Michelle Malkin’s EPIC Teardown of Michelle Obama and Jeb Bush!

On Jeb Bush: I am not a fan, I’ve not been a fan of Jeb Bush for a long, long time… On the issues of Education and Immigration, he finds himself in the same camp as many big-government and big-business progressives. He is FOR common core and he is squarely and unapologetically for some kind of mass legalization for millions of illegal aliens. I have to question the wisdom and lack of principle in supporting these policies…” On Michelle Obama’s “racist” Target incident: This whole episode is ridiculous on it’s face and offensive when you scratch the surface. She talked about this very same “infamous” incident years ago in 2012 when she supposedly went “incognito” to be among the regular moms at Target where some shopper asked her to reach the detergent high on the shelf and all of a sudden this story has morphed into an example of her being an oppressed marty and symbol of racial discrimination, although when she first recounted the story on the David Letterman show shortly after the Target visit… she related the same anecdote as just a nice little example of how she could be among the people… What happened here? … She has a pension for spinning these tales of racial oppression for political gain, and she’s been doing it since she was at Princeton University.”

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