis

    And that is what a first lady thinks of our future leaders? What an arrogant woman. She should be kicked out of the White House with her illegal president husband

    • People, the true power

      Do not forge her mooching mother. She lives there too.

  • butt blossom

    “Moo, moo, moo, moo”

  • dirtflyer

    Michooel is not all there, only NBC listens to her, I don’t watch NBC,too stupid for me. The only “Knuckleheads” are in Public Office,Democrats who pushed this program down our throats by one vote in the middle of the night. Trying to sucker young poeple to buy some thing they, can’t afford, don’t need nor want, and only to subsidize ObambaCare from they’r yearly income. If it’s so good , why is Congress , big Obamba contributors exempt?

  • munkybiznus

    Dems don’t Care Act would be a better name for it… I hope they have it carved on their headstone


    What they don’t till you is that Kid’s who’s pairent retired from the military and is coverned under Tri-Care the child is not covered after 21 years. Why? well Tri-Care is paid by the Government there fore they do not want to pay the midical bills for children who are covern under this program.

    Before anyone of you who love Obama and all he does and refues to beleive what I have said chack your facts because I am a 21 year Army Retiree and I have two boys that are about to turn 21 and 22 and my soon to be 22 yr old got his letter last year saying he is no longer coverned and my soon to be 21 year old got his letter tilling he he will not be coverned after he truns 21.

    For those who will complain becase of my bad spelling, I say get a life.

  • crustyone

    Odufuscare is and will forever be a failed program.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    For the younger and older people who voted for that fraud of a President, you’ve got what you deserve. No thanks for dragging the rest of us into this Obama march toward his Socialist Utopia. You think the “Affordable” Health Care is really affordable? When you discover that the yearly deductable exceeds your food budget, come back and tell us how great the AHC is. Most of you cannot afford to pay that yearly deductable before the insurance even kicks in! You’ve ll been duped by the master BS artist named Barack Obama.

  • combatvet52

    Yeah their knuckleheads that voted for a knucklehead that’s why everything is screwed up.

  • Don

    The first so called lady looks jest like a sow I had in the past but in the future I will shoot them if they look like that again.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    you can take the trash out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the trash.

  • People,the true power.

    Maybe she is talking about the knuckleheads that already get free medical care. Her kind that is. We already pay for their medical care and ours too. Why do they get theirs free?

    • Tonto

      Why do they get anything free? That used to be called “Charity”…now it’s blatant ROBBERY.

  • CaptGene

    Moo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oschelle – the first Kow speaks and when the first Kow speaks useful idiots listen.

  • NoRINO

    Most knuckleheads vote Dems.

    • grumpybill

      ONLY knuckleheads vote Democrap!!

  • Tonto

    Who the heck is Moose-chelle Obama but an big ugly broad with a wide stern that had her law license taken away? Libtards have such a big blathering mouth….and say nothing of real value.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Moocher is just as guilty as Obama for perpetrating this scam!~ The only person who will have the balls to repeal this destruction of America will be Sarah Palin. She is feared by both political parties as they know she’ll come to D.C. with a broom. Sarah Palin is America’s Woman On Horseback!~

  • DebraJMSmith

    I hope a lot of young Obama voters heard this.

  • 32eagle

    that elevator does not get to lift out of the basement because there is no first floor-just big talk of a penthouse suite

  • SallyE

    Takes one to know one!

  • Pat

    I guess it takes one to know one coming from the authority

  • WarrinaBuffetina2

    Michelle, as a citizen, can say whatever she wants to say. But her statement about ‘knuckleheads’ was surely not a classy description for young Americans who have enough sense to make their own decision against Obamacare. Her words were a put-down, ridicule — plain and simple. She’s doing a form of emotional abuse. I find this sort of talk appalling when coming out of the mouth of our American ‘first lady’.

    • dantalbot

      I wonder if she included her own young knuckleheads in her comment.

  • Al Chemist

    Young people are knuckleheads? Yeah, that will certainly win them over…especially coming from a knuckledragger.

  • Bo_Kassa

    She is right because the vast majority of those “knuckleheads” voted for her supposed husband twice!!!! That is the way they thank them for their votes and support…by calling them knuckleheads.

  • dixie

    Takes one to know one…and that is all I got to say about that!

  • UpLateAgain

    She should know. Most of them voted for her husband.

    • Ribbey

      Ha Ha! Bingo ULA!

  • TAM44

    The obama’s are knuckle dragging pelosi holes from hell. Every day I take an obama and use some harry reid to wipe my pelosi and flush it down my chris matthews.



  • Linda Dawson

    Once you are 27 you should have a job that pays enough you can get your own health insurance and enough sense to buy it. I am 35. I have a preexisting condition. Before the ACA the only protection I had was HIPPA which meant I could not be turned down for coverage, but if I ever had a gap in coverage I became uninsurable. I got a job, I payed the higher premium and some how I made I could get insurance though my husband’s job. If at 24 I managed to do that why can’t a 27 year old do it?

  • Winona C. VanLandingham

    As far as I am concerned, OB…care is just part of the overall plan to destroy our country and wrap the tentacles of Socialism around it!

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